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In some cases, some browser extensions can interfere with the loading of Feedly. If you have some browser extensions installed, try to load Feedly in an incognito window and see if that resolves the issue. If it does, you can try to disable extensions one by one to determine where the conflict is.On a side note, I have considered maybe, potentially, starting a Patreon page for even more content, longer caps, TG related stories both short and long and a place for requests. Right now, I am just testing the waters to see if there would be an interest among the community for that. Hey all you fine ladies and gents out there. I am spending a lot of today online doing some administrative stuff with the website and what not. I’m currently scheduling all of my posts and it looks like I’m good through April 2022. (O.o Holy Cow) Anyway, just wanted to pop in, tell you all that I love you and appreciate you all. Thank you to everyone who has been reading and commenting! You make this all worth the effort!This request is a three-parter, with a caption exploring both outcomes of the coin toss. Let me know in the comments which scenario you’d like to see first – heads or tails?

I’m also somewhere on the ace spectrum, which meant that any explicit images or sex-based captions simply didn’t resonate with me at all. This obviously extended to when I started writing my own – I kept things PG, focusing on all the other aspects of people’s transformations.So… that’s the long version. I’m ridiculously lucky to be where I am today – to be able to afford private HRT and to have a supportive family and partner. I know that for so many others out there it’s so much harder.

Anyhow, as the years went on I gained more self-awareness and – more importantly – self-acceptance. Even then, it came slowly. I shuffled my way awkwardly under the trans umbrella, reluctant to label myself as anything in particular. I still didn’t really get it – sure, I was trans and liked feminine stuff, but I didn’t feel “trapped in the wrong body”. I was mostly happy, and it wasn’t like I hated my body. I was just… indifferent to it. I didn’t feel “trans enough” to seriously entertain transitioning.
So I started transitioning last year, and I’ve honestly never felt happier. Like I say, I was happy before – but now it feels like a final puzzle piece has slotted into place. That escape from reality I used to get by dreaming up a TG scenario and imagining it happening to me… I just don’t need it anymore. Because I’m living it. And sure it’s slow and hard sometimes, and there’s no magic wand to magically make my body exactly what I want it to be. But it’s… enough.Until a few years ago, when I finally started reading more of other trans people’s experiences and realised they were closer to mine than I could have imagined. Turns out, that imposter syndrome I’d been feeling? Yep, pretty common. And the “trapped in the wrong body” narrative simply does not describe a large number of trans people, myself included.

So, the obvious question: why am I stopping? The short answer is that captioning no longer holds any interest for me. The long answer is the remainder of this post, and should probably start with a bit of an introduction.

Before I go any further, please rest assured that I have no intention of shutting the blog down. It will remain here, to be stumbled upon and enjoyed by anyone who finds it useful.
I’m pretty burned out, I’m not going to lie. And I’m doing stuff with friends & family into New Year’s so it’s hard to keep up the pace I’ve set for myself. I thought about taking a hiatus NOW but I have a few games I’ve written that I want to post (on that note, there will still be 4 games in January, one on each Saturday).I’m not telling you guys this because I don’t luv your requests, I do! I just want you to know if the reason you’re not seeing a caption you request soon that’s because of how the queue is filled right now.If you’ve ever wondered what kind of TG Caps I like, check out My Favorite TG Captions! This is really just a place where I can save my fav caps from creators like @cambrysissycaptions, @thesissyinitiative, @sissymissyxox, & others! There’s also a button for it on my main blog. Enjoy! :DAny requests you make now won’t be seen until December. Having said that, if you have any holiday themed requests for Christmas or Hanukkah or anything like that you’ll want to get them in. I’ll post another status update when I can’t take any more holiday requests and I’ll close requests for a brief time when I have enough to get me to the end of December. If you’ve made a request that you 1) have not seen yet & 2) I have not answered publicly, it’ll be posted before Dec. 1st!

I got back into doing the Alphabet Series I did forever ago, not only finally writing caps for K celebrities but going back and doing celebrities for the letters I already did but missed at the time. That has lead to a LOT of inspiration. The plan is to post two alphabet series caps a night plus one standard, original caption! Requests will stay closed during this return. At least for a bit. Right now I have enough captions I’m able to write WITHOUT taking requests.

Because of COVID and unemployment I’ve had a lot of free time so I’ve been able to make more games than usual! My plan right now is to take a hiatus at the end of January / early February & post a game every Saturday until then. But life is unpredictable so we’ll see what happens.Hi lovelies! So I’m not back full time yet but over the past few weeks I had a fit of inspiration and wrote a LOT of captions with the girls from Riverdale, so – as the name of this post suggest – March is Riverdale month! 😀

Because of a lot of different things, a handful of posts were deleted from the blog over the last year. I’ve been slowly remaking them & posting them on Thursdays as part of Throwback Thursday BUT I’m impatient and tired of waiting around. So I remade MOST of the captions that were deleted and have them in the queue until Sept. 24th. There were some captions I couldn’t remake because they were too specific to the image I was using and some I’m waiting to post until later (for example: I have a few Halloween remakes ready for October). But for the most part, every deleted caption will be remade before the year is over.
You may have noticed I haven’t been responding to many requests or messages lately. I have been super swamped with school and moving and work and stuff but I wanted to let you all know I’m still here & I AM seeing your messages it’s just taking me a while to respond to them. Thank you for being patient. :)Hey, just so you guys know, I am back in full swing making the captions you are requesting! Everything has been going in the queue as always, but since I’ve been answering so many requests the queue is a little more full than usual. For the most part I tried to adhere to my normal weekly schedule when remaking and posting old stuff. Wednesdays will still have comics, Thursdays are throwbacks (sequels), Fridays will have GIFs. BUT there won’t be any games from Sept. 5th to 30th. The point of these September posts is to add content to the blog that was simple to make so I don’t get burned out before the holidays which always inspire a lot of caps. But don’t worry lovelies, I’m planning on three games in October all Halloween themed so hopefully you’ll enjoy that. So I know I want to write captions up to & including Jan. 29th so I’m definitely writing captions until the last Saturday in January. I just don’t know if I’ll take a break right away after or try to at least finish January. We’ll see. And I do not know when I’m coming back from hiatus but hopefully it won’t be too long.Hi lovelies! Some of you may remember that I was planning on taking a hiatus from early September until October 1st when I would start publishing Halloween caps. Well I still am…but I’m also not.

There will be at least 1 click and drag game on May 14th & I’m hoping to do another one but I can’t make any promises at this time. I know you all prefer the choose your own destiny games but I just spent a few months making a CYOD game with 100 different results, so I need a little bit of a break.
The first night of Riverdale Month will be March 1st, so I’m trying to fill up my queue with random text posts because I’m impatient & want to fill up my queue for March too. So you’ll get a lot of random stuff in the next few days. Remember to click the TG Captions Only button on my blog if you don’t want to see any of this. Otherwise, I hope you like what I’ve got for March! :DHi lovelies! Hope you’ve been enjoying my 100th game during this hiatus! Like I said earlier, that 100th game really took a lot out of me so I’ve been taking a little break from making captions. BUT I think I’m about ready to cum back! :DSorry to my lovelies who don’t really like any of the Riverdale celebs, I knew that might be a risk but I liked the idea of a theme month so here we are! Hopefully there will be something you enjoy in it.

I’ve been working on some sexy stuff I think you’ll all like. Not only that, but all of May’s captions have a theme: GIF Captions! That’s right, every new caption from May 2nd to May 31st will be a GIF!
Any requests made today won’t be seen until October at the earliest but yes, requests are open. If you have a specific Halloween-themed request in mind get it in soon because there are only so many I can post before November and I’ve already written some. I will make a status update when I can’t take any more Halloween-themed captions if I have to. Otherwise try to limit requests to no more than two or three celebs at a time and I reserve the right to close the requests at any time if there are just too many for me to handle.

I have gotten some requests for Christmas specific caps. Since Christmas is less than a week away (YAY!) I AM going to make these caps before the holiday but I’m not gonna do a “Requests” post before the holidays. Just know if you have sent or will send me a Christmas cap request in the next few days I will probably do it.
With the holiday season coming up I’ve been able to remake the three Christmas captions that were deleted. I’ve also thought of ways to remake a few captions I couldn’t figure out before, including a certain game that’ll be posted at the end of November ;). Basically by the time 2022 comes around, every caption I’ve written for this blog will be back in some way or another. Yay!I’ll be posting 3 captions a night – a regular caption, a comic, & a GIF – all with the gals from Riverdale. There will be an equal amount of captions starring Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart, Madelaine Petsch, & Vanessa Morgan! And other Riverdale celebs like Ashleigh Murray, Erinn Westbrook, Marisol Nichols, & more will be featured in some captions this month too.

What this means is that anyone who sends in a request from today on will not see that caption until May at the earliest. I wasn’t able to make caps for EVERY request in April but I’m going to share the ones below that I’ll work to get up in early May. So if you made a request that you 1) don’t see here or 2) has not been answered already, that means it’s probably in the queue for April! Yay! :DYou all have been sending in some really lovely requests but you also send in a LOT so I always have to keep track of them to make sure I close requests before my next hiatus. Because of everything I mentioned above I’m not able to do that & really don’t feel I can keep track of requests at this point. So I’m NOT accepting requests at this time. I’ll start accepting requests again when I come back from my next hiatus.