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Tile Cutter Sigma

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CTD Trade offers tiling essentials for the Trade at fantastic trade prices. With top savings on adhesive, grout, tile cutters and blades, tile trims, tiling accessories and much more! Buy from your favourite tiling brands such as BAL, Rubi, ARDEX, Weber, Genesis and Mapei. With free click & collect in Trade Centres nationwide! There are some things you can do to help with your search: check for spelling mistakes, reduce the number of keywords used, try a broader search or use the site navigation at the top. With the Sigma Tile Cutter UP you get a high-quality and powerful device, which guarantees a professional cutting experience and you will be saved a lot of time and effort.Are you a tile setter tired of running out of the right tools on the job? Look no further! Sign up for our email list and never be without the perfect tool for the job again. Our expert team at has everything you need to get the job done right the first time. Plus, be the first to hear about exclusive deals, industry news, and tips and tricks to elevate your tile game. Don’t be left in the dust, join our email list today!Our mission is to be your go-to supplier for everything tile-related. Whether you’re in the middle of a demolition or putting the finishing touches on a tile installation, we’re here to provide you with the solutions you need to get the job done right. We’re dedicated to helping elevate the tile trade through education and providing you with the best tools for the job. You can count on us to deliver quality products and top-notch customer service to ensure your projects are a success. Let us help you take your tile projects to the next level.The Nex tile cutter is perfect for all types and surfaces of tiles and porcelain stoneware. The novel and ergonomically shaped cutting and breaking levers save you from adjusting the tile thickness on the rail. This is now no longer necessary as the lever adjusts to the thickness and height, of the tiles to be cut. The cutter wheel is now always clearly visible to the tiler during cutting. Also, the guide rail has been improved and allows even more precise work. The cutter wheel is mounted on ball bearings and has a diameter of 16 mm. For a spare cutter wheel, the cutter even has a small compartment for storage.

The Sigma tile cutter with a cutting length of 620 mm belongs to the new Nex series (series 4). This is the latest generation of tile cutter Sigma brand and is the ultimate evolution. This tile cutter has been completely redesigned and offers the highest cutting performance, comfort and convinces with its unique design.Developed in conjunction with tile manufacturers, the KERA-LIFT has the ability to move tiles up to 3400mm in length, which are very easily damaged when unsupported.KERA-FLEX uses the KERA-CUT guide for sawn cuts of ceramic materials with a thickness of up to 25mm. Simply remove the KERA-CUT scoring cart and insert the KERA-FLEX!

KERA-CUT EXT: Cutting equipment for large format tiles. The divisible aluminium guide, fixed on the tile by stain-free suction cups, allows the carriage to slide with a scoring wheel.
Please Note: Cutting tiles thicker than 15mm is not always possible using a manual cutter. For tiles thicker than 15mm a wet saw should be considered.(This product is also compatible with Sigma series 3 cutters however the product is slightly larger than the cutter's metal plates. This does not affect its proper functioning.)

Specially designed to work both ways! Thanks to the "WATERKIT" (Sold separately) it is possible to work with an adjustable water jet for maximum finishing and to limit tool usury.
Before beginning your tile cutting project, you may be wondering whether you need a tile cutter or a tile saw. A tile cutter is a simple to use, manually operated tool which does not require a power source. A tile cutter scores a straight line across the surface of the tile and the tile breaks due to pressure on the both sides of the breaker. Tile cutters are usually light weight and come in different sizes.

An electric tile cutter is suitable for bigger jobs as it has more power and can cut tiles that are thick, heavy and made of materials like stone and granite. These cutters usually grind through tiles very easily and can cut them in different shapes, rather than a straight or diagonal line like with a manual cutter. Electric cutters are ideal for big commercial projects or large residential projects.
Tool Academy offers a huge range of professional tile cutters from top manufacturers like Sigma. Whether you are looking to ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles, you will discover our wide range of cutters. We offer a very broad range of models in a variety of sizes, thickness and cutting lengths. Our Sigma tile cutter come in those push and pull action, making it easy for you to choose the right cutter for your tiling work. Tool Academy has the largest tile cutter collection available and we are committed to provide top most quality products to all our customers. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional tiler, you have come to the right place.

We stand out from the rest of the competitors in the industry as we ensure that we provide quality products to all our clients. We make sure that our customers are getting the best world class products. We pride ourselves in offering the most competitive prices in the industry.

Sigma tile cutters are trusted both by homeowners as well as contractors. We carry a number of Sigma tiles cutters for your tiling needs. If you are in the process of stocking up the perfect tools for your tiling project, you have come to the right place. We give you expert advice about which sigma tile cutter you would need. We offer a vast variety of products, including tiling tools, power tools, hand tools, marble, granite, flooring products, tile installers and sigma tools. If you have any questions regarding different kinds of sigma tile cutter and accessories, you can contact us and our helpful staff, who are all experts in the construction industry will help you.
In pull tile cutters, the management square is closer to the user, unlike the pulsh tile cutter, which enables them better vision while cutting. The person using these cutters can stabilise the tile with their knee while cutting. However, in these tile cutters, the pull movement is not very natural and take longer to perfect. It is not the easiest tool for a beginner as it is difficult to apply the perfect amount of pressure.