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Stronghold Slayer Cave

The Stronghold Dungeon is connected to the Keepers’ Stronghold’s basement, the Blue Caves to the west, the Ancient Woods to the east, and the Magma Chamber to the lower east. The Mystical Workshop can be entered from the top of the dungeon.

How do I get to Slayer dungeon?
Inside the dungeon. But these require a certain agility. Level I hope this video helped at least a few new players that do not know whether Slayer dungeons are located catch guys later peace.
After the fight, it is found that Will lost his Keeper Duel, and also loses his Spectral Familiar to the Alchemists. Despondent, he tries to look for information on how the Alchemists took his partner.Vallalar’s team is composed of Monk, Glowfly, Nightwing, Mad Eye, Catzerker, and Crackle Knight. They will be level 14 if you haven’t yet visited the Ancient Woods, Snowy Peaks, or Sun Palace. You’ll want to load up on Earth damage, and lean towards Magic damage for the Mad Eye.

What is the shortcut for the Slayer cave?
The Tunnel is an Agility shortcut found within the Stronghold Slayer Cave. An Agility level of 72 is required to pass the shortcut. It is found near the entrance of the cave and allows players, who can traverse it, a direct route to the Aberrant spectres found in the cave.
Grummy, Tengu, or Toxiquus can all target the weaknesses of at least 4 of the 6 on Vallalar’s team, and Grummy’s Water can take down Crackle Knight while Tengu’s Fire nukes Nightwing out of the fight. If you’ve already been to the Ancient Woods and got yourself a G’rulu, he can work well as a front liner, and brings water and fire to the fight for the stragglers. Otherwise, a good blend of heals, buffs, debuffs and shields can’t go wrong either.Entering the dungeon, the Hero runs into Will, and he mentions looking for a library deep within the dungeon. He moves on ahead, and further in the dungeon Will encounters the Champion Monster Beetloid. Once the Hero defeats the Champion Monster, Will continues deeper into the dungeon.

Where is stronghold dungeon?
The Stronghold Dungeon is one of four options the player is given to play through as the third area of the game. The Stronghold Dungeon is connected to the Keepers’ Stronghold’s basement, the Blue Caves to the west, the Ancient Woods to the east, and the Magma Chamber to the lower east.
At the deepest part of the stronghold, the Hero encounters the Alchemist Vallalar. Vallalar seems to be searching for some information in the library, but loses interest once they see the Hero has a Spectral Familiar. Will then enters the library, followed by another Alchemist Chymes. Chymes starts a Keeper Duel with Will, while the Hero takes on Vallalar.

The ground floor1 floor is inhabited by only crawling hands in the west wing and part of the east wing. Banshees are found in the east part of the wing.
During the Second Age, the tower’s construction was overseen by General Viggora, who had switched sides to Zamorak following his usurping of Zaros. Viggora oversaw construction of the tower, though its actual purpose remained unknown. It was constructed with Zamorakian magic, and the tower itself was very large, full of large rooms, winding passageways decorated with assorted items. The most important of these were the gargoyles, which also included two unique gargoyle statues (who a Dorgeshuun assistant would call Dusk and Dawn due to how they were placed) at the rooftop with a Cloister Bell, intended to be rung during times of conflict. However, an unknown incident soon caused the tower to be renamed as Viggora’s Folly, and it was eventually abandoned.During the Third Age, at the time of the God Wars, Bandos sent the ourg general Snaarldor along with a group of Bandosians to the tower, desiring stronger soldiers after having been disappointed by the frailness of his goblins. Snaarldor took along Bandosian metal along with a tourmaline core and made his way to the tower’s rooftop, performing a ritual at high noon with the core and metal, causing all of the gargoyle statues to reanimate. The two gargoyle statues at the top of the tower looked at Snaarldor, and Snaarldor believed he had won their loyalty and issued commands to attack Bandos’s enemies, including Zamorak.

As the tower was built with Zamorakian magic, the gargoyles attacked Snaarldor instead, with Dusk battling the ourg general mid-air. Snaarldor chopped off one of Dusk’s wings before the gargoyle dropped him into the swamp below, and upon recovering, Snaarldor immediately ordered his remaining forces to retreat. The two gargoyle guardians then returned to their positions on their plinths, and the rooftop entrance would soon be locked, either by the Bandosians or future inhabitants.The tower is located north-west of Canifis. There are three levels, each with increasingly dangerous Slayer monsters. All monsters within the building require a certain Slayer level to kill, the lowest being crawling hands at level 5, and the highest being abyssal demons at level 85 Slayer.Near a group of crawling hands is a spiked chain requiring 61 Agility (can be boosted) to use. Using this spike will take the player to the 1 floor2 floor, where the aberrant spectres are located. Do not climb up if you do not have a nose peg or Slayer helmet, or your stats will be drained by the aberrant spectres.Near the staircases of this floor lies a rooftop entrance and a magical chest. The rooftop entrance is locked, requiring a brittle key which permanently unlocks the entrance. This also unlocks the Grotesque Guardians boss fight. The magical chest nearby collects items lost on death during the fight, requiring 50,000 coins to reclaim them.

Note: Dwarf multicannons cannot be used here. If attempted, players will receive the message, “A strange magical force won’t let you set up a cannon here.”
The basement can be accessed through a ladder on the ground floor1 floor, near the entrance. Monsters here can only be killed on a Slayer task. Raulyn will stop players who attempt to attack monsters that are not on their slayer task.

You will now receive 2.5% more Slayer experience when killing a creature on task in the Slayer Tower if you have completed the Morytania Easy Diary, increasing with additional 2.5% for each tier to a maximum of 10%.
Players may also earn bonus Slayer experience depending on their progress on the Morytania Diary. The amount of bonus experience gained starts at 2.5% with the easy tasks completed, increasing by 2.5% for each set complete, up to 10% with the elite tasks completed.Another spiked chain can be found in the infernal mage room. This chain requires 71 Agility (can be boosted) to take players to the 2 floor3 floor, where the nechryael are located. The spiked chain in the aberrant spectre room can be used to climb back down to the ground floor1 floor, requiring 61 Agility (can be boosted).

A spiked chain can be found at the nechryael room which takes players down to the 1 floor2 floor, where the infernal mages reside. This requires 71 Agility (can be boosted).
The 1 floor2 floor is inhabited by infernal mages in the north-eastern part of the wing, bloodvelds in the north-western part of the wing, and aberrant spectres in the south part of the wing. A large door separates the bloodveld and aberrant spectre room. The 2 floor3 floor is where the strongest monsters in the tower reside. Gargoyles inhabit the south-eastern wing, nechryael in the north-eastern and abyssal demons in the north-western wings. Players also complained that many of the monsters found there do not appear to be native to the area. In addition, the geography of the cave wildly varied, with damp caves on the east and lava lakes a small walk west, breaking the sense of immersion. Additional concerns included the excessively large size of the cave, which was large enough to fit Falador, Varrock, and everything between them.As a result, the cave was completely remapped on 27 April 2017, leaving only bloodvelds, hellhounds, aberrant spectres, ankou, and fire giants behind. The cave became nearly one-fifth its original size, with the following new areas introduced with monsters relocated to them:A slayer dungeon containing a large variety of monsters where players can only attack their assigned slayer target was proposed in the Slayer & Christmas Dev Blog on 15 November 2013. The dungeon was polled in Content Poll #13 and passed by 86.6%.

Eventually, players began to voice concerns on the sheer amount of slayer assignments that they found themselves doing in the Stronghold Slayer Cave, due to its close proximity to a bank and convenient location, taking away the appeal of the variety the Slayer skill offers, the monotony of grinding in the same location, and the lack of exploring the game world as players train.The Stronghold Slayer Cave, also known as the Stronghold Slayer Dungeon, is a dungeon located beneath the Tree Gnome Stronghold. It contains a small variety of monsters that are commonly assigned to players. The cave entrance is located next to Nieve (or Steve, after the events of Monkey Madness II).

Many of the monsters in the Stronghold Slayer Cave have been removed and the size of the cave has been greatly reduced. The removed monster have been relocated to various other task-only areas.

Anyone can enter the dungeon, but players can only attack the slayer monster they were assigned, and only while the task has not been completed. The Slayer ring can teleport players to the entrance of the cave. A dwarf multicannon can be used in the dungeon.
The cave was released on 23 January 2014, where it housed many common slayer monsters such as metal dragons, abyssal demons, and kalphites. However, the cave kraken lake was empty, as development of the slayer monster was not yet complete. This was added in an update a week later. The cave would go on to receive several more additions: In response, the Old School team wrote a Developer Blog, aiming to bring back the variety and diversity of where players train Slayer by moving some creatures out of the Stronghold Slayer Cave, and placing them into a number other new dungeons where appropriate (still requiring the appropriate slayer assignment to attack them). The cave’s splitting was polled in Content Poll #51 and passed by 89.6%. There is a shortcut in the dungeon requiring 72 Agility (can be boosted) to use. This allows the player to reach aberrant spectres and ankous quicker. It may be used to exit the dungeon faster, but doing so without the required Agility level deals up to 12 damage.

Fire giants are powerful giants that are popular for training Ranged and Slayer. They are also the strongest of the standard giants, being significantly stronger than their Ice, Moss, and Hill giant relatives.
The Deep Wilderness Dungeon also contains fire giants; however, given its location deep in the Wilderness, it is usually only used for Wilderness slayer. If completing a task here, is recommended to complete the medium Wilderness Diaries to unlock a shortcut which significantly cuts travelling time and increases odds of escaping player killers.

Where is the Slayer dungeon?
The Dungeon is located in the Fremennik Province, to the east of rellekka and just south of mountain camp. The fastest way to get there is to use a slayer ring to teleport directly to the entrance.
In the Waterfall Dungeon and the Brimhaven Dungeon, they may be attacked safely with Ranged, Magic or halberd. The Waterfall Dungeon is the safest place to attack them from a range because of the safespot both behind the rock in the middle of the room and in the doorway, as the giants are too large (2 spaces wide) to retaliate. There is also a safespot in the large room with 7 fire giants once they become unaggressive. Stand on one side of the long table with the Fire giant on the other side of it.You can tell fire giants apart in the Catacombs of Kourend, as the level 109 giants wield clubs, while the level 104 giants wield flaming swords, which can be helpful for mobile players who would have to long press to see what level they are.

The Smoke Dungeon contains a few fire giants which are almost always empty as players are forced to bring a facemask or slayer helm to avoid smoke inhalation. There is one safespot near the entrance to Fareed, where there is 1 fire giant near a narrow 1 tile passageway between lava and a wall. This is however sub-optimal, as it is the only fire giant in the area thus forcing you to wait the respawn time of ~15 seconds.
The Stronghold Slayer Cave has a safespot that can be used with little to no interruption from other aggressive fire giants. However, you may only kill monsters in this cave if they are currently assigned to you by a Slayer Master.The Catacombs of Kourend contain multiple safespots, one is along the east wall just beside the ramp down from the Mutated Bloodvelds and another is directly north overlooking the lower level which only becomes available after the 10 minute aggression timer expires. The Giants’ Den contains many safespots as well, and allows the use of the Dwarf multicannon which cannot otherwise be placed in the rest of the Catacombs. Killing fire giants in the Catacombs, including those in the Giants’ Den, is often favoured as they grant bonus slayer experience and drop both ancient shards and dark totem pieces.

The Karuulm Slayer Dungeon contains a safespot in the farthest north pocket as long as you lure them to the east wall of the northern pocket or by standing along the north wall of the entrance provided the monster you attack is north of you when you attack it.
Fire giants are assigned by a multitude of Slayer Masters, providing fairly decent experience for both combat and Slayer. They’re also frequently killed by Ironman players early on due to their signature rune scimitar drop, as they are fairly easy to access with numerous safespots. Low-level players may find enchanted pearl bolts helpful when training Ranged against these enemies. Although there are many locations where cannons can be used, none of these locations are in a multicombat area.We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page..

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Where is the safe spot in Slayer stronghold fire giants?
The Waterfall Dungeon is the safest place to attack them from a range because of the safespot both behind the rock in the middle of the room and in the doorway, as the giants are too large (2 spaces wide) to retaliate.
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The Rellekka slayer dungeon is just southeast from Rellekka. The easiest way to reach it is by setting your home teleport to Rellekka or teleport there using a ring of duelling, and then walk far south-east outside of the city. The entrance is guarded by two statues of monsters. A ferocious ring can also be used to teleport directly to the dungeon.

How do I get to Rellekka Slayer cave?
The Rellekka slayer dungeon is just southeast from Rellekka. The easiest way to reach it is by setting your home teleport to Rellekka or teleport there using a ring of duelling, and then walk far south-east outside of the city. The entrance is guarded by two statues of monsters.
Membership is recommended if you wish to kill things in this dungeon, as there are quite a few agility shortcuts and most of the monsters in the dungeon require a slayer level to kill.

How do I get to the Stronghold Slayer Cave?
How to get to the Stronghold Slayer Cave? The entrance to the slayer cave is unsurprisingly located in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. You will find the cave entrance directly behind the slayer master Nieve (or Steve if monkey madness II is complete).
This dungeon is full of smoke, like the nearby Smoke Dungeon, and players must wear a smoke protection item (either masked earmuffs, a slayer helmet, or a full slayer helmet) or they will periodically suffer 200 damage from the smoke. Unlike the Morytania Slayer Tower and Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, a dwarf multicannon can be used in this dungeon. The dungeon can be entered by climbing down a well in the centre of Pollnivneach. Players can access part of the dungeon during the Smoking Kills quest and the full dungeon after completing the quest. The Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon is a large dungeon found beneath the desert town of Pollnivneach. Undead, turoth, kurasks, cave crawlers and basilisks Slain to Waste, Desert Smoke, Simian Scuffle

Using a ring of slaying to teleport to Sumona is the fastest and most efficient way to get there, although this requires completion of Smoking Kills.A standard (or full) slayer helmet is most recommended, as it provides protection from the smoke and from the effects of some Slayer monsters in the dungeon.The entrance to this Slayer Dungeon is south-west in the Gnome Stronghold. Enter the cave just east of Nieve, who is located just west of the bank. In this dungeon you will find a variety of different slayer monsters, usually one type in each room. You can only kill monsters that are assigned to you as your current Slayer tasks. Smoke devils and Krakens are only found in this dungeon. For more information on the monsters, look at the Slayer guide.

Where to start Slayer?
Turael is the best Slayer master to start with. You can find him in a small house south of the general store in Burthorpe. The easiest way to get to Burthorpe is using a Games necklace which you can buy from the Grand Exchange for 1,000 OSRS gold.
The Tunnel is an Agility shortcut found within the Stronghold Slayer Cave. An Agility level of 72 is required to pass the shortcut. It is found near the entrance of the cave and allows players, who can traverse it, a direct route to the Aberrant spectres found in the cave.The Fremennik Slayer Dungeon is a large cave found in the south-eastern section of the Fremennik Province. The cave features a number of slayer monsters, that get progressively higher levels as you progress to greater depths inside the cave. The cave does not allow the use of a Dwarf Multicannon.