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Polished Gamers Box

Really appreciate this wonderful post that you have provided for us.Great site and a great topic as well i really get amazed to read this. Its really good. Pokemon Unite BuildNOTE to international customers: Customs forms for PGB orders are auto generated. Changes will NOT be made to these forms as that is illegal. Please keep this in mind when ordering as the value on the form will match what you ordered.

It’s time for another PGB post! I’m so excited about this box in general. Pokemon has been a big part of my life ever since I was a kid. The games, video and card, the show and movies, collecting Pokemon merch of any kind, pretending to be a trainer on adventures with my little brother, etc. So, I’m VERY happy to be able to share my swatches of a few items this month! Everything this month is fantastic, for real fantastic, and I have five of those fantastic things to share! Lets get to those before I start talking more about my childhood lol.

October’s Polished Gamers box will run from the 15th through the 20th, as it does every month. Preorder opens at 11:00AM PST / 12:00PM MST / 1:00PM CST / 2:00PM EST. There is a flat rate of $4 for shipping within the US and international shipping will be calculated at checkout! Shipping can be combined/refunded if you end up going back for more than one order. Turnaround time for shipping will be within 2-4 weeks after the preorder ends on the 20th. **Please remember that it may take a little longer due to the state of the world right now.** You do not have to purchase every item, unless you want to, but some items do have caps so you’ll have to get those ninja fingers ready!
I hope you enjoyed this post! Are you planning on picking up any of these fun products or anything else from this months Polished Gamers Box? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!Enter your store policies, or click Create from template to enter the default template. Use the rich text editor to add style and formatting to your policies, and to add links and images.

Alter Ego Bulbasaur and the rest of the Polished Gamers Box is available starting October 15th. Similar to Polish Pickup, you can choose the colours you want and don’t have to buy the full box.
It is almost Polished Gamers time again and this month is Pokemon! Cynthia’s box exclusive is Bulbasaur, a cooler toned minty green with a darker green microglitter and silver shimmer. This one is honestly a lot prettier than my photos show, it almost glows and the cooler tone makes it a really wearable green.I used three thin coats of Alter Ego Bulbasaur (and thanks to Delanie’s swatch the box video, now have a baby voiced “Bulbasaur, Bulbasaur, Bulbasaur” stuck in my head. It did have a little texture but it was not noticeable once regular top coat was added.

I’ve always loved nail polish, but recently I’ve really leaned into it quite a bit, exploring mainstream and indie brands, nail art, and a variety of finishes I didn’t even know existed. I even made a new Instagram account for nail pics! I also love video games (in case you couldn’t tell) and I have … Continue reading Polished Gamers Box – Nail Polish for Video Gamer Lovers!
Last month I wrote a post about the Polished Gamers Box, a monthly indie nail polish box with a different video game theme every month. I shared the nail polishes I picked up from May’s indie game themed box, and mentioned that I’d already? ordered from the June Minecraft themed box. I thought I would … Continue reading Polished Gamers Box June and July HaulLast month I wrote about the Polished Gamers Box, a monthly indie nail polish collaboration that has a different gaming theme each month. My polishes arrived around halfway through June and I’ve had a busy couple weeks so I’m just now getting this post out. I actually also grabbed a couple items from the June … Continue reading What I Grabbed from the May 2021 “Indie Games” Polished Gamers BoxHello and welcome to my nail polish blog! I love all things nail related and collect nail polish. Yes, that’s really a thing! I post swatches, nail art, and some other things on occasion. I’m a fur mom to 5 (plus a whole lot of chickens!) from Connecticut. MoreHi friends! Today I am sharing some polishes that are available in this month’s Polished Gamers Box. I feel like it has been a hot minute since we had a PGB blog post over here?

Good v. Evil had a good but thicker formula. Initially, I thought this was a dark turquoise base but I think that is just due to the magnetic pigment. Once you magnetize the polish, you can see that the base is a darker blue.Cloud City is basically everything that I would want in a polish. The slightly smoked out teal base had a fantastic formula, just slightly on the thicker side but very easy to work with.The shimmer was super strong, didn’t show any brush strokes and was very color shifty. I was seeing all of the described colors plus the holographic was very strong as well.

My photos show Cloud City in 2 coats plus glossy top coat. Make sure to wear base coat with this one as it is very pigmented and I can see it staining natural nails.
I found coverage in 2 coats to be a little sheer and patchy so if you want to reach full opacity with this, I would recommend going in for a third coat.The polish magnetized very easily for me. I found coverage was pretty good in 2 coats unmagnetized but when magnetized, coverage is patchy/sheer for my personal tastes. My photos show Good v Evil in 3 coats magnetized and 2 coats unmagnetized. This will be a 2-3 coater depending on your personal preference. Nothing dries down textured and nothing will be difficult to remove. In the Service of the Sith surprised me at how beautiful it was on the nail. The formula was on the thicker side but I found it very easy to work with.

The flakies are STUNNING paired with the red base. The polish gives off Fall vibes to me. The orange/copper/red flakies give the polish a burning leaves feel.