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Size Of Cupcake Toppers

Cake topper sizes are often dependent on the length and width of the cake itself. One must be able to balance out the cake topper’s layout and its size to make sure it does not topple over the cake.

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A wedding cake is the highlight of your reception and the way to make it even more memorable is to add an endearing and personalized wedding cake topper. Speaking of which, did you know that the topper tradition is only about a century old?
It all started when the daughter of a baker was getting married and asked her dad to add a unique couple symbolism to the cake. To their surprise, he added a bride & groom figurine on the top. That’s when the classic, timeless wedding cake toppers were born. Although, now couples have plenty of options and are quite clear with their choices. The one thing that does bother them is the size though and that’s what we’ll talk about today!After the weight, you need to factor in the diameter of the cake topper. As a thumb rule, you don’t want it to be bigger than the top tier of the cake. But, if that’s your plan, make sure it’s light and stays on well till the cake cutting ceremony.

The weight of a cake topper can vary depending on the material and customization. For instance, fine porcelain wedding cake toppers generally tend to be heavy than their acrylic counterparts. In that case, you need to have a separate base and support build for them. Generally, the place from where you buy them will help you with the info so don’t worry!
Like everything, after the usual considerations, the decision boils down to your personal choices. If you want the topper to be a significant part of the main dessert, going with a big size is natural. Similarly, if you want it to just subtly lay down there, then a small yet individualized one makes more sense.

Single letters are available in four sizes; 3, 4, 5 and 6 inches tall. The size of the top cake tier is what should influence your decision in selecting the proper Topper height. The top tier is usually 6 inches, but check with your baker if you’re unsure. For letters wider than they are tall, use these rules of thumb: Regardless of the height you pick, I see to it that the width of the letter does not go over the edges of your cake by more than an inch. I’ll make any custom changes necessary to ensure that, just make sure to let me know what size cake I’m dealing with. Whether you are celebrating a significant birthday or years of marriage, the anniversary topper is comprised of any two numbers (16, 25, 50, etc) and is available in either 4″ or 5″ height.

You may notice my font names don’t look like traditional font names, I use different names that are easier to remember. If you have a specific font being used in your wedding or you don’t see a font you like please contact me.
Simpler fonts are better suited for the 3 letter monograms. The busier the letters look, the less legible they are. The exact opposite is true for single letter fonts, which is why I have such a large variety of styles to choose from.

If your event has a specific theme to it, simple shapes can sometimes be turned into a unique, one-of-a-kind cake topper. Not all designs are possible though, contact me with your idea to find out.
Category: add my image, add your photo, bespoke, cake toppers, cupcake toppers, edible icing, edible icing image, fondant icing, images, incrediblecaketoppers, own image, personalised, personalised_cake, personalised_image, personalised_topper, photo, photo cake topper, photo_cake_topper, photos, rice paper, topper, upload image, wafer cardEach one of our cupcakes and muffins come in multiple sizes. The chart above shows the different sizes next to each other to show the difference between them all. If you would like to request a size that is not pictured above or if you have any questions about the size chart you can always call or email us by visiting our contact us page.

These of course are the most popular measuring 2” inches at the bottom of the product. These are the standard size that you usually find at any grocery store. Enough for one person and not really meant for having multiple helpings. These are great and have been ordered for weddings, business parties, family gatherings and many other types of events.
Our mini cupcakes and muffins are measure 1” at the bottom of the product. These are great for events, parties and gatherings where you would like either small portions or small portions of multiple types of edibles. These have been ordered for weddings, business lunches, children’s sports event snacks, birthdays as well as many other events.Jumbo size is meant for people that love to live on the fun side of life and indulge in what makes them happy. These measure 2.5” (two and a half inches) at the bottom of the product. Most people can not finish an entire helping so usually these are shared between two people or one person can eat them in multiple sittings. These have been ordered and are perfect for personal indulgence, weddings and corporate events. No matter what your event might be, splurge on your guests and have them talking for the rest of their lives about how wonderful your dessert selection was. To help you decide which gift to get for your kids, niece, or nephews, we curated this comprehensive list of personalised items we have in store made specifically for the little ones. Wooden cake toppers are similar to acrylic, but with a different feel and texture mainly because of the use of different wood materials instead of casted acrylic. Here at Oh Craft, we use high quality birch plywood and bamboo sheets in natural and carbonised variants.Personalised cake topper has become an essential part of cake decorating since it takes the cake’s overall appearance to another level. It serves as a finishing look on celebration cakes and comes handy in adding detail to a rather simpler cake design.

Choosing the right cake topper however can be a daunting task. With a lot of available design options and materials to choose from, one might think that selecting the perfect custom cake topper is a critical part of event planning. In this guide we aim to help you choose the right cake topper by breaking it down into three parts: size, material and design.
Wooden cake toppers are best suited for weddings most especially on rustic themes. They are perfect for simple garden weddings, or minimal kids’ parties. It adds a very natural element to a cake and is very easy to pair with the most simple or rustic cake designs.Acrylic is a lightweight glass-like casted plastic which is very versatile and comes in variety of colours and finishes and is a perfect material for making cake toppers. Acrylic cake toppers are great choice to any occasions may it be weddings, adult parties and even children’s parties.

Apart from the above-mentioned key points, it is also important to consider the design of the cake topper when thinking of the size. If the cake topper design ended up being too tall (for example it has more than 3 layers of text due to longer name or required longer text), the cake topper should be 1 to 2 inch (approx. 2.5cm to 5cm) narrower than the cake itself. Oh Craft is a creative studio specialising in handcrafted and laser-cut gifts, home and party decorations. From small custom keychains to intricate wall art, our goal is to become one of New Zealand’s top destinations for unique handcrafted gifts and home decor. It’s important to note that the right cake topper size depends on the size of the cake you will use it for. The rule of thumb is to get a cake topper size that’s exactly similar to your cake size. If the cake is a multi-tiered cake, base your cake topper size on the topmost layer of it.

What size cake topper for a 8 inch cake?
What Size Should Cake Toppers Be?Top Tier WidthCake Topper Width5”4.5”6”5.5”7”6.5”8”7.5”29 Jun 2021
There are tons of personalised cake toppers out there, and your cake topper can be truly unique and just how you wanted it. Always make sure you portray this to your crafter or maker.This is arguably the most flexible type of cake topper since cardstock cake toppers can come in almost any design you can think of. At Oh Craft, we add multiple cardstock layers on cake toppers to add extra depth in design, with combination of different finishes such as glitter, metallic and textured matte.When purchasing a cake topper from Oh Craft, it is very crucial that we get your preferred texts, theme, colour preference and even a photo or a sketch of how you want your cake topper to look like. This will help us ensure that the design we will create for you will match your ideal cake topper.

Even though the designs are not as flexible as cardstock cake toppers, they can be layered as well to achieve a fun or colourful design. Apart from it being high in quality, acrylic cake toppers can also give that sleek, sophisticated and/or clean look to any celebration cakes.
Icing toppers are very thin flexible pre-shaped icing discs which are pressed onto a plastic backing sheet. If you want your icing cake toppers to be thicker and hard, you can back them with white chocolate discs. You can buy the chocolate silicon stencil featured in the video here.

What is a standard cupcake size?
2” inches Standard Cupcakes and Muffins These of course are the most popular measuring 2” inches at the bottom of the product. These are the standard size that you usually find at any grocery store. Enough for one person and not really meant for having multiple helpings.
You will need to specify a size for your image/s – we will advise if your request is not possible. If we don’t have dimensions we may email to request them which could delay your order. Icing Sheets are a thin layer of icing which is pressed onto a plastic backing sheet and peels off easily. The sheets are A4 in size and are soft and flexible. If you don’t have a LightGrip mat, be sure to unstick your mat a bit with a towel before placing your cardstock onto the mat. In the past, I’ve ruined projects by using too sticky of a mat with cardstock.This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing an item through an affiliate link, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

For today’s project, I’m going to be using the font “Black Rose”. “Black Rose” can be downloaded from for free using this this link. When choosing a font for a cupcake topper, I recommend using a thicker font, as you’ll find it much easier to cut on your Cricut machine and assemble your topper. Thinner fonts can become too flimsy and will either bend or break when building your cupcake topper.
Glitter Card Stock: I use the Recollections brand glitter paper from Michaels for all of my cupcake and cake toppers. The card stock is nice and sturdy, the glitter doesn’t shed, and overall it cuts well with the Cricut.There’s no easier way to dress up a cupcake than by adding a cupcake topper. Cupcake toppers can be made using a verity of materials, but my favorite has always been paper.When it comes to the sizing of a cupcake topper, I focus mostly on the width. For a standard cupcake, I set the width between 2.5 and 2.75 inches. For mini cupcakes, I set the width between 1.5 and 2 inches.

In the video below, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to create the Happy Fall design. If you prefer written steps, I’ve included those below as well.Cricut Design Space has made creating cupcake toppers so easy! We can create a design from scratch, use an image in design space, upload an SVG file purchased from Etsy and we can even print and cut digital designs. The possibilities are endless!

How big should round cupcake toppers be?
Round cupcake toppers should be around 2 inches in diameter. Cached
Toothpicks: I use extra long food grade tooth picks for the majority of my cupcake toppers. If I’m creating cupcake toppers for children under 3, I go with lollipop sticks from my local craft store instead.Another tip when working with a font for cupcake toppers is to make sure all letters in your design are touching and slightly overlapping. In Cricut Design Space, this is known as welding. Welding letters allows your cupcake topper to cut as a single image. A tutorial on how I attach and weld letters in Cricut Design Space can be found here. Hot glue gun: Hot glue dries quicker and adds more stability to the toothpick and topper than regular craft glue. This means you won’t have to worry about it falling off when it’s on the cake! I use this printer for my party favors and designs, but I also have the smaller version. If printing on glossy cardstock or photo paper, ensure you change your printer settings. Be sure to set the paper type to GLOSSY PHOTO PAPER. If using an HP printer, set the paper type to HP PHOTO. This will prevent the black ink from smearing on your paper. If using standard white cardstock, set paper to matte, high quality.The size of a cupcake topper is dependent on the size of the cupcake. For a standard cupcake, the size of the cupcake topper should be 2 inches wide up to 2.75 inches wide. If making a basic circle, I recommend 2.5 inches. However, if these are meant for mini cupcakes, opt for a size that is between 1.5 inches and 2 inches.Open Cricut design space and upload the clipart or design as a print and cut image. The best type of images to use are PNG images, as they will already have the background removed and ready to cut.Cupcake toppers are decorations that can be placed on top of a cupcake. It could be printed or cut cardstock attached to a stick, an acrylic circle engraved with custom wording, sculpted fondant characters, or an edible image frosting sheet placed on top of the cupcake. But for this tutorial, our focus will be using cardstock and making printable cupcake toppers.

Make as many copies that will fit. If your cupcake toppers will be front and back, be sure to include mirrored copies of the graphic if it is not a basic shape like a circle or square. This will ensure they will line up. Keep in mind, if you have added text such as happy birthday on top of the design, do NOT mirror the text, otherwise it will appear backwards.
Finally, you’re ready to assemble. Once cut out, add glue or tape to the top of the toothpick or sticks. I prefer sandwich sticks because the tops are flat, making it easier to adhere. Then place the design on the stick to adhere them together. If making a double-sided cupcake topper, just add more adhesive and add the second cut out, ensuring it lines up with the front.I absolutely adore cupcake toppers. And I’m going to show you how to make the perfect topper using glossy cardstock or photo paper for your next party.

Resize to ensure that your cupcake topper will print at the correct size. For standard cupcakes I try to keep my width between 2 inches and 2.75 inches.Cupcake toppers can be used to enhance any themed party and make your dessert table more festive by having decorated cupcakes next to the birthday cake. Whether it’s a baby shower, birthday party, bridal shower or any other special occasion, cupcake toppers are an easy way to decorate.Love pretty, parties, crafts and free? All that I ask is that you don’t be a stranger and CLICK HERE to follow me on INSTAGRAM or subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel. If you think your friends might like it, share the link to the post and pin the image below. Do that, and you can expect tons more freebies, tutorials, party inspiration, recipes and recommendations!

Hopefully you found this tutorial beneficial and that you now know how to make DIY cupcake toppers. So next time you’re DIYing party supplies, don’t forget about that delicious cupcake and be sure to make some birthday cupcake toppers with your party theme to decorate it with. You could even make matching cupcake wrappers and custom chip bags to finish the look.
Please be sure that your image or photo is 300dpi or at least 500kb in size. The easiest way to know if your image is going to be suitable for printing is to view your image at 100% size, basically if you can fill your computer screen with the image and it still looks clear you can be pretty sure it will print great.It does need to be noted that although we make EVERY effort to match your image colours exactly it cannot be guaranteed, this is simply due to the nature of the material we are working with, therefore the actual colours may vary slightly!

I needed 200 of these toppers and Heidi made them within a day or two, the quality is the best I’ve ever used, saved me so much time! Thanks Heidi, you are amazing at what you do, I appreciate your wonderful work!

Corporate function coordinators are fast realizing the professional appearance a company logo makes when displayed on their guests or delegates snacks. As well as a sure talking attraction is when logo displayed cupcakes are handed out at a product or business launch. For orders in excess of 50 pages please call for a customized quote.Give your kids the cake they really deserve. You know them best and what they will totally love so design it yourself, it has never been easier. At Edible Image Printing we can print absolutely ANY Image or photo onto an edible topper for your cake or cupcakes.

What size are cupcake toppers in CM?
Custom Standard Size Cupcake Toppers (12 x 5.5cm Round) – Sweet And Petit. Cached
I am so impressed with the quality of the product and how quick it arrived! I will definitely be ordering again and recommending other to do the same! Thank you so much!Image can be used on fudge icing, rolled icing/fondant, butter icing, mock/fresh cream. What is recommended with the oil based icings is the topper be placed onto a thin fondant sheet to give it more consistency and will completely eliminate any colours running, this is not completely necessary but in some cases especially the hotter months does help.

To add some text like: ‘Happy Birthday David’ or ‘Jenny is turning 1’ etc., just add this to your email when sending through your photo or image and be sure to specify your colour choice. We cannot promise to get the font you are after but will be sure to make the wording look great.
The same can go for any event or occasion: engagements, weddings, christenings, congratulations, graduations, farewells, divorce parties, etc.. Your personalised cake or cupcake toppers are the perfect finish for any occasion and really will impress your guests.Once you have placed your order by going through the check-out process. A confirmation of your order will be emailed to you, you simply reply to this email with your image attached.

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How big are cake toppers usually?
The top tier is usually 6 inches, but check with your baker if you’re unsure. For letters wider than they are tall, use these rules of thumb: A 5″ Topper is usually the perfect proportion, especially if you select a curly or italicized font. If you want to play is safe, a 5″ should do the trick!
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Ready to add some extra luxury to your mattress with a mattress topper? Then you’ll want to make sure you’re choosing the right sized topper. We have a wide range of toppers sizes for sale in a choice of depths, fills and firmnesses. Choose the topper size that’s closest to your mattress size and get ready to get comfy.
At Soak&Sleep we’re all about helping you create your perfect sleep sanctuary. Products that are designed with care & made to last at the fairest prices.You can choose from single size toppers, double and small double toppers, king size and superking size toppers and emperor size toppers. Dreamy? You bet!

What size are toppers?
Mattress Topper Size GuideBED SIZEMATTRESS TOPPERS (W x L)Single90cm x 190cm 35″ x 75″Double135cm x 190cm 53″ x 75″King Size150cm x 200cm 59″ x 79″Superking180cm x 200cm 71″ x 79″
Cricut cupcake toppers come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. The most popular size is the 2.5 inch topper, but you can also find them in sizes ranging from 1-4 inches. If you want to add a special touch to your cupcakes, consider using a bigger size topper or adding multiple toppers to each cupcake.Cake toppers can be made of a wide range of fonts. The fonts Quirky Script and Simple Script are both available on the Cricut Design Space. The font’s uniqueness and fun make it an excellent choice for cake toppers.

When purchasing a cake topper, make sure it is the same size as your cake. If the cake is a multi-tiered cake, make sure the topper is on the topmost layer of the cake.
If you love sweets and desserts then you will definitely want to check out this website! There are tons of delicious recipes for all sorts of sweet treats, from cookies and cakes to pies and pudding. You’ll definitely find something to satisfy your sweet tooth!Only a century has passed since the topper tradition was first introduced. To make the correct sizing decision, you should think about four factors. Cakes topper weight varies depending on the material and the customization made available. Wedding cake toppers made of porcelain are typically heavier than acrylic. The diameter of the cake topper must also be considered after weight. If you want your topper to be a major component of the main course, go for a large size. You could also use a small, individual one, but you would need it to be discreetly placed there.

A standard cupcake diameter is 1.8 to 2 inches (typically, 2 to 1.5 inches), while large and jumbo cups can reach 2.5 or even 3 inches in height. You can even make a smaller cupcake that has one inch at the base.
For cupcake toppers, I cut acrylic cake pop sticks in half for a shorter length. Despite the fact that the name paper implies that the paper cake pop sticks are very sturdy and can easily hold large cake toppers, the sticks are quite durable.How to Charge for Edible Cupcakes This was reported at 10:38pm on July 7, 2013. I typically only use two flavors of frosting for cupcakes: white frosting and sprinkles. In addition, I make specialty cupcakes, such as smores, cookies, and cream. This is something like a ganache made of raspberry. To ensure that your product is in compliance with local laws, make sure that all local regulations are met. The costs of each step should be calculated, and the time and cost of each step should be calculated based on your previous experiences with toppers. The decorated cupcakes and cakes available for purchase are luxuries. If people want them, they will pay for them.

What size is a topper?
Mattress Topper Size GuideBED SIZEMATTRESS TOPPERS (W x L)Single90cm x 190cm 35″ x 75″Double135cm x 190cm 53″ x 75″King Size150cm x 200cm 59″ x 79″Superking180cm x 200cm 71″ x 79″
The sizes of single-letter cake topper are three, four, or five inches wide, depending on the shape of the cake. A percentage less than 5% from a 5 to 5% is the best way to select one. It is critical to keep your game as close to 5 feet as possible. My preference is for length rather than two sticks, and having two sticks per piece is convenient for me. The order of toppers must be placed on four tiers rather than three tiers. Aleene Thick Tacky Glue can be applied directly on the back of the stick by simply attaching the toppers to a thin bead.Cupcake toppers can come in a variety of sizes, so it really depends on the look you are going for. If you want a more subtle look, then smaller toppers would be best. But, if you are looking for something more fun and festive, then larger toppers would be ideal! Ultimately, it is up to you and what you think will look best on your cupcakes!

If you choose a curly or italicized font, you’ll typically need a 5. A 5 should suffice to make playing feel as safe as possible. You should go with a 6 if you want your puppy to stand out from the crowd.
Silhouette Design Space has over 2,000 designs to choose from. The majority of toppers have four layers of protection (some even have more). This design has three layers: a base layer, two center layers, and a top layer. If you’re looking for a way to make some money with your Cricut, you should consider doing so.There is no definitive answer to this question as the size of a cupcake topper can vary depending on the size of the cupcake it is meant to top. However, a rough guide would be to say that a cupcake topper should be around 2-3 cm in diameter.

What is this? Make sure your design does not exceed 4.25′′ x 6.25′′, or it will be removed from the Cricut Joy. If you have a small mat, the dimensions are 4.25′′ x 11.75′′. If you have a large mat, the dimensions are 42.55′′ x 11.25′′.If you love to bake and decorate cupcakes, then you’ll definitely want to try making your own cupcake toppers. DIY cupcake toppers are a great way to personalize your treats, and they’re actually quite easy to make. All you need is some cardstock, a sharpie, and some scissors. Simply cut out whatever shapes or designs you want, and then use the sharpie to add any details. You can even add a message or your name to the toppers if you want. Once you’re done, just put them on top of your cupcakes and enjoy!

It is critical that the design does not become too large on the toothpick in order to resize it. In general, I recommend making my pants between 1.25 and 1.75 inches in size, though some trials and errors may be required. A typical topper is covered in four layers (sometimes more).
James is an amazing writer and he also loves to eat food, with his creative writing and amazing taste for desserts he provides the best blogs on this site. View all posts by Jones →This year, I decided to make my own DIY cupcake toppers for my son’s birthday party. You will learn how to make your own home-made cupcakes topper in this post, and I will walk you through all of the steps. You can also select from a variety of cupcake designs. If you want to make DIY cupcake toppers for weddings, friend’s birthday parties, or bridal showers, you can do so at home. Because the majority of my SVGs can be cut with either a Silhouette or a Cricut, they are available in my Resource Library. There’s also the option of printing and cutting them on your own. Cakes made by DIY cupcake toppers will be the icing on your child’s birthday cake, wedding cake, or bridal shower cake. To complete this step, I use hot glue to strengthen the bond between the cardstock and the skewer. It is always a good idea to keep a close eye on the temperature of the hot glue gun and to unplug it once it has completely cooled.

How wide to make a cake topper?
If your cake is a little more on the simple side and you’re wanting the topper to shine, then I’d suggest going for a topper that is exactly the same width as your cake OR a centimeter or two smaller. No matter how busy or simple your cake is, I’d never suggest going bigger than your cake.
Fondant cupcake toppers are priced at $1.00 per piece (the complexity of the design determines the price). Figure toppers start at $10.00 and rise depending on the design size and complexity. To make a more festive cake, stick your cake toppers on skewers, similar to the kind of skewers used to make kabobs. It would have been better to use 6 inch skewers, but I prefer to use only 12 inch long skewers. Most people have probably heard of toothpicks, which are one of the most commonly used household items. Melrose Paper is a Dunedin based business specialising in handmade party décor (cake toppers, bunting etc) and earrings. I offer custom products and ship nationwide.One of the most frequent questions I get asked is “how do I know what size to use?” Does it really matter? Yes, it definitely does and it’s not as daunting as it seems.

What size cake topper is best?
The rule of thumb is to get a cake topper size that’s exactly similar to your cake size. If the cake is a multi-tiered cake, base your cake topper size on the topmost layer of it.
If your cake is a little more on the simple side and you’re wanting the topper to shine, then I’d suggest going for a topper that is exactly the same width as your cake OR a centimeter or two smaller.Please also note that the height of your cake topper will change depending on the number of characters in the name. For example, a topper that says “Max” and is 15cm wide is going to be taller and have larger letters than a topper that says “Stephanie” and is 15cm wide.If your cake is quite busy and you’re wanting a smaller subtle topper to finish it off, then I’d suggest purchasing a cake topper that is 1cm-4cm smaller than the diameter of your cake. The size here mostly comes down to the look you are wanting.

However, if you’re new to the party game, figuring out size can be frustrating and that’s why I’m here to help you nut out that decision and make it easier for you to purchase just what you need.
Cake toppers are the key to making your cake shine. Whether your cake is a homemade one or a professional one, a cake topper is what gives it the gorgeous finishing touch that it needs.

What is the standard cupcake size?
2” inches Standard Cupcakes and Muffins These of course are the most popular measuring 2” inches at the bottom of the product. These are the standard size that you usually find at any grocery store. Enough for one person and not really meant for having multiple helpings.
Here’s an example: I made this cake for my daughter’s birthday a couple of years ago and used a 15cm diameter cake and 15cm wide cake topper. The cake itself is quite plain – all the detail was happening on the top. This “one” topper can be purchased here.If your cake has more than one tier, choose a cake topper that is the same size or slightly below the diameter of the top tier. This general rule of thumb goes for any multi-tiered cake, whether you have two tiers or ten tiers.

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