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Robert Staub Mazeppa Mn

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EWG’s trademark combination of research, communications and advocacy that move farming and natural resources policy in more sustainable directions – directions that protect public health and promote clean water, healthy soil and effective habitat.

Note: EWG works hard to ensure the accuracy of the information it provides through its products and services, but obtains data for the Farm Subsidy Database from the U.S. Department of Agriculture pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act. Therefore, EWG cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information USDA provides or any analysis based thereon. If you find an error or discrepancy on the site, please contact your local USDA Farm Service Agency office to check its records before contacting EWG.He was predeceased by : his father Roland Staub; and his brother-in-law Lyn Stolp. He is survived by : his mother Betty Staub (Kupferschmied); his wife Fawn Stolp; his children, Chase Staub (Aimalicia) of Rochester, MN and Chelsea Hampel (Slade) of Jordan, MN.; his grandchildren, Landon and Kylan Hampel; and his siblings, Teresa Staub (Diana Lanners) of Mazeppa, MN and Todd Staub (Jodi) of Randolph, MN. He is also survived by nieces, nephews, and in-laws.

We are sad to announce that on March 23, 2023 we had to say goodbye to Robert Alan Staub of Mazeppa, Minnesota, born in Zumbrota, Minnesota. You can send your sympathy in the guestbook provided and share it with the family.
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Family members had checked on Staub about 4 p.m., and when they returned an hour latyer, they found Staub buried up to his neck in compacted dirt, authorities said.
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Matt Sveen of MB Sveen Properties LLC notified the City Council that the entity intends to close the portion of what is known as 4th Ave. NE that runs across land owned by the entity. Mr. Sveen said that it has always been the intention to close the road to further develop this portion of the area.
City Attorney Luke Lamprecht said that from the information provided to him that his belief is still that the City has common law dedicated easement or, in the alternate, prescriptive easement rights on behalf of the public to keep using the roadway. If the LLC and the City disagree on this point, and if the City Council agrees with Mr. Lamprecht, then the parties could certainly ask a judge to make a ruling on the easement rights.

Councilperson Wiebusch asked Mr. Sveen if he was aware that the portion of the road in question was being used as a through street when he purchased the property.Motion by Wiebusch, second by Liffrig to change the agenda, under Old Business from 1st Reading of Ordinance 45-1.23 to 2nd Reading of Ordinance 45-1.23. All in favor, none opposed. Carried.

The annual Mazeppa Daze festival is coming soon. The City welcomes the chance for our citizens to get out and enjoy the festivities and welcomes visitors to our fair City. We understand that the …
Councilperson Erica Young stated that it was the obligation of the Council to consider the public good for the residents in that portion of the community of keeping the road open until such time that the City would extend the 4th Ave. NE in along its plat-dedicated right-of-way, and that allowing the current road to be closed would not be acting in the public good for those residents.

Mr. Sveen said that he would agree to a maintenance agreement with the City for that portion of the road if the Council took action to relinquish any claim of rights to the usage of that portion of the road and would agree to a date in 2023 to close the road for removal.
Administrator Clerk Nahrgang asked if the good of the residents would be served by allowing the road to be closed now with the intention of routing 4th Ave. NE within the platted right-of-way and working to use the change to help the spring run-off problem in the area, instead of maintaining a substandard section of roadway on land that was not originally platted as the right -of-way. Mr. Nahrgang asked if the offer the City made to purchase a portion of the land still be considered.

Motion by Wiebusch, second by Liffrig Young to approve the meeting minutes for the November 9, 2022 regular City Council meeting and the November 30, 2022 Special Council meeting and public hearing. All in favor, none opposed. Carried.