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Everything You Need to Outsource Dictation for Remote Transcription
Unlimited Transcription provides a digital handheld recorder for each full time dictating provider.  We also provide the necessary equipment and software to transfer the voice dictation by Internet and receive transcribed documents. 
The Olympus 4000 or 5000
Technical Specifications  Internal Media Memory Card for up to 5 hours of recording time.  Recording Format:  DSS  Upload Method: Direct USB cable connection with auto device detector  Operating System:  Compatible with all operating systems  Connection: Can be used with solo or networked computer. 
Advantages: Enables dictator to upload from personal laptop or desk top PC. Voice file travels down your network to your central PC to transfer by internet to our server. Automated system with one click by user after device detection. Features: Archives all voice dictation files in central PC. Gives on screen messages during movement of voice from internal memory card to PC archive. Memory card automatically erased after completed transfer to central PC archive. Gives on screen messages during Internet transfer from PC to our server. Log of all inbound and outbound transfers.  Authentication and 128 bit encryption during internet transfer.    Can be used with standalone or networked connection.   Recommendation: Best equipment model for typical user with high quality recording and many flexible features. Olympus is compatible with all windows operating systems.
Toll Free Phone-In System
Technical Specifications Dictation Capture: Unlimited Recording Recording Format: wav Upload Method: Use any cell or land line phone to dictate. Create new files, Rewind, Play, Fast Forward, Hang Up to Automatically Save The Voice File.
Secure Internet Transfer Software
We realize that security, reliability, and control are huge concerns when outsourcing confidential medical transcription services using the internet. Unlimited Transcription has worked closely with several software and equipment companies to produce our Secure Internet Transfer System.
Archiving Voice Dictation Files on Clients PC Automated Upload of Dictation Files On-Screen Updates of File Transfer Authentication and Encryption Exceeding HCFA and HIPAA Security Standards Firewall Protected Servers Mirrored Hard Drives for Secure Backup of Data Corporate Level Virus Protection Option to Return Completed Transcripts to Specific Folder on Client PC or Networked Storage
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