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Tattoo Shops In Springfield Il

Body Art can be an expensive investment, so when you choose a permanent piece of body art, it’s a big commitment…a permanent one. You can’t return it and get a refund. You can’t exchange it for credit. It’s yours, forever. Unless you laser it off, which is about the same as tossing your expensive painting into the fire. So, it only makes sense to think about the costs involved with a getting a tattoo, including getting all your tattoo protection neccessities before taking the plunge. There’s the old adage, “You get what you pay for.” And there is no truer statement spoken for tattoos. Good tattoos are not cheap. And cheap tattoos are not good. In the old days, you could walk into a tattoo shop, pick a design on the wall for a set price and that was it. Yes you can still do that today – but in recent years, so much more goes into choosing, designing and getting tattoos – it’s only natural that the costs reflect that. So, it’s a cardinal rule that you should do your research first to find out as much as you can prior to budgeting for your new investment.Like any sizable or significant purchase in life, there are many things to consider before committing to your tattoo. Some things come into question—the biggest being budget—can you afford it?Where you get your tattoo has a significant impact on the cost – as in where geographically speaking. Typically, cites will charge more than rural and suburban areas. Getting a tattoo by an artist in a well-known urban city is generally higher than getting a tattoo from an artist in a remote small town. If you get a tattoo in a flourishing city where cost of living is high, expect to pay a higher rate. If you get a tattoo in a tourist location where many people visit and get tattoos, expect to pay a higher rate. Traveling abroad also has specific price variances to consider.Tattoos on the larger-scale can run you typically anywhere from $350-$10,000. Big range – yep! But large-scale tattoos vary so drastically. To avoid that sticker-shock, it’s necessary to understand the average costs involved for each general type of tattoo.This minimum range will also vary depending on your geographic region (see geographic cost ranges below). Obviously big cities like NYC, Miami and Los Angeles will generally have higher prices for tattoos – but it really will depend on the individual shop and/or artist. The more experienced the tattoo artist, the higher the starting price. Some will charge you an hourly rate instead of a flat rate for the piece. But the more experienced and notable the artist, if the tattoo will take more than 4 hours, they will typically charge you a flat day rate.

Tattoos are art that you can enjoy for many years to come! Be sure to invest in your body art wisely and do your due diligence (aka research) before you get inked!The biggest cost factors for tattoos are the artist and the design. The more experience and notoriety a tattoo artist has, the higher their rate. The more complex and detailed the design, the more it will cost. More often than not, tattoo shops will have a minimum cost regardless of the size of your chosen tattoo. This is simply good business. The reason they do this is to ensure that the tattoo artist is compensated fairly for their time and work. So even if you choose a tiny, single-needle tattoo, no bigger than a pea-size, you may still be required to pay anywhere from $50-$250 for that tattoo. But the other biggest impact on price is the size and placement of the tattoo. If you choose a tattoo or piece that’s more involved, intricate, colorful and detailed, the longer the tattoo takes to complete. Additionally, if you’re choosing to place the tattoo in a complicated spot on the body, it inevitably means the more time the artist spends on your tattoo – all of which will ultimately be reflected in the total cost.I hope this tattoo price guide has been informative and helpful to you dudes. If you have any other questions about tattoo cost, feel free to HMU at [email protected]

My tattoos were expensive AF. Like over $100K Expensive! That’s because I choose both quality and quantity. I also have the tendacy to gravitate towards the best of the best in regard to the artist I’ll let get close to my skin with a needle. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great tattoo from a less known artist. People all over the country and world get awesome tattoos at great prices every day.
The top questions I get asked about my tattoos – How much money have you spent on your tattoos? How much money will it cost for me to get this type of tattoo on this part of my body? I was recently asked in an interview, by Inked Magazine, how much money total I had spent on all my tattoos. The answer may or may not surprise you.The cost of a tattoo has a wide range considering the above mentioned. But don’t forget that there are additional costs to consider after the tattoo is complete. The hidden costs involved are necessary to budget, especially if you’re getting larger pieces. As colored inks generally cost more to buy than black inks, some tattoo artists charge a slightly higher price, although this isn’t a standardized practice. Many tattoo artists decide to charge the same hourly rate regardless of color. This usually includes specialized pieces such as white ink tattoos. Most tattoos can be created with little difficulty on many parts of the body, but other, more awkward areas of skin can cause bigger issues and will require greater care and attention from the tattoo artist.However, not all studios put on discounts, especially if they’re extremely popular or highly regarded. Don’t feel hard-done-by if no deals or discounts are available at your chosen shop. Money-off deals are an exception rather than a rule.

A pretty obvious factor. Naturally, if a tattoo artist is extremely popular and in high demand, they’re going to be able to charge as much as they like while still getting business – so if you walk into a popular studio asking to get tattooed by a popular artist, be ready to pay a premium price for your ink.
The more popular a studio is, the more revenue it will be able to generate by recruiting artists who can demand and charge higher tattoo prices. If you go to a world-famous tattoo studio, you will definitely be paying a premium for the pleasure.Many walk-in studios have hundreds of pre-drawn tattoos (tattoo flash) to choose from. As these tattoos are already designed, the artist can transfer them near-instantly onto your body part of your choice.

With this comprehensive guide, we’ll slash through the haze of uncertainty and give you solid, reliable information. You’ll walk into your next tattoo consultation equipped with the confidence and knowledge you need to make financially savvy decisions about your body art.
Probably not a factor that will affect most people wanting a tattoo, but some artists from various cultures around the world still practice the art of tattooing using older, more traditional methods. These methods include using cultural techniques and tools that the vast majority of current artists worldwide have no experience of using or implementing.A tattoo artist working within a very popular studio will demand a higher price for their work. When artists work within a studio, they usually ‘rent’ a chair from the tattoo shop. The tattoo shop normally then takes a cut of the artist’s earnings as a return for the chair-space.

Unfortunately, nobody in the world can tell you what your tattoo will cost apart from your tattoo artist. You can ask people you know about their tattoo expenditures, but some don’t like talking about it.
For a large custom piece, prices generally start at around $700 and can increase all the way up to $7000+ for a highly customized and detailed tattoo. These prices are usually reserved for full sleeve or back tattoos.

At the other end of the scale, if you walk into a top tattoo parlor and ask an artist with 20+ years’ experience what their rate is, don’t be too shocked if they turn around and say $200+ an hour.
Even if an artist isn’t above average in experience and quality, their prices will likely soar once they’ve appeared on one or two popular tattooing TV shows or within a couple of trendy tattoo magazines. Demand increases because people want to get inked by ‘that famous tattoo artist.’ Keep this in mind if you’re wanting any ‘a-list artists’ to tattoo you.

Tattoo artist skill levels vary incredibly from artist to artist. At one end of the scale, you’ll likely be getting ripped off if you’re charged any more than $20 by a friend who was bought their first tattoo kit for Christmas from eBay. Or by the guy dishing out tattoos on the sofa of a friend’s house during a party.
Always ensure the tattoo you’re getting is one you’ll continue to love for years to come, and if you can’t afford the tattoo you’ve been dreaming of, save up and wait! You’ll appreciate your decision in the long run.

Flash tattoos and smaller custom tattoos are generally easier to predict in terms of times, so your tattoo artist may decide to charge you for the piece as a whole instead of by the hour, even if the tattoo isn’t a pre-designed one.

How much does a tattoo cost in Illinois?
Tattoo prices starting from $80. Our hourly rate for tattooing is set at $150 per hour. This pricing can vary depending on the area tattooed — for example, sleeves, back pieces, and so on. We recommend setting up a free consultation with an artist of your choice.
The best tattoo lotion I’ve ever personally used is a vegan aftercare product called After Inked Tattoo Aftercare Lotion. This stuff works amazingly well during the healing process; not only by keeping your tattoo really well hydrated but also by soothing any annoying itching and irritation. When using it from the very start of the healing process, this lotion will help to decrease tattoo healing times and work towards eliminating any lingering dryness and scabbing.​ Click here to buy from Amazon.Another reason why getting a tattoo in color may be more expensive is that your tattoo artist will generally have to take longer between sections in order to change and mix colors. This chopping-and-changing of colors can bump up the final price of your tattoo, especially if it’s a bigger piece.

Can you get a tattoo for $100?
Typically in the $100 to $200 range, depending on the size and other factors. If you’re looking for a piece of flash, you can often walk into a shop and find out right away what the tattoo costs.
This design charge can also be a way to ward off the small minority of clients who ask for a tattoo to be drawn up, only to then take the design to another (usually cheaper) artist to get the work done.The information contained on AuthorityTattoo is intended for informational and educational purposes only. None of the statements made on this website are intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease, infection or illness. Please consult a healthcare practitioner before using tattoo/skincare products that may interfere with medications or known conditions. This article is provided with the understanding that it does not constitute medical or professional advice or services. If you are looking for help with your condition, please seek out a qualified medical practitioner. Sometimes, especially if your tattoo is a bigger piece, certain artists may have deals in-place whereby, for example, if you have a whole days’ worth of tattooing done, you get a small discount. Or, if your work has taken many days to complete, they may even knock a couple of hours off the total price to say thanks for committing to them for such a big, expensive design. Generally, when you’re paying by the hour, you will pay the artist after each session at the studio. For example, if you go in one day for 4 hours’ worth of a new tattoo, you will pay the artist 4 hours’ worth at the end of the session.

These tattoos are normally small and relatively simple, and the fact that they’re already pre-drawn means there’s very little planning involved before getting the session underway. This means there are rarely any costs involved with planning these types of tattoos.Of course, the planning costs vary widely between tattoo artists and tattoo shops. You may be lucky, however, as many professionals do not charge extra for designing custom, highly detailed tattoos.Hourly charging is normally done on bigger, custom and more complex tattoos where an accurate price is usually impossible to predict until the tattoo has been completed or is very close to completion.Commonly, artists will charge around 1 tattooing hour for the planning phase. So if your tattoo artist charges $100 an hour for a tattoo, this will potentially be what you pay to have the tattoo artist draw a design up for you.

Once-in-a-while, you might come across a professional who will charge for all touch ups, although this is relatively rare. In this scenario, the cost of a touch up does vary, but should normally only be a small fee.
Nevertheless, it’s important to consider that an artist doesn’t need to have years of experience to be highly skilled, and an artist is not necessarily guaranteed to be highly skilled even after years of experience.The average cost for a small tattoo, like a flower or an anchor, is $70 to $300. For a medium-sized tattoo like a portrait of an animal or person, expect to spend between $300 and $700. Choosing to get inked by an experienced and talented tattoo artist will likely cost you somewhere in the region of $110 to $180 per hour, and prices will largely depend on how long the tattoo takes to complete.

Therefore, if you wish to be tattooed by an artist using traditional tattooing methods, you’re most likely going to have to pay out more for the privilege.
If you want the best chance of ensuring your tattoo heals brilliantly, and to minimize the risk of having to go back to the studio for a touch up, then a good tattoo aftercare lotion can make a real difference.All artists work at different speeds. Some artists are incredibly quick with their work, while others take much longer. No single way is better, but if you’re paying by the hour, the slower artist will cost more than the quicker one.Below is a section summarizing how much a certain type of tattoo may cost you. Remember, these prices are highly estimated, and prices can vary wildly.Usually, tattoo deposits cost what your tattoo artist will normally charge for an hour or two of their work. Your deposit cost will be deducted from the total amount after the final tattooing session is complete. You should also be aware that while most shops take credit cards these days, some still don’t, so bring cash just in case or ask beforehand.

A less-popular tattoo studio in a small town is likely to charge less for a tattoo when compared with a bigger studio in a large city. This is because their customer base will be smaller, and they will need to be much more careful with their tattoo pricing structure so they don’t risk turning away their smaller (but extremely important) customer-base.
Sometimes, your tattoo doesn’t heal quite as well as it should do during the tattoo healing process and you need to go back to the studio to get certain areas of the tattoo redone. This is known as a touch up. Most tattoo artists do touch ups on their tattoos for free as long as you go back to the studio within a certain time-frame after your last session (normally a month or two).Another reason shops in more obscure areas may have cheaper tattoo prices is that the good artists in these areas are normally harder to find compared to more population-dense areas like bigger towns and cities. These places are where many more tattoo studios are usually situated. It will usually take longer for your tattoo artist to complete a design on an awkward piece of skin, so the price will rise if you’re being charged by the hour. Luckily, by studying this guide, you can give yourself a very rough idea of how much your desired artwork might cost, and you can hopefully get an amazing tattoo that you’ll appreciate for the rest of your life, regardless of expense.On the other hand, many larger tattoos are custom-drawn to exacting requirements. These tattoo designs can be extremely detailed and take up much of the tattoo artist’s schedule to think up and plan. Many artists will rightly charge extra to create something more personalized and intricate for you.

I cannot stress this enough. Do not get a tattoo just because it’s cheap! A tattoo is with you for life and you shouldn’t get a sub-optimal piece of artwork on your body just because your shoddy tattoo artist was a bit cheaper than the next guy. You get what you pay for, folks.Without a doubt, one of the first questions racing through your mind as you consider a tattoo is, “What will it cost me?” This isn’t a simple dollar and cents question; it’s about understanding the value of this lifelong investment.

The minimum charge is there because artists will still be using brand new, single-use needles and sterilizing equipment for your tattoo, and this all costs money. Not to mention they may have missed out on a bigger, more expensive tattoo in order to do your ten-minute one.
Keep in mind that many tattooists prefer to charge by the hour, and usually, their minimum charge is for one hour’s work. Therefore, if you go in wanting a tattoo that will take 10 minutes to complete, you’re still probably going to be paying for an hour’s worth of work.Different professionals have different ways of taking payment when it comes to tattooing. Below are the two most common ways in which you might pay your tattoo artist for their work.

Where in the world are tattoos cheapest?
Thanks to international currency, it’s significantly more affordable to get a tattoo in Thailand than in other parts of the world. Thailand tattoo prices are set for the local market and using overseas currencies means you’ll get more bang for your buck, without compromising on quality.
Nevertheless, small tattoos will not necessarily cost less than larger ones. For example, an extremely intricate and detailed half-sleeve will likely cost more than a full-sleeve consisting of basic shapes with no shading. Small, intricate details will always take much longer to tattoo than basic linework.

Is $200 for a tattoo expensive?
The Basics. Generally, all tattoo shops will begin at a minimum cost. This is to ensure the artist is compensated fairly for their time. So if you’re looking for something super simple and tiny (like a heart outline) you can plan on spending, generally, $50-$200 (depending on where you live).
Below is a table illustrating the estimated average costs (USD) for tattoos based on size, location and artist experience. Remember that these are ballpark figures, and actual prices can vary widely based on the specific tattoo studio, artist’s experience, design complexity, color, and regional cost of living differences.Tattoo newbie or fully sleeved rock star, the best tattoos are the ones you’ve thought through. Once the design you want is on lockdown start searching for artists. Who does your tattoo is crucial to the final result. You want someone who’s reputable and also has skill as well as interest in the type of work you want done. It’s not necessary but certainly nice to find an artist you ‘click’ with and who also has a good report. People get tattoos at pivotal points in their lives and whoever does the work is going to hear your story behind it. The top factors for the cost of a Tattoo include artist skill and exposure, where you are getting the tattoo done, tattoo design, and size and placement of the tattoo. One of the most common questions we receive is how much a tattoo will cost? There is no short answer to this topic but the old saying, “you get what you pay for” definitely applies in the tattoo world.

Who charges the most for a tattoo?
The most expensive tattoo artists in the world#1 Scott Campbell. Passionate about his work, New York-based Scott Campbell is one of the most respected tattoo artists in the world and one of the most expensive on our list, charging up to $2,000 per hour. … #2 Ami James. … #3 Anil Gupta. … #4 Paul Booth. … #5 Kat Von D.
Another important factor for the cost of the tattoo is its placement, or the location on the body. The reason for this is that it may take an artist longer to design a tattoo depending on where you want it, as well as needing to take more care in tattooing the area on an awkward piece of skin so that the image shows up as intended.

In addition to the cost of tattoo implementation, prepare to factor expenses for tattoo aftercare into your savings fund. For more information, check out our complete guide on the Tattoo Aftercare process to help make sure the money that you invest in your tattoo will be worth it.
It takes 2-3 weeks for a tattoo to heal completely. During that time, your skin does a lot of things to heal your tattoo — here’s what to expect and what not to expect.When exploring different sized tattoos, there are several factors involving the cost to consider. Obviously, the larger a design, the longer it will take to complete, and the more the tattoo will cost. Large tattoos will be drawn by the artist with customer input, and the more detailed and time-consuming, the more the artist may charge. Most artists charge for one hour for this phase, but this can vary greatly. Some artists include the design in the price of the tattoo for some large detailed pieces, as soon as you commit to getting it done with them. If you’re reading this article because you’re wondering how much a tattoo will cost, it’s likely that you’ve already committed to wearing one for the rest of your life. If that’s the case, first be sure of your design. If it’s your very first tattoo, then keep the artwork you want to get inked on your body at a place where you will constantly see it for the next few months. This is a good test for people with virgin skin because if you do decide to get that traditional piece on your leg you will see it every single day. So before going permanent keep your idea with you, just to be sure you still love it the same as when you thought of it at 4am after too many cups of coffee.

If you go locally, tattoo shops (or parlors) typically have minimum amounts that they charge. It will generally be quoted by how long it will take for the artist to complete the design. So whether that little flower is on the wrist or the finger, it might cost the same. It’s a known fact that tattoo prices vary according to which part of the world the tattoo shop is located in. For example, on the outskirts of Chicago you can’t get quality art for less than US$60. Places in the UK have a minimum that is the US equivalent of just over US$50 to about US$90. Looking at different parts of Europe, tattoo artists and shops in Paris or Amsterdam charge roughly US$200/hour.
Hopefully this article will provide insight into the price of a tattoo and give you some clear feedback on where to head next with your tattoo explorations.The best way to find out the cost of a tattoo is to look online at studios in which you are looking for a tattoo, have a browse through artist portfolios and pick an artist you like, print off some reference material and give the shop a call asking if you can come in for a consultation about a tattoo. In the following guide we will describe how different factors affect the cost of a tattoo.

You should be aware that tattoos have additional costs. Before asking “How Much Does a Tattoo Cost?”, you need to know some of the extra costs involved when the process is over. For instance, if you are satisfied with the service offered, it is recommended that you give the artist a tip. A tip is a thank you note, and it can be about 15 to 20 percent of the total cost.

There’s no way around it, all tattoos hurt! However, certain areas generally hurt more than others. These are the ten most painful places to get a tattoo.
When it comes to pricing it depends on where you’re getting the tattoo done, the different shades of color being used, and the complexity of the design. It can be more, or it can be less, there may be an hourly rate or the artist may individually price each tattoo that they do. In terms of the cost of a tattoo just remember, you get what you pay for. The saying is true, “good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good.”I’m your About section. Click to edit and tell your visitors more about this artist. How long have they been tattooing? What art style do they prefer? What kind of piercings are their speciality?

I’m your About section. Click to edit and tell your visitors more about this artist. How long have they been piercing? What kind of piercings are their speciality?Gomez is in the same camp. “Every artist assigns value to their work the way they think is appropriate, which is the quoted price. So the tip really becomes a gesture of gratitude that tells me that the client feels like I gave more than what was expected,” says Gomez. “And for me, this is the goal.” Dim, a resident artist at Blindreason Tattoo, considers 20 percent of the total price to be the average amount people tip for their new ink, especially in New York City. But, he says, this is still dependent on the individual client — and there are people who won’t tip at all. Both Gomez and Dim say that tipping isn’t essential, but it is a kind way of showing your artist appreciation for their service and for their work. “I don’t believe it’s necessary for you to provide a tip. In fact, it doesn’t make a difference if you choose not to tip — even if you enjoyed the tattoo,” says Dim. “I genuinely appreciate it when a customer decides to give me a tip, but please know that I’m not disappointed if they don’t.”When you visit the site, Dotdash Meredith and its partners may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. Cookies collect information about your preferences and your devices and are used to make the site work as you expect it to, to understand how you interact with the site, and to show advertisements that are targeted to your interests. You can find out more about our use, change your default settings, and withdraw your consent at any time with effect for the future by visiting Cookies Settings, which can also be found in the footer of the site.

How big is a $500 tattoo?
A standard size hip or thigh tattoo (about 1ft in length) will run you about $500 for outline only, or anywhere from $1500-$2000 for full color.
“Like when you’re ordering a coffee and are treated rudely in the process, I don’t think you need to tip,” says Gomez. “In tattooing, if you weren’t comfortable with the experience, or the tattoo itself doesn’t match what you and your artist spoke about, I don’t think a large tip — or any tip for that matter — is necessary.”

According to Pablo Gomez, a Brooklyn-based tattoo artist at Atelier Eva, tipping anywhere from 15 percent to 25 percent of the total cost is considered a good tip — regardless of the type of tattoo you get.
It’s standard practice to leave a tip for our hairstylist, manicurist, and even makeup artist for when you go glam for special events. But what about your tattoo artist? If you’re looking to add new ink or considering your first-ever tattoo, tipping your tattoo artist is something that should be top of mind — and factored into your budget, since tattoos are often an investment.

To get a better idea on what the appropriate amount is, we turned to the experts to share the details. Here, what to keep in mind when considering how much to tip for a tattoo.

Jared was very knowledgeable, personable, and above all, very caring. I have extremely sensitive skin and he took his time to make sure I was comfortable and my tattoo would turn out how I wanted it too. My husband and I felt very welcomed and comfortable and will be returning for more work!
Absolutely loved it! Building was very clean and welcoming inside. Artists were very friendly and made me feel super comfortable for my first tattoo. The whole time was fun and my artist was very fun to talk to while still doing an amazing job. I can’t wait to go here to get more of my tattoos done. 10/10 highly recommend!Help others: Click Here to send review or send us your review to [email protected]. Negative and positive review will be used for rating. Make a difference.Newage Tattoos and Body Piercings is an established tattoo studio located in Springfield, IL, owned by skilled tattooist Jason Lee. The studio takes great pride in its reputation, with highly talented artists offering expertise in various tattoo styles to create unique and exceptional pieces. They possess a vibrant energy, coupled with enthusiasm, kindness, and patience towards their customers. With their exceptional skills, they strive to deliver incredible designs at competitive prices, always prioritizing customer satisfaction. The studio also provides aftercare instructions to ensure the longevity and quality of the tattoos. The shop itself provides a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for getting your extraordinary tattoos. They also offer piercing services. Additionally, the studio provides accessible parking and wheelchair facilities, ensuring convenience for all clients. Newage Tattoos and Body Piercings warmly welcome walk-ins, guaranteeing the best possible customer service.

Outkast Tattoo Co., situated in Springfield, is a highly reputable tattoo studio renowned for its talented and experienced artists. The studio’s exceptional roster of artists is the driving force behind its loyal and satisfied clientele. Outkast Tattoo Co. houses highly gifted artists who possess the expertise to create a wide range of styles, including even the most intricate and complex designs.They are dedicated to providing tattoos that perfectly complement the customers’ lifestyles, and they approach each request with enthusiasm and readiness. are committed to ensuring that clients receive the best possible tattoo experience. Each artist brings their unique style to the table, offering tattoos such as portraits, biomechanical designs, old school motifs, and Japanese traditional artwork. Moreover, the studio places great emphasis on delivering excellent customer service that goes above and beyond expectations. Outkast Tattoo Co. warmly welcomes clients, inviting them to collaborate in creating a personalized design that aligns perfectly with their vision.
Great place and very clean! All the artists are nice, I worked with Kindra who drew up and tattooed the picture shown. She has a great personality, made great conversations, has clean lines and great shading. Definitely booking with her again! 10/10 would recommend.I cannot give this shop as many stars as I’d like- 100. Always a great experience. Clean, professional, they may also turn me into a metal fan with their shop music. They take personal privacy seriously, including when working near intimate regions with curtains, frosted door in the piercing room.

I couldn’t recommend Newage more highly! The shop is large, clean, light and cool inside. The booking process is smooth and they have a dedicated team member who helps coordinate you with an artist, pick a portfolio you like and make an appointment. I worked with Devan and she was the epitome of both talented and professional. She has a great mood and energy and is enthusiastic, patient and willing to work with you/consider all your ideas whether it’s the beginning of a shift or after the end of a long session. She helped me start a sleeve and was a great conversationalist and really QUITE skilled. She had a gentle, steady hand and really a good vision. I’ll absolutely be going back to her for more art and am thankful I chose to work with her. Thanks for everything!

I’ve had the best tattoo experience ever at Outkast. Josh has been a wonder to work with, and he had done any excellent job giving me the tattoo I’ve wanted for decades. He drew my design according to my request (and made it better than imagined) and he doesn’t drill into the skin like some tattooists in my past experiences elsewhere. The tattoo process was comfortable and of course sanitary. He didn’t mind talking and joking, or just sitting in silence. My tattoo took 3 different visits which took a few hours each, and every time I started to feel uncomfortable with my pain level, he immediately stopped. The shop is well decorated to keep your eyes busy as you look around, there are TV’s playing movies, shows, or anything you request, as well as music to keep your mind off the buzz of the tattoo machine. I fully recommend Outkast, and Josh, to anyone looking to get their first or just their next tattoo. Thank you so much!

Redbird Electric Tattooing, located in Springfield, Illinois, stands as one of the leading tattoo shops in the area. Exceptional artist Brian Michael McCormic is the proud owner, bringing over 15 years of tattooing experience to the industry. The studio boasts a team of talented tattoo artists who have honed their skills over several years, carefully selecting designs and mastering various tattooing techniques. With three full-time tattoo artists, Redbird Electric Tattooing offers noteworthy work across a range of tattoo styles, making it a worthwhile destination. The artists and staff members prioritize treating each client with the utmost respect and professionalism. They are dedicated to delivering complete, inventive designs and long-lasting, high-quality tattoos, from traditional to trendy styles. The studio has a clean, classic, and top-notch environment where clients can experience a great atmosphere throughout their tattooing journey. Redbird Electric Tattooing team ensures that clients receive the best possible tattooing experience. Whether it’s your first tattoo or your 100th, their team will assist you in getting the tattoo you deserve within your budget.
Just one of the many tattoos I have gotten here. I absolutely love this place, the atmosphere is very friendly, the staff treats you very well. Highly recommend.Tea was fantastic!! My daughter is Autistic, and really wanted an Autism Mother/Daughter Tattoo. I had no clue how she was going to deal with the whole experience, but Tea made sure she knew that if she needed anything to just ask, talked to her and told her how good she was was the best experience and I couldn’t have been happier with the end results! Highly recommend.

Do you tip a tattoo artist?
According to Pablo Gomez, a Brooklyn-based tattoo artist at Atelier Eva, tipping anywhere from 15 percent to 25 percent of the total cost is considered a good tip — regardless of the type of tattoo you get.
The owner, Styx, is great at doing customized tattoos, and he provides a comfortable environment in his mobile tattoo shop so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

They believe in straightforward tattooing that adheres to time-tested, proven methods and customs. They constantly add new designs to their repertoire and are happy to bring your concept to reality. For appointments, you can call or click on any of the links given below:
To The Moon Tattoo Studio, 1543 is a one-of-a-kind tattoo shop in Springfield, Illinois, that offers excellent customer service and beautiful tattoos at an affordable price. April Weller, Sean, and Dylan Cole are artists who are among the kindest and most caring individuals.He is truly genuine in his work and pays attention to your needs. You can check out his work and the other artists at Styx Unlimited Tattoo Emporium on Facebook and call them to make an appointment.

Filling out a consultation form, which may be accessed on their website or app, is the easiest way to begin the process. Fill one out today to start working on your next masterpiece!There’s no better place to get your hands on skin art than Black Moon. He’s a tattoo whiz with a ton of knowledge. Trust us when we say that he will exceed your wildest hopes and expectations. You can schedule an appointment on the phone or send him a message on Facebook to get an instant reply.

The shop is immaculate and has significant positive vibes, making clients feel welcome and comfortable. You can find out more about them or contact them by clicking on any of the links below:
They make you feel very comfortable and reply to all your queries regarding the ink you want to get. You can easily reach them on the phone or send them a message on Facebook to get a consultation or fix an appointment.Get Branded for life! Your style and personal identity are reflected in your tattoo. Since it will be with you for the rest of your life, you should ensure it holds a unique meaning. Unfortunately, the process of getting a decent tattoo isn’t as simple as many people believe. You need to locate that one fantastic tattoo artist who can bring your ideas to life because the tattoo will, hopefully, stay on your body for the rest of your life.

They like working in various genres but particularly enjoy realism, surrealism, floral/nature, and new school. Their studio has a spotless, well-lit atmosphere with top-notch client support. They create personalized pieces for their clients, so they are not a walk-in studio.
They also provide other less common tattooing techniques, such as hand-poking, temporary tattoos, henna, UV-reactive tattoos, and face and lip tattoos.We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page..

How much is a tattoo in Europe?
Places in the UK have a minimum that is the US equivalent of just over US$50 to about US$90. Looking at different parts of Europe, tattoo artists and shops in Paris or Amsterdam charge roughly US$200/hour. The cost of a tattoo greatly depends on the tattoo artists location.
However, their artwork will be all around you when you visit their studio. Please leave a voicemail if you call, as they are available only by appointment and do not pick up the phone when they are with customers.Anytime the store is open, drop by to make an appointment and speak with an artist. They do not schedule appointments over the phone or via messenger since they demand a deposit to confirm your time. Instead, you can click on the links to look at their inkwork and select a piece you like, or you can go there and speak to the artist you like. Benny DeWitt and Nick Demarco, as well as the many other incredible tattoo artists, make up Good Heart Tattoo Studio, which has over a decade of experience. They are experts in tattoos with intricate, subtle lines, colorful, and the best black and gray tattoos. When you visit, you will be treated like a king or queen. They are constantly smiling and never pass judgment. So, if you want to get your first tattoo, you must contact them and check out their designs. Then, you can call or click on any of the links below for a consultation or an appointment.

Redbird was founded in 2013 with the intention of not only creating amazing tattoos but also a welcoming atmosphere for the people who would be their clients. They only employ three tattoo artists full-time, emphasizing long-lasting quality rather than passing trends. They’ve hand-picked each tattoo artist based on their talent and drive, and they’ve all worked in and around Springfield for an extended period.
Trent and Erica are artists who own and run the Poke and Rub art studio. We welcome vegans in all respects. They like to call themselves an art studio rather than just a tattoo shop since they appreciate all art forms.Prices for tattoos in Springfield, Illinois, start at $80. Some charge $150 per hour for tattooing services. The cost can change based on the location of the tattoo, such as sleeves, back parts, and so on.Black Moon is one of the best tattoo shops in Springfield, Illinois, owing to Kevin’s talent as an artist. Kevin Veara is the shop’s owner and artist and has been tattooing for over two decades. He knows what works and what doesn’t in each given situation.My family went into Lucky Rabbit on 9/ to get matching tattoos. Amber’s sketch of what we wanted exceeded our expectations and we instantly loved what she drew for us. She did our 4 tattoos back to back, they all look identical and amazing. She also touched a prior tattoo for me and it looks so fantastic again. We absolutely love Amber’s work and highly recommend her.

Benny is the BEST! He’s patient, kind, and always listens to what I want. I just got my 4th tattoo from him tonight. Each is unique and special. He takes my ideas and inspiration, and adds his amazing artistic talent. I love how he designs with me on sight so we can work together to get the perfect outcome. No matter what I have in mind, he astonishes me with his interpretation. I can’t recommend him enough. If you want something beautiful, amazing, timeless, and one that will stand the test of time (he knows how skin will age), Benny is your guy.

Great environment, very clean, and rock solid art. The process was smooth and went much faster than I had expected. I really enjoyed my time here and I love my new tattoo. I definitely recommend this shop.
Jenna is an amazing artist and was great to work with! I gave her my idea and she came up with something more beautiful than I could have imagined. I seriously cannot go anywhere without someone stopping me to complement my tattoo. I would highly recommend Jenna for a tattoo. Brittany is fabulous as well, I dont have a tattoo from her, but plenty of friends do!Best Tattoo shop in town! Was debating on a chest piece for about a year. Couldnt find a shop where i liked the work. Spoke to Trent gave him my idea and with in a day he had it drawn up and was ready to go! It turned out amazing! Erica and Trent are amazing and so friendly. The specials they do for the holidays shows how much they appreciate their customers. If you need a tattoo look no further. They can do it all! Thank you guys for amazing work and the most enjoyable tattoo experience anybody could ask for!! Cant wait for my next session!!!

Establishment was clean. Work was quick and efficient. Looks GREAT! Very much so what I had in mind. Bonus: he got me in without a 2+ month wait like other tattoo studios typically have.
I cannot say enough good things… I went in to get an tattoo from Keigan Ray & he ended up tattooing myself and my fiancé. He sat with me for over an hour trying to figure out what I wanted and where it would look good for me…. He was so patient and loved every second of his job…. I loved his vibe so much that I ended up having my daughter come in and get work done the same day….. John Ray made my dream come true and I finally got a finger tattoo. He didn’t hesitate to do it for me he hand drew it on and I just trusted him. They are all such a chill vibe and I can’t wait to get more work done from them!!

A few months ago I went in and talked to Adam about getting a tattoo of a name my Grandma would call me, in her handwriting. I just got it yesterday and he did an AMAZING job. Very professional, sanitary, and is clearly talented. His lines are very clean, as you can see in the picture. I strongly recommend him for your tattooing needs.

How expensive are most tattoos?
BASIC TATTOO COSTSTYPESIZECOSTTiny TattoosUnder 2 inches$50 – $100Small Tattoos2-4 inches$50 – $250Medium Sized Tattoos4-6 inches$150 – $450Large Single-Piece Tattoos4-6 inches$500 – $5,000
Do NOT trust Sling with a tattoo. He claimed to have been tattooing for over years, but when I went in for a simple leaf pattern in black, the veins were bulging and fat and there was a random mistake line jutting out from the piece like he forgot to pick up the needle. Went to a whole different person to have it fixed up who charged me LESS than what Sling said he would charge to fix it. Will never go here again. Kennedy is amazing! I love my tattoo and she made me feel very comfortable and cared for. Shop is clean and well decorated, can’t wait to get more from her! I recently had a tribute tattoo inked at Redbird Electric Tattoo. My artist was Brian and the experience was fantastic! Not only was the tattoo and artwork flawless, the atmosphere was awesome. The artists were talking with the customers and one another in such a laid-back and natural way, they really put people at ease. You could tell they genuinely enjoyed what they were doing. I have had work done at two other shops in Springfield, and although the tattoos were well-done, in both cases the artists and shops really made you feel like they were doing you a favor by doing your tattoo. Brian was just the opposite. He worked closely with me to make sure the artwork was exactly what I wanted and he let me know he would keep reworking the design until I loved it. Redbird was a totally different experience than the others. I couldn’t recommend them more! If you’re getting a tattoo cover up, you’ll also need to factor in the cost of fading or removal of the old tattoo. Removery’s package deals and financing options make tattoo removal costs more budget-friendly. If you need full sleeve tattoo removal prior to getting the sleeve tattoo of your dreams, that will take some time (typically at least a year and a half) and additional expense. Removery offers financing for tattoo removal so no one needs to delay getting started with the process.

Size, complexity, body placement, coloring, the artist’s level of experience, location of the tattoo parlor, and the equipment used have the biggest impact on tattoo cost.
The complexity of the design will increase the time required to actually tattoo the design as well, so consider the level of detail involved and the precision needed to carry it out.After all, you’ll be seeing it on a daily basis and it will be projecting a particular image of you to the rest of the world. For health and safety reasons, too, you don’t want to take the least expensive route when it comes to tattoos.

Is $400 enough for a tattoo?
A medium color tattoo done by a good/excellent artist will cost $400 – $2000.
Artists commonly bill for one hour of time for the tattoo design, though for very large designs, they sometimes throw in the designing at no additional charge, due to the high commission they’ll be receiving for all the hours of work. The amount of time the artist must put into actually designing the tattoo will influence the price. A piece of flash may require no time at all, while designing a custom full-back tattoo could take hours. Size plays one of the most important roles in tattoo cost. It will influence whether you pay a flat rate, an hourly rate, or a half- or full-day rate. Larger tattoos are naturally more time-consuming than smaller ones, and they often take more effort to design.We will also share some average tattoo costs for different types of tattoos and will look at all the key factors involved, like size, complexity, and the artist’s level of experience, so you can prepare for your next piece of body art.