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The Jetty Brigantine New Jersey

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Make a visit to Brigantine Beach part of your travel plans when visiting the Atlantic Coast of New Jersey. There’s plenty to see and do in the scenic Atlantic county town on the South Jersey shore with many miles of coastline just minutes from Atlantic City, less than 1 hour from Philadelphia, and less than 2 hours from New York City.If you are looking for a summer vacation rental to spend time near the oceanfront near beach towns like Ocean City, check out our guides for every beach on the Jersey Shore.

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What are the rules about sleeping on the beach?
Sleeping on a public beach at night is prohibited in most of the states. You may face jail time or a fine if you are caught. Also there are many safety concerns with sleeping on the beach, such as wild animals or rising tides. It is not advised to sleep or camp at the beach at night, for health and safety reasons.
Spend the day sailing or kayaking around Brigantine island, swimming in the ocean or relaxing on the beach and enjoying the natural beauty that Brigantine Beach has to offer!This website is NOT affiliated with the City of Brigantine. Please use the information below to contact the Brigantine local government or pay your bills: Brigantine Beach welcomes you and wishes to provide as much useful information to you as possible in order to make your visit to our beautiful beach town a pleasurable one. We hope you’ll find your visit to our town is so enjoyable that you’ll decide to stay longer. In fact, we hope that you’ll make Brigantine Beach your vacation destination of choice or your home. Our town offers many amenities including tourist attractions, gift shops, hotels, and restaurants. If you love a peaceful beach, but you want to be close to the action of Atlantic City, Brigantine Beach is just right for you! | Asbury Park Hotels | Atlantic City Hotels | Belmar Beach Hotels | Cape May Hotels | Lavallette Hotels | Long Beach Hotels | Ocean City NJ Hotels | Point Pleasant Beach Hotels |Seaside Heights Hotels | Seaside Park Hotels | Wildwood Hotels |

Is Brigantine NJ beach free?
Is Brigantine Beach free? No, you will need to purchase a beach tag to visit Brigantine Beach. Cached
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When you visit our beautiful town of Brigantine Beach for the first time, you will not want to leave. Once you visit our stunning beaches with beautiful summer weather and feel the sand on your feet and the smell of the Fresh Ocean Air you will feel like your dream came true. You to will come to find that Brigantine Beach is “an island you’ll love for life…”
Students in public school for ninth through twelfth grades, along with those from Longport, Margate City and Ventnor City, attend Atlantic City High School in neighboring Atlantic City, as part of sending/receiving relationships with the Atlantic City School District. As of the 2018–19 school year, the high school had an enrollment of 1,796 students and 153.0 classroom teachers (on an FTE basis), for a student–teacher ratio of 11.7:1. In the 2013 gubernatorial election, Republican Chris Christie received 2,270 votes (73.2% vs. 60.0% countywide), ahead of Democrat Barbara Buono with 715 votes (23.1% vs. 34.9%) and other candidates with 35 votes (1.1% vs. 1.3%), among the 3,099 ballots cast by the city’s 6,977 registered voters, yielding a 44.4% turnout (vs. 41.5% in the county). In the 2009 gubernatorial election, Republican Chris Christie received 1,877 votes (57.7% vs. 47.7% countywide), ahead of Democrat Jon Corzine with 1,147 votes (35.2% vs. 44.5%), Independent Chris Daggett with 173 votes (5.3% vs. 4.8%) and other candidates with 26 votes (0.8% vs. 1.2%), among the 3,255 ballots cast by the city’s 6,632 registered voters, yielding a 49.1% turnout (vs. 44.9% in the county). Atlantic County’s constitutional officers are: County Clerk Joesph J. Giralo (R, 2026, Hammonton), Sheriff Eric Scheffler (D, 2024, Northfield) and Surrogate James Curcio (R, 2025, Hammonton).In the 2012 presidential election, Republican Mitt Romney received 2,462 votes (53.5% vs. 41.1% countywide), ahead of Democrat Barack Obama with 2,068 votes (44.9% vs. 57.9%) and other candidates with 49 votes (1.1% vs. 0.9%), among the 4,605 ballots cast by the city’s 6,944 registered voters, for a turnout of 66.3% (vs. 65.8% in Atlantic County). In the 2008 presidential election, Republican John McCain received 2,652 votes (53.2% vs. 41.6% countywide), ahead of Democrat Barack Obama with 2,218 votes (44.5% vs. 56.5%) and other candidates with 67 votes (1.3% vs. 1.1%), among the 4,984 ballots cast by the city’s 7,214 registered voters, for a turnout of 69.1% (vs. 68.1% in Atlantic County). In the 2004 presidential election, Republican George W. Bush received 2,627 votes (53.7% vs. 46.2% countywide), ahead of Democrat John Kerry with 2,181 votes (44.6% vs. 52.0%) and other candidates with 36 votes (0.7% vs. 0.8%), among the 4,888 ballots cast by the city’s 6,847 registered voters, for a turnout of 71.4% (vs. 69.8% in the whole county).

The median income for a household in the city was $44,639, and the median income for a family was $51,679. Males had a median income of $40,523 versus $29,779 for females. The per capita income for the city was $23,950. About 7.6% of families and 9.4% of the population were below the poverty line, including 15.9% of those under age 18 and 7.2% of those age 65 or over.According to the Köppen climate classification system, Brigantine has a humid subtropical climate (Cfa) with hot, moderately humid summers, cool winters and year-around precipitation. Cfa climates are characterized by all months having an average mean temperature above 32.0 °F (0.0 °C), at least four months with an average mean temperature at or above 50.0 °F (10.0 °C), at least one month with an average mean temperature at or above 71.6 °F (22.0 °C) and no significant precipitation difference between seasons. During the summer months in Brigantine, a cooling afternoon sea breeze is present on most days, but episodes of extreme heat and humidity can occur with heat index values at or above 95.0 °F (35.0 °C). During the winter months, episodes of extreme cold and wind can occur with wind chill values below 0.0 °F (−17.8 °C). The plant hardiness zone at Brigantine Beach is 7b with an average annual extreme minimum air temperature of 7.3 °F (−13.7 °C). The average seasonal (November–April) snowfall total is 12 to 18 inches (30 to 46 cm), and the average snowiest month is February which corresponds with the annual peak in nor’easter activity.As of May 2010, the city had a total of 64.45 miles (103.72 km) of roadways, of which 60.54 miles (97.43 km) were maintained by the municipality, 3.74 miles (6.02 km) by Atlantic County, 0.06 miles (0.097 km) by the New Jersey Department of Transportation and 0.11 miles (0.18 km) by the South Jersey Transportation Authority.

Can you drink alcohol on Brigantine beach?
Alcohol and vehicles are not allowed on any City property, parks or beaches.
City public school students are also eligible to attend the Atlantic County Institute of Technology in the Mays Landing section of Hamilton Township or the Charter-Tech High School for the Performing Arts, located in Somers Point.

Karen Bew was selected in January 2015 from among three candidates nominated by the Republican municipal committee to fill the Ward 1 seat that was vacated by Andrew Simpson when he took office in an at-large seat. In November 2015, she was elected to serve the balance of the term.
As of 2023, the Mayor of Brigantine is Republican Vince Sera, who is serving a term of office ending December 31, 2026; he had been first elected to serve the balance of the term of office expiring December 2022 that had been held by Andy Simpson until his death. Members of the City Council are Karen Bew (R, 2024; Ward 1), Rick DeLucry (D, 2024; Ward 4), Dennis Haney (R, 2024; Ward 3), Neal Kane (R, 2026; At-Large), Paul Lettieri (R, 2024; Ward 2) and Michael Riordan (R, 2026; At-Large).The 2010 United States census counted 9,450 people, 4,294 households, and 2,521 families in the city. The population density was 1,479.5 per square mile (571.2/km). There were 9,222 housing units at an average density of 1,443.8 per square mile (557.5/km). The racial makeup was 87.33% (8,253) White, 2.91% (275) Black or African American, 0.17% (16) Native American, 4.72% (446) Asian, 0.03% (3) Pacific Islander, 2.51% (237) from other races, and 2.33% (220) from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 6.88% (650) of the population. For the 2022–2023 session, the 2nd Legislative District of the New Jersey Legislature is represented in the New Jersey Senate by Vincent J. Polistina (R, Egg Harbor Township) and in the General Assembly by Don Guardian (R, Atlantic City) and Claire Swift (R, Margate City). In September 2020, the city council appointed Vince Sera as mayor to fill the seat expiring in December 2022 that became vacant following the death of Andy Simpson the previous month. Later that month, Tom Kane was selected from a list of three candidates nominated by the Republican municipal committee to fill the at-large seat expiring in December 2022 that had been held by Sera until he took office as mayor.

According to the A. W. Kuchler U.S. potential natural vegetation types, Brigantine would have a dominant vegetation type of Northern Cordgrass (73) with a dominant vegetation form of Coastal Prairie (20).
Atlantic County is governed by a directly elected county executive and a nine-member Board of County Commissioners, responsible for legislation. The executive serves a four-year term and the commissioners are elected to staggered three-year terms, of which four are elected from the county on an at-large basis and five of the commissioners represent equally populated districts. As of 2022, Atlantic County’s Executive is Republican Dennis Levinson, whose term of office ends December 31, 2023. Members of the Board of County Commissioners are:

As of the 2000 United States census there were 12,594 people, 5,473 households, and 3,338 families residing in the city. The population density was 1,959.0 inhabitants per square mile (756.4/km). There were 9,304 housing units at an average density of 1,447.2 per square mile (558.8/km). The racial makeup of the city was 83.15% White, 3.94% African American, 0.18% Native American, 5.72% Asian, 0.05% Pacific Islander, 4.67% from other races, and 2.29% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 9.41% of the population.
In December 2015, John Withers IV was selected from three candidates nominated by the Democratic municipal committee to fill the Ward 3 seat expiring in December 2016 that had been vacated following the resignation of Joseph M. Picardi earlier that month.Ernest D. Coursey, District 1, including Atlantic City (part), Egg Harbor Township (part), and Pleasantville (D, 2022, Atlantic City), Chair Maureen Kern, District 2, including Atlantic City (part), Egg Harbor Township (part), Linwood, Longport, Margate City, Northfield, Somers Point and Ventnor City (R, 2024, Somers Point), Andrew Parker III, District 3, including Egg Harbor Township (part) and Hamilton Township (part) (R, Egg Harbor Township, 2023), Richard R. Dase, District 4, including Absecon, Brigantine, Galloway Township and Port Republic (R, 2022, Galloway Township), James A. Bertino, District 5, including Buena, Buena Vista Township, Corbin City, Egg Harbor City, Estell Manor, Folsom, Hamilton Township (part), Hammonton, Mullica Township and Weymouth Township (R, 2018, Hammonton), Caren L. Fitzpatrick, At-Large (D, 2023, Linwood), Frank X. Balles, At-Large (R, Pleasantville, 2024) Amy L. Gatto, Freeholder (R, 2022, Hamilton Township) and Vice Chair John W. Risley, At-Large (R, 2023, Egg Harbor Township)16.4% of the population were under the age of 18, 7.3% from 18 to 24, 21.0% from 25 to 44, 33.6% from 45 to 64, and 21.8% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 48.4 years. For every 100 females, the population had 95.4 males. For every 100 females ages 18 and older there were 92.1 males.Since 1989, the City of Brigantine has been governed within the Faulkner Act (formally known as the Optional Municipal Charter Law) under the Council-Manager form (Plan 5), implemented by direct petition effective as of January 1, 1991. The city is one of 42 municipalities (of the 564) statewide that use this form of government. The governing body is comprised of the Mayor (elected at large), two at-large council members and four ward council members, all of whom serve terms of office of four years. The mayor and the two at-large council seats come up for vote as part of the November general election in leap years, with the four ward seats up for vote simultaneously two years later. The Mayor presides over the meetings of the City Council. The Council adopts the municipal budget and enacts ordinances to promote and ensure the security, health, government and protection of the City and its residents. The Census Bureau’s 2006–2010 American Community Survey showed that (in 2010 inflation-adjusted dollars) median household income was $62,212 (with a margin of error of +/− $7,472) and the median family income was $79,318 (+/− $7,962). Males had a median income of $55,595 (+/− $5,655) versus $42,622 (+/− $5,179) for females. The per capita income for the borough was $36,571 (+/− $3,305). About 5.9% of families and 7.6% of the population were below the poverty line, including 8.7% of those under age 18 and 3.9% of those age 65 or over. What is now the City of Brigantine has passed through a series of names and re-incorporations since it was first created. The area was originally incorporated as Brigantine Beach Borough by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on June 14, 1890, from portions of Galloway Township, based on the results of a referendum held on June 3, 1890. On April 23, 1897, the area was reincorporated as the City of Brigantine City. This name lasted until April 9, 1914, when it was renamed the City of East Atlantic City. On March 16, 1924, Brigantine was incorporated as a city, replacing East Atlantic City and incorporating further portions of Galloway Township. The borough was named for the many shipwrecks in the area, including those of brigantines.

The Brigantine Public Schools serves students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. As of the 2018–19 school year, the district, comprised of two schools, had an enrollment of 563 students and 68.0 classroom teachers (on an FTE basis), for a student–teacher ratio of 8.3:1. The district’s board of education is comprised of seven members who set policy and oversee the fiscal and educational operation of the district through its a
dministration. As a Type I school district, the board’s trustees are appointed by the Mayor to serve three-year terms of office on a staggered basis, with either two or three members up for reappointment each year. Of the more than 600 school districts statewide, Brigantine is one of 15 districts with appointed school districts. Schools in the district (with 2018–19 enrollment data from the National Center for Education Statistics) are Brigantine Elementary School with 329 students in grades Pre-K–4 and Brigantine North Middle School with 254 students in grades 5–8.
In the city the population was spread out, with 20.8% under the age of 18, 5.8% from 18 to 24, 30.9% from 25 to 44, 25.9% from 45 to 64, and 16.6% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 41 years. For every 100 females, there were 95.1 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 92.4 males.New Jersey Monthly magazine ranked Brigantine as its 36th best place to live in its 2008 rankings of the “Best Places To Live” in New Jersey. designated Brigantine fourth in its rankings of “The 25 best Jersey Shore towns, ranked” in 2021.

What is Brigantine known for?
Brigantine is well known for its plethora of sea-life surrounding the island. From stripers, bass, king fish, flounder, skates and more. No need for tales, you’re (almost) guaranteed to catch something!
For the 118th United States Congress, New Jersey’s Second Congressional District is represented by Jeff Van Drew (R, Dennis Township). New Jersey is represented in the United States Senate by Democrats Cory Booker (Newark, term ends 2027) and Bob Menendez (Englewood Cliffs, term ends 2025).In January 2019, the city council selected Paul Lettieri to fill the Ward 2 seat that had been held by Michael Riordan unil he vacated it to take the at-large seat he won in the November 2018 general election; Lettieri served on an interim basis until the November 2019 general election, when he was elected to serve the balance of the term of office.

Constructed in 1972, the Brigantine Bridge is a vehicular bridge over Absecon Inlet, providing the only road access to Brigantine Island; formally known as the Justice Vincent S. Haneman Memorial Bridge, it carries Route 87.

There were 5,473 households, out of which 24.0% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 44.9% were married couples living together, 11.7% had a female householder with no husband present, and 39.0% were non-families. 30.7% of all households were made up of individuals, and 9.9% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.30 and the average family size was 2.89.
The only road to and from Brigantine is New Jersey Route 87, locally known as Brigantine Boulevard. The Justice Vincent S. Haneman Memorial Bridge is the only way on and off the island. The original bridge to the island that was constructed in 1924 was destroyed in the Great Atlantic Hurricane of 1944. The current bridge was constructed in 1972.Of the 4,294 households, 18.5% had children under the age of 18; 43.3% were married couples living together; 11.1% had a female householder with no husband present and 41.3% were non-families. Of all households, 33.0% were made up of individuals and 12.5% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.20 and the average family size was 2.79.

Can you sleep on Brigantine Beach?
To sleep during anytime between sunset and sunrise. October 1 through May 1: all Municipal Beach and Recreational Areas. May 1 through October 1: North Brigantine Beach to 15th Street North.
Brigantine (or simply The Island) is a city in Atlantic County in the U.S. state of New Jersey. As of the 2020 United States census, the city’s population was 7,716, a decrease of 1,734 (−18.3%) from the 2010 census count of 9,450, which in turn reflected a decline of 3,144 (−25.0%) from the 12,594 counted in the 2000 census. The city, and all of Atlantic County, is part of the Atlantic City-Hammonton metropolitan statistical area, which in turn is included in the Philadelphia-Reading-Camden combined statistical area and the Delaware Valley.As of March 23, 2011, there was a total of 6,430 registered voters in Brigantine City, of whom 1,219 (19.0% vs. 30.5% countywide) were registered as Democrats, 2,679 (41.7% vs. 25.2%) were registered as Republicans, and 2,524 (39.3% vs. 44.3%) were registered as Unaffiliated. There were 8 voters registered as Libertarians or Greens. Among the city’s 2010 Census population, 68.0% (vs. 58.8% in Atlantic County) were registered to vote, including 81.4% of those ages 18 and over (vs. 76.6% countywide).

Is Brigantine NJ a nice beach town?
Clean and quiet beaches, scenic natural parks, and a rich history make the city a truly unique place to live and the perfect place to vacation.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the city had a total area of 10.86 square miles (28.14 km), including 6.52 square miles (16.89 km) of land and 4.34 square miles (11.25 km) of water (39.98%). Brigantine is located on Brigantine Island.With a permit from the city, four-wheel drive vehicles can drive directly onto the northern beach. Explore tide pools, collect seashells, see endangered bird species like the piping plover nesting in its natural habitat, and walk along miles and miles of undisturbed beach.

While Brigantine Beach is the most popular place for families with children, it’s not the only place on the island that the kids will love. If you have little ones, you have to visit the newly renovated Shark Park while you’re in Brigantine, New Jersey. So what types of things can you do on the beach? If you’re the type of person that likes to get your feet wet, there are plenty of exciting activities to do out on the water, such as: Unless you’ve brought your own bike along, you can rent one from the local shop, All About Bikes N Wheels. Biking around town is a great way to get some exercise and take in more of that fresh ocean air.If you’d rather take your pup somewhere they won’t get sand in their fur, the Natasha and Nikita Weiss Dog Park on 42 St and Bayshore Ave is also open year-round. Just be sure to fill out a quick application for your pooch at the City Clerk’s office before you go.

No trip to Brigantine, NJ is complete without a trip to Brigantine Beach. No matter what part of the island you’re on, north or south, you’ll find spacious and unspoiled shores. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or a day of fun in the sun with the whole family, you’ll have no problem finding the space to have your perfect beach day.

People love bringing their dogs to Brigantine Beach NJ because there’s so much space for them to run, swim, and play with other dogs. Going for a long walk on the beach with your best four-legged friend is a great way to start or end your day.
If you aren’t sure where to start or what to do in Brigantine, then you’ve come to the right place. In this in-depth traveler’s guide to Brigantine New Jersey, you’ll find that there’s something for everyone – thrill seekers, nature lovers, families, history buffs, food lovers and laid-back vacationers can all find plenty of things to do on this beautiful island.

Gorgeous views, peace and quiet, and the freedom to enjoy the beach however you want – that’s what Brigantine is all about. Whether you visit in the active summer season or the quiet off-season, there are so many ways to make memories on this one of a kind island.
With the ocean breeze blowing in from the east, no two rounds are the same. If you want to experience authentic Scottish-style golfing without crossing the Atlantic Ocean, the Links at Brigantine Beach is the place to do it.Known as one of the most peaceful cities in south New Jersey, Brigantine is the ideal place for anyone looking to get away from the stresses of daily life. With miles of pristine coastline, soft white sands, and an active and friendly local community, you’ll never run out of things to do in Brigantine, NJ.

Named for the brigantines (two-masted sailing ships) that sailed in the 1600s and often wrecked off the coast of New Jersey, Brigantine is an island with many stories to tell. From tales of swashbuckling pirates like Captain Kidd and Blackbeard, to the city’s ability to bounce back from tough times, even locals love to come and learn something new about the island they call home.
The southern-most beach in Brigantine, New Jersey is known as the Cove, and it’s one of the hottest fishing spots on the island. In the early morning, before the bikini-clad sunbathers arrive, you’ll find plenty of locals standing on the shore and surf fishing. Boaters will also be casting from out on the Absecon Inlet that connects the island to Atlantic City.If you’re not familiar with Brigantine, NJ, you’ve probably heard of the city next door – Atlantic City is just a stone’s throw away. In fact, Brigantine used to be called “East Atlantic City” more than 100 years ago.The market starts early in the morning and closes at around noon – why so early? Because that’s when people start hitting the beach! Once you’ve had your fill of delicious food and stocked up on fresh produce, Brigantine Beach is just a short walk away.Now that you know all the fun things to do in Brigantine Beach NJ, there’s just one last thing you need to know before you go. No matter what you end up doing, always remember to be a respectful visitor. Never leave trash on the beach, follow permit rules, and be courteous to the locals. The bottom line – be kind to the island and the island will be kind to you!

If you’re the type of person who likes to take their furry friends everywhere, you’ll love Brigantine New Jersey. The northern end of the city-owned beach is dog-friendly year-round, while the North Brigantine State Natural Area allows dogs from September until May. If you need some extra gear before you hit Brigantine Beach, Sea Star is your one-stop shop for swimsuits, hats, and towels. They also have tons of Brigantine-themed swag, so you’ll always have something to remember your favorite island by! The Links at Brigantine Beach is an 18-hole Scottish-style golf course located in the northern part of the island. Brigantine, NJ’s comfortable climate makes it a great place to tee up year-round, which is why golfers from all over the state love coming here.At the Brigantine Farmer’s Market, you’ll find fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables, crafts, handmade jewelry, artwork, food, live music, and much, much more. There are activities for kids, contests to participate in, and you can feel good knowing that you’re supporting local businesses and artisans.

So what exactly is there to do in Brigantine, NJ? To help you plan your trip, we’ve put together a list of the top 15 things to do on this beautiful island.When you think of shopping in a beach town, you might think hokey souvenirs and Jimmy Buffet t-shirts. But as you probably know by now, Brigantine Beach NJ is no ordinary beach town.

Conveniently close to several major cities, Brigantine is only an hour away from Philadelphia, two hours from New York City, and just minutes from Atlantic City. But once you spend a day in Brigantine, you won’t want to leave!
One of the many reasons residents love Brigantine is that it’s the best of both worlds. They get a quiet beach community where they can enjoy nature at its purest, but they’re also conveniently close to large regional attractions. If you’re vacationing, this lets you do things at your own pace.

Right next door to the Marine Mammal Stranding Center is another educational gem, the Brigantine Historical Museum. Here you’ll find photos, maps, and articles on display that reveal facts about the island’s history, as well as artifacts and other relics.
Fishing in Brigantine is a great activity for beginners and experts alike. The summer months are peak fluke season, so expect to find quite a few people trying to snag the biggest flounder. In the fall off-season, you won’t have to deal with as many people crowding the Cove to reel in the striped bass that’s plentiful this time of year.As one of the last undeveloped beaches in New Jersey, Brigantine residents are committed to maintaining a clean and healthy environment. That’s why you’ll find so many locals choose to get around by bike rather than by car.

Whether you’re just visiting for a few days of moving in for the rest of your life, you’ll meet plenty of friendly locals who will make you feel right at home. The best way to get involved in the community is to participate in community events, which are held frequently throughout the year.

As a city that takes great pride in its beaches, Brigantine Beach is always kept clean. It’s a big difference from the often cluttered and crowded Atlantic City beaches just minutes away, yet Brigantine Beach NJ still remains something of a hidden gem.

To get started, you can either buy bait from one of the many bait and tackle shops on the island or catch and make your own. The Cove is home to bait-sized fish like mullets, peanut bunker, and bluefish, which can easily be collected in a bait net.
If you love discovering local artists, you’ll love going to events hosted by the Brigantine Art Walk. During the summer months, talented local painters, jewelry makers, and photographers come together to display and sell their artwork. Brigantine Art Walk events are a great way to get involved and support the local community.But the island city of Brigantine has more than enough charm on its own. Clean and quiet beaches, scenic natural parks, and a rich history make the city a truly unique place to live and the perfect place to vacation. And because most of the shore is undeveloped, it’s one of the few places left in New Jersey where you can enjoy a truly natural beach. If you’re an animal lover, you’ll definitely want to stop by Brigantine’s Marine Mammal Stranding Center before you hit the beach. Children and adults alike can learn something new about the local marine life from the friendly staff, and you may even get to see a few adorable gray seal pups up close! The updated park features a huge fenced-in playground, basketball courts, and a baseball field. The play area has tons of different activities for children of all ages, and you can supervise and relax at the nearby picnic area. An evening at Shark Park is the perfect end to a fun family day at the beach.Looking for a Brigantine NJ beach with no crowds and abundant wildlife? Then you’ll love the North Brigantine State Natural Area. For locals, this peaceful beach is a like a second home, and visitors never want to leave. As one of the last undeveloped beaches in New Jersey, you won’t find a cleaner or quieter beach in the state. In addition to the summer farmer’s market and Art Walk events, there are also beach concerts, golf tournaments, and an annual sand castle building contest on Brigantine Beach. The local newspaper is typically your best bet for staying on top of upcoming events. You might be surprised to learn that the Brigantine Lighthouse isn’t really a functioning lighthouse at all. In 1926, it was built by a real estate company to promote the town and attract visitors, not as a navigational aid for boats. Since then, the lighthouse has become a town landmark that’s served as a police station, a museum, and a gift shop. With more than 150 shops and businesses on the island, you’ll find souvenirs that are way better than custom name keychains shaped like surfboards. Local shops like Salty Seas pride themselves on selling unique, handmade gifts and home décor, and all their merchandise is either locally made or fair trade. The shop’s merchandise is constantly changing week after week, so you never know what treasures you’ll find. In the summer, educational marine biology programs take kids to the beach to give them a truly hands-on learning experience. The MMSC also holds fundraisers throughout the year, including an annual 5k run, for anyone interested in helping the rescue continue to do the valuable work that it does. Brigantine New Jersey has a year-round population just above 9,000 people – that may not be tiny, but it’s small enough to create a real sense of local community on the island. Even during the summer when the population more than triples for several months, the island is not nearly as touristy as other cities on the Jersey shore. Next time you’re in the Atlantic City area, make sure you take the time to get to know Brigantine, NJ. With all its unspoiled natural beauty, there’s really no place like it. And with so many things to do for all ages to enjoy, you’ll want to keep coming back again and again – after all, it is the “island you’ll love for life”!

Is it illegal to sleep on the beach in New Jersey?
You Can’t Sleep on the Beach (During Certain Hours) If you want to take a nap on the sand, better make sure it isn’t between midnight and 7 a.m. in Surf City. Camping overnight is definitely out, but one wonders what would happen when someone takes an unexpected snooze during a late-night fishing expedition.
Liven up your Saturday mornings by visiting the Brigantine Farmer’s Market, located in the heart of the city’s business district. The market runs from May through September, with a special fall market in October.When you stay in Brigantine, you’re a short drive across the bridge from the Atlantic City Aquarium, the Absecon Lighthouse, the Boardwalk, and more casinos than you can shake a stick at. And at the end of a hectic day visiting Atlantic City’s bustling tourist attractions, you’ll have a peaceful island to return to. In ten minutes, you can go from the crowded Boardwalk to setting up your towel on Brigantine Beach to watch the sunset. What’s better than that?

How big are the waves in Brigantine?
Seas: SE 2 feet at 7 seconds. Light SE winds with a slight chop. Very small short period waves.
The waters of Brigantine Beach are a part of the Atlantic Ocean. On its internal borders lie the Atlantic County municipalities of Atlantic City and Galloway Township.

The passes that we use to visit a beach area are known as beach tags. The money generated from these tags is used for the maintenance of the beach, providing lifeguards, issuing a beach badge for each individual associated with the beach, etc.Atlantic City (A.C), situated in Atlantic County, New Jersey, is a coastal resort city. Located on Absecon Island, it shares borders with the Atlantic Ocean, Brigantine, Ventnor City, Pleasantville, Egg Harbor Township, and Absecon.As good as a beach can be, Brigantine Beach also has the joys of the ocean, sand dunes, the perfect date night, surfing, fishing, and a lot more! But let’s dig into some cool facts about Brigantine Beach that will make it your next trip location.The waters of Brigantine Beach originally belonged to this ocean. Usually, the temperature of the water at the beach keeps on fluctuating between 38 degrees Fahrenheit and 42 degrees Fahrenheit.

Apart from these activities, you can also stroll around for street shopping, enjoy the delicacies of the many restaurants in and around Brigantine Beach, and have fun while paddle-boarding!
The Atlantic City Boardwalk is one of the prettiest things you would see at night! A trip to this beautiful town would be enjoyable for all ages. You may also consider it a good family holiday destination due to the various tourist attractions that exist in Atlantic City.This Boulevard street is a residential area near Brigantine Beach. It comprises rentals, mansions, condominiums, resorts, and restaurants. If you’re planning a family holiday to Brigantine Beach, you may consider Harbor Beach Blvd (Boulevard) as an option for your stay. It has golf courses, playgrounds, turfs, and sports grounds as well for recreational purposes of the residents.At Brigantine Beach, the charges for beach tags are minimal and vary depending on the age of the visitor. People above the age of 65 are given a free tag per individual!Visitors can enjoy the amazing amenities that the scenic town of Brigantine offers while also getting a chance to spend time in other famous locations. Brigantine Beach is just an hour away from Philadelphia, and it takes two hours to visit New York City from there. Transportation facilities like buses are available to help the visitors successfully carry out their travel plans to New York, Atlantic City, and Philadelphia.Another very obvious thing is swimming, which is one of the main things to do at a beach. But make sure you check out the dates and timings for the availability of spots for these activities since the beach follows schedules according to Labor day.

Before we hop on to the facts about Brigantine Beach, let’s go through some basic information about the beach, Atlantic City, and the city of Brigantine.
There are a total of 103.7km of roadways in the Brigantine, New Jersey. These are maintained by Atlantic County, the South Jersey Transportation Authority, and New Jersey Transportation Authority. There is only one road connecting the island to the main city, which is known as the Brigantine Bridge. NJ Transit renders bus services all around Brigantine and Atlantic City.That’s because you’re somewhat familiarized with the location already with the help of this article! So go get a tan on Brigantine Beach as you swim, street-shop, walk and enjoy the various activities and amenities that the beach offers.

Brigantine has cool and pleasant winters, hot and moderately humid summers, and little precipitation throughout the year. The climate of Brigantine, New Jersey, is classified as a humid subtropical climate, with the hottest months being July and August, while being the coldest in January and February.
There are undoubtedly a lot of stunning beaches in New Jersey. But Brigantine Beach serves as a pristine hideaway from the busy lives of families these days and saves them from the commotion on the other NJ beaches.

Can you swim at Brigantine Beach?
This site is located at the bay side of Brigantine at the City Dock. Lifeguards are on duty and swimming lessons are available. A beach tag is required for this site.
Located in Atlantic County, New Jersey, in the United States of America, Brigantine Beach is a perfect destination for a vacation! It comes under the city of Brigantine, or simply, Brigantine Island. Even an American television series by the name Boardwalk Empire was shot in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in 2010. Recreational centers and parks are also situated in this city, with oceanfront beaches accessible to the general public and overseen by lifeguards. Brigantine Beach has also allowed leashed dogs not more than the height of 6 feet at certain parts of the beach. This makes it a complete family destination, including that goofy dog of yours. However, any damage to the snow fences, sand dunes, or barriers along the beach would result in a penalty.

However, he was betrayed by an unfaithful crew member and was later caught in Boston in 1699. After several trials in England, he was found guilty and hanged in London in the year 1701. But the surprising element in this story is that the chest buried at Brigantine Beach has never been found, even after searching the entire island!

Brigantine Beach offers the visitors almost all the activities they’d wish to do at a beach. You can go jet-skiing all along the waters of the beach, fly kites at certain spots, and surf at the beach! No matter what your specialization is in surfing, you can still try your hand (your whole body, actually). The beach also provides trainers for beginners at surfing.Surrounded by Puerto Rico, Miami, and Bermuda in North Atlantic, the Bermuda Triangle is also situated in this ocean. In case you were wondering, yes, this is the ocean that the Titanic sank in.

What are two facts about Brigantine?
The waters of Brigantine Beach are a part of the Atlantic Ocean. On its internal borders lie the Atlantic County municipalities of Atlantic City and Galloway Township. There exists just one road for commuting to and from Brigantine Beach, which is locally called Brigantine Boulevard. It crosses the Justice Vincent S.
The story starts around the time of the American Revolution when various American pirates and patriots hid in the north end and south end of Brigantine. They used to execute sudden attacks on British ships that were disabled or unwary.

With its natural beauty and fresh ocean air, it is definitely one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Atlantic City and New Jersey. It covers an area of 28.14 square kilometres, out of which 39.98% is water.
Restaurants and shops on the street would charge you for food and products. But these are the only additional costs associated with your visit to Brigantine Beach.

Since the crowd is lesser compared to the other beaches in New Jersey, you get a better chance to pass the day sailing on a kayak. Children are also allowed to sit in kayaks under professional guidance. Kayaking is an important center of attraction for Brigantine Beach.
This was because, in the late nineteenth century, developers made several attempts to develop the city of Brigantine on a significant scale. Thereafter, the Brigantine Improvement Company briefly referred to the island as North Atlantic City in response to one of the developer’s attempts.

There exists just one road for commuting to and from Brigantine Beach, which is locally called Brigantine Boulevard. It crosses the Justice Vincent S. Haneman Memorial Bridge of Atlantic City and connects to New Jersey Route 87 (Brigantine Boulevard).
The year 1698 brought to Brigantine Beach a notorious Captain Kidd (a pirate from Scotland) and his brass-bound, heavy leathered sea chest. He buried the chest in the dunes of Brigantine Beach and sailed around Brigantine Inlet.

Brigantine has two public schools as of the 2018-19 data. These schools provide education for pre-kindergarten, pre-primary, primary, secondary, and higher classes. In case you decide to settle in Brigantine with your family, you may also look for schools in Margate City, Atlantic City, Longport, and Ventnor City, as they are close to the city.
Soon after came the time when he was about to be caught by the Britishers. But he sank himself a few feet deep in the waters of Brigantine Beach, breathed through a thin reed, waited for the searchers to pass, and finally had a successful escape to the Spanish Main.To curb such losses, Brigantine started Marine Mammal Stranding Center to assist injured or sick dolphins, whales, sea turtles, and seals. In the North End is the Brigantine Wildlife Refuge, which provides a safe haven for rabbits, foxes, and birds.The US Army made a cove at the bay on this island and operated from Brigantine Beach itself. The local citizens of Brigantine Beach sacrificed a lot during this time. However, in the past few decades, Brigantine Beach has been maintaining a population of about thousands of people finely. His romance started when he was charmed by a lady of the Ocean County the name Amanda, who persuaded Captain William Kidd to end his career of loots and robbery. He then decided to divide a part of his loots among his crew members and bury the rest in the sand on Brigantine Beach. They also have strict non-smoking policies. So what are you waiting for? Don’t just walk with your kids along Brigantine Beach. Bring your dogs and let them have a walk around the coastline too!We love some items. And we may ask that you try them out too. Should you buy, we may earn a small bit of commission. Don’t worry – you won’t be paying any extra. You will spend only what you would have done otherwise. Just that we might end up earning a few dollars – that will help us keep the site running!

We hope that this article served as a good source of information about Brigantine Beach and topics related to it. Now that you know the basics of Brigantine and some usually unknown information about the city and Brigantine Beach, it wouldn’t cause you much trouble if you’re planning on visiting the area.
The city of Brigantine was registered under the Faulkner Act in 1989. The current Mayor of Brigantine is Republican Andy Simpson, whose office term ends on 31st December 2022. Since its location is in New Jersey, the city of Brigantine is represented in the Second Congressional District of NJ.The legendary pirate Blackbeard, otherwise known as Captain Teech, was another pirate who visited Brigantine Beach in his pirate days. After ascertaining the danger around the Caribbean, he started sailing around Brigantine Beach and turned a small island on its south end as his headquarters.

At the south end comes Margate City, widely known for an elephant-shaped novelty architecture called Lucy the Elephant. It must be on your visit list if you’ve planned to go to Atlantic City with kids!
During the 1944 to 1962 period, Brigantine Beach survived disastrous storms, which resulted in the conversion of Brigantine Inn into the site of the Coastal Warning Service of the US Army during the Second World War.

It is the second-largest water body on our planet, after the Pacific Ocean. It covers an area of 106.5mn square kilometres, which is around 20% of the Earth’s surface area! It is divided into two parts – the Northern and Southern Atlantic Oceans. This 150 million years old water body goes as deep as 27,841 feet at the Puerto Rico Trench.
You could visit the Atlantic City Aquarium with children, where swimming is allowed for professionals and certified people as well! Then comes the Absecon Lighthouse, which is a coastal lighthouse located in the South Inlet of Atlantic City, also known as Absecon Inlet.

During the period of war, salt manufacturing and ship-building were two major industries that people worked in. So, whalers used to attack migrating whales that came from New England, from Brigantine Beach.
You must have heard a lot about Atlantic City, New Jersey, because of its casinos, resorts, boardwalk, restaurants, and beaches. One of the main attractions people find in this city is legalized casino gambling. The people of New Jersey voted for casino gambling to be legalized in 1976, and soon after, in 1978, the first casino in Atlantic City was opened.Beaches: Beach badges are required daily from June 19 to Labor Day. Full season badges are $25 for people up to 64 years old. Badges are free for people older than 65, but they must obtain a beach badge at the Beach Fee Office. Weekly badges are $15. Daily badges are $10. There is no cost for people 11 years of age and under. Badges can be purchased through Viply App or at Beach Fee Office, 265 42nd St.

In North Brigantine, housing development ends at 15th Street North, but the city’s beach continues for about a half a mile to North Brigantine Natural Area run by the state. This section of the city beach allows dogs, vehicles and fishing all year long. On the southern part of the island is The Cove and Jetty Beach at Absecon Inlet where on a busy weekend, you’ll see vehicles parking side by side like in a mall parking lot. There are plenty of dogs and fishermen as well.
Access and Parking: The only access to the island from Atlantic City is across the Brigantine Bridge. Generally parking is free. There are beach parking areas at 2nd Street and Roosevelt Blvd and along Ocean Avenue at 16th, 26th, 34th and 38th streets. For these lots, seasonal parking is $25, daily parking is $8.Crossing the Brigantine Bridge over the Absecon Inlet takes one from the spirited, hectic visitor-focused world of Atlantic City to a more relaxed beach that seems more like the suburbs than a city. There are no hi-rises except for the former Brigantine Inn, so
me condo complexes and apartment buildings, but mostly homes with yards.