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Smitefire Thor Build

When Stark left to avoid having to deal with it, Thor entered an argument with Banner when he perceived him as threatening Asgard. Unknown to both, they were actually influenced into doing so by Loki, who was invisible to avoid notice. As tensions heightened, the scientist transformed into the Hulk, leading them to enter a fight.

Who is the strongest SMITE hero?
Probably out of all them, the best Smite God, King Arthur is an extremely powerful Warrior who deals high area damage and has strong crowd control abilities.
Some time after defeating MODOK, Thor and the Avengers were contacted by Maria Hill, who informed them of Monica’s promotion to Scientist Supreme and AIM’s recent activities. Vowing to continue the fight against them, he and the other teammates took on the company in further conflicts, leading them to learn of their Hives and cloning technologies. At some point, Thor realized how wrong he was to doubt Kamala and grew to respect her. During one conflict, Thor discovered that someone was impersonating him and manipulating a faction of AIM into trying to channel the Bifrost. Knowing that doing so would destroy Midgard, he led the Avengers on the mission and stopped the group. After the fight, Thor discovered that the impersonator was actually Loki. After taking on one of AIM’s largest hives and defeating a clone of Rappaccini, Thor decided to let Kamala join the Avengers and assemble with the team to inform her.As the son of Odin, Thor Odinson grew up on the realm of Asgard. A skilled warrior and blessed with the ability to control lightning, he was worshipped by the Norse people of Midgard, who dubbed him the “God of Thunder and Wind”. As a child, his brother, Loki transformed Thor into a frog as a prank. Thor also wielded the hammer Mjolnir as a weapon, using it to channel the Odinforce. Thor also visited the Earth on several occasions and was aware of the Kree Empire. He was among several gods battling a Kree Sentry in the past.

Believing that the Bifrost provided better means than the technology, Thor suggested that the used it as an alternative and asked Heimdall to open it for demonstration. When Stark refused to use it due to convenience and concern about Odin’s approval, he asked for him to close it. However, Heimdall revealed he couldn’t, due to an external factor.

During the event, mercenaries attacked the Golden Gate Bridge. Alongside Iron Man, Thor flew ahead to intercept the enemy forces and rescue any civilians caught in the crossfire. Thor engaged the mercenaries on the southern side of the bridge, later making his way onto it to fight more of the forces. After learning that the group were using Stark’s Pulsar Tanks, he entered an argument about how his inventions are dangerous, though Widow put a stop to it quickly.
The battle eventually led onto the streets of Brooklyn, with Thor conjuring a storm to help him in the fight. However, he quickly noticed Loki in the rain, causing him to realize the duplicity. Using Mjolnir, Thor conjured a jet of water to reveal his half-brother and knocked him unconscious. After informing Hulk, the fight finally stopped and handed Loki over to Odin.Compelled to stay close to Mjolnir in case he was needed, Thor took to living in Manhattan under the name “Donald Blake”. Serving as a medical volunteer, he started to help those in need in repentance. During this time, he also became close with a fellow volunteer, Dr. Jane Foster. No one had even suspected “Donald Blake” of being Thor, although a close friend had assumed him to be a member of a Viking Metal band once. In his self-imposed exile, he learned eventually that he missed his fellow compatriots in the Avengers.

While investigating a series of Tachyon Rifts, Thor and the Avengers reunited with Kate Bishop, Hawkeye’s protégé and their former member in training. He took part in the search for Barton and its relation to the rifts, eventually retrieving him from an apocalyptical future. Whilst assembling with the team, Thor pushed Clint to reveal what he had learned, leading them to learn about an upcoming invasion by the Kree Empire. When Barton fell unconscious during planning, Thor called for medics to help him. Though Barton recovers in later events.

Thor was present during the A-Day event, alongside Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow and Bruce Banner. Whilst looking at the Stark Booth, he met a young Kamala Khan, with whom he bonded over origins and weaponry. Promising to remember her name, Thor disappeared to an unknown section. He was later searched out by Cap and Widow to appear at the main event, appearing onstage with them, Banner, Monica Rappaccini and George Tarleton.
Thor and his team are suddenly approached by a female Thor, who is revealed to be none other than Jane Foster from alternate present timeline, who was transported unexpected to their universe by the result of Tachyon anomaly affecting her world as well. Upon learning what happened in that similar timeline where Jane-Thor used to live, while introducing her to his world’s Jane, Thor is sad about Jane-Thor’s condition since she was present at the A-Day instead, and disappoint of his counterpart’s surrender of his Thor role at the same time.Losing contact with Rogers, the group learned from Maria Hill that the mercenaries had deployed a Sonic Bomb. Using Mjolnir, Thor cleared mists to allow the group more visibility, allowing Iron Man to disable it with a unibeam blast. Learning that the driver was the mercenaries’ leader, Taskmaster, he, Stark and Hulk worked to secure the bridge cables when Masters activated the bomb. After Widow defeated him and disarmed the bomb, the Avengers discovered that the whole of San Francisco was being torn apart by something reacting in the bay reacting with the Chimera. Flying to help Cap, Thor was unable to reach it in time, only able to watch in horror as the helicarrier crashed into the bay.

Thor can be considered the powerhouse of the team, excelling at fighting large crowds by whirling around Mjolnir and using God Blast to gather them all up and destroy entire crowds or single targets with massive damage from the Bifrost. His Heroic Rating is considerably higher then any other Avenger, making The Bifrost and God Blast deal considerable damage, often ripping 80%-90% of a powerful foe’s healthbar away. Mjolnir can be thrown at a distance to deal damage, pin down a single foe or tossed out and with the right specializations, can be thrown into a crowd and used as a lighting rod or used to strike multiple targets before flying back to Thor. His Warrior’s Fury grants all effected teammates and himself invulnerability and with right specializations can be used to auto revive all downed teammates.Reassembling on the command deck, Thor reunited with the group and confronted them on their actions, especially how they’d seemingly disregarded those below. During it, he was reintroduced to Kamala, who he easily recognized from A-Day. As they settled, the group finally watched a decrypted video file retrieved from AIM’s servers by the teenager. Hoping that it was incriminating proof that Tarleton caused Rogers’ death, they instead learned that Cap had caused the Chimera’s crash by destroying the Terrigen reactor. With the group beginning to argue and fall out again, Thor left for places unknown.At some point, Thor was banished to Earth by his father to teach him humility. Whilst there, he became involved with other heroes when his adopted brother Loki began wrecking havoc in an unspecified event. This led to the foundation of the Avengers, which Thor became a member of. During his time on the team, he worked alongside Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, the Hulk and Carol Danvers. On meeting Black Widow, Thor was skeptical of her place among the avengers, but later realized he had underestimated her, and grew to respect her as well, especially for her bravery. Thor was among the Avengers that discovered Captain America and, upon reviving him, received a hard punch from the super-soldier. He quickly grew to respect the super-soldier and regarded him as a better man than himself. Thor’s banishment to Earth also ended at some point, which led to him being granted access to its Bifrost. After detecting an object in the vicinity of Manhattan, Thor joined the Avengers in investigating the matter. After defeating Watchdogs in the area and rescuing captive Inhumans, he took part in the fight with the attacking object and helped retrieve its black box. Returning to the Chimera, Thor and the Avengers learned that Tarleton was now enacting a plan to wipe out all Inhumans with Dark Terrigen mists. Tracing the signal to the San Francisco Quarantine Zone, they agreed to confront and stop his plans. After learning that the Avengers had reassembled and that the conflict between them and AIM had spread to the streets, Thor decided to once again become active as an Avenger. Arriving near the AIM experience, he summoned Mjolnir, using it to save Phil Sheldon from being crushed by a Dreadbot. Flying up to the rebuilt Chimera, a noticeably displeased Thor rejoined his old friends to help fight off AIM’s forces, during which Tarleton confronted and mocked him for his guilt. Upon realizing that Kamala was there, he was doubtful of her capabilities. After defeating the Dreadbots, he used Mjolnir to channel lightning into the helicarrier’s engines, preventing it from crashing into Manhattan.

Along with Iron Man, Thor was tasked to destroy the facility’s generators to weaken both its defenses and the signal. During the battle, they learned that Tarleton had lost his sanity and was calling himself MODOK. After destroying the last one, they helped Cap and Hulk provide a distraction for Widow and Kamala. As Rogers made his way to the transmission tower, Thor took on the patrolling Warships with Stark and later protected the other Avengers as they made their way to the facility’s excavation site. As the team assembled to confront MODOK, Thor helped his teammates fight the mad-scientist and the assembled AIM forces. After he drew a forcefield to protect himself, he charged up and summoned the Bifrost to break through it. When MODOK drew up the object that had overloaded the Terrigen Reactor, Thor quickly identified it as a Kree Sentry and engaged the machine with Stark. However, they were eventually forced to bow out during the battle, though watched Kamala defeat of both it and MODOK. At some point, he presumably returned to Asgard, receiving a set of armor to don. After learning that Stark had gone to the satellite Ambrosia to retrieve evidence of Monica’s experiments, Thor decided to also help him. Arriving shortly after its destruction, Thor found him in a escape pod and learned that Rogers, who had survived the events, had been discovered in the lab. After exchanging greetings, he pushed them back to Earth and the Chimera, rejoining the Avengers properly.

When the Lethal Legion attempted to rob a SHIELD equipment shipment, Thor was one of the Avengers to respond. During it, he engaged Absorbing Man and subdued Whirlwind. After defeating the Legion, Thor helped round up the group for arrest.
That evening, Thor informed Stark of the battle. When informed of the damage, he bushed off concerns about public criticism of the battle, blaming it on Loki’s manipulations. Believing that the group should share a drink, he convinced Banner and Stark to celebrate their victory.After returning to the Chimera, Thor assembled with the other Avengers to congratulate Kamala. At Bruce’s request, he and the rest of the team left them with some privacy.At some point afterwards, Thor was asked by Stark and Banner to help complete the experimental Stark Portal at the Maria Stark Fields. Using Mjolnir and the Odinforce, he channeled lightning into the device as a power source. However, Thor was unable to control it, causing the energy levels to spike and the device to be destroyed. In the aftermath, Thor blamed himself for not returning to the Chimera and saving Rogers. At some point during the resulting enquiries, he abandoned the Avengers and stepped away from heroics, mainly because of guilt. Thor also decided to abandon his claim to Asgard, sending a message to Odin informing him of his decision and reasoning. Out of respect for Rogers, he also left Mjolnir at his statue in Heroes Park to prevent it from being torn down. In order to conceal his identity, he donned civilian attire and used a hidden “Glamour” spell to pass undetected and unremembered. Press the Left stick while airborne to toggle FLIGHT and use the Right stick to steer while flying. Hold the Left stick forward while flying to increase flight speed.In Smite there are microtransactions, most of which are cosmetic and many can be unlocked via play. The characters in Smite, called Gods, can also be earned through play or unlocked with ‘Favor’, an in-game currency.Soul Worker is an expansive and stylish anime MMORPG. Of course, this means that taking your first steps into the world is intimidating and a little bit overwhelming. So, we’ve put together this beginner’s guide for you to help you find your way.

After you’ve installed the game, it’s time to dive in. Thankfully Smite comes complete with a Tutorial and Training Arenas to familiarise yourself with the aspects and key gameplay features of Smite.
Smite is a free to play multiplayer battle arena game, similar in mechanics to Dota 2 or League of Legends. The main difference is that Smite is an over-the-shoulder third person action game, meaning that instead of clicking from the top down to activate abilities, you actually need to aim and take into account line of sight. If you want to know how many people play Smite, it’s continued to grow in popularity, meaning there’ll always be a game ready for you.

While some people like to team up to take down the biggest prey, others prefer to take on each other. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of overcoming another player so it makes sense to read up on Aion PVP.When you have completed the Tutorial you’ll be ready for your first match online. Don’t worry if you lose your first few matches, that’s entirely normal as you get acclimated to the game. Remember that it’s a team game and that you need to work with your team to win, if possible bring some friends who may know the game more than you to guide you the rest of the way. That’ll help you develop and learn your Smite strategy and get your Smite basics learned.

The first step is to install the game. We would recommend making sure your computer can run it or choosing another system such as Xbox One or PlayStation 4 to start your Smite journey. Here are the PC system requirements:Join over 30 million SMITE players! Wield Thor’s hammer, transform your foes to stone as Medusa, or choose from the other 100+ mythological icons. You’ll always have more to discover with free regular updates. Enter the Battleground of the Gods!

What role is Thor in smite?
Thor. Is one of the free playable assassins in smite his kit focuses on mainly attacks. And physical damage as an assassin. He has high mobility.
Smite is the third person MOBA developed by Hi-Rez Studios, creators of Tribes Ascend amongst other games. Unlike many of the competition in the MOBA field, it places the player right in the action, just over the shoulder of their chosen Smite character.Now you should be ready to start your Smite career, playing matches, winning games, and finding out which roles suit you and which Gods are your favourites. If you need additional information on Smite Gods, characters, abilities, or simply some more tips and tricks you can check them out here. The entirety of Smite is based on mythology. This means that all characters are tied to real-world pantheons of Gods, or legendary heroes. All Smite players will take on the roles of these mythical beings. The two in-game currencies are called Favor and Gems. Favor is earned through play and can be spent to unlock or rent Gods. If you want to know how to get Gems in Smite, you can purchase them, use promotional codes, complete offers, or achieve the daily reward. Gems are used primarily for purchasing cosmetics for your unlocked Gods.

Which god is strongest in Smite?
Probably out of all them, the best Smite God, King Arthur is an extremely powerful Warrior who deals high area damage and has strong crowd control abilities.
If you haven’t played Smite before or you’re just looking for some more information before you take the plunge, here’s what you need to know in one handy Smite Guide.However, for those with the ability to pay upfront, the Ultimate God Pack for Smite is a one-time purchase that unlocks all past, present, and future Gods for play.All the Brawlhalla Weapons and weapon matchups all in one place, so if you ever need to know what something does in Brawlhalla or how to use it, get here, get reading, and get the best information out there.

Who was the 100th god in Smite?
Merlin Merlin is SMITE’s 100th God. This is a big milestone for the dev team as well as our community. SMITE has grown incredibly over the years.
Thor Odinson, a.k.a. …Thor, is a deity and superhero in the Marvel Universe from the publishing house Marvel Comics. …He is a member of the Avengers, alongside Iron Man and Captain America.

… del dios Thor basado en la mitología nórdica . … Mide 10cm de alto desde la base hasta la punta de la cabeza, el modelo esta dividido en 3 slt -Thor- Dios -Thor- martillo -Thor -base Voy hacer una serie de diseños de dioses nórdico con este estilo
This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Hi-Rez Studios or Hi-Rez Studios. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.Thor is very good in team fights as he can stun many enemies at the same time. But remember, if you decide to play with Thor in the Support role you will have o take the majority of the damages on yourself, therefore try to protect your ADC and get him a good position to get a kill.

Thor is an assassin, so he specializes in making damages. His skills give him quite a big crowd control. Thanks to his passive skill (Warrior’s Madness), Thor get bonus to the damages for every God who is nearby. Thor can throw his hammer (Mjolnir’s Attunement) at the enemy and do some damages. Remember, that Thor’s hammer makes the damages to all of the targets that it gets through, and on its way back it makes double damages to the hostile heroes. Teleporting to Mjolnir is a good option as well, you do it by pressing the skill again – it gives Thor a huge mobility. The Thor’s second skill is the Tectonic Rift – Thor throws the ground with his hammer and it stuns the enemies nearby. The third skill I so called Berserker Barrage which makes the Thor’s hammer spin and it makes damages every 4 seconds. Thor’s exceptional skill is the Anvil of Dawn – if you have ever seen any Thor movie, you must remember the moment when he gets high into the air and then hits the ground with a huge speed. This is how this skill looks like!
Ao Kuang is one of the premier Mages in Smite, specialising in high damage on single targets. Their abilities are Water Illusion, Dragon Call, Wild Storm, and King of the Eastern Seas. This makes them one of the Smite’s top Gods.Powered by storms and the wind, Susano is an Assassin that specialises in extreme mobility and crowd control. Armed with aoe abilities like Storm Kata, Wind Siphon, Jet Stream, and Typhoon, Susano is a tricky God to master, but one of Smite’s best.A powerful Guardian that offers an extremely high area damage, Jormungandr is a ranged attacker that takes control over the battlefield. Their abilities, Venomous Haze, Consuming Bellow, Submerge, and The World Serpent all make this one of the most powerful Smite Gods.

Everyone loves dogs, and Fenrir is the dog that’ll end everything. An Assassin that specialises in high mobility and hunting down single foes, you’ll be using Unchained, Seething Howl, Brutalize, and Ragnarok as you pursue your foe.
With a high damage output that can be sustained, Kali can take down anyone given enough time. Abilities such as Nimble Strike, Lash, Incense, and Destruction will destroy any foe, if used correctly.Like many MOBAs they can be overwhelming to choose from, you could just choose which is your favourite from the pantheon you prefer, but there’s also stats and roles to consider. Here’s our list of the best Smite Gods, the best Smite Characters, their powers, abilities, and why you should pick them. Let’s get showing you what is the Smite best god.

Not sure where to get started? Sit back and relax as we get you the lowdown on how to play Ring of Elysium. Get the requirements, basics, and gameplay features to let you know why Ring of Elysium is one of the most exciting Battle Royale games out there.
A magical Guardian armed with a high defence and crowd control abilities, the drunken Bacchus will control the battle with Chug, Belly Flop, Belch of the Gods, and Intoxicate.Specialising in taking down single targets with heavy attacks, Bakasura comes to the table ready to eat, with their abilities of Take Down, Eat Minion, Butcher Blades, and Regurgitate.

The Queen of the Valkyries is a Mage that specialises in area damage and crowd control. Their abilities include Northern Lights, Aurora Blade, Banish, and Valkyrie’s Discretion.

He Bo is a ranged Mage equipped with Water Cannon, Atlas of the Yellow River, Waterspout, and Crushing Wave. Their water based powers impart high area damage and crowd control, letting you rule your opponents.
The mythical Achilles has no foot problems in Smite. A Warrior with good mobility and high damage, he comes with the Shield of Achilles, Radiant Glory, Combat Dodge, and Fatal Strike skills.

Probably out of all them, the best Smite God, King Arthur is an extremely powerful Warrior who deals high area damage and has strong crowd control abilities. With Overhead Slash (Hamstring), Battle Stomp (Uppercut), Twin Cleave (Bladestorm), and Sundering Strike (Excalibur’s Wrath), King Arhur is an asset to any team in Smite.
A ranged mage with high damage output and mobility, Janus uses abilities like Portal, Unstable Vortex, Threshold, and Through Space and Time to enhance not only their own mobility, but their allies.An Egyptian Assassin, Set deals extremely high damage to single targets. Abilities like Skewer, Spawn of Set, Sandstorm, and Kingslayer mean Set is extremely powerful when taking down solo opponents.

Currently the only Polynesian God in Smite, Pele excels in single target damage. Pyroclast, Eruption, Magma Rush, and Volcanic Lightning will see your enemies become smoking ruins, if Pele can be mastered.
Diving into Paladins instantly presents you with a huge amount of choice when it comes to who to play. Figuring out who to invest your time in can be stressful; so here is a Paladins tier list so you can sort the heroes from the zeros.

One of the most powerful Gods in Smite emitting huge area damage blasts, Merlin uses the Eclipse, Radiate, Frostbolt, and Vortex skills to extreme effect on the battlefield.

Horus is a brutal warrior that can sustain damage over time, has a high defence, and can heal, making Horus one of the most survivable Gods in Smite. Armed with Updraft, Fracture, Protector’s Surge, and To The Skies!, you’ll be living forever if you choose Horus.
Allowing you to focus both on single target damage and crowd control, Ne Zha gives you mastery of the battlefield. Their abilities, Universe Ring Toss, Flaming Spear, Armillary Smash, and Wind Fire Wheels will make sure enemies give you a wide berth.

A Warrior with a colossal defence, Bellona shrugs off hits freely. With the Shield Bash, Bludgeon, Scourge, and Eagle’s Rally, Bellona will survive almost anything. This Hunter is fast on its feet and fast to attack, so if you favour speed this is your God. Ah Muzen Cab comes with the Hive, Swarm, Honey, and Stinger abilities. Focusing around high single damage and sustained damage over time, Ravana is a Hindu God that can wear down enemy defences. Their abilities include Prana Onslaught, Overhead Kick, Hand Shadow Fist, and Mystic RushArmed with fast attacks and a high damage output, Erlang Shen is a Warrior that can quickly overwhelm enemies. Their abilities are Spot Weakness, Pin, 72 Transformations, and 9 Turn Blessing.

Possibly the cutest God in Smite, Ratatoskr makes for an amazing jungler with high mobility. Abilities like Dart, Flurry, Acorn Blast, and Through the Cosmos mean you’ll stay on the move gathering XP throughout each match.
You know you want to play Archeage, you just don’t know where to begin. If this is your first time jumping in then it is nice to have a few pointers to set you off facing the right direction. So read on to find an Archeage guide designed to help you find your footing in this incredible free to play MMORPG.Guild Wars 2 has been around so long that it may seem impossible to get into. Thankfully we have a Guild Wars 2 guide for you to get you started in the right way. So let us help you find your way through the murky early stages of the game!

SmiteFire is a community that lives to help every Smite player take their game to the next level by having open access to all our tools and resources. Please consider supporting us by whitelisting us in your ad blocker! SMITEFire is the place to find the perfect build guide to take your game to the next level. Learn how to play a new god, or fine tune your favorite SMITE gods’s build and strategy. Smite is an online battleground between mythical gods. Players choose from a selection of gods, join session-based arena combat and use custom powers and team tactics against other players and minions. Smite is inspired by Defense of the Ancients (DotA) but instead of being above the action, the third-person camera brings you right into the combat. And, instead of clicking a map, you use WASD to move, dodge, and fight your way through the detailed graphics of SMITE’s battlegrounds.PASSIVE – When you hit an enemy god with Hard Crowd Control, they drop Spikes on the ground that lasts for 7s. When you or an allied god pick up a Spike, they gain a buff that causes their next ability to deal bonus Magic damage equal to 4% of their own Max HP. This effect lasts 15s and is doubled if you are the one who picks up the Spike. Using this item allows you to teleport to any allied structure while Rooted in place. This effect is not interrupted by damage but is interrupted by hard Crowd Control. Cooldown – 220s. PASSIVE – Killing an enemy god forges a shield from their blood with Health equal to 200 + 10 per Player Level for 20s. While the Blood Shield is active you gain +10% movement speed.PASSIVE – For 8s after using an ability, your next Basic Attack will deal an additional 30% damage. Abilities that function like basic attacks do not benefit from this. PASSIVE – This item grants 2.5 MP5 per 10% of your missing Mana.

PASSIVE – Your abilities deal an additional 2% of the targets maximum Health as Physical Damage. If you have over 150 Physical Power, your ability bonus damage scales up. This effect reaches a maximum of 6% Maximum Health damage at 300 Physical Power. Subsequent hits on the same target do 75% of the bonus damage for the next 3s.

PASSIVE – Your abilities heal you for 2.5% of damage dealt. Each time anything dies within 80 units you gain a stack. Gods, Large Jungle monsters and Bosses provide 5 stacks. At 100 Stacks Soul Eater Evolves, gaining 15 Physical Power, 4% Physical Lifesteal, and 10% Physical Ability Lifesteal.PASSIVE – After casting an ability your next Basic Attack deals an additional 70 True Damage. After hitting a Basic Attack empowered by Bumba’s Hammer, your active cooldowns are reduced by 0.5s and you are healed for 80 Health.

PASSIVE – Enemies hit by your damaging Abilities take an additional 40 Physical Damage over 2s. Subsequent hits on the same target do half the bonus damage for the next 3s. Can be upgraded at level 20.
PASSIVE – You permanently gain 15 Mana per Stack, and receive 5 Stacks for a god kill, and 1 Stack for a minion kill (max. 50 stacks). You gain Physical Power equal to 2% of your Maximum Mana. At 50 stacks this item Evolves, gaining 10% Cooldown Reduction.Using this item will allow you to teleport up to 45 units away instantly. This item can not be used if you have taken or dealt damage in the last 3s. Cooldown – 140s.

Using this item removes Crowd Control Effects and makes you immune to new ones for 2s. Additionally, your active cooldowns are reduced by 3s on use. Cooldown – 140s.
PASSIVE – Successfully hitting an enemy god with a Crowd Control ability will place a debuff on them, reducing their Physical and Magical Protections by 0.8 * your level for 5s.

PASSIVE – Your Basic Attacks deal +25 True Damage and your Abilities deal +35% Damage versus Jungle Monsters. When you kill a Jungle Monster you are restored for 10% of the Monster’s Health and 25 Mana. Can be upgraded at level 20.
PASSIVE – Enemies hit by your damaging Abilities take bonus damage equal to an additional 30% of your Physical Power over 1s. Subsequent hits on the same target do half the bonus damage for the next 3s.PASSIVE – You deal 30% increased damage to Jungle Monsters. Upon defeating a Large Jungle Monster you place a ward at its location that lasts for 30 seconds. While in the jungle you gain +20 HP5 and +15 MP5 Can be upgraded at level 20.

PASSIVE – Damaging an enemy god steals 3% (+1.5% of your Protection from items) of their Current Health away from your target and restores it to you. This effect can only occur once every 10s.
PASSIVE – Enemies hit by your Abilities have 40% reduced healing for 5 seconds. Getting a kill or assist on an enemy god creates a field that lasts 10s, providing allies within it 20 Power + 2 Per level. This effect can only occur once every 10 seconds.

Your non-ultimate ability cooldowns are reduced by 0.5s every 0.5s for the next 3s. Shard Relics can be upgraded to a new Relic once you reach Level 12. Cooldown – 120s.
PASSIVE – Enemies hit by your damaging abilities take an additional 160 Physical Damage over 2s. Enemy gods take an additional 12% of their Current Health as Physical Damage over 2s. Subsequent hits on the same target do half the bonus damage for the next 3s.

Does SMITE require aim?
The main difference is that Smite is an over-the-shoulder third person action game, meaning that instead of clicking from the top down to activate abilities, you actually need to aim and take into account line of sight.
Using this item allows you to teleport to any allied structure or ward while Rooted in place. This effect is not interrupted by damage but is interrupted by hard Crowd Control. Kills and assists on enemy gods reduces the cooldown by 10s. Cooldown – 110s.

PASSIVE – Damaging an enemy god deals 30 (+1.5 per level) damage and restores 20 (+1 per level) Health and Mana. This effect can only occur once every 10s. Can be upgraded at level 20.
PASSIVE – When damaging an enemy god with an ability you deal an additional 15 + 30% of your Protections from items and abilities as Physical Damage. Can only trigger once per enemy per ability. Subsequent hits on the same target do half the bonus damage for the next 3s. Your Movement Speed is increased by 10% and your Attack Speed is increased by 40% for the next 3s. Shard Relics can be upgraded to a new Relic once you reach Level 12. Cooldown – 120s. Mjolnir went to Thor to battle the Frost Giants. Proud and mighty, Thor beat back the evil horde and continues to defend Asgard to this day. With Mjolnir in hand, Thor is an unstoppable force that even other Gods would do well to avoid.Odin, the All-Father, bore many children, but none as well known nor as mighty as Thor, who had the strength to move mountains and the power to call lightning from the sky. Despite these incredible gifts, Thor’s enemies were cunning, bloodthirsty, and numerous. The Frost Giants constantly threatened to invade Asgard requiring every ounce of Thor’s near limitless strength just to keep them at bay. Had the tide truly turned, Asgard might have been destroyed, but a simple prank played by the treacherous Loki ended with the creation of Mjolnir, the legendary hammer, and with it, Thor utterly crushed the Frost Giants. The dwarf Brokk took offense to this and claimed that he and his brother could do better. Loki bet his head they could not. So, Brokk and his brother forged three items, a ring that made a duplicate every nine days, a golden pig that could fly and swim, and the hammer, Mjolnir, with the power to shatter mountains. As each item was forged, Brokk was bitten fiercely by a fly, yet only on the third did he flinch, causing the short handle on the hammer. When they were done, the dwarves took their artifacts before the Gods and decried Loki’s fly disguise. All the Gods agreed that Brokk and his brother had forged greater items. Loki, ever cunning, declared his neck was not part of the bargain, denying them his head. Thor, as famous as he is bold, is God of the thundering sky. Yet his hammer, Mjolnir is nearly as famous as he is, and Thor will not be parted from it.

Sif, Thor’s wife, had hair like rays of sun through a cloudy sky, and Loki, being covetous, secretly sheared it off while she slept. Mad with fury, Thor demanded Loki fix this. So, Loki went to the dwarves of Ivaldi who forged a golden crown that would grow equally golden hair, a spear that never missed its mark, and a ship that would never sink. Proud of his treasures, Loki returned to Thor and the other Gods, gave the crown to Sif, then bragged that no greater items could be forged.
His shield prevents a lot of your burst, as well as cleanses CC, so your main selling point has less impact. Use your 3 to immune Geb 2 as an a way to prevent him from peeling you.

Mages with high damage, skill shot ults are great with Thor because he can set them up with either his ult or his wall, if the comms are good enough. For Kuk specifically, you it is a bit slow on the ult, so I’d rate a 3.5 really.
Her ult makes it very difficult for you to dive the enemy carries. Honestly, her whole kit is anti-dive, and since Thor is really big into CC, cleansing 2 people AFTER you land is really hard to deal with, not to mention all the self-peel. Your only advantage here is you are knock-back immune in your 3 vs her 2.This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides pageThor is the God of Thunder and resides in the Norse Pantheon. Thor is the son of the Allfather Odin. He is one of the strongest warriors in Asgard. He also wields Mjolnir, the mightiest hammer to have ever existed. With it, Thor has held back the Frost Giants for ages. It may seem odd then that Mjolnir only exists thanks to the acts of Loki. Loki started a series of events by cutting off the hair of Sif, Thor’s wife. Thor demanded Loki remedy this, so Loki turned to the dwarves to forge items to appease Thor and the other gods. After they were made, another dwarf, Brokk, stepped up saying he could craft even better items. Brokk forged wonderous items, but the greatest of all was Mjolnir. Now, with Mjolnir in hand, Thor protects all of Asgard and neither friend or enemy would ever dare to challenge that and expect to live. Passive – Your abilities heal you for 5% of damage dealt. each time anything dies within 80 units you gain a stack. Gods, large jungle monsters and bosses provide 5 stacks. At 100 stacks soul eater evolves, gaining 15 physical power, 5% physical lifesteal, and causing abilities to heal you for 20% of damage dealt. After a short buildup, Thor leaps into the air. While in the air, Thor can target a great distance away to come crashing down in the area, dealing damage and Stunning all enemies in the radius. For 6 seconds after landing, when Thor deals damage to a god with Mjolnir lightning will arc, damaging the enemy hit and up to two additional enemies within 30 ft. Subsequent lighting hits deal 50% damage. Thor spins his hammer around him dealing damage to Enemies in front of him up to 3 times and those behind him up to 2 times. The final swing deals extra damage. Thor is immune to Knockup for the duration. Passive – Your abilities deal an additional 3% of the targets maximum health as physical damage. if you have over 200 physical power, your ability bonus damage scales up. This effect reaches a maximum of 6% maximum health damage at 350 physical power. Subsequent hits on the same target do 75% bonus damage for the next 3s.Passive – You permanently gain 15 mana per stack, and receive 5 stacks for a god kill, and 1 stack for a minion kill (max. 50 stacks). 3% of your mana is converted to physical power. At 50 stacks this item evolves, gaining 10% cooldown reduction.

Who is the easiest god in SMITE?
Smite: The 15 Best Gods For Beginners1 Kukulkan: Perhaps Smite’s Best Newcomer Pick.2 Guan Yu: A Monstrous Melee Machine From The Get-Go. … 3 Agni: A Powerhouse With A User-Friendly And Deadly Ultimate. … 4 Ra: The God Of The Sun Scorches From Safety. … 5 Neith: The Weaver Of Fate Is A Easy-To-Pick-Up Hunter. …
Thor throws Mjolnir forward, doing damage to all enemies in its path. If hit twice, minions will take 80% damage while gods take 200% damage from the return. While the hammer is flying, pressing the button again will teleport Thor to his hammer.Learn which are the best heroes to play in Mobile Legends: Ixia, Novaria, Arlott, Joy, Fredrinn, Julian, Melissa, Xavier, Edith, Yin, Phylax, Valentina, Aamon, Floryn, Natan, Aulus, Granger, Benedetta, Brody, Paquito, Alice, Esmeralda, Wanwan, Diggie, Natalia, Chang’e, Chou, Selena, Jawhead, Khufra, Roger, Lancelot, Kagura, Tigreal, Bruno, Mathilda, Kaja, Guinevere, Rafaela, Hanabi, Miya, Johnson, Gatotkaca, Zhask, Helcurt, Phoveus, Ling, Claude, Hayabusa, Beatrix, Gusion, Gloo, Yve, Zilong, Estes, Harley, Aldous, Luo Yi, Angela, Alucard, Uranus, Hylos, Atlas, Silvanna, Layla, Lesley, Yi Sun-shin, Eudora, Sun, Popol and Kupa, Lapu-Lapu, Franco, Pharsa, Barats, Alpha, Clint, Vale, Saber, Yu Zhong, Cyclops, Ruby, Fanny, Karina, Cecilion, Bane, Balmond, Freya, Lolita, Belerick, Carmilla, Lunox, Harith, X.Borg, Akai, Grock, Khaleed, Argus, Moskov, Leomord, Kadita, Nana, Valir, Baxia, Minotaur, Irithel, Lylia, Odette, Hanzo, Faramis, Badang, Karrie, Kimmy, Thamuz, Martis, Hilda, Aurora, Dyrroth, Masha, Minsitthar, Gord, Terizla, Vexana.

Passive – Your abilities deal an additional 3% of the targets maximum health as physical damage. If you have over 200 physical power, your ability bonus damage scales up. this effect reaches a maximum of 6% maximum health damage at 350 physical power. subsequent hits on the same target do 75% bonus damage for the next 3s.
Best Thor build guides for Smite 2023. I works hard to keep my’s Smite builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Thor build for the meta. Learn more about Thor’s abilities, Items, Relics.Passive – Your basic attacks deal +50 true damage and your abilities deal +35% damage against jungle camps, structures, and jungle bosses. When any of these die you gain a 10% power buff for 30s and are healed for 10% of their health, 10% of your mana.

Is Thor a playable character?
Thor Odinson, known simply as Thor, is a playable character in Marvel’s Avengers. He also serves as the main protagonist of the prequel comic MA: Thor.
Passive – If you take damage below 30% health you unleash a shockwave that stuns all enemies within a range of 20 units for 1s and become immune to crowd control for 1s. This effect cannot trigger more than once every 110s.For more new characters (heroes or champions), game tier list, game builds and game counters. Like me on Facebook – Zathong, and follow me on Twitter – Zathong. Do you love playing Online games? Subscribe to me YouTube Channel – Zathong, for new guide game videos. Let me know your opinion by commenting below.Passive – Killing an enemy god forges a shield from their blood with health equal to 200 + 10 per player level for 20s. While the blood shield is active you gain +10% movement speed.

Who was the 100th god in SMITE?
Merlin Merlin is SMITE’s 100th God. This is a big milestone for the dev team as well as our community. SMITE has grown incredibly over the years.
Passive – When an ally god within 55 units of you is hit by a hard crowd control effect, give them a shield equal to 15% of your maximum health. This effect can only occur once every 8s.

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Als sie fertig waren nahmen die Zwerge ihre Artefakte vor den Göttern und verschrien Loki als die Fliege. Alle Götter waren sich einig, dass Brokk und sein Bruder größere Gegenstände geschmiedet hatte. Jedoch war Loki wie immer gerissen und erklärte das sein Hals nicht Teil der Abmachung war und verweigerte den Zwergen so seinen Kopf.Anvil of Dawn- Nach eine kurzen Aufladezeit springt Thor in die Luft. Während er in der Luft ist könnt ihr einen Zielgebiet aussuchen, in welchem er landen wird. Dabei verursacht er Schaden und stunt alle Gegner in dem Landeradius.

Mjolnir wurde Thor übergeben für die Schlacht gegen den Forst Giganten. Stolz und mächtig, schlug Thor wieder die bösen Horden und verteidigt bis zum heutigen Tag Asgard. Mit Mjolnir in der Hand ist Thor eine unaufhaltsame Kraft, wovor selbst die anderen Götter sich fürchten.
Mjolnir´s Attunement- Thor wirf seinen Hammer und verursacht Schaden an allen getroffenen Gegnern. Wenn sie doppelt getroffen werden, erleiden Minions nur die hälfte des Schadens, während gegnerische Götter den doppelten Schaden erleiden. Während der Hammer fliegt, könnt ihr euch durch nochmaliges drücken der Taste zu seinem Standort teleportieren.Der Zwerg Brokk nahm dies als Beleidigung auf und behauptete, dass er und sein Bruder es besser machen könnten. Loki wettete um seinen Kopf, dass sie diese nicht schaffen könnten. So, schmiedeten Brokk und sein Bruder drei Gegenstände: Einen Ring, der sich selbst alle 9 Tage verdoppelte, einen goldenen Schwein, welcher fliegen und schwimmen konnte und der Hammer Mjolnir, mit der Kraft Berge zu zerbrechen. Bei jedem seiner Produkte wurde Brokk von einer Fliege heftig gebissen, doch nur bei dem dritten hat er zusammengezuckt, was dem kurzen Griff des Hammers zur Folge hatte.

Who is the strongest smite hero?
Probably out of all them, the best Smite God, King Arthur is an extremely powerful Warrior who deals high area damage and has strong crowd control abilities.
Was die Items angeht, so könnt ihr die ersten Matches gepflegt zu den empfohlenen Items greifen. Sie geben euch genug Angriffskraft für den Anfang und durch viel Life auch ein wenig Durchhaltevermögen. Besonders gut ist dabei Ankh of the Golem, welcher 1 % eures Lifes direkt in Angriffsschaden umwandelt. Ich würde euch aber empfehlen auch mal einen reinen DMG und CRIT Item-Build auf Thor auszuprobieren, denn dann zeigt er euch sein wahre Stärke!Thor, so berühmt wie auch tapfer, ist der Gott der donnernden Himmel. Doch auch sein Hammer Mjolnir ist fast so berühmt wie er und Thor wird auch nie von ihn getrennt werden.

How to play Thor in smite?
Thor’s best stats are power penetration. And cooldown reduction with a bit of defense mixed. In if you feel like it level your one. First then your three then your two leveling the ultimate whenever.
Sprint- Der zweite Skill den ihr wählen solltet. Bei Aktivierung bekommt ihr 35 % mehr Bewegungsgeschwindigkeit für 6 Sekunden und zusätzlich macht es euch für 3 Sekunden immun gegen Verlangsamungen. Sif, Thors Frau, hatte Haare wie Sonnenstrahlen, welche durch einen bewölkten Himmel strahlen. Loki konnte seine Habgier nicht zurückhalten und schnitt Sif die Haare heimlich im Schlaf. Wütend vor Wut forderte Thor von Loki dieses Problem zu beheben. Also ging Loki zu den Zwergen von Ivaldi, welche eine Krone schmiedeten, die wie goldenes Haar wuchs, einen Speer, der nie seinen Ziel verfehlen sollte und einen Schiff, welcher niemals sinken würde. Stolz auf seine Schätze kehrte Loki wieder zu Thor und den anderen Göttern zurück, gab die Krone Sif und prahlte damit, dass keine größeren Schätze geschmiedet werden könnten. Thor ist ein super Lane Gott. Skillt zuerst Beserker Barrage, denn damit könnt ihr gut Minions farmen und macht auch Schaden an euren Gegner falls sie euch zu Nahe kommen. Als zweiten Skill nehmt ihr Mjolnir Attunement. Denkt daran, dass wenn ihr den Skill nochmal aktiviert, während der Hammer noch fliegt, ihr euch zu dieser Stelle teleportieren könnt. Das ist gut für einen Überraschungsangriff und noch besser wenn ihr mal flüchten müsst. Als dritten Skill nehmt ihr dann Tectonic Rift, womit ihr dann auch schon euren ersten Kill-Versuch starten könnt. Lasst die Gegner ein wenig pushen, dann werft ihr euren Hammer, teleportiert euch rein, stun und dann Beserker Barrage. Wenn ihr euch mit eurem Lane Partner absprecht, ist das ein sicherer Kill!