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Stoney Creek Subdivision

Next to McMaster University, this residential neighbourhood has the distinct atmosphere of any university-adjacent neighbourhood – lively, quirky, and at times rowdy. But ongoing mediation and collaboration between McMaster and neighbourhood associations has ensured that the area remains comfortable for all residents. Professors and university staff also favour the area, so while many houses are rented out to students, Westdale is also home to many young families and professionals. The central Westdale Village shopping area is a favourite with locals, cultivating true small-town feel away from Hamilton’s downtown. Westdale is a good starting point if you are looking to rent or share a house, as the large student population means there may be more renting options than other areas.Sign up for the Moving2Canada newsletter to get the latest immigration news and other updates to help you succeed in Canada. You can opt out at any time. This is a brief overview of just some Hamilton neighbourhoods. The choice of where to live is ultimately personal, but we hope this has given you some idea for where to start looking. If you have any tips or questions, please get in touch at [email protected] and we’ll include it in this page, if appropriate. This is one of the original downtown Hamilton neighbourhoods and, as such, has an authentic historic feel. Home to the Hamilton GO station, it is also well connected to public transport and walking distance from the downtown core of malls and businesses. Several new-build high-rises in Corktown provide apartments alongside older historic homes, and there is a definite atmosphere of being in the centre of a large city. House prices are higher than elsewhere in Hamilton but still reasonable in comparison with other cities, with a 2017 average of around $348,000.Ancaster is one of the oldest settlements in Ontario, but that does not mean it still retains its olde-worlde charm. Expect the sort of architecture and infrastructure of any town in Ontario: high-rise condo buildings, sprawling strip malls, and plenty of concrete. However, Ancaster is still a popular and convenient area, much like other towns surrounding Hamilton. With annual festivals including the regionally-famous Festival of Friends, and easy access to Hamilton’s downtown as well as GO transit links, Ancaster is worth looking into as a new home, particularly for anyone looking to settle with a family.

Many neighbourhoods in Hamilton huddle around a main street of shops and restaurants, with residential streets branching off. This format is attractive to many; it is possible to find well-proportioned family or starter homes with off-street parking and gardens, steps away from grocery stores and other amenities.Nestled on the lakeshore east of Hamilton, this small community still carries a strong identity from its former status as an independent town before its merger with Hamilton. With a recent census showing that over a quarter of its population was born outside of Canada, many newcomers to Canada have found a successful new home here. Waterfront condominium or “condo” developments have sprung up in recent years, as a property boom seeks to lure commuters in particular to a well-connected area with a more affordable cost of living than Toronto. Stoney Creek’s position on major highway the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way) means convenient (although sometimes extremely congested) access to Toronto and Burlington, as well as Hamilton.

What are the Neighbourhoods of Stoney Creek?
The various Neighbourhoods of Stoney Creek are: Fifty Point, Winona North, Winona South, Trillium, Bayview, Lakeshore, Confederation Park, Westmeria, Guernsey, Poplar Park, Eastdale, Riverdale, Grayside, Lakely, Nashdale, Dewitt, Highway Valley, South Meadow, Corman, Stoney Creek, Battlefield, Redhill and Rosedale.
Stretching from downtown to the lakeshore, this neighbourhood is a mix of apartment buildings, family homes, and businesses. It is well-connected to public transport with the West Harbour GO station, and is popular with locals and visitors alike for the the amenities of the Lakeshore and Hamilton Beach. While the area is improving, the collapse of Hamilton’s industry in the 80s and 90s had a lasting effect on the Northend and surrounding Hamilton neighbourhoods such as Beasley, as well as the industrial sectors to the east along the lakeshore – but there are some decent property prices as a result.

What are the nicest neighbourhoods in Hamilton?
Top 8 Best Neighbourhoods In HamiltonAncaster. Ancaster is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Hamilton, yet it remains one of the most popular choices. … Corktown. No list of great neighborhoods in Hamilton is complete without Corktown. … Durand. … Gibson. … Kirkendall. … Stoney Creek. … Westdale. … West Hamilton.
In 2001, several neighbouring towns were amalgamated into the City of Hamilton. These nearby towns are worth considering if you are looking to buy a home. While driving may become a necessity for even the smallest tasks, the small-town community atmosphere of these smaller towns is an attractive draw for many. Moreover, as these Hamilton neighbourhoods existed as towns, many have all the amenities you would need on a daily basis without needing to go downtown. Here is an overview of just a few.Ottawa Street is one such neighbourhood. Recently named as the best place to buy property in Hamilton, the average home price in 2017 was just over $330,000. Houses in this area are typically three-storey (including a basement) with two or more bedrooms, parking spaces, and period features such as bay windows and red brick. In addition, the nearby Ottawa Street itself is increasingly popular as a gallery and art spot. Its status as a Business Improvement Area means there is continued investment in public amenities, so there are some lovely benches and flowerbeds too.

Hamilton’s East End is a larger area stretching from Gage Park to the waterfront, and containing several individual neighbourhoods (Historic Hamilton notes 21 different neighbourhoods within its boundaries!). Traditionally home to workers who lived close to the factories, the East End is characterised by wide, suburban-feeling streets lined with mid-century bungalows and small homes. This is a good place to look if you want some garden space and if you do not mind driving for daily necessities. Shops and restaurants can be sparse, however, as are public transport links.Over the past few years, Dundas has become noted for a boom in the quality and variety of its shops and restaurants that has made it a destination for out-of-towners. Several of Toronto’s hipster trends have taken the town by storm in recent years; an old school house was recently renovated into lofts, and a microbrewery, artisanal butcher, and third-wave cafe are just some of the relatively new additions to its high street. House prices in central Dundas are rising, but larger houses in the suburbs (yes, suburbs also have suburbs in Ontario) can be found for around the same price as a small (yet ridiculously quaint) historic clapboard house in the centre.

This broad swathe of the mountain bordering Hamilton to the south is separated into several smaller neighbourhoods. Largely residential, it is possible to find cheaper homes here than downtown – but some of Hamilton’s most lavish and expensive real estate can also be found right at the top of the mountain, on the Mountain Brow. Lower stretches of the mountain were popular in the 70s and 80s when everyone wanted to live outside the city because the downtown was suffering from economic and industrial collapse. However, as the downtown has revitalized in recent years, Hamiltonians are increasingly staying around the city’s core and, as a result, some of the suburban areas are now in decline. Make sure to visit any property you are considering before renting or buying in the area.
If you want to know more about this picturesque town-like city or you’ve found an exciting neighborhood you want to know more about, contact Justo today and our team will be glad to help.No list of great neighborhoods in Hamilton is complete without Corktown. Whether you’re looking for great professional services, easy access to Hamilton Beach, or access to the most family amenities, Corktown has it all. This lively neighborhood is located right downtown and it has transit links to virtually all areas, including the north end, east end, and industrial sectors.Located just south of downtown, Kirkendall is a diverse neighborhood that’s lively, safe, and trendy. Kirkendall features a wide array of restaurants, shopping options, and entertainment venues, so it’s becoming one of the most sought-after places for people in their mid-to-late 20s.Stoney Creek is located on the east end of the city, offering easy access to both downtown Toronto and Burlington. Ideal for professionals who need to commute to other cities, this waterfront neighborhood features single-family apartments as well as other housing options that are considered affordable. That said, the neighborhood and surrounding area will ultimately determine what you have easy access to. If your neighborhood is in a well-connected area, you’ll be able to enjoy all the great things that Hamilton has to offer while also sending your children to excellent schools. There is no doubt that Hamilton’s natural attraction, diverse population, and affordable areas make it one of the most coveted markets in the GTHA. However, you should get to know the best neighborhoods and where these are in comparison to all amenities to find the right alternative for your family.All the while, some of the smaller neighborhoods feature community projects, like fruit-growing programs. Not only this but many areas are divided by a huge green space known as the Niagara Escarpment, known by locals as “Hamilton mountain” or simply “the mountain”. The Escarpment features endless trekking paths for nature lovers, giving Hamilton laid-back vibes and an overall village-like feel. Besides a skyline that consists of high-rise buildings, Hamilton’s main street is packed with both small local businesses and well-known brands. The city also offers a selection of good restaurants for all budgets Despite the fact that Toronto and Niagara Falls get a lot of attention, there is no doubt that Hamilton is a great place to buy a house. The Ambitious City offers competitive home prices, great value, and a collection of amenities located within walking distance from the top neighborhood alternatives.If you want the real village experience in The Ambitious City, there may not be a better place than West Hamilton. Local artists, food vendors, and specialty coffee shops all adorn the streets of this green area, which is located at the skirts of the mountain.

All families have different requirements, but generally speaking, Hamilton, Ontario is a great place to live. Often listed as one of the top real estate markets in Canada, the city offers a huge collection of green spaces, great opportunities for young professionals, and a relatively low average home price.
As with other areas, the price of a home depends on the neighborhood it’s located in, nearby family amenities, and the qualities that give the property value. The average price of residential property in Hamilton has hovered around $1,000,000 for much of the year. That said, this number can vary dramatically depending on whether the property has a fantastic location, a small-town atmosphere, or great opportunities for young professionals.

Hamilton is a vibrant port city located on the western shore of Lake Ontario. Known for its beautiful natural attractions, The Ambitious City is becoming one of the top real estate markets in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area or GTHA. With that in mind, there are many Hamilton neighbourhoods to choose from, so you need to familiarize yourself with the different areas in order to make a perfect choice.The average home prices in Hamilton, Ontario have decreased slightly over the last month, but this is directly related to rising interest rates. That said, most projections believe that Canada’s record-low mortgage interest rates will continue to fuel the market and encourage many young families to purchase a home. This means that even though Hamilton’s real estate prices may eventually steady out, it’s likely that they will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.Ancaster is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Hamilton, yet it remains one of the most popular choices. Located in the far end of West Hamilton, Ancaster features a great location for young families with plenty of grocery stores, trekking paths, McMaster University, and other amenities located just a few minutes driving.

The area that is now Hamilton is one of the oldest settlements in Ontario, dating back thousands of years. Today, the city operates as one of the region’s financial, cultural, and entertainment hubs along with Toronto. Many families love Hamilton because it offers a small-town feel with big-city amenities.

At Justo, our local real estate agents always get the question “is Hamilton a good place to live?” and the answer is a resounding yes. This article will cover the best neighbourhoods in Hamilton, plus it will also include answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that prospective home buyers have about the top areas.
Hamilton is a great place to live. But, as a potential property owner, you need to evaluate what the city life is like, gauge property values in different areas, and ensure that Hamilton’s economy is strong enough to provide stability for your family. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions that potential Hamilton homeowners ask before buying.

Residents in Durand have a strong feeling of community. Known as one of the city’s historic neighborhoods, this downtown region provides easy access to the rest of Hamilton. Not only this, but the Durand offers a mix of eclectic local businesses and convenient shopping options, so it has a little something for everyone.Like all university communities, Westdale is known for its lively scene and eccentric vibe. The university is involved heavily as well, so residents can always find community activities like gigs, workshops, and other types of events that boost the area’s appeal.

Gibson is an up-and-coming area that’s perfect for investors. With access to the water and Hamilton’s downtown core, it’s easy to see why Gibson is growing in popularity and why home prices rose quickly.
Stoney Creek is a condominium community. Stoney Creek is located north of 111th Street and west of Roberts Road. There is one home for sale for $169,900.

Why is Stoney Creek important?
The Battle of Stoney Creek, which occurred on 6 June 1813, was a critical turning point in the War of 1812. During this battle, American forces under Generals Windler and John Chandler were driven back by the British 8th and 49th Regiments led by Lieutenant Colonel John Harvey and Major Plenderleath.
Stoney Creek North and Stoney Creek North 2addition are some of the premier subdivisions in the Quad Cities and surrounding area. Offering estate-sized lots from 1-3+ acres, rolling terrain, bluffs, ponds, creek side frontages and century old trees, this truly is a one-of-a-kind place to live in the Quad Cities area. The subdivision borders the prestigious Davenport Country Club and has an exclusive golf cart path access for you to enjoy golfing, tennis, swimming, fine dining and all the other amenities the club offers. And if you do not want to go to the club, the neighborhood enjoys its own putting and chipping green exclusively for the homeowners. An added bonus is the low county taxes.

Nestled between two tributaries of Red Oak Creek in the southeast part of the city is the gently rolling Stoney Creek Estates neighborhood. This quiet subdivision just off Little Creek Road features one-acre estate homesites surrounded by beautifully wooded hills and spring fed creeks.

Is Stoney Creek a nice area?
Fifty Point Stoney Creek, Ontario This waterfront neighbourhood is highly sought after as it has magnificent views of Lake Ontario, and has multiple access areas to the water. Families and retirees love spending their free time on the waterfront.
The neighborhood watch program enjoys enthusiastic support and residents feel safe taking advantage of the natural beauty this scenic area has to offer. Residents have also welcomed the adjacent Pecan Grove subdivision into the neighborhood fold bringing the number of households to eighty-two.During 1813 the Americans planned to invade Upper Canada from Detroit and the Niagara Peninsula. In late May, an American force crossed the Niagara River, seized Fort George, and with about 3500 troops moved inland in pursuit of the British who retreated to Burlington Heights. At Stoney Creek, a surprise night attack by about 700 regulars of the 8th and 49th Regiments of Foot under Lt.-Col. John Harvey halted the American advance and allowed the British to re-establish their position on the Niagara frontier. The Americans retreated to Forty Mile Creek and subsequently to Fort George.

Battle of Stoney Creek National Historic Site of Canada is a memorial park built on the site of a battlefield from the War of 1812. It is located at the edge of the Niagara escarpment on the east side of the town of Stoney Creek, Ontario. The site includes the Gage House, the Stoney Creek, Smith’s Knoll and the Stoney Creek Cemetery Monument, the Dunnington-Grubb and Stoney Creek Cemetery landscape; archaeological resources; and objects held in repositories and on the site. Official recognition refers to the Battlefield Park and Smiths Knoll cemetery which encompasses the Stoney Creek Memorial, the cemetery and Gage House.
Stoney Creek is a subdivision located in Harris County which is within the Texas. The Stoney Creek subdivision is surrounded with restaurants, education opportunities, entertainment venues, shopping and more.

2 Homes for Sale or Rent in Stoney Creek. Find Stoney Creek Real Estate and Stoney Creek Homes For Sale . Stoney Creek in Harris County can be found using Neighborhood Information Finder. Detailed information includes Stoney Creek Real Estate Profile, Stoney Creek Trending Homes and Schools Nearby Stoney Creek. Click here to find recently sold properties in Stoney Creek, foreclosures in Stoney Creek, recently listed homes Stoney Creek.
Stoney Creek – HOUSTON homes for sale and rent. Find details, real estate for sale, real estate for rent and more near Stoney Creek – HOUSTON. Search 2 homes for sale in Stoney Creek – HOUSTON .Stoney Creek neighborhood is located in HOUSTON (77024 zip code) in Harris county. Stoney Creek has 30 single family properties with a median build year of 1982 and a median size of 2,585 Sqft. The prices of these homes are in the range of $339 – $587 K. The sqft. price change data is available through 1998. The median appraised value is $419,079.00. View homes for sale or rent in Stoney Creek and see new homes, trending properties, foreclosures and much more.

The community offers families a wide assortment of amenities, including three swimming pools with covered cabanas, a community clubhouse, miles of neighborhood sidewalks for walking, two community playgrounds, and a sand volleyball court. The community is connected by sidewalk to adjacent Osage Trails Park, offering residents access to walking trails, picnic areas, and a playground. The Stoney Creek Estates HOA is just a few minutes’ drive from the charming downtown Lee’s Summit shopping district, three superior golf courses, and scenic hiking, fishing, boating, and camping at both Longview Lake and James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife area.If you’d like to get the most-up-to-date information on Stoney Creek neighborhood house values, you may want to use this site to view recently sold homes in the Stoney Creek subdivision of Charlotte. Terra Vista Realty can assist you in analyzing area home values. We can help you with all aspects of buying or selling real estate in Stoney Creek and other neighborhoods in Charlotte, North Carolina or Mecklenburg County – including homes for sale in the 28269 ZIP code area. Just remember to ask our Realtors about the incentives we offer, including Realtor rebates on Stoney Creek MLS listings.

The historical information on this page is based on information on single family homes sold in Stoney Creek development in Charlotte, NC via the Carolina Multiple Listing Services, Inc. for the period indicated above. You can find out more about past sales of MLS listings in the Stoney Creek community of Charlotte by searching sold properties on this website. On this site, we think you’ll be able to find a wealth of information about real estate in Stoney Creek and other nearby neighborhoods .
Among the 2,078 MLS listings for single family homes in Charlotte, there may be specialty-type properties that interest you. For example, you may be interested in Charlotte, NC master-down houses, new-construction homes, golf course homes, ranch homes, waterfront homes, homes with a private pool or neighborhoods with a community pool. Here you’ll also find information on Charlotte relocation services and open houses in Charlotte, NC.By pressing Contact builder, you agree that Zillow Group and other real estate professionals may call/text you about your inquiry, which may involve use of automated means and prerecorded/artificial voices. You don’t need to consent as a condition of buying any property, goods or services. Message/data rates may apply. You also agree to our Terms of Use.

Currently there are 2 homes for sale in Stoney Creek subdivision in Charlotte, NC on this site – with an average asking price of $447,500. Builders whose homes you’re likely to come across when considering Stoney Creek real estate include: Ryan Homes
We can provide you with buyer rebates on homes for sale in this and other neighborhoods in Mooresville, NC, and Iredell county. With our assistance, you can save thousands on the next home or other real estate you purchase. And we can provide the professional buyer’s agency representation that you expect. If you’re looking for information on Stoney Creek foreclosures or short sales in Charlotte, NC MLS listings, then we suggest you give us a call. We can save you thousands of dollars on your purchase in Mecklenburg County or the 28269 area code. Also, we can provide assistance to buyers or sellers of for-sale-by owner homes in Stoney Creek (a.k.a. FSBO houses). From January 1, 2021 through the present, 10 homes have sold in the Stoney Creek subdivision in Charlotte via the MLS for an average price of $218,428.The historical information on this page is based on information on single family homes sold in Stoney Creek subdivisions of Charlotte, NC via the Carolina Multiple Listing Services, Inc. for the period January 1, 2021 through the present. There are many golf courses to choose from in the Hamilton and Niagara area. Scenic Woods Golf Course has over 50 years of serving the people of the Stony Creek area. Stoney Creek is a great place to raise a family as it offers a high quality of life for its residents, and is definitely a GTA Gem! Many residents of the bigger cities nearby, such as Toronto and Hamilton, are choosing to leave the big city and find a quieter, more peaceful area to live, and Stoney Creek is a popular choice for relocation. The community is known for its beautiful waterfront, natural parks, and outdoor recreational opportunities.Look for an exciting natural adventure? Venture through the Eramosa Karst; filled with underground caves and streams, meadows and forests! As one of the watershed’s most unique natural gems, it’s the perfect location for hiking, nature appreciation and education.

With a population of 69,470 people (wikipedia) Stoney Creek, Ontario is a collective of the following communities: Elfrida, Fruitland, Tapleytown, Tweedside, Vinemount, and Winona. These Canadian communities serve as distinct reminders of the agricultural legacy of Stoney Creek and Saltfleet township.
If you want to truly appreciate mother nature’s attributes, there’s really no better vantage point in Stoney Creek from the lookout at Devil’s Punchbowl, a scenic lookout home to two waterfalls, including a breathtaking ribbon waterfall. Marked by a large illuminated steel cross, it offers a bird’s eye view of a revitalized waterfront that could be described as the community’s best-kept secret.

Discover the best restaurant in Stoney Creek, Canada including Chicago Style Pizza Shack, Edgewater Manor Restaurant, Mustang’s Big Ol’ Grill, Cannon Coffee Co., The Village Restaurant, Thai Orchid, Maria’s Fifties Diner, Banana Leaf Asian Cuisine, Punch Bowl Country Market, Roma Bakery and more!
Wineries of Niagara-on-the-Lake is a community of winemakers crafting some of the best wines in the world. Niagara-on-the-Lake is home to some of the oldest and most established wine-producing vineyards in Canada. Canadian wineries have been growing and producing world-class wines from vinifera varietals for more than four decades. The efforts of pioneer winemakers in this region were instrumental in propelling Canada onto the world’s wine stage and positioning Niagara-on-the-Lake as a premium wine-growing region.Under the provincial government’s Places to Grow Act, Hamilton’s current population of 536,000 is poised to reach 660,000 by 2031 and 780,000 by 2041. Upper Stoney Creek and Elfrida have been earmarked to accommodate much of that growth. “We see an area with a mix of residential and commercial and also some employment opportunities and very linked in and integrated with the rest of the city,” says Thorne of The Toronto Sun.

Bordered by Lake Ontario and the Niagara River, Stoney Creek – Niagara climate is moderated and temperatures are generally warmer so that grapes ripen very well. An earlier spring in Niagara-on-the-Lake means our grapes have a longer growing season, resulting in ripeness at harvest and better depth of flavor in our wines.
Fifty Point Conservation Area is a terrific place to explore the great outdoor adventures that life near the water has to offer. With marinas, campsites, and great fishing for salmon or trout, there is a ton to see and do.

The GO Lakeshore West train service will extend to a new stop at Centennial Parkway in Stoney Creek and is set to open in 2023/2024. Service will eventually make its way to Niagara Falls. A new 14-kilometr
e Light Rail Transit line from McMaster University to Eastgate Square on Centennial Parkway will have 17 stops and promises to relieve pressure on Hamilton’s busiest transit routes.
If you have been thinking about moving, buying a house, or just looking to save some money, but not sure where’s the best place to live? We were wondering as well, and, after digging through piles of statistics and reports, we’ve got an answer… Stoney Creek, Ontario!

What is the nicest part of Hamilton?
The central Westdale Village shopping area is a favourite with locals, cultivating true small-town feel away from Hamilton’s downtown. Westdale is a good starting point if you are looking to rent or share a house, as the large student population means there may be more renting options than other areas.
Stoney Creek is relatively close to the hotspots of Southern Ontario, like Burlington, Niagara, Hamilton, and Toronto is not far away either. Being connected to the 403 and 407 Highway, as well as QEW and the Hamilton GO station, commuting is not an issue for Stoney Creek residents.90% of our business is referral based. We get these referrals because we envelop you with the best service you’ve ever had. From the first meeting, to moving in, we’ve got the systems and personnel in place to make sure your hand is held firm until the dust has settled. Our “move dashboard” that helps you manage the transition will blow your mind…and make changing addresses a pleasure.

How many people live in Stoney Creek?
112,028 Select all: Mobility and migrationCharacteristicHamilton East–Stoney Creek Ontario [Federal electoral district (2013 Representation Order)]CountsPopulation, 20211112,028…Population, 20161107,848…Population percentage change, 2016 to 20213.9…
That’s especially important in Steel Town because the bulk of working residents commute to jobs within the city. Construction of the LRT line is scheduled to get underway in 2019 and to be up and running in 2024.Convenience, a great lifestyle, and above all-natural sights, are why Stoney Creek residents can consider themselves blessed to be a part of this vivid community. Just like the entire area around Hamilton, Stoney Creek gets also its share of the beautiful nature being right under the Niagara Escarpment. Waterfalls and numerous trails are the first things that come to mind when talking about Stoney Creek. It adds an immense value to the community as there is rarely something fascinating as finding genuine nature next to modern life. With a rich history mixed with incredible geography, Stoney Creek is ready to run for the most coveted address title.

Besides having one of the coolest names in the world, the Devil’s Punchbowl Conservation Area is a stunning nature preserve with a truly awesome waterfall and gorge that is the stuff of legends. Put on your hiking boots, and hit the trails!
Stoney Creek and the surrounding area is the gateway to Niagara’s Wine Country. With tons of boutique wineries and wine yards to taste and tour, you’ll be an expert in no time.Visitors can also enjoy a fabulous lakefront view by walking our promenade or while relaxing at conveniently located benches and shaded areas. Fifty Point Stoney Creek Beach offers plenty to do such as swimming, Boating, beach relaxation / sun tanning, and birding. The marina is one of the best on western Lake Ontario, with docking spaces for 330 boats and a double boat launch. Anglers will love the variety of fishing opportunities at Fifty Point. Fish for salmon in Lake Ontario or catch rainbow trout and largemouth bass in the conservation area’s stocked pond. Salmon charters are available at the marina. A fishing license is not required at the pond

Stoney Creek is known for Good ranking Elementary Schools, which is another reason why it is a great place to raise a family. Good ranking elementary schools in beautiful neighborhoods, make it a reason why a lot of people from the Toronto GTA are moving to the Stoney Creek area. Stoney Creek public and catholic schools both show forth the great diversity that Canada has to offer. See below for a list of some great schools.
Each June, thousands of people descend upon Battlefield House Museum and Park to witness the annual re-enactment of the Battle of Stoney Creek. They may also meander through the 200-year-old Gage household, which became headquarters of invading American troops that were ultimately defeated by the British.

Immerse yourself in 19th-century history surrounded by 32 gorgeous acres of Parkland at Battlefield House Museum. Thrill in battle re-enactments that are both educational and exciting!

The wildlife in Stoney Creek is as diverse as the population. Today Stoney Creek, Hamilton is home to 45 different species of mammals! There are carnivores such as the badgers, mink, coyotes, otters, foxes, and of course raccoons! You can spot rodents such as beavers, squirrels, chipmunks and porcupines, and many species of shrews and moles.
Stoney Creek is a community in the city of Hamilton in the Canadian province of Ontario. Stoney Creek was a municipality in its own right from 1984 until 2001 when it was among six cities amalgamated to form the new City of Hamilton (Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth). It extends into rural communities like Winona, Fruitland, and Elfrida. The annual Winona Peach Festival, held each August, lures some 100,000 peach lovers eager to savor treats like peach pies, peach cobblers and even ice cream sundaes topped with – you guessed it – peaches.

The Niagara Escarpment is home to more than 100 waterfalls waiting for you to discover. Hiking, biking, trekking, photography and more can all be found in your backyard. And there are routes for almost every level of activity, so people of all ages can enjoy it.
The battle heralded as a turning point in the War of 1812, remains a source of tremendous pride for Stoney Creek, among the oldest communities in the country. “Battlefield House is the centerpiece of our history and is still is a predominant and cherished part of the community,” says Jason Thorne, the City of Hamilton’s general manager of planning and economic development.

Stoney Creek is a community situated on the lakefront of Lake Ontario, located within the Canadian city of Hamilton, and just a 40-minute drive to Downtown Toronto. Stoney Creek is a beautiful community that is said to be blessed by Mother Nature. “Like so much of Hamilton, Stoney Creek is located right under the Niagara Escarpment, which is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve,” says Dana Borcea, Hamilton’s tourism destination development coordinator. “As a result of the escarpment, we have a lot of trails and waterfalls.”
Welcome to Fifty Point Conservation Area on Lake Ontario, a magnificent 80-hectare park with superb marina facilities in Stoney Creek. It’s the place to be for a swim in Lake Ontario, family camping or a picnic for groups of any size. Fifty Point is particularly proud to have one of the warmest and cleanest beaches on western Lake Ontario.

A substantial portion of the recent record-breaking real estate development in Hamilton has focused on Stoney Creek Mountain and Stoney Creek by the Lake Ontario waterfront, ushering in new house developments, low-rise buildings, townhomes and condos. “You can now walk far stretches of the Stoney Creek waterfront, which connects into a beach strip that takes you all the way to Burlington.” – Realtor Sean Findlay
Good-ranking elementary schools in beautiful neighborhoods, make it a reason why a lot of people from the Toronto GTA are moving to the Stoney Creek area. Stoney Creek public and catholic schools both show forth the great diversity that Canada has to offer.

What is the richest neighborhood in Hamilton?
The region’s most luxurious neighbourhoods, Ancaster Heights, Sulphur Springs and Durand South with average prices over $1.1 million. Proximity to independently owned retailers, gyms, bars and restaurants are some of the top liveability factors for the most affordable and luxurious neighbourhoods in Hamilton.
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Stoney Creek has entertainment for all with Cineplex Movie Theatres, retro Drive-In’s and local community theatre. You are also just a short scenic drive along the water to the acclaimed Shaw Festival.The various Neighbourhoods of Stoney Creek are: Fifty Point, Winona North, Winona South, Trillium, Bayview, Lakeshore, Confederation Park, Westmeria, Guernsey, Poplar Park, Eastdale, Riverdale, Grayside, Lakely, Nashdale, Dewitt, Highway Valley, South Meadow, Corman, Stoney Creek, Battlefield, Redhill and Rosedale. Schools play a major role in the growth of your family and are often one of the most important considerations when buying a new home. To help our homeowners in Stoney Creek navigate their way through the new school options available to their growing families, we’ve put together this guide on all things education. “Because a lot of people pass through Stoney Creek on the QEW on their way to the U.S. or Niagara Falls, they don’t see beyond the highway view,” says Judy Lam, manager of the city’s urban renewal section. She still remembers the first time she visited the waterfront after joining the City of Hamilton. “It was a beautiful summer’s day and I felt like I was at a Caribbean resort,” she says. This is definitely one of Canada’s hidden gems!From Stoney Creek, you are just a short drive from many of the special towns and cities that make Southern Ontario special. Grimsby, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Niagara and Toronto are nearby.

We’re part of a small group of Toronto agents that have completed the CNE aka Certified Negotiation Expert course and it shows. Our Buyers know what they want and we’re damn good and helping them get it. We win often due to this uber important skill we’ve honed.
The Eramosa Karst is a provincially significant Earth Science Area of Natural and Scientific Interest in Ontario, Canada, located in Stoney Creek, a constituent community of the City of Hamilton, and immediately south of the Niagara Escarpment.In the last few years, there has been an increasing trend in people moving from Toronto to Stoney Creek, for obvious reasons such as better quality of life. With only a 30-40 minute drive to Downtown Toronto, the cost of real estate is more affordable, and you get more value for your hard-earned money. When you buy a house in Stoney Creek you will get a larger house with more upgrades for less money when compared to buying a home in Toronto.

Is Stoney Creek Hamilton a good place to live?
Many people who are residents of the bigger cities nearby, such as Toronto and Hamilton, are choosing to leave the big city to find a quieter, more peaceful area to live, and Stoney Creek is popular choice for relocation.
The Winona Peach Festival has been a favorite for over 50 years for it’s midway, local artisans, over 100 vendors, vintage car show, the Grand Peach Ball and a pageant crowning the Queen and Princess of the Festival. Guaranteed fun for the whole family.It’s true, “best” depends entirely on what’s important to you… based on our rankings on economic factors, including estimated cost of living, average house prices, and average rental costs, among other things we rate Stoney Creek, Ontario high on the list. – The Toronto Sun

It exhibits sixteen different karstic geological features, of which seven are provincially significant, and is considered to be the best example of karst topography found in Ontario. The area is composed of parcels of land that are provincially, municipally and privately owned. It received ANSI-ES designation on February 13, 2003.
Our team has years of experience in urban communities in and around the Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Hamilton Burlington GTA (Greater Toronto Area). You won’t find us chasing paycheques all over Ontario just to make a buck. We care about your next home too much to do you that disservice. If you’re looking outside the areas in which we work. Let us know and we’ll find you the right pro for the job. We’ve got great referral partners.If you are searching for the best place to live in Hamilton, Sydenham ranks as the top hidden gem neighbourhood for affordability and good supply of high rises and detached homes.In the same Leger survey, six-in-10 Canadians put easy access to shopping, dining and green spaces at the top of their liveability criteria. Proximity to public transit (36 per cent), work (30 per cent) and to preferred schools (18 per cent), as well as cultural and community centres (18 per cent) fall out of the top five neighbourhood wants and expectations. So how does Hamilton stack up?Hamilton is expected to see a 25-per-cent increase in unit sales for the suburban families and buyers looking to move up in the market. The “move-up” demographic accounts for the majority of buyers in the area. The average price for homes in Hamilton can vary dramatically depending on the neighbourhood.These increases are staggering. Just ten years ago, the average detached home sold for a little below $300,000. Today, they sell for over a million dollars. Liveability is about quality of life at a local level. A neighbourhood’s dynamism, or lack thereof, involves a delicate convergence between independent small businesses, public institutions, arts and culture, green spaces and housing, to name a few. The COVID-19 tragedy will impact neighbourhood ecosystems differently across the country, just as the virus itself has. Yet, civic/local pride has been proliferating throughout this crisis in inspiring ways, giving Canadians hope that micro-economies, including real estate, have the resilience to be restored in the near and mid-term. We know that Canadian’s truly celebrate the liveabililty factors of their neighbourhood – the qualities that give homeowners the true satisfaction of their home within the context of a neighbourhood. In fact a Leger survey conducted by RE/MAX revealed that 89% of Canadians recommend their neighbourhoods to others. Unlike your home, neighbourhoods cannot be changed, so it is important to assess what qualities are important to you before you purchase. Luckily, when it comes to Hamilton, there is a lot of celebrate in terms of liveability.A home is the biggest transaction most of us will ever make. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent. For more than 20 years, RE/MAX has been the leading real estate organization in Canada and beyond. With a presence in over 100 countries and territories, the RE/MAX network’s global footprint is unmatched by any other real estate brand. RE/MAX has always been an industry leader, adopting the latest technology and creating innovative marketing programs. RE/MAX was the first brand to expand its reach world-wide through a revolutionary global listing site, featuring listings from more than 80 countries, displayed in over 40 languages. Closer to home is RE/MAX’s deep commitment to the communities we operate in. Our exclusive Miracle Home Program allows RE/MAX agents to donate a portion of every home sale to Children’s Miracle Network. Other popular neighbourhoods include Parkview East, Westdale, Mountainview, Durand, and Gibson. Hamilton’s three most affordable neighbourhoods are Crown Point North, Durand North, and Central South. The region’s most luxurious neighbourhoods, Ancaster Heights, Sulphur Springs and Durand South with average prices over $1.1 million. Proximity to independently owned retailers, gyms, bars and restaurants are some of the top liveability factors for the most affordable and luxurious neighbourhoods in Hamilton. Tucked on the western edge of Lake Ontario, Hamilton has become a hot spot in recent years, attracting homebuyers seeking respite from the high prices characterizing Toronto real estate. Hamilton’s economy is largely driven by its manufacturing sector, with healthcare and education also being large contributors to the local economy. Fun fact: there are more than 100 waterfalls in Hamilton!A survey of RE/MAX Brokers revealed that the best places to live in Hamilton are Meadowlands, Beasley and Sydenham, ranking as the top three neighbourhoods in Hamilton for access to green spaces and parks, walkability, retail and restaurants and the ease of getting around/public transit.

The three most affordable neighbourhoods in Hamilton, Crown Point, Homeside and Vincent, range in price from $365,615 to $375,029. The region’s most luxurious neighbourhoods, Ancaster Heights, Sulphur Springs and Durand South range in price from $1,017,450 to $1,043,689. Proximity to independently owned retailers, gyms, bars and restaurants are some of the top liveability factors for the most affordable and most luxurious neighbourhoods in Hamilton.

Hamilton’s liveability is expected to continue to improve over the next three to five years. Increased development and a rise in restaurant culture throughout Hamilton make it more attractive for those seeking a neighbourhood with increased density while still experiencing affordable living (comparatively) and access to green space.
So, what are the best neighbourhoods in Hamilton to buy a house? RE/MAX explores more than 300 of Canada’s most liveable hot spots in the new 2020 Liveability Report. Here are our top picks for Hamilton and the surrounding area.Despite the price rise, professionals and young families are still moving to Hamilton. So, what are the best neighbourhoods in Hamilton to buy a house?

Hamilton has attracted homebuyers seeking respite from the high prices characterizing Toronto real estate. This exodus has caused prices across Hamilton to rise. From 2021 to 2022, prices rose almost 23 per cent. Homes are selling for an average price of $949,099. With an average mortgage of $759,279.20 and a median after-tax income of $70,100, Hamiltonians are paying 76.22 per cent of their monthly income for their home.
Tucked on the western edge of Lake Ontario, Hamilton has become a hot spot in recent years. Hamilton’s economy is primarily driven by its manufacturing sector, with healthcare and education also significantly contributing to the local economy.Hamilton’s liveability is expected to continue improving in the next three to five years. Increased development and a rise in strong restaurant culture throughout Hamilton is making it more attractive for those seeking a neighbourhood with increased density while still experiencing affordable living and access to green space.

Fee simple, HOA, Swimming pool, Playground, Pet walk, Sidewalks. Stoney Creek is close to everything Woodstock has to offer including the outlet mall, the quaint shops and restaurants of Historic Downtown Woodstock.

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The Ashton Woods phase offered 3 different floor plans, each with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. Expect those last phase townhomes to have open floor plans with 9 foot ceilings & hardwood floors on the main level. Granite counter tops & island in the kitchen. Some floor plans with a loft media room upstairs and/or basement. Each townhome with a private backyard. Stoney Creek also has 138 single family homes.I would expect a couple townhomes for come on the market for sale each year in Stoney Creek. If you would like to purchase a townhome here or sell your townhome, contact me and let’s discuss how I can help you. Sorry, I do not work with properties for rent or lease.

Who owns Stoney Creek?
Stoney Creek current owners, Brent & Juanita McConnell, continue today to make exclusive fabrics and introduce new designs.
Woodstock GA 30188. Cherokee County. Community street names include Stone Park Drive, Old Stable Drive, & New Park Drive. —Directions: 575N; Exit 11; R@ Sixes Rd; R@ Old Hwy 5/ Holly Springs Pkwy; L@ Stoney Creek Pkwy and into community.*Information herein not warranted or guaranteed, subject to errors & omissions. I am not affiliated with the management company or HOA for this community. Stoney Creek is a community of townhomes & single family homes in Woodstock off Hwy 5, started 2007 by McBride & Sons. Unfinished lots in the community purchased by Ashton woods 2014. Ashton woods finished construction in the community 2016. Stoney Creek has 74 two-story townhomes with 2 car garages. All daily living amenities and retail shopping can be found in Winona, as well as plenty of delicious restaurants. Enjoy a beautiful day on the water and grab a bite to eat on the way home like the rest of the residents.

Is Highland Creek a good neighborhood?
Highland Creek is a good neighborhood. I’ve lived in Highland Creek for 18 years and have never felt unsafe, the security in this neighborhood goes above and beyond their expectations. Highland Creek consists of around 11,000 houses.
Homes within the Battlefield neighbourhood are generally single-family homes, with some attached multi-family homes and apartment complexes. The houses in this area tend to be older, but well maintained. Most of the houses sit on comfortable-sized lots with lots of trees throughout the area.Fifty Point is located between the shoreline of Lake Ontario and Queen Elizabeth Way. This waterfront neighbourhood is highly sought after as it has magnificent views of Lake Ontario, and has multiple access areas to the water. Families and retirees love spending their free time on the waterfront. The residents of Fifty Point also enjoy having direct access to Queen Elizabeth Way so they can easily travel between the surrounding towns and cities.Grimsby is a quaint little town situated between St. Catharines and Hamilton along the Niagara Escarpment. Named after the fishing town in northeast …Read More

This subdivision is newly developed with mostly single-family and attached multi-family homes. The homes offer a modern aesthetic with plenty of space for residents.
Hannon is located on the southwest side of Stoney Creek and offers countryside homes. The multi-acre lots and vast amount of space allow privacy and peace. Residents of Hannon love being located away from the hustle and bustle of town, but love being close enough to quickly and efficiently access local amenities and outdoor activities. Living in Hannon gives residents closer and more direct access to local nature preserves, hiking trails, and other outdoor activities. This is one of the biggest neighbourhoods in Stoney Creek, therefore it is usually divided up into Hannon South, Hannon North, and Hannon West. Fifty Point has a lot to offer in the way of activities. The Fifty Point Conservation Area offers a beach and this scenic lakefront area has numerous places to picnic and outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, and swimming. Many families, couples, and retirees love to spend their weekends and free time enjoying the sun on the lakeshore. Two parks are located within the subdivision with playgrounds and green areas for sports games. When residents tire of the beach, they travel a short distance over to the Biggar Lagoon Wetlands where they have a bird viewing platform. This area offers lots of space to walk around and view the myriad of bird species that inhabit the area. Most of the homes in this neighbourhood are between 2-5 bedrooms. The average price of a home in this area tends to range between $700,000 and $1.2 million.Any daily living amenity can be found either within Hannon North or just a short drive outside the neighbourhood. There is plenty of shopping and some eclectic restaurants that residents love to patron frequently.A vast historical background coupled with modern amenities makes Stoney Creek one of the most highly sought-after areas to settle down, retire, or start a family. The cost of living in Stoney Creek is also considerably less than in nearby cities such as Toronto, which makes it more appealing and affordable for prospective homeowners. The average home price is around 41% lower than the Canadian National Average. So it makes sense that the real estate market is currently booming. The houses for sale in Stoney Creek do not sit on the market for long, so time is of the essence when looking for a home. Our realtors in Stoney Creek know exactly how the market is moving, so they can be on top of things when prospective owner finds their dream home. To create a complete overlook of the area for our clients, we have compiled a list of the best places to live in Stoney Creek.

There are four parks located within the Battlefield neighbourhood for everyone to enjoy. There are full-sized playgrounds as well as plenty of green space for leisurely sports games. Located right on the southeastern side of the subdivision is the Devil’s Punchbowl Conservation Area which is a popular attraction amongst residents and tourists alike. Right next to this is the trailhead for the Dofasco 2000 trail which offers amazing views and great exercise with an 11.5 km of multi-use trail. The 50 Point Market is available for residents to grab groceries and other daily living amenities. Less than 5 minutes away is a Costco for all shopping needs. There are also several restaurants in the Fifty Point area for residents to enjoy. A few other businesses also meet beauty and retail shopping needs. There are several parks with fully playgrounds and green areas for families, couples, and retirees to enjoy. Eramosa Karst Conservation Area is located just a short drive to the east and offers breathtaking views, picturesque waterfalls, hiking trails for all levels, and even caves. Residents love to get their exercise while enjoying everything this conservation area has to offer. Niagara Falls is also located within a reasonable distance so making a day trip to see one of the world’s best wonders.Stoney Creek is a city with a lot of history. Located along the southern shore of Lake Ontario, and just to the east of Hamilton, Stoney Creek offers small-town living with big-city amenities. First called a city in 1985, Stoney Creek has a history that dates back to 1813. Many residents of the bigger cities nearby, such as Toronto and Hamilton, are choosing to ditch the big city and find a quieter, more peaceful area to live, and Stoney Creek is a popular choice for relocation. Heritage Green Sports Park is located within the neighbourhood and offers various fields to play different sports on. There are a plethora of walking trails and playgrounds for children to play on while their parents get some exercise, as well as a dog park. Felker’s Falls Conservation Area is just a short drive away and features a picturesque 22m waterfall located on a nature preserve with a playground, trails, and lots of greenery. The real estate opportunities in the neighbourhood of Winona are plentiful. Whether a prospective buyer is looking for an apartment, townhome, or single-family home, there is something for everyone. Most homes tend to be between 3-6 bedrooms and sit on decent sized lots.