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Strike Industries Small Modular Chassis

The Strike Modular Chassis (SMC) – ALPHA for SIG SAUER P320 (Standard) by Strike Industries is THE MOST MODULAR SIG SAUER P320 CHASSIS IN THE WORLD. With included and sold separately optional SMC parts and accessories, 20+ configurations possible for each user to setup exactly how they want it. Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, this P320 chassis is sturdier and more durable than polymer for hard use. The SMC Standard length is setup to be a match for the full-size P320 4.7” slide and barrel. When used with a Carry/Compact P320 3.9” slide and barrel, the SMC chassis dust cover will overhang past the muzzle. SMC Standard use with P320 3.6” slide and barrel is not recommended. Included in the box is an Ambidextrous Side Charging Handle with Slide Cover Mount so each SMC user can decide which side you want to rack the slide with. The SMC Rear Module Backstrap is pre-installed on the SMC chassis which gives the user rear ambidextrous QD sockets and a rear Picatinny rail mount to attach any accessories. The SMC Multi-Optic Mount allows you to use just about any Mini/Micro Red Dot Sight (MRDS) on the market with footprint fitment for C-More, DeltaPoint Pro, Docter/Noblex, RMR, Shield and all SIG SAUER Open Reflex Sights. The SMC chassis and optional to use Spare Magazine Holder for SIG SAUER P320 both include the SI Modular Magazine Release and is pre-installed. The Strike Modular Chassis (SMC) is the new modular standard for the SIG SAUER P320 platform. Simply insert a P320 FCU (9mm/.357SIG/.40S&W) and complete slide assembly along with your favorite SMC accessories and you are ready to go.

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ATTENTION WASHINGTON STATE CUSTOMERS: Due to pending legislation and the nature how the legislation will be signed for immediate implementation, we cannot guarantee that ordering a firearm or serialized item will result in the item being able to be transferred to you via background check before a potential ban due to Washington State waiting periods for certain firearms. We are still selling and shipping out firearms and will continue to do so until a ban is in place. However, we must adhere to our restocking policy of $100 or 15% of the sales price, whichever is greater, to take a returned item if it cannot be transferred to you before a potential ban is put in place. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter and we will do everything we can to ensure your products are delivered timely and your rights upheld. Thank you.I used my SIG Sauer Custom Works FCU that was in my FLUX Raider. This FCU does not have any frame safeties like my SIG M17. So it drops into the Strike SMC without modification. The SMC has witness marks if you want to cut the frame to allow for the factory frame safeties but Strike Industries does not recommend that. There is a safety delete pin that you can get for your safety lever-enabled FCU. I mentioned it in my FLUX Raider review.

When Strike Industries announced their Strike Modular Chassis (SMC) for the SIG Sauer P320, I was intrigued. Strike Industries sent out their SMC in for this review as well as some recently released upgrade parts for it. So let us dive in and take a closer look at their modular chassis.

I removed the slide from the frame and the entire slide cover mount just slid right out. The part that is held captive broke off and is still retained in the slide.I like the fact you can set up the Strike Modular Chassis to your personal preference. You can have a slide-mounted optic or install the optics bridge for a fixed optic. In order to have a slide-mounted red dot option on a FLUX Raider requires a permanent modification where you remove the fixed bridge. I would like to see a Picatinny optics bridge so you can use normal red dots and not just mini red dots normally mounted to pistol slides. An optics bridge cut for Aimpoint Nano, Acro and Steiner MPS would be nice. The entire chassis is precision-milled aluminum so it is arguably stronger than a polymer chassis.I removed the broken parts. You can see how thin the metal is so it is not a surprise that it broke, Also having the charging handle on the left side means there is added torque applies to that thin part. Luckily I brought the factory slide cover plate with me. It was in the brown box you see in the photo below. So I swapped it back in and the gun ran fine.If you want customization that just requires bolting on or unbolting parts for a customized setup then the Strike Modular Chassis might be for you. Go to the Strike Industries website for more information.

I did discover a slight issue with my slide setup. The Strike Modular Chassis comps are designed for slides that use 3.9″ barrels. My slide has a 3.6″ barrel. So there is a noticeable gap between the comp and slide/barrel.
The Blast Shield helps to protect your support hand thumbs as well as lengthen the accessory rail. With the spare magazine holder on the modular chassis, there is no room to add a pistol-mounted light. The Blast Shield allows you to mount small compact lights but sadly not full-size like a SureFire X300 or Streetlight TLR-1.Another issue I had seemed to stem from running a compact slide. I am using a P320 RXP XCompact slide on the SMC, the same slide I use on my current FLUX Raider setup. Also the same FCU. However in the Strike chassis, with the Optics Bridge installed, the slide moves so fast that it bumps the chassis and causes the slide catch to bounce up every shot. If the optics bridge is not there, the slide catch will still bounce but it clears the slide and the gun continues to cycle. I tried my friend’s compact slide with Parker Mountain Machine comp and it ran fine. The slide seems to move more slowly and the slide catch stays still. I also did not have issues when I ran my full-size M17 slide.

According to my contact at Strike Industries, the tolerances of the SMC are very tight. However, the FCU rails for the slide are merely folded metal. They are not precision machined. So there can be some slight tolerance issues that show up like in the case of the optics bridge getting hit. The spare magazine holder does not allow the spare magazine to sit up higher. You can see a triangular protrusion at the front face near the bottom of the mag holder. That is the magazine catch and release. The spare mag holder comes with a factory-installed mag catch extension. I found that the extension would hit my palm when I grab the mag holder for support. See the pictures below. The extension sticks out rather proud of the holder. I thought about switching the button to the other side and pressing it with my ring finger but it sits behind the second knuckle. It is still awkward to press it that way so I ended up simply removing the extension. The mag holder is more comfortable to grasp but removing the magazine is not as natural as I would like. I would prefer a friction fit setup rather than an actual mag catch.Strike Industries sent me their SMC Alpha chassis. It came with some extras like gray grip panels and the Lego mini figure compatible SMC toy gun. At the time of writing this article, the SMC Alpha comes with the following:

The comps come with a screw that you can turn with your thumb but when it sits down in the recess, it helps to use a tool. There is a slot cut into the top that is perfect for a coin.

The other issue I had is the position of the button. I want to hold my support hand (left hand) as high up as possible for recoil management and better control of the SMC. This places the mag release near the bottom of my palm. I have to shift my hand down, find the mag release and press it with my thumb. This feels slow and awkward to me. It is not as natural as the dual mag release of the FLUX Raider.
Strike Industries has plans to make a normal backstop so you can use the SMC chassis as a bonafide handgun chassis. If you remove the spare magazine holder, you can holster the SMC. I used my Black Hawk Omnivore. Even the dual folding adapter clears the holster.Since I have the FLUX Raider, I was most curious to try the Strike Industries SMC with a slide-mounted optic. So I used my SIG Sauer M17 with Delta Point Pro. I also installed the spare magazine holder. The SMC does not come with a brace or stock but it has a Picatinny section on the back so you can use any Picatinny compatible brace or stock. I still have the Strike Industries dual folding adapter so I installed it on the SMC.

Can you run a slide-mounted optic and the optics bridge at the same time? Yes. But the slide-mounted red dot sight picture is obscured by the optic mounted on the bridge.
When I took the SMC to the range I had some issues with failure to feed. I was struggling for about 20 rounds when I noticed the slide cover mount and charging handle was low.

I like to call the Multi Optics Mount the optics bridge. It is based on Strike Industries optic mount plates for handguns and offset red dots. You can see it has a lot of holes drilled and tapped to accommodate a plethora of mini red dots. It even has drop-in recoil bosses.
The longer LOP is due to the design of the SMC. The rear Picatinny section is all one-part machined aluminum with the back strap of the SMC. The rear section is so far back to clear the reciprocating slide. In fact, the SMC has a similar profile to the B&T USW frame for the P320. Below I laid the B&T chassis directly on top of the SMC. They are very similar.The Strike Industries SMC is a modular frame. So installing it onto your FCU (Fire Control Unit) is simple. Remove your slide from your existing frame, remove the takedown lever and pull the FCU out of your current frame. Then drop the FCU into the SMC chassis and reinstall the takedown lever and slide.I am ambivalent about the Strike Modular Chassis. It has some issues with the tight tolerances and there are a plethora of small screws all over the chassis. While they are Loctited, I am concerned after prolonged use could they back out? The FLUX Raider is simpler and one solid piece but not nearly as modular as the SMC. The SMC retails for $539.99 and that is without the dual folding adapter. If you want that option you need to add another $219.99. Now you are spending $760 and that does not include the P320 of your choosing. Changing magazines with the spare magazine holder is a bit awkward but with practice, it can be done proficiently.The SMC comes with an ambidextrous charging handle and slide cover. You need to remove the rear slide plate on your P320 slide and replace it with Strike’s slide cover mount. Once installed you slide the charging handle through the side, you can have it on the left or right side of the slide. I noticed when it is on the left and when I shoot the SMC like a traditional handgun with my support hand grasping my fire control hand, my thumb is in the way of the charging handle. So be mindful of that issue if you want this charging handle for your handgun setup.The Blast Shield slides over the chassis accessory rail and is held in place with a cross bolt. You can then slide the spare magazine holder and it bolts to the last slot on the Blast Shield.

The Strike Industries EMG Strike Modular Chassis ‘SMC’ Alpha Kit is a lightweight, durable aluminum alloy kit designed to work with SIG AIR Proforce P320 series gas airsoft pistols. The picatinny stock base and under-rail provide multiple accessory and stock mounting options. The ambidextrous QD sockets at the back provide multiple slinging options, and the included Picatinny-compatible Strike Industries XTRA MAG holds one extra magazine.
I got scammed on this one. First of all, I got mine in literal pieces even though it said it was a complete gearbox. Also it said it was wired but it was doubleended with moter wires and no metal nozzle. Can’t be arsed sending it back so am just going to use the parts

NOTICE: PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION ON THIS STRIKE MODULAR CHASSIS (SMC) PRODUCT PAGE FROM TOP TO BOTTOM WHICH INCLUDES WARNINGS, DISCLAIMERS, PACKAGE CONTENTS, COMPATIBILITY, NOT COMPATIBLE, RED DOT COMPATIBILITY & MORE.Strike Modular Chassis heißt das neue Kit von STRIKE INDUSTRIES. Das SMC macht aus der P320 einen Pistolenkarabiner und lehnt sich an ein erfolgreiches Vorbild an. Die P320 ist da besonders beliebt, weil man die Abzugsgruppe aus dem Griffstück entnehmen und umpflanzen kann. Inhalte von Videoplattformen und Social-Media-Plattformen werden standardmäßig blockiert. Wenn Cookies von externen Medien akzeptiert werden, bedarf der Zugriff auf diese Inhalte keiner manuellen Zustimmung mehr. stellt militärische Ausrüstung vor. Pro Woche veröffentlichen wir mehrere Ausrüstungsreviews. Dazu bringen wir aktuelle Herstellernachrichten und berichten weltweit von Konflikten.Wenn Sie unter 16 Jahre alt sind und Ihre Zustimmung zu freiwilligen Diensten geben möchten, müssen Sie Ihre Erziehungsberechtigten um Erlaubnis bitten. Wir verwenden Cookies und andere Technologien auf unserer Website. Einige von ihnen sind essenziell, während andere uns helfen, diese Website und Ihre Erfahrung zu verbessern. Personenbezogene Daten können verarbeitet werden (z. B. IP-Adressen), z. B. für personalisierte Anzeigen und Inhalte oder Anzeigen- und Inhaltsmessung. Weitere Informationen über die Verwendung Ihrer Daten finden Sie in unserer Datenschutzerklärung. Hier finden Sie eine Übersicht über alle verwendeten Cookies. Sie können Ihre Zustimmung zu ganzen Kategorien geben oder sich weitere Informationen anzeigen lassen und so nur bestimmte Cookies auswählen.