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Stewie Griffin Costume

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What does Stewie Griffin wear?
He wears a yellow shirt with red overalls and light blue shoes.
In “Send in Stewie, Please”, he revealed that he was heterosexual, but also considered himself “fluid,” being attracted to either gender at a given time.When an effeminate Johnny Weir compliments him on his head in “Griffin Winter Games”, Stewie acknowledges that some people consider it shaped like a football. But Weir later drops the facade and reveals that he only uses the effeminate act to get close to Tara Lipinski, he notes that it almost killed him not to call attention to the football shape of Stewie’s head.

What episode does Stewie dress up as a GIF?
Halloween on Spooner Street”Halloween on Spooner Street”Family Guy episodeEpisode no.Season 9 Episode 4Directed byJerry LangfordWritten byAndrew Goldberg
When Meg fumbles around describing menstrual periods in “Saturated Fat Guy”, Stewie cuts to the chase, although Chris points out that he already understands her.Stewie has twice had a relationship with another young toddler/beauty queen named Olivia. He also became sexually aroused while watching the female cheerleaders undress. Stewie also came close to having sex with Connie DiMico in “McStroke”. In Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story, his older self had sex with a girl named Fran for 8 seconds – then cried for 40 minutes. Stewie also became furious when he discovered that his future self was a virgin. At first sight, Stewie was also instantly attracted to Jillian. He is also easily annoyed by Jasper, Brian’s gay cousin. Stewie falls in love with his babysitter in “8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter”. In “Breaking Out is Hard to Do”, he complains that there was not a single female baby in Asiantown. Also, in “Ocean’s Three and a Half”, Stewie falls madly in love with Susie Swanson, the Swanson’s new baby, and tries to impress her with a song but by the time the episode was over he had lost interest in her only to fall in love with Bryan Adams. When Stewie comments to Chris that someone should call Lois a pig for picking her teeth at the table in “Meg Stinks!”, Chris actually does it while Lois misses the comment from Stewie. This has been referred in “E. Peterbus Unum” as a meta-joke. The end of the episode reveals it actually being a historical video, projected to a group of students in the future. When the presenter asks if there are any questions, one of the students responds with “I don’t get it. So…. like… can the family understand the baby or… what’s the deal with that?” The other students are seen nodding in agreement with the apparent confusion.

Stewie, like his mother, has a masochistic personality. This was revealed in “Peter’s Two Dads” when Lois spanked Stewie for destroying her pearl necklace. Stewie later confided to Rupert that he found that he enjoyed suffering from such pain, and unsuccessfully went out of his way to provoke Lois several times in the episode into spanking him again. He even had a day dream in which he was tortured by Lois, who was clad in a dominatrix outfit. In “Be Careful What You Fish For”, Stewie comes home with his right arm pulled out of its socket, Brian then stuffs Stewie’s mouth with paper so he can’t yell for Lois. Brian then painfully but successfully puts Stewie’s arm back in its socket. After the act, Stewie notes that he won’t say if he liked it or not. In “Friends of Peter G”, shown in a vision given by Death, Peter enters the kitchen drunk and angry, forcing his family to line up to get cigar burns. After Stewie is burned, he returns in a disguise in hopes to get burned again. In “Total Recall”, he claims he plays choking games with Rupert.
In “Road to Germany”, Stewie was flying a plane and made some odd gestures at a passing pilot. However, when the pilot had his shirt off and was rubbing his nipple, Stewie looked stunned as if he had gone too far. Also, when asked what qualified him to fly, his response included a notation of being homosexual.In “Road to the Multiverse”, Brian and Stewie arrive in a universe full of gays and he says “Love it”. He also goes to a universe where everyone has two heads and it shows him kissing himself.

He even tried to trick Brian into having sex with him, in “Movin’ Out (Brian’s Song)”. He has also kissed Brian several times on the show. In “No Meals on Wheels”, he is tricked by Brian into yelling “Yahtzee” and he does it in a feminine way. In “No Chris Left Behind” he says he hopes to join a group of gay men. In “The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou”, Stewie had a panic about having cancer, and wanted to have his list of things to be done before he died to be completed. One of those things was to learn how to ballroom dance with Brian. In that part, Stewie dressed himself in a pink dress and ear-rings. After they have danced for a while, Stewie whispers, “I love you.” to Brian. In “Love, Blactually”, Stewie sucks his finger after “accidentally” putting it into Brian’s mouth. In “420”, Brian asks if Stewie can give him a sample of his pee to trick Joe, who wanted to use the sample to check if Brian was smoking marijuana. Stewie looks very happy to accomplish Brian’s request, and even gets naked to do it. In “Peter Griffin: Husband, Father…Brother?”, he and Brian were hypnotized into kissing each other, but doesn’t remember even though he says he tasted crotch.
Peter realizes he has taken the wrong baby in “The Most Interesting Man in the World” when the head shape doesn’t match. He tries momentarily to squeeze the other baby’s head to Stewie shape but Lois arrives. During the “1969 Theme From “Family Guy”” in “”Family Guy” Through the Years”, Peter attributes Stewie’s limited speech to a wizard, associating it with a trope used to explain a lack of continuity as “a wizard did it.”[1] In a canceled episode named “Queer Is Stewie?”, he came out of the closet. This never saw the light of day due to the show’s cancellation. The episode was later redone and expanded to have Stewie finding his future self. There are also many references to him being straight, as seen in “Dammit Janet!”, where he falls in love with a female toddler. Stewie is shown to hate gay people in some episodes like “Road to Rhode Island” where he asks why everyone comes out to him, and in “Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington” he says “not ass you pervert save it for the interns”. Brian and Jillian are the only adults that seem to fully understand what he’s saying; however there have been occasions when other characters have evidently understood him. Brian can always understand him though, and they often have conversations between themselves, including musical numbers, arguments and bad advice. Strangers such as Connie DiMico can also understand Stewie in “McStroke”. Lauren Conrad is even able to understand him. On the occasions when he speaks directly to Meg or Chris they also sometimes reply.

When Peter starts collecting horse sperm in “Family Gay”, he warns the family that some refrigerator containers contain sperm instead of milk. Stewie stops for a moment and looks at his cereal, then slowly continues to eat.
Stewart “Stewie” Gilligan Griffin is the flamboyant and eccentric one year old infant of Peter and Lois Griffin. Mentally he seems much older, even proclaiming in “I Never Met the Dead Man” to be shooting on a fifth grade level. In “Mr. Saturday Knight”, Stewie was at a funeral and was looking at all the girls and was counting which female babies he would “do” or “wouldn’t do”. There is also a scene in “Deep Throats” that suggests he’s attracted to Brian. He makes a similar drunken admission in Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story. In the same episode he asks Brian to shave his “coin purse”.

In “Brian’s Got a Brand New Bag”, Stewie’s crib rolls out the door and on the lawn and the sprinklers come on showering him and he says “Mmm-hmmm Shia, Give me what you got.”
In “Chitty Chitty Death Bang”, Stewie talks to the cult leader, who understands fully what he says, not seeing him until seconds before Stewie kills him.When Brian was killed by a car in “Life of Brian”, Stewie’s devastation over Brian’s death caused him to be cold and nasty towards Vinny, a replacement family dog until Vinny told him that he understood what he was going through due to the death of his own previous owner. After that, Stewie bonded with Vinny, imitating his Italian personality at times such as in “In Harmony’s Way” when Vinny suggests Quagmire wear a necklace.

“Stewie Kills Lois” and “Lois Kills Stewie” are the only episodes where he is really spoken to properly by all family members, but these two episodes were simulations but still had a strong possibility of happening. Stewie complained that they were only NOW interested in him since they had found out he was an evil genius, whereas the previous week Peter had ignored his macaroni picture of an owl.Stewie has a horrified reaction to seeing the online video 2 girls, 1 cup in “Back to the Woods”, but after the initial shock starts wondering if there is a video of two guys doing the same thing, eventually suggesting Brian to look it up.

In “Baby Not On Board”, he is horrified at the sight of a nude woman’s vagina in a pornographic magazine, even seizing a machine gun, firing upon and obliterating the offending publication. Later in the episode he admits to disabling the parental lock on the TV and watching “so much porn.”Stewie is well-spoken, with an advanced vocabulary, an upper-class British accent and an ambiguous sexual orientation. He refers to Peter often as ‘The Fat man’ and his mother by her given name, Lois. Seth MacFarlane has described him as “an evil Rex Harrison”. Stewie is constantly plotting ways to kill his mother, Lois, apparently holding a grudge against her because of his nine-month stay in her “ovarian Bastille.” He shares his secrets with his confidant and teddy bear Rupert. Stewie often speaks from the standpoint of a much older person, saying such things as “What is it that you children are into nowadays?”

He shows that he does not have a complete knowledge of sexual intercourse as shown in “Chick Cancer” where he says he thinks sex is “a kind of cake.”, and was horrified upon accidentally catching his parents in the act of lovemaking in “Valentine’s Day in Quahog”. Even by age 35 Stewie does not know how to have sex, although in Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story he changes the future after seeing it as a baby.
Despite all of Stewie’s evil traits he did genuinely care about Brian. In “Brian & Stewie”, he revealed that he considered Brian to be his only friend and the only person in the entire world that he cared about. When ordered to kill Brian by his girlfriend Penelope in “Mr. and Mrs. Stewie”, Stewie struggled to do so but eventually chose to spare Brian and protect him from Penelope. He also comforted Brian after Glenn Quagmire ranted about how much he hated him in “Jerome Is the New Black” and informed Brian that he didn’t need Quagmire to like him as long as he liked himself. He then added that he liked him and allowed him to sleep in his room.

Stewie is seemingly a closet bisexual. Continuous jokes during the series involves Stewie and homosexuality. Stewie has also been seen frequently flirting with male characters in the series. Also, in several occasions Stewie showed interest in Brian.In “Death Lives”, Lois ties Stewie to a flag pole, and while she was dragging him up, his bottom dragged against the side of the pole, at which he tells Lois to go slower and that he must do it again while no one was watching.When Peter discovers a whip in Quagmire’s mail and decides to play with it in “Herpe, the Love Sore”, Stewie compliments him on the “Cool hWhip” and Peter turns the whip on him as Stewie questions how Peter can suddenly understand him.

Early in the series he was portrayed as being completely obsessed with world domination and killing Lois. In “Chitty Chitty Death Bang”, It was revealed that after Stewie’s birth, the doctor found a map of Europe with plans to bomb its capitals inside Lois. He still wants to kill Lois and take over the world but those goals have taken a back seat, although He admits in “Send in Stewie, Please” that he still likes to talk about them. In select episodes, Stewie has exhibited some of his more sociopathic side, such as shooting Brian in the leg in “Back to the Pilot”. Stewie tried to recapture some of those traits in “The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair” and ended up creating an evil clone of himself. Brian suggests in “Stewie’s First Word” that Stewie no longer has an interest in killing Lois since his second word was “Mommy”. He quickly dismisses it though as the show breaks down into nonsense.
When the family adopted Vinny, he was able to understand Stewie perfectly and throughout all the episodes with him, Vinny and Stewie exchanged dialogue just like he does with Brian.

In a possible future, seen in “Stu & Stewie’s Excellent Adventure” he has a 9 to 5 job at Quahog Circuit Shack at 35 years old. He never had sex, killed Lois or took over the world. However, this may have been averted by younger Stewie’s intervention.A running gag has occurred over whether or not the family can understand Stewie’s speech, especially given his tendency towards homicidal remarks. The Griffins appear to ignore most of what Stewie says, though on occasion they have responded to his speech.Stewie has also demonstrated an ability to rotate his head into impossible positions, as seen in “North by North Quahog” and “Stewie Kills Lois”. He has apparently developed a method of curing this as he keeps the phone number of an acupuncturist ready in his pocket, in “Stewie Kills Lois” Stewie asks Brian “Oh God, I’ve really screwed myself up here. Listen could you reach into my pocket and get the number for that acupuncturist?” O.J. Simpson and “Chris” threw Stewie’s head like a football in “The Juice Is Loose”. In “Extra Large Medium”, Stewie has to dig a hole to put part of his head in, so that he could sleep on his side. None of the other Griffin family members have Stewie’s uniquely shaped head. In “Stuck Together, Torn Apart”, Stewie did have a head shape similar to Meg’s until he was bouncing on the bed and hit the ceiling, thus flattening it into the familiar football shape, but in “Chitty Chitty Death Bang”, there were flashbacks of Stewie in Lois’ womb and the moment he was born, and his head was already like that. His half-brother Bertram has a similar head shape. Earlier ancestors including Nate Griffin’s son and Leonardo da Vinci also share this feature. Stewie also has a gag in the series where he throws “Sexy Parties” that involve many women in tight and revealing outfits. Overall, these scenes indicate that Stewie is clueless as for what “sexy” means, but rather imagines parties suited for toddlers: laughing, running around a-la-Benny Hill or playing Red Light, Green Light.

On the show, Stewie engages in extreme violent or criminal acts, including robbery, carjacking, loan sharking, forgery, and killing off many minor characters. The characters he kills off are for reasons such as anger, jealousy, and grudges he holds. Stewie’s mastery of physics, mechanical engineering, and firearms are at a level of science fiction. He has constructed advanced fighter-jets, a mind control device, a weather control device, robots, a time machine, a shrinking pod, a teleportation device, and more. Stewie employs these to deal with the stresses of infant life such as teething pain, and his hatred of broccoli or to kill his mother. Stewie also shows infant-like tendencies such as pretending his trike is an actual vehicle. Stewie’s ability to move objects of greater weight than himself is not surprising to other characters, nor is his ability to perform martial arts or retrieve firearms from hammerspace. In “Dog Gone”, after he made jokes about Brian killing a dog, Brian asks him how he’d feel if he had killed another baby. He merely replied by telling him he’s killed seven, acting as if it was no big deal. He also tries to get children to drink poison. In “Love Thy Trophy” his foster siblings who are each of different races asked him if he wanted to lay down and complete their people rainbow and he suggested that they play “Drink the Stuff Under the Sink” instead. In “Emission Impossible” he went to Lois in his Peter Bot and told Chris and Meg to drink the anti freeze in the garage.
In “Yug Ylimaf”, his grandmother Barbara Pewterschmidt comments on the unusual shape of Stewie’s head shortly after he is brought home from the hospital, claiming it completes Lois’ “little carnival.”

In “Stewie Kills Lois”, before he begins to board Peter and Lois’s cruise ship, he says to Brian, “An hour from now I’ll be surrounded by sea men (Semen). Sperm whales and sea men.” He then notices a bird and says, “Oooh, a swallow.”
Stewie falls for Penelope in “Mr. and Mrs. Stewie”, believing he has found his soul mate. Despite a major fight over Brian, Stewie gets a kiss and a smile from Penelope after defeating her. He notes he will tell his friends he “banged” her.Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, has stated in an interview that “He originally began as this diabolical villain, but then we delved into the idea of his confused sexuality. We all feel that Stewie is almost certainly gay, and he’s in the process of figuring it out for himself. We haven’t ever really locked into it because we get a lot of good jokes from both sides, but we treat him oftentimes as if we were writing a gay character.”[2] He also speculated that when Stewie grows up, he will ultimately become either a homosexual or a repressed, unhappy heterosexual.[3] Seth would later retract that statement pointing out that being a cartoon character, can be neither straight nor gay.[4]
Is Stewie Griffin pansexual?
In the Season 16th episode Send in Stewie, Please, Stewie tells Dr. Pritchfield that he is “not gay” but about his sexuality, “fluid is something I hear being tossed around a lot now” & he does follow it by saying he was “confident in his heterosexuality”.
In “Brian & Stewie”, Stewie told Brian to lick his diaper clean and to lick his ass, and especially wanted Brian to lick his ass, and later admitted he loved him.In “We Love You, Conrad”, Stewie, revealed his alter ego, Desiree. Showing that he had many boyfriends including one named Lee. In “Chick Cancer”, during the ending credits, Stewie said that he could totally get into being gay. In “Not All Dogs Go To Heaven”, he is asked if he is queer to which he replies “probably”. In “Three Kings”, Stewie takes the role of Annie Wilkes in which he shows strong sexual attraction to Brian who he fondled. In “Screwed the Pooch”, he says he likes to go to disco themed gay bars to relax. Similar hints are given during other episodes. In “Family Gay”, when he tells Brian about the straight camp, a place where gay people go to become straight, he shows him a folder about it. When Brian notices that it’s dated last year, Stewie looks uncomfortable and says that it was just something that he found in the street.When being carried home from the hospital in “Yug Ylimaf”, Chris questions if anyone else heard Stewie while he talked to Brian after being born. This is immediately dismissed by Lois.In “Saving Private Brian”, he and Brian kiss to get kicked out of the army, while kissing,another gay man who happens to be an officer comes up to them and asks to join in, which results in enthusiasm from Stewie.

How to make a Stewie Griffin costume?
Get the look with a basic yellow long sleeve shirt and a pair of red overalls. Check a local thrift store or online for these pieces and some blue shoes. Add a teddy bear and toy gun from a local toy shop. For the Stewie mask, check a local costume shop or order it online along with other pieces. Cached
During a dream in “Bigfat”, Hank Hill walks in and demands to know who the fat guy is sleeping with his wife Lois, before waking up again with his real wife Peggy Hill and complains about not getting to find out if they can understand what Stewie says.

Stewie has some kind of romantic or sexual fantasy involving his stuffed toy, Rupert. Stewie sees him as an athletic man with a teddy bear’s head. Stewie had several times referred to him as gay. In “Excellence in Broadcasting”, Stewie accidentally discovers masturbation, and begins to fantasize about being tied to his crib while a muscular Brian and Rupert kiss.
In “Stewie’s First Word”, frustrated by poor wi-fi and a lack of cookies due to Lent, Stewie lets out an expletive in church that everyone understands. Shunned, Lois tries to understand where he picked up such language and eventually realizes it was from her. By the end of the episode, Stewie says his second word in “Mommy”. He also works out that people only understand him when he really wants them to. In other, later episodes, Stewie engages in other violent and criminal acts, including robbery, aggravated assault, carjacking, loan sharking, forgery, and killing off many minor characters (with a tank, guns, and other assorted weaponry). Several commentators, including its author Chris Ware, have noticed similarities between the title character of the graphic novel Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth (first published in 1995) and Stewie. Ware has remarked that the similarities are “a little too coincidental to be simply, well, coincidental.” He further stated, “I don’t want a book of seven years’ worth of my stuff to become available and then be accused of being a rip-off of Family Guy.” 20th Century Fox insists that Stewie is an entirely original character. In a 2003 interview, MacFarlane said that he had never seen the comic strip before, described the similarities as “pretty shocking” and said that he could “see how [Ware] would reach that conclusion.”There are several jokes within the series revolving around whether the Griffins, other than Brian, can understand Stewie. In “E. Peterbus Unum”, a student watching the episode from the distant future asks his teacher, “So, can the family understand the baby, or… what’s the deal with that?” In “Inside Family Guy”, Peter apologizes to the family, to which Stewie comments: “Oh that’s nice of you to say”. Peter replies: “Thank you, Stewie, who I can understand”. In “Stewie’s First Word”, after Stewie utters an expletive that everyone around him can clearly understand, he eventually concludes that people can only understand him when he wants them to, namely whenever he is feeling intense emotion.

What episode does Stewie dress up as a girl?
Stewie poses as a girl so that he can appear on Jolly Farm, and falls for a female co-star; Peter makes Lois feel bad about her age.
Stewie has been included on Family Guy T-shirts, baseball caps, bumper stickers, cardboard standups, refrigerator magnets, posters, and several other items. Stewie appears in the Family Guy Video Game!, where Stewie discovers his brother Bertram attempting to outdo him in taking over the world. Desperate to stop him, Stewie shrinks himself and makes his way to Bertram’s lair within Peter’s testicles to discover his plan, destroys his henchman cloning lab, and rescues a kidnapped Rupert from a rocket. He finally confronts Bertram in the park, where Bertram turns himself into a giant. Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story is a DVD movie about Stewie’s secret and what can be his future. Stewie is also a playable character (along with Brian) in the show’s second video game, Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse, where the pair travel through the multiverse again, to defeat Bertram.Stewie Griffin is portrayed as a two-year-old prodigy who has a sophisticated voice and can speak very fluently in an upper-class English accent with quite advanced vocabulary. He reaches his first birthday in the season 1 episode “Chitty Chitty Death Bang”, and the family celebrates Stewie’s birthday in a cutaway gag in the season 12 episode “Chap Stewie”. As Stewie’s first birthday was celebrated in the episode “Chitty Chitty Death Bang”, it is safe to assume that it was Stewie’s second first birthday in the episode “Chap Stewie”. Very highly literate and able to cite pop culture references that long predate his birth, Stewie is also entranced by Raffi and Teletubbies.

MacFarlane has been nominated for two awards for voicing Stewie Griffin. In 1999, he won a Primetime Emmy Award in the category Outstanding Voice-Over Performance. In 2006, he received an Annie Award in the Best Voice Acting in an Animated Television, Production category, for his voice work in the episode “Brian the Bachelor”. In addition, Wizard magazine rated Stewie the 95th-greatest villain of all time. Stewie was also named the best Family Guy character on a list of “Top 25 Family Guy Characters” compiled by IGN. In 2010, Entertainment Weekly placed him 45th on its list of the “Top 100 Characters of the Past Twenty Years.” ranked Stewie as the fifteenth-gayest cartoon character. Hal Boedeker, a critic for The Orlando Sentinel, called Stewie “a brilliant creation”. Stewie (and Brian) usually form the center-plot for the show’s highest-rated and most critically acclaimed episodes, these being the Road to … episodes. In a list of Stewie and Brian’s greatest adventures, five of the Road to … episodes occupied the top five places.
He originally began as a diabolical villain, but then we delved into the idea of his confused sexuality. We all feel that Stewie is almost certainly gay, and he’s in the process of figuring it out for himself. We haven’t ever really locked into it because we get a lot of good jokes from both sides, but we treat him oftentimes as if we were writing a gay character.

He also starts to interact with more people despite still having hatred towards many of them, as shown in cutaways in later episodes and is more flamboyant. Stewie is shown in more recent episodes to be a superfan of Taylor Swift and even sets her up with Chris as a prom date. Stewie has had a few rare interactions with his pedophile elderly neighbor Herbert. Stewie intensely dislikes him and is one of the few characters fully aware of Herbert’s nature, even calling him a pervert to his face. All this does, however, is move Herbert into thinking Stewie is “feisty”.
In the more recent seasons, Stewie has a larger amount of freedom from his parents, usually spending much of his time with Brian. This extends to the point of his ability to keep pigs from parallel universes (“Road to the Multiverse”) or take part in the television series Jolly Farm (“Go Stewie Go”), as compared to the first season, in which his plans were constantly hindered by Lois. In “The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair”, Stewie inadvertently clones an evil twin of himself after trying to increase his evil nature. By the end of the episode, it is suggested that the original Stewie may have been unknowingly killed by Brian (as he cannot tell them apart) and Stewie turns to the camera with glowing yellow eyes (reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”). But so far, the Stewie has recently seen in “Trading Places”, the follow-up episode, he still seems to have his mostly harmless eccentricity, shown when he asks Brian if he wants to trade places with him for fun.

What is Stewie Griffin's IQ?
This is evident when he took an IQ test in one of the episodes and scored a 70. It is also observed that Stewie’s parents exhibit a strong sense of control over his life, such as scheduling play dates for him to go on, toys he can/can not play with, and what/when, he can eat.
Stewart Gilligan “Stewie” Griffin is a fictional character from the animated television series Family Guy. He is voiced by the series creator Seth MacFarlane and first appeared on television, along with the rest of the Griffin family, in a 15-minute short on December 20, 1998. Stewie was created and designed by MacFarlane himself, who was asked to pitch a pilot to the Fox Broadcasting Company, based on The Life of Larry and Larry & Steve, two shorts made by MacFarlane featuring a middle-aged man named Larry and an intellectual dog, Steve. After the pilot was given the green light, the Griffin family appeared in the episode “Death Has a Shadow”.Stewie succumbs to other childish tendencies; he believes Peter has truly disappeared in a game of Peekaboo, often has difficulties understanding the concept of shapes, talks to his teddy bear Rupert as if he were alive, is overcome with laughter when Lois blows on his stomach; and has no idea how to use a toilet. MacFarlane has stated that Stewie was created to represent the general helplessness of an infant through the eyes of an adult. Per cartoon physics, his ability to move objects of greater weight than himself is not surprising to other characters, nor is his apparent ability to retrieve firearms from hammerspace or his ability to talk. According to “Don’t Be a Dickens at Christmas”, he understands German (but cannot speak it), as his great-great-grandmother is of German descent and the Pewterschmidts (except Lois) speak it. In “The Big Bang Theory” it is revealed that he is descended from Italian polymath Leonardo da Vinci, on Lois’s side of the family.

MacFarlane told Playboy “We had an episode that went all the way to the script phase in which Stewie does come out. It had to do with the harassment he took from other kids at school. He ends up going back in time to prevent a passage in Leviticus from being written: ‘Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind. It is an abomination.’ But we decided it’s better to keep it vague, which makes more sense because he’s a one-year-old. Ultimately, Stewie will be gay or a very unhappy repressed heterosexual. It also explains why he’s so hellbent on killing his mother, Lois, and taking over the world: he has a lot of aggression, which comes from confusion and uncertainty about his orientation.”
Stewie eventually realizes his dreams of matricide and world domination in the sixth season two-part episode “Stewie Kills Lois” and “Lois Kills Stewie”. The events are reverted in a deus ex machina ending, where most of the story turns out to be a computer simulation. Because of the rather disastrous ending for himself in the simulation, being shot and killed by Peter, he decides to put aside his outlandish plans of matricide and world domination for the time being.Stewie shows a complete disdain for most people especially Matthew McConaughey but does show affection and even rare instances of kindness to his family. Such moments include his support for Meg (whom he traditionally calls “Megan”) as when he chided Brian’s coke-induced hostility to her (“The Thin White Line”), retracted his joke, “I hate you too, bitch” when Meg said “I hate you all” to the family (“Untitled Griffin Family History”), and wiped her tears during a weepy moment. On a more frequent basis though, Stewie constantly disrespects Meg, as he does with most elders (and as most people do to Meg), often being rude to her and subjecting her to the malice of his misbehavior, once even tricking her outside to be attacked by bees on steroids.

In other instances, such as when Stewie falls in love with a girl, Janet, in “Dammit Janet!”, he is “a very unhappy repressed heterosexual” in Seth MacFarlane’s words. It also explains why he’s so hellbent on killing [his mother, Lois] and taking over the world: He has a lot of aggression, which comes from confusion and uncertainty about his orientation. In the commentary for Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story, the writers describe how they were going to make Stewie discover he was gay but decided to scrap this idea to retain Stewie’s sexual ambiguity for writing purposes. MacFarlane planned for the series third season to end with Stewie coming out after a near-death experience. The show’s abrupt cancellation caused MacFarlane to abort these plans, and the episode “Queer Is Stewie?” was produced, but never shown. Since that point, MacFarlane has opted to have Stewie portrayed as sexually ambiguous, as, in his eyes, the flexibility of Stewie’s sexuality allows for much more freedom in terms of writing for the character. MacFarlane later elaborated:
In the season 16 episode “Send in Stewie, Please”, it is revealed that Stewie’s English accent is fake and that he has an American Boston accent, although the follow-up joke that has him speak in numerous other voices (of Seth MacFarlane’s other characters) suggests it was a mere gag. Stewie appeared in the Bones episode “The Critic in the Cabernet”, as the result of a brain tumor-induced hallucination that FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) was suffering from. MacFarlane wrote all of Stewie’s dialogue for the episode. The character appeared in a Coca-Cola commercial during Super Bowl XLII, he and Brian appeared in a commercial for Wheat Thins, he presented a musical number at the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards with Brian, and he appeared at the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards. He appeared on the December 21, 2009 episode of Late Show with David Letterman to present “Top Ten Things You Don’t Want To Hear From Your Child.” Stewie’s mastery of physics and mechanical engineering is quite extraordinary and at a level of science fiction. He has constructed advanced fighter-jets, mind control devices, a weather control device, a teleportation device, robots, clones, a working Transporter device from Star Trek, time machines, a Multiverse Transporter, a shrinking pod, as well as an assortment of weapons including lasers, rocket launchers, and crossbows. Stewie employs these to cope with the perceived stresses of infant life (such as teething pain, and eating broccoli) and to murder his mother, Lois, with mixed success at best depending on the objective. As made clear in the pilot episode, Stewie’s matricidal tendencies are a result of Lois constantly and unwittingly thwarting his schemes, and so he desires to kill her to carry out his plans without her interference.Stewie’s head has the shape of a rugby ball. In the episode “Stuck Together, Torn Apart”, a cutaway shows Stewie’s head to be normally shaped, until he hits it on the ceiling while bouncing on the bed, and it is elongated into the familiar shape. Flashbacks in “Chitty Chitty Death Bang”, however, show his head was already shaped like a football when he was born.Stewie is voiced by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, who also provides the voices of Brian Griffin, Peter Griffin, and Glenn Quagmire as well as numerous minor characters. MacFarlane based Stewie’s accent on the voice of English actor Rex Harrison, particularly on Harrison’s performance in the 1964 musical drama film My Fair Lady, with further influence coming from The Simpsons character Mr. Burns. MacFarlane has stated that his inspiration for the Stewie name was a car owned by Stan Lee. MacFarlane has also linked Stewie with David Hyde Pierce on more than one occasion, saying he wants Pierce to play Stewie if a live action version of the show would ever be created.

What episode does Stewie dress like Peter?
“The Courtship of Stewie’s Father” is the 16th episode of the fourth season of Family Guy, which originally aired on November 20, 2005.
Stewie is a highly precocious toddler who talks and acts as an adult. He began the series as a megalomaniacal sociopath, initially obsessed with violence, matricide, and world domination. He is the third child of Peter and Lois Griffin, the youngest brother of Meg, and the younger brother of Chris. Throughout the series, particularly following the two episode arc “Stewie Kills Lois” and “Lois Kills Stewie”, the violent aspects of Stewie’s personality were toned down, and he has evolved into an eccentric, friendly, bisexual and flamboyant scamp (something possibly foreshadowed in the direct-to-video film Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story). He has also come to have a very close friendship with the family’s anthropomorphic dog, Brian, whom he originally used to antagonize in the earliest episodes. Stewie is considered to be the show’s breakout character and has received numerous award nominations from writers such as Jodiss Pierre.

There is much debate over which characters in Family Guy can understand Stewie. In an interview, MacFarlane said that everyone can basically understand him, but they ignore him or just think to themselves “oh how cute” when he talks. However, at the 2011 Comic-Con panel, he compared this to Wile E. Coyote in the old Merrie Melodies cartoons. MacFarlane went on to say that Brian always hears Stewie, and more recently so does Chris, but the writers usually strive for Peter, Lois, and Meg (apart from “Leggo My Meg-O”) not to hear him. Once Stewie leaves the house, the question of who can hear him depends very much on the story. MacFarlane also states that these rules can be broken for the sake of comedy, so this could change from one episode to another.
Stewie’s sexuality is ambiguous. When the writers began to flesh out Stewie’s character beyond being a generic supervillain in season two, MacFarlane and the writers began to explore Stewie’s sexuality with a series of one-off gags, which hinted in “Chick Cancer” and “We Love You, Conrad” that Stewie might be homosexual. One example is in the episode, “Brian and Stewie”, where Stewie’s cellphone screensaver is of a muscular man. Another is where he has a picture of Chris Noth in his wallet and he expresses his wishes to have sexual relations with Brian’s son, Dylan. In some episodes, such as “Turkey Guys” and “Send in Stewie, Please”, Stewie appears to be on the verge of coming out of the closet when he is interrupted for comedic effect.He generally thinks of Peter as an inferior—regarding him simply as “the fat man” and, at one point, harboring doubts that Peter could be his father (“Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story”)—but does bond with him over a shared love of practical jokes made at Lois’ expense (“The Courtship of Stewie’s Father”). While Stewie typically regards Chris as a stooge, he considers him his only friend aside from Brian and even helped Chris to dress when he felt too shy to date (“Extra Large Medium”) and assists him in dealing with bullies (“Secondhand Spoke”). In a few episodes, such as “Stewie Loves Lois”, it is shown that Stewie can love his mother. In that episode, after Lois recovers and repairs a lost Rupert and serves Stewie a meal he likes, he rethinks Lois and accepts her as a loving mother. When he becomes too dependent on her, she deliberately takes no notice of him; when he hurts himself, she tries to show notice of him again, and he returns to hating her. However, at the end of the season nine premiere, “And Then There Were Fewer”, when Diane Simmons is about to murder Lois for uncovering her murderous revenge scheme, Stewie secretly saves Lois by killing Diane with a sniper rifle, though he states to himself that he only did it to not miss out on the opportunity to kill Lois in the future.

When asked why he made the decision “to take Stewie from homicidal maniac to gay little song boy?,” MacFarlane answered: “It wasn’t a conscious decision. Characters evolve in certain ways and we found that doing the take-over-the-world thing every week was getting played out and was starting to feel a little dated. It was weirdly feeling a little ’90s and believe me, if we were still doing that, the show would be on its last legs. I only half-jokingly go by the guideline that, if it’s something that might ruin the show, it’s a story we should probably do.”As the UK’s biggest online fancy dress store, we have thousands of costumes to choose from. Whether you want to go out with friends or dress up the little ones, we have costumes for every occasion! Since 1952.Chris dresses up as Bill Cosby for Halloween, but Lois insists that he change his costume because he is wearing blackface. He reluctantly changes his Halloween costume and dresses up as Optimus Prime. When Quagmire talks about him being half-Japanese, Peter confuses “kamikaze” with “Karma Chameleon”, the 1983 Culture Club song. The Pink Panther makes another appearance in the show, when he asks Brian if it is his first day being pink. Brian says “yes”, to which Pink Panther replies “Welcome to hell.” When Stewie climbs on top of the shed to threaten the bullies who stole his candy, he shouts “hello” while pointing a rocket launcher at them, which is a reference to Raiders of the Lost Ark. When Joe, Peter and Quagmire fly off in a Japanese Zero, an Asian version of the theme from Top Gun plays.The episode was among four other episodes submitted by the Family Guy production team for consideration of an Emmy Award nomination, in the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series category. “Halloween on Spooner Street” was submitted, along with “And I’m Joyce Kinney”, “Road to the North Pole”, “New Kidney in Town” and “Trading Places”. The series was successfully nominated in 2009, but failed to merit an award. Mark Hentemann, executive producer and showrunner of Family Guy said of the nominating process, “We had internal discussions in the writers’ room, and it seemed like we were much more akin to the other primetime comedies than we were to children’s shows in animation. We assumed we would not get anywhere, and so it was a great surprise when we got the nomination.”

During the credits, Stewie and Brian reminiscing of the night and sorting their candy just as Meg and Chris come home. Meg and Chris both make light of the situation by convincing each other that they successfully hooked up with a hot date. Meg states that her date might even call back, but Chris immediately says that she might be disappointed, even though she was most likely just playing along.In addition to the regular cast, the episode featured guest performances by actors James Burkholder, Noah Matthews, Lyndon Smith, Patrick Stewart, Nana Visitor, and Lisa Wilhoit, voice actors Chris Cox and Barclay DeVeau, and performer and actress Christina Milian. Recurring guest voice actors John G. Brennan, writers Danny Smith, Alec Sulkin, and John Viener, and actor Ralph Garman, made minor appearances. Adam West made a guest appearance as well.

The same night, Meg decides to go trick-or-treating with her friends and attends a party held at Connie D’Amico’s house. Excited no one can see through her slutty cat costume (even her father, Peter, who says “Ugly bitches!” to her and her friends), Meg eventually wins at spin the bottle; she unknowingly begins making out in a dark closet with her brother Chris, who is wearing an Optimus Prime costume that conceals his identity. When Connie opens the closet, the siblings are in their underwear, and immediately horrified at the revelation.
During the April 1, 2011 broadcast of a Major League Baseball game between the New York Mets and the Florida Marlins on the Mets’ cable network SportsNet New York, an audio clip from the episode (where Stewie bemoans the frustration of being a Mets fan by giving up on the team after they give up an Opening Day home run) was played. An SNY spokesman said, “It was a very poor decision by an individual employee and the matter is being dealt with internally.”Television critics had mixed reactions to “Halloween”, calling the Brian/Stewie storyline “good,” but saying it got “dragged down by everything around it.” In a simultaneous review of the episodes of The Simpsons and The Cleveland Show that preceded the show, and the broadcast of American Dad! that followed it, The A.V. Club’s Emily VanDerWerff wrote of the episode, “I very much enjoyed nearly everything in the A-story, which involved Brian taking Stewie trick or treating.” VanDerWeff went on to state her dislike of the pranks involving Peter, Joe and Quagmire, as well as the final scene involving Meg and Chris, commenting, “I think the show thinks making viewers squeamish with this is funny, but at this point, so little about it is unexpected or shocking that it would have the ability to produce even horrified laughter.” She ultimately gave the episode a C+ rating, the second best rating of the night, beating The Cleveland Show episode “It’s the Great Pancake, Cleveland Brown” and The Simpsons episode “Treehouse of Horror XXI”. In a slightly more positive review of the episode, Jason Hughes of TV Squad praised the episode’s portrayal of Halloween, including the commentary regarding Meg’s “slutty costume.” Hughes went on to comment on the pranks by Peter and Joe on Quagmire, writing, “The story wasn’t all that great, but the payoffs of the unnamed virus that downed Quagmire and his kamikaze fake-out made it ultimately worth the time investment.”

Why does Stewie have 4 fingers?
The most popular explanation for why cartoon characters only have four fingers is all about the animation process, as drawing only four fingers instead of five is a lot easier and thus saves the animators and the studio time and money.
The episode was written by series regular Andrew Goldberg and directed by series regular Jerry Langford before the conclusion of the ninth production season. Series veterans Peter Shin and James Purdum, both of whom having previously served as animation directors, served as supervising directors for the episode, with episode writer Goldberg, along with Alex Carter, Elaine Ko, Spencer Porter and Aaron Blitzstein serving as staff writers for the episode. Composer Walter Murphy, who has worked on the series since its inception, returned to compose the music for “Halloween on Spooner Street”. The episode was the first Halloween special to be produced for the series.The episode was written by Andrew Goldberg and directed by Jerry Langford. It received praise from critics for its storyline and many cultural references. According to Nielsen ratings, it was viewed in 7.97 million homes in its original airing. The episode featured guest performances by James Burkholder, Chris Cox, Barclay DeVeau, Ralph Garman, Candace Marie, Noah Matthews, Natasha Melnick, Christina Milian, Lyndon Smith, Patrick Stewart, Nana Visitor and Lisa Wilhoit, along with several recurring guest voice actors for the series. “Halloween on Spooner Street” was one of five episodes submitted for consideration for an Emmy Award in the “Outstanding Comedy Series” category in 2011.

Peter and Joe target Quagmire for this year’s Halloween pranks, including bombarding him with eggs, Joe dressing up as a girl and sleeping with him, and infecting him with an unknown disease carried by a mosquito from Senegal. Afterwards, Peter praises Quagmire for being a good sport and the two decide to go drinking. Deciding to approach Joe, they convince him to allow them to follow him in his police car. Agreeing to do so only if they stay in his car, Peter and Quagmire soon become a nuisance. Ultimately, they drive to an old airfield where they discover a Mitsubishi Zero, a Japanese fighter plane used during World War II. Quagmire flies the two into the sky and pretending to have Japanese heritage and the urge to do kamikaze he eventually takes them on a high speed dive into the ocean near Quahog Harbor, stopping only inches from crashing stating that it was payback for making him have sex with Joe.”Halloween on Spooner Street” is the fourth episode of the ninth season of the animated comedy series Family Guy. It originally aired on Fox in the United States on November 7, 2010. The episode follows baby Stewie and anthropomorphic dog Brian as they go trick-or-treating on Halloween. Stewie is soon confronted by bullies, however, who steal his candy, causing the two to attempt to take the candy back. Meanwhile, neighbours Peter and Joe decide to play several neighbour on their other neighbour, Glenn Quagmire, causing him to want to seek revenge on his friends while Meg and Chris attend a teenage Halloween party at Connie D’Amico’s house. The episode is the only Halloween special of the series as well as one of the only episodes to have three subplots.

Meanwhile, Stewie discovers trick-or-treaters (at first thinking they are real monsters and shooting at them with an M16), and soon wants to partake in the activity. Deciding to dress as a baby duck, he is subsequently bullied by a gang of three older boys who steal his candy. Searching for Brian, Stewie blames him for causing him to lose his candy and convinces him to steal back the candy from the bullies. Approaching the bullies to get the candy back, Brian is immediately painted pink. Seeking revenge, Stewie half jokingly suggests to Brian that they kill the bullies, though they both agree they can’t actually do that. When his plan to threaten them with a bazooka fails (and ends up killing a Godzilla-like monster instead), Stewie goes to “Plan B” and begins crying for his mother. Lois then confronts the lead bully Justin’s mother and becomes her bully instead, demanding Stewie’s candy back, demanding Justin’s candy, and $40. But because she does not have any money, Lois takes their welcome mat and says she’ll be back tomorrow for $80.
“Halloween on Spooner Street” was broadcast on November 7, 2010, as a part of an animated television night on Fox, and was preceded by The Simpsons, and Family Guy creator and executive producer Seth MacFarlane’s spin-off, The Cleveland Show, and followed by an episode of American Dad!. It was watched by 7.97 million viewers, according to Nielsen ratings, despite airing simultaneously with Desperate Housewives on ABC, The Amazing Race on CBS and Sunday Night Football on NBC. The episode also acquired a 3.8 rating in the 18–49 demographic, beating The Simpsons, American Dad! and The Cleveland Show in addition to significantly edging out American Dad! and The Cleveland Show in total viewership. The episode’s ratings increased significantly from the previous episode.Lois suggests that Peter make more effort to bond with Stewie. Peter reluctantly agrees, but fails to make headway until—while helping Lois in the kitchen—he accidentally knocks a box off a high shelf in the kitchen, hitting Lois in the head, causing Stewie to laugh hysterically. After striking her with larger boxes and then a jar, and seeing Stewie’s delight, Peter interprets Lois being hurt as a sign of father-son bonding. This prompts more vicious pranks on Lois, including spraying her with a water hose while she is in the bathroom, but culminating with an incident where Peter pushes her into the cargo area of the station wagon before driving it into the lake. Peter and Stewie enjoy their bonding time and Stewie even begins to dress just like Peter. Later, a furious Lois returns home and—after sending Stewie to his room—demands an explanation from Peter. When Peter fails to win his argument and he realizes he went too far, Stewie feels betrayed and refuses to talk to his father.

“The Courtship of Stewie’s Father” is the 16th episode of the fourth season of Family Guy, which originally aired on November 20, 2005. The episode sees Peter attempt to bond with Stewie after realizing that Stewie enjoys seeing Lois get hurt. After things go too far and Lois confronts Peter over the escalating pranks, Stewie feels betrayed, prompting a repentant Peter to take him to Walt Disney World Resort. Meanwhile, Chris is made to assist Herbert in his household chores after breaking his window, much to the delight of Herbert.To make amends with Stewie after using Brian’s advice, Peter takes him to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Excited at the prospect of visiting Disney World, Stewie forgives Peter, although pretending to be annoyed. When the pair arrive, Peter inadvertently loses Stewie, who is captured by Disney World employees and forced to sing at the Tiny World ride, complying to do so after learning that the alternative is to be in a Christmas movie with Tim Allen. Peter finds him and takes him away, but is chased across the theme park by a security guard, who eventually loses them in The Temple of Doom style (with Peter dressed as Indiana Jones and Stewie as Short Round). The pair return home after a brief encounter with Michael Eisner and Stewie’s faith in Peter is restored.

Show producer Seth MacFarlane comments that the aftermath of the cockfight which Peter arranged was “a great drawing by Kurt Dumas”. MacFarlane comments that it was “amazing lighting” on the flying car scene and that it is “so cool-looking”. Stewie going crazy with excitement after learning Peter is taking him to Disney World is described by MacFarlane to be “a great piece of animation”, and the scene “is a little more crazy than they [the show] normally go”. In the DVD commentary, MacFarlane describes the vocal performance by Mike Henry, when singing as Herbert, to be “nothing short of brilliant”, adding that “there’s so much feeling in the song, you almost root for Herbert to get at least a wink from Chris”.
After failing to receive the Employee of the Month award at Pawtucket Brewery, Peter attempts to charm his supervisor, Angela, who is unimpressed by his work performance. He organizes a surprise cockfight in her house since she likes animals, but she returns to find the remains of several chickens who have killed each other. When his special needs co-worker, Opie, gets promoted and replaced by Soundwave from the Transformers, Peter still fails to win Employee of the Month. After speaking with Stewie’s preschool teacher, Lois discovers several graphic pictures Stewie has drawn that show him killing her. She is oblivious to the obvious interpretation and instead notes that Peter is not included in any of the pictures.

Meanwhile, after playing baseball in the street, Chris accidentally smashes his neighbor Herbert’s window. In an attempt to repay his debt to Herbert, Chris agrees to help the elderly man in his household chores, much to Herbert’s delight. Herbert takes Chris to dinner at a fine restaurant, where a photographer takes their photograph. Herbert then sings “Somewhere That’s Green”, envisioning a family life with Chris, but he falls asleep at the table after the song ends. In the coda, Herbert and his dog, Jesse, mope around the house until the ESPN Little League World Series comes on, perking up Herbert’s spirits.

MacFarlane made the sound effects of Stewie and Peter laughing excessively after attacking Lois, with no sounds of laughter being used from previous episodes. MacFarlane comments that he was “sweaty and exhausted after it”. The reaction to the “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” scene astonished MacFarlane, as he believes it has become repetitious and annoying after he visited a karaoke bar in Hollywood and the club played it excessively. This scene was recreated in the ninth-season episode “The Big Bang Theory” with Stewie being the one in the banana.

The episode was watched by over 9 million people on its original airdate. The Parents Television Council, a frequent critic of the show, reacted negatively to the episode, branding it the “Worst show of the week” on August 17, 2006, calling it a “sheer vulgar storyline.” In a review of the episode by TV Squad, Ryan J. Budge noted “Tonight was another great episode of Family Guy,” adding that “these episodes keep getting better and better.”
This is the first storyline the show has produced which focuses largely on Herbert. Originally, the Herbert storyline was designed to be longer, and several other gags had been created showing Herbert attempting to come on to Chris, but broadcasting standards were nervous about the episode and forced the show to reduce the amount of time spent on the storyline. When Herbert comes to the house to tell Peter and Lois that Chris broke his window, he was meant to say more, but it was cut; one scene was intended to have Peter replying with “If he wants you to do a job, give him the best job you’ve ever given”. When Quagmire is describing how he seduced two homeless twins, Fox censored the gesture which saw Quagmire pretending to put his hand up a woman’s vagina (along with many other implied sexual acts) and showed Peter covering Stewie’s ears. When God speaks to his lover after being telephoned by Jesus, he asks her “where were we”, which she replies with “right about here” and hands him a condom. After telling her it’s his birthday (so he won’t have to use it), she replies a firm “no”. The gag was designed in this way because broadcasting standards wanted to portray the message that God would not have unprotected sex.

Upon learning he has lost Stewie, a deleted scene was created showing Peter listing things he was going to do before finding Stewie, always leaving Stewie at the end of the list and putting his own needs before Stewie’s.

How old is Stewie Griffin supposed to be?
Stewart “Stewie” Gilligan Griffin is the flamboyant and eccentric one year old infant of Peter and Lois Griffin.
For an evil mastermind focused on world domination and murdering his mother, Stewie Griffin is a pretty cute kid. Part of that cuteness comes from his colorful overalls and mostly bald head. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. For a Stewie Griffin costume, the attitude is important, but the costume is definitely a big part. You will need a par of red overalls, a yellow shirt, a teddy bear, a pair of white shoes, and a Stewie mask. Dr, Drakken’s costume is a black turtleneck shirt, a blue double-breasted mid-length overcoat, blue pants, wide black belt, black boots, and long black gloves. The Coon’s costume is a white shirt, a dark gray denim jacket, dark gray pants, black shoes, a utility belt, a red hero cape, raccoon ears and tail, and finger claws.Stewie Griffin is one of the main couples kids in the adult cartoon Family Guy. He is a huge contradiction as despite being a baby, he is an extremely intellectual evil mastermind that has a goal of world domination. These characteristics are what make him so hilarious and loveable, that, and also the fact that he is voiced by the genius series creator, Seth MacFarlane.

What is Stewie Griffin's ethnicity?
In “The Big Bang Theory” it is revealed that he is descended from Italian polymath Leonardo da Vinci, on Lois’s side of the family. Stewie’s mastery of physics and mechanical engineering is quite extraordinary and at a level of science fiction.
You can catch him in violent acts from time-to-time like carjacking, robbery, and killing other characters. He acts like a child at times too, especially when he is forced to eat broccoli! Stewie may sound like a horrible person, and in some ways he is, but he is also the main reason why the show is still popular after 15 seasons!Stewie is the one-year-old character starring on the television show, Family Guy. He talks to his mother, father, and other family members on the show, but none of them talk back except for his pet dog Brian. You would think that Stewie would be a sweet and innocent toddler, but he’s quite the opposite. This grown-up toddler has an explicit vocabulary, believes he’s smarter than adults and has an unhealthy desire to murder his own mother Lois Griffin. He holds a grudge against her because she “imprisoned” in her uterus for nine months.Get a few of your friends to dress as other characters from The Family Guy like Brian the family dog, Peter Griffin, Lois Griffin, and Meg Griffin. Stewie’s lonesome look will quickly turn into a group cosplay! Send in a picture of your Stewie Griffin costume recreation to be featured in the cosplay gallery.Cosplay Stewie’s toddler looks with a Yellow Long Sleeve Shirt, Red Overalls, Light Blue Slip On shoes, Teddy Bear, Toy Gun, and of course a Stewie Mask to complete the costume.

Everyone knows who Stewie Griffin from the Fox animated show The Family Guy and now you can dress as one of the most popular characters from the comedy world! Stewie is a great character because he represents the helplessness of an infant through the eyes of an adult. Get the look with a basic yellow long sleeve shirt and a pair of red overalls. Check a local thrift store or online for these pieces and some blue shoes. Add a teddy bear and toy gun from a local toy shop. For the Stewie mask, check a local costume shop or order it online along with other pieces.
You can’t have the Fox animated television show Family Guy without Stewie Griffin! The infant prodigy has been in nearly every episode and is voiced by the show creator, Seth MacFarlane! The one-year-old child of Peter Griffin and Lois Griffin is one of the funniest characters on television. Though Stewie is the youngest in the family, you would know it from his choice vocabulary. Despite an older brother and sister, his closest friend is the talking family’s dog, Brian. Dress up as the genius child with this Stewie Griffin costume guide.In “Make New Friends, But Keep The Old”, Brian and Stewie make a brief appearance in a Skype chat with Caillou at the end of the episode, but neither of them have a speaking role. In the Season 1 Finale, the duo help Caillou, Diego, and Alicia retrieve a stolen bracelet, which was supposed to be a gift for Dora.

In “An Apologetic Vengeance” Stewie and Brian arrive at Gravity Falls to convince the gang that Caillou has changed. After the gang points out their wrongdoings, they both burst into tears, explaining the years of misery and hardship they had gone through. Afterwards, they head to Danville to talk to Phineas, Ferb, Dipper, and Mabel, where Brian reveals in a flashback that when Caillou called him over to his house in “Call for Chromebooks”, he was actually about to commit suicide, and Caillou had prevented him from doing so.
Though he was mentioned a few times in the first 3 episodes of this Story Arc, Stewie does not make any physical appearances. However, he does appear in a flashback of “A Hair-Raising Battle Against Depression”. He also appears in “More Than Half-Way Cured”, but only as an illusion.In “What you Read is What you get”, Stewie and Brian are chatting with Caillou and Rosie on skype while playing Tomodachi Life before going out to dinner with Michael.

In Season 4, Stewie and Brian are shown hanging out with the Connellys occasionally, but not as often as they did in Season 3. Stewie’s time machine was stolen by Tord in order for him to travel back in time and antagonize the Davis family. After the whole ordeal, the duo are seen spending Christmas with the Connellys, as well as going on a trip to Plymouth with them.
In “Marathon Guy”, Ash and the gang join The Simpsons and The Griffins on an expedition to the Boston Marathon. After watching the marathon, they eat at Dairy Queen and part ways.In “The Same Boring Routine Part 2: The Plaza Search Party”, Caillou mentions that Stewie is busy with “something about going to the woods and fixing his friendship”. This is a reference to the episode “Dog Bites Bear”, which takes place around the same time as this episode. In most of the Family Guy Christmas episodes and Season 4 of Advanced Education, Stewie wears a red hat with a green poofball and brim, a brown jacket with white trim, red mittens, gray snow-pants, and black boots. In Season 6, the duo still don’t make a lot of appearances, but they are present during one weekend with Tom and the gang, as well as being mentioned several times by Edd, Tom, Matt, Tord, Olivia, and Vinny. They do, however, have a major role in the fourth movie, as Brian’s son Dylan comes to visit for February Vacation, and they continuously join Tom and co. in their adventures, while working together to stop the Galactic Federation.

In “Alli, You’re a Firework!”, Stewie, Brian, and Caillou attempt to film the first episode of the Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl in Sims 3 series, but as they got started filming, It was time for Caillou to leave.

In “The Start of a New Voyage! Farewell to Ms. Keaton.”, Stewie, Nami, Zoro, and Sanji begin their journey through time to get Brian back in the house.
In “Doki Doki Quiz Crew”, “Project Twilight”, and “Half the Nightmare it was Thought to be”, He plays Doki Doki Literature Club with Caillou and his group.

In “Assembling a Body Switcharoo!”, Stewie calls Caillou and Perry over to Quahog to help out with hi body swapping situation. Eventually, the rest of the gang joins and has their bodies swapped. He is later seen escaping from Perry, as he has been possessed by Bill Cipher. This episode takes place during the events of the Family Guy episode “Switch the Flip”.
In “Winter Labor Force”, “Birthday Blizzard”, “Surprise on St. Patrick’s Day”, “William’s Weekend of Terror”, and “English MCAS Part 3: Goodbye, Caillou”, he appears doing the same exact thing: Hanging out in Caillou’s bedroom while watching Youtube or playing Tomodachi Life.In School Daze: The Movie, After learning that Alex, Mordecai, and Rigby are trapped in space, Caillou calls Stewie for help, but he says that he’ll only help if he gets Brian and Quagmire to get along. After Caillou kicked Quagmire’s ass, Stewie began building the portal to earth, only to have Mordecai and Benson teleport in his room. Eventually, they all go to New Hampshire. They then go to a theme park to find Alex and Rigby, but they get distracted by the rides. At the end, they all unite to foil Tord’s plans by playing his least favorite song Sunshine Lolipops. Then, Joe arrests Tord and everyone goes home. Tord eventually escapes. In “Driving-Into Attempt #2”, Stewie and the Griffins went back to the Drive-In with Caillou, the Connellys, and the Marquez family to try and see Despicable Me 3 again. This time, the whole movie actually played. Brian and Stewie go on a trip to Six Flags with the Griffin family, while being joined by Caillou and Rosie. After most of the family is hospitalized, the two hide out at the Tollar Residence. Eventually, they run into Phineas, Ferb, Dipper, Mabel, and Perry, along with Trent, Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki. They later run into Tom and co. at the Drive-In, and later decide to stay behind while the others spend the week at Gammy’s. The two are later captured by Team Rocket and put under their control, but their memories are recovered by Tom and co. In August, Stewie and Brian spend the last week of Summer with the gang by hanging out in the Virtual Paradise, and going to Canobie Lake Park.

After a zombie outbreak occurs at a dog show, Stewie and Brian are rescued by Ben and his team. They eventually rescue Tom and Caillou as well, and they all end up spending February Vacation in Bellwood.
For the remainder of Uncle Funtime 4, he is mostly seen either with Caillou or helping the gang rescue Patrick, who has been kidnapped by Trent and Willy.