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Private Delights Bakersfield

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PrivateDelights! Are you feeling horny? I guess that’s kind of a silly question for anyone visiting The Porn Dude, but I have the feeling you’re a little hornier than the typical free-tube surfer or premium porn addict. I bet you’re so randy, in fact, that you’re willing to shell out a few bucks to get your dick wet instead of just watching someone else do it on PornHub. Hey, I feel you buddy, which is exactly why I’ve been browsing PrivateDelights.
Prices are listed, though the header calls them “Donations”. It’s going to run me six hundred bucks for an hour, or a grand for two. The only two things on her “No” list are CIM and Greek, so I don’t know, I may have to raid the piggy bank.

The site currently only has listings and reviews in the United States and Canada. Perverts on the other end of an ocean should check out one of the other options on my list of escort sites if they’re looking for a little paid strange tonight.Find Your Perfect Escort, Massage, or DomAfter you get past all that feature-bragging, it’s time for the good stuff. The default search lets you find the chicks in your area who want to meet up for money, allowing you to expand your search circle out up to 100 miles if you’re willing to travel that far. A dropdown enables you to choose between services: Escorts, BDSM, FBSM, or Any Service. Sweet, that means you can find a college chick to let you smash her pussy and a fat girl to step on your dick all on the same site.Basic Layout, Nice Features, Hot HookersThe design of the website is plain as fuck, almost Craigslist plain. Load up the front page, and all you see is plain text. They don’t even have a real logo; it’s just their name in italics. That’s alright, because it helps draw attention to what they want you to see, and that’s the feature set I’ve already mentioned. At the top of the screen, they instruct you to Read Reviews And Meet Escorts/Providers. Don’t mind if I do! is an escort site that prides itself on its verified providers and provider reviews, which are a couple of the main things I look for in an escort directory. They’re loud about these features right at the top of the landing page, wanting everybody and their mom to know what’s up. The strategy seems to be working, and there’s a decent chance your mom is even selling her services on there now. As of this writing, they were getting a couple of million visits a month.

All of this information, plus her phone number, is available without signing up or signing in to PrivateDelights. Of course, that also means you can’t add a review of your experience, but I know how you fuckers feel about anonymity. You wouldn’t want strangers to read your made-up username on a review and realize you pay trannies to toss your salad. That’s between you, the t-girls, Google, Amazon, and Facebook, right?

Other provider-side perks include a safe, moderated community for chatting with other providers, the review-based screening, and “beautiful listings”. Both client and provider columns point out that they’re hosted in Europe, which hopefully keeps The Man off their back and yours.
The client and provider sign-up buttons gave me pause for a second. I don’t mind giving my email address to a site where you can find a MILF to juggle your balls for a couple of hundred bucks, but I know some of you do. Fortunately, sign-up isn’t required to simply view the full listings, including contact info and reviews.

Depending on what you’re looking for, the “Show More Filters” button will have enough specificity for the dudes who still ain’t about to sign up. There’s a damn good selection of filters here, letting you dial in your preferred age and height range, hair color, body type, and ethnicity. You can narrow your selection to girls who only take your preferred payment method, whether they do incalls or outcalls, and if they’re available right now.
A couple of columns break down the main perks for both clients and providers. On the client end, they’ve got those reviews and verified providers I already mentioned. Every single provider on the site is age verified, or they don’t get to post.

So Many Local Sluts, So Little TimeI wanted to see how many listings PrivateDelights had in my area total, so I ran the search first without using any of the filters and with a radius of zero miles. Holy shit. The site came back with nearly 400 providers in my major metropolitan city, which is probably good news even for customers out in the goddamn sticks. Sluts know about this site and are using it!
Registered users to the site get access to a few other Search options. The Username, Phone, and Email searches seem useful if you already know who you’re trying to bang, but you’re just a terribly organized person. The keyword search seems a hell of a lot more useful, and might entice some of you anonymous Johns into signing up.At the bottom of the advanced search filters is a menu of acronyms, which is fucking fantastic on a site like this. It saves you the trouble of searching through listings to find the girls who do DFK and LFK, or hitting a hooker up on WhatsApp only to find out she isn’t even down for a BBBJ. For providers, PrivateDelights makes a similar case about the importance of those reviews, and I agree. Word of mouth is some of the most powerful advertising, and I’m definitely more likely to make a purchase if I know about other satisfied customers. PrivateDelights doesn’t have one of those Prostitute 101 tutorial pages like a lot of the bigger escort sites. If you don’t know what Greek is or what any of those acronyms mean, you should do some homework on Google before you get out there. The site may have better verification than other call girl sites, but the sex-for-money business has always been rife with scammers, and it’s ultimately up to you to be safe.They also have a quick screening process for clients, which is unusual for one of these sites. “Safe providers will only see you after you’re screened.” It goes on to mention providers screening you by seeing the reviews you’ve left. You can probably already see some obvious positives and negatives about this arrangement, but there’s actually no way to enforce this “rule”, especially when the contact info is there for you to contact the girls directly. Don’t worry too hard about getting turned down for service because you didn’t register and fuck a bunch of other hookers first.

She requires at least one reference but is newbie-friendly, according to the bio blurb. I saw some semi-illiterate broads on here, but this chick’s eloquent as she talks about dinner dates and after-hours meetings. There’s a link to her Instagram page if you want to just jerk off to her instead.This Russian model near me has a whopping 27 reviews and a 4.5-star rating. I almost feel like I’m shopping on Amazon as I read about how amazing she is. The pictures sure look sexy as hell, and professional. If she wasn’t verified and didn’t have all these reviews, I might be tempted to call bullshit on this one.