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Sur Ron Headlight

Policygenius does not allow the submission of personal information by users located within the EU or the UK. If you believe this action is in error, or have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] 120 km (75 miles) of max range and 520 Nm of torque, the 2023 Storm Bee F performs as well as it looks. Whether you’re heading out to carve some single-trail or a weeknight of laps at the local MX track, the Storm Bee delivers a seat-of-the-pants riding experience like few other off-road bikes can. And it’ll turn heads everywhere you go.The North American version of the 2023 Storm Bee F comes as an off-road-only model. Unique to the North American version, you’ll receive both a headlight and number plate to cater the bike to your taste and riding environment.

Surron™ is setting another benchmark in the electric off-road world with the 2023 Storm Bee F. With 22.5 kW of electric power in a full-size package, the Storm Bee is for savvy off-road riders ready to make the shift from gas-powered engines. Imagine no more oil changes, no spilled gas, no top-end rebuilds… and no noise. Just plug in, charge up, and ride. The lack of emissions and noise will keep the neighbours happy; the performance will keep you happy.

Two of the most unique features on the Surron Storm Bee are turbo and reverse. Pressing the turbo button gives you a short, extra boost of power at full throttle. Meanwhile, the functional reverse button will be a welcome feature for riders who find themselves in tricky situations on the trail. It’s this kind of innovation and outside-the-box thinking that sets Surron apart.
This kill switch is compatible with Sur-Ron and Segway e-bikes and is designed to be plug-and-play. That means no modifications required. Plus, the GritShift Duster Headlight and Tail Light Kill Switch is waterproof and has a super durable exterior. The heavy-duty metal body can take rain, mud, and even a hit from a rock without faltering.

What is the range of the light bee in Sur Ron?
The Surron Light Bee X is premium electric technology accessible today, with 6 kW of electric power, up to 100 km of cruising range, a peak speed of 46 mph, and a curb weight of under 56 kg.
This is the known and tested compatibility for this product. Factory variations, dealer options, and aftermarket modifications could affect compatibility in your specific case. Please verify compatibility to the best of your ability before purchasing.

When it comes to installation, you don’t have to have a ton of experience to add the Duster Kill Switch to your ride. It mounts directly to your handlebars using just two screws. Remove the screws that currently hold your Sur Ron’s USB accessory charger (below the ignition switch) and the ignition switch in place. Look for the factory headlight plug that’s right below there and unplug it. Once you run the tail light wire to the back of your bike and plug it in, you’re ready to plug in the Duster Kill Switch and secure it in place using the same two screws.When your headlights and tail lights remain on for your entire ride, your battery is quietly being drained. Plus, it’s nearly impossible to go stealth during your night rides. Enter the GritShift Duster Headlight and Tail Light Kill Switch. This 3-way switch is a serious game changer. You can turn your headlights and tail lights on and off at will, even if they are aftermarket additions. Plus, you can turn on your tail light independently. The GritShift Duster Headlight and Tail Light Kill Switch lets you turn on your tail light by itself, or both your headlights and tail lights – whichever you want.The Warp 9 headlight switch mounts to the stock brake mount. It will turn on and off the original headlight or any other headlight that plugs into the original cables.Improvements to the styling of the Ultra Bee include a full size seat (thank you, Surron!), full size fenders, hand guards, and a seemingly more robust skid plate.We were excited to see the Ultra Bee being offered with traction control and regenerative settings, something that we really admired about the Storm Bee when we tested it. Riders can change their settings within the display unit in front of the handlebars. The features don’t end there. The Ultra Bee is utilizing Surron’s new IoV system, which allows riders to access features such as general vehicle information, remote status checking, ride tracking, anti-stolen safety protection, OTA updates and system-self diagnostics.The Surron Lightbee X, introduced in 2018, has quickly become a staple in the electric dirt bike industry. We first got our hands on a Lightbee X in 2019 and adored the bike for what it offered at an affordable price. Nothing is perfect though, and we always felt like there was some room for improvement when the going got rough out on the track or the trails. The rest of the United States seems to have felt the same and that can be seen through the massive aftermarket industry that the Surron Lightbee X has created.

Aftermarket companies dove head first into the Surron modification scene, catering to all the individuals who want to enhance their bikes with damn near every part you can imagine. It’s reminiscent of the import tuner car craze of the late 90s and early 2000s. Owners are taking their stock Surron Lightbee X electric dirt bikes and adding endless bling to make them bigger, faster and more eye catching.

Do surrons come with headlights?
Unique to the North American version, you’ll receive both a headlight and number plate to cater the bike to your taste and riding environment.
You can find aftermarket and upgrade parts for the Surron Ultra Bee at ECR Parts where we have modifications for the Ultra Bee including wheels, power upgrades and more!

The Ultra Bee is suspended by a fully adjustable fork and shock, offering 9.4 inches of travel, front and rear. To stop all 187 pounds of the Ultra Bee, the bike comes equipped with what looks like full size dirt bike brakes and what Surron claims to be an optimized lightweight offroad braking system.

What do 6000K headlights look like?
6000K = COOL WHITE As seen on the graph, 6000 Kelvin lighting falls between the white and BLUE side of the graph. People who choose this color are usually trying to get an exotic, more luxurious look.
The peak power of the Ultra Bee is 12.5kW, resulting in 324.5 ft lbs of torque to the rear wheel. With all of this power and battery capacity, Surron is claiming a range of 87 miles and a top speed of 56 mph. Two things we will be certain to explore when our test bike arrives.The Surron Ultra Bee appears that it will bridge the gap between the popular Lightbee X and the bigger Storm Bee. Its aluminum frame and swingarm bears resemblance to the Lightbee but the specifications exceed the smaller bike in almost every department.

Street legality aside, this bike checks some legitimate boxes that we wanted to see in this category. There has been a lot of exciting new dirt bikes being released this year and the Surron Ultra Bee is definitely a bike that tops our list here at ECR. We’ve been promised an early crack at riding the Ultra Bee and look forward to providing our first ride feedback when the time comes.
The Ultra Bee is utilizing a 74v 55Ah battery, totaling a capacity of 4kWh, a total weight of 45 pounds, and a claimed charge time of 4.5 hours. One of the most exciting features that we have yet to see from Surron is that the Ultra Bee charger is located under the seat of the bike, allowing riders to charge their bike wherever electricity is available. Adults will rejoice that the new Surron Ultra Bee is taller. Coming in with a seat height of 35.8 inches, a ground clearance of 12.5 inches and a wheelbase of 54.3 inches. It’s still utilizing 19-inch wheels, albeit with different tire sizes. The front is an 80/100-19 and comes standard with a 90/90-19 rear that can swapped out to an optional 80/100-19. All of the teaser videos and photos we’ve seen show the bike with passenger pegs, turn signals and a headlight. We’ve been told that the US version of the Surron Ultra Bee will unfortunately not be street legal at this time. So it can be assumed that some of that extra street legal equipment may not make it onto our off-road only version.You can find the Surron Ultra Bee for sale on the ECR Marketplace where we’ve compiled listings for all the best dealers that sell the Surron Ultra Bee. Check their listings to find the current Surron Ultra Bee price.It’s also got more ride modes than the Lightbee, offering a switch on the handlebar that can select eco, daily, sport mode, and reverse. That’s right. The Ultra Bee has a reverse mode just like its older sibling.Aside from some parts changes and most recently, a jump from a 32Ah to a 38Ah battery, the Lightbee X has remained relatively unchanged for the last 4 years. With the recent release of the new Surron Storm Bee, an option for riders wanting a full-size electric dirt bike, it was easy to wonder if we would ever see a big upgrade to the little model. Surron has clearly been paying attention, though. And they just proved that your demands for a bigger, faster Surron Lightbee X have been received. Enter the new Surron Ultra Bee.

Are 6000 lumen headlights legal?
Headlights that register 3,000K or 3,000LM are the brightest headlights you can legally install in your car. Anything beyond that level is typically against the law and you run the risk of blinding another driver and causing an accident.
Our software solution allows you to have maximum customisation of your ride. You have full control over DC power and phase amps for up to 400A DC and 800 Phase Amps. In addition you have access to multiple throttle curves, RPM torque adjustment, regen braking strength, throttle voltage adjustment and acceleration profile. These options are available through our PC software and Android / IOS app. You can also switch between 60 and 72v batteries with just a simple download and update. We offer free tuning support and technical help. Unlike many competitors where you are charged for a support call, we will never charge you for technical or tuning support calls. Our primary method for support is our discord server which has a community of hundreds of users. Here you can share information and tips along with requesting a one to one call with one of our support staff. We have dedicated support staff based in UK and USA time zones. We are happy to help any customers get the tune and the feel of their bike just right for them. A link to our discord channel will be sent automatically via email once a purchase as been made at which point you are free to join us any time you like. The KO Moto Controller represents a massive leap forward for the Sur-Ron and Talaria Electric bikes. Not only does it have very simple drop in fitting, it also uses the stock Sur-Ron and Talaria display negating the need to run additional cables and the need to purchase additional displays.It is very simple. We have made this controller and all of our controllers specifically for one purpose…to live on the front of your e-bike. Forget other controllers that have been made for a golf kart, go-kart, fork-lift or any other kind of micro mobility / hobby vehicle. Our controllers are made for your Sur-Ron and Talaria. As such they have a proper factory fit, with no extra hoops to jump through. We only use the highest quality components and quality control , unlike other controllers in the market which have suffered many issues of late. We fully test and design our products to be the best available, with proper IP67 waterproofing and all of the features you would expect from them without the need to pay extra for the software to work them or additional equipment to make them run properly. Below you will find details of our Nano controller and what makes it different from any other controller on the market for your Sur-Ron / Talaria highlighting why we offer the best and most suitable controller on the market for this sector.

The Pro controller has high quality components that we have performed extensive testing on and trust. We never compromise on the quality of our work or components.
Our software is open to retailers and end users alike. We want everyone to know that we will never lock them out of using our software, nor do they need to pay any extra for updates, or support for their KO product. The software that comes with all of our controllers is free to use and will remain free to all. We are not a third party developer so we will never charge or implement charges for you to use our products.

The KO Controller has been designed with high quality and simplicity in mind. Using the highest quality components and state of the art technology it is capable of supporting up to 35KW, has IP67 water ingress protection and will work with an input range from 40-100volts.
This controller will fit to your Talaria, or Sur-Ron using the stock mounting positions on your bike. It will also connect directly to the cabling that comes with your bike as standard. This means that you don’t have to do any additional procedures to fit, no extra cables, no extending phase wires and no extra messing around with brackets to get it on your bike. It will fit just like a stock controller would, because it was made to fit this way.

Which is the fastest Sur-Ron?
Surron Ultra Bee Power With all of this power and battery capacity, Surron is claiming a range of 87 miles and a top speed of 56 mph.
All of our controllers offer a full CNC heatsink as part of the design, not as an after thought that you get charged extra for. The heatsink on our controller actually does its job at dissipating heat, rather than other controllers where it serves as just a nicer looking cover.

What is the Sur Ron Light Bee?
Part dirt bike. Part MTB. All electric. The Light Bee X has become a worldwide phenomenon thanks to its accessibility, edgy design, lack of emissions and noise-free ride. The lightweight aluminum frame is paired with off-road suspension designed specifically for this electric platform.
The Pro controller is fully compatible with the KO Control suite for the pc and will also work with the KO Moto Android app (MAC version in development).

The Pro controller is a complete in house project, both software and hardware is designed and manufactured by us to the latest industry standards and specifications.
Unlike other controllers the Pro Series was made to go on the front of your e-bike and designed for the outdoors. As such it has a full ip67 waterproof rating. You don’t need to take any extra steps to waterproof your controller and all of the cabling that may see potential water ingress is fully potted to prevent internal damage.

We are an official Sur Ron electric bikes dealer and a trusted electric dirt bike dealer of off-road electronic bikes and parts including Surron X parts. All your payments are completely secured and you are backed with our 14-day easy return policy. Our local customer support is here to help you at any step of the process. If you are looking Sur Ron dealer near me to get your new Sur Ron X Electric Bike for the best customer service and fast shipping, go with BuilteBikes.
Delight in your rides with amazing control with the safe, sensitive, and snappy throttle with a superior grip, and the wide handlebar. Use it to quickly get your Light Bee ebike on one wheel for super exciting rides, or to maneuver it easily in your home when storing. Wheeling and jumping is on a whole new level with the instantaneous 250N.m torque in the sports mode. Especially because you can instantly stop using the powerful brakes equipped with Front and Rear 4 Piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes.The NAVEE S65 offers a comfortable riding experience featuring a front and rear suspension system. The front and rear suspension prevent excessive shocks on one side, which reduces the overall impact and improves ride comfort. Get ready for a more stable and comfortable ride than ever before.

How bright is Surron headlight?
Brightness modes range from 80 lumens to an ULTRA bright 3200 lumens. The Ultra 3200 incorporates Cree 5000K LEDs to give riders the best depth perception and visibility.
Founded by two brothers passionate about motocross and enduro, BHR is a company with a mission to manufacture high-performance, reliable, yet simple motorcycles at an excellent quality\/price ratio. With ex double world champion of enduro Thierry Charbonnier as part of the team, BHR drew inspiration from one of the best Japanese motorcycle geometries for the chassis part. This allows BHR to take advantage of major suppliers, such as GIANT, NISSIN, HT and FASTACE, all specializing in suspensions. Additionally, BHR is investing heavily in the electrical sector, both in the Asian domestic market and the West, as the future of the market is increasingly reliant on electric power.

After thousands of tests on cross-country tracks and trails, Surron has developed the optimal suspension for the Light Bee electric bike platform. Settings can be adjusted according to your riding preferences, giving you the ideal level of bump absorption and tire grip. You’ll be impressed with what the Light Bee X can tackle and how empowering the rides feel with the Sur-Ron Light Bee.

Get ready for a one-of-a-kind riding experience with the NAVEE S65 Electric Scooter! The latest feature-rich and cost-effective electric scooter is equipped with a powerful geared motor and dual suspension system, offering maximum comfort for more efficient mobility.

Can you ride surrons in the rain?
Yes. The battery has an IP (Ingress Protection) rating of 67. It can be ridden in the rain, through puddles and washed normally, and can handle moderate water crossings in off-road environments. However, significant immersion in water is not advised, and pressure washers can force water through the case.
Please note, the wheels, and the charger are individually packed. You need to assemble the wheels (tools are included), charge the battery before use. Additionally, you need to adjust the forks and handlebar, brakes and throttle before riding. The full instruction manual is included in your order (also available online on this page), and our Florida USA based customer support is here to help you every step of the way.*Unless otherwise noted, ALL products sold from Surron™ are sold with the sole intention for off road or race track use only. This product or products may not comply with some State, Federal, Provincial and/or Local laws, ordinances, regulations. The buyer takes full responsibility of the use of these products on their vehicle which may or may not conform to all applicable laws and regulations for on road or highway use.

The Light Bee X’s torquey center-placed motor and high power to weight ratio propels it to speeds up to 75 km/h and up hills as steep as 45 degrees. Flip the switch to Sport mode and release the Light Bee X’s full capabilities.
The Light Bee X’s powertrain includes a powerful 60V lithium ion battery pack, precise FOC sine wave controller and a PMSM motor with a maximum rotating speed of 5,400 rpm. The Sur-Ron Light Bee X is also built to adapt to harsh riding conditions around the globe, offering not just power, but safety and reliability on every ride. Especially since it comes with professional 19” off-road wheel set, wide and cushy seat and wide handlebar.

Surron\u2122 is setting another benchmark in the electric off-road world with the 2023 Storm Bee F. With 22.5 kW of electric power in a full-size package, the Storm Bee is for savvy off-road riders ready to make the shift from gas-powered engines. Imagine no more oil changes, no spilled gas, no top-end rebuilds… and no noise. Just plug in, charge up, and ride. The lack of emissions and noise will keep the neighbours happy; the performance will keep you happy.
Inspired by its successful predecessors, Surron’s new Ultra Bee takes electric performance to a whole new level. Surron’s latest powertrain system is at the heart of this mid-sized powerhouse. The newly-designed platform delivers precision lightweight handling, smooth power output, and integrates Surron’s refined off-road traction control system (SRTC) to help conquer obstacles on your ride.In terms of finish, you will not be disappointed, in fact Apollo used quality parts: Aluminum frame and handlebars which allow this balance bike to weigh only 9KG including battery, and a Lithium battery giving the possibility of use the bike for up to 1h15min in constant use with only a charge of 2h30!