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Top Spin Pro

Use the TopspinPro even when you don\u2019t have time to hit the courts after a busy day (or the weather gets in the way!). Get your reps in on court, at the office or even at home while watching TV! Topspin is notoriously difficult to learn – some players struggle for years. Even if you’ve been hitting flat shots all your life, the TopspinPro will deliver a dramatic difference to your game in the first week or two. Use the TopspinPro even when you don’t have time to hit the courts after a busy day (or the weather gets in the way!). Get your reps in on court, at the office or even at home while watching TV!

Topspin is notoriously difficult to learn \u2013 some players struggle for years. Even if you\u2019ve been hitting flat shots all your life, the TopspinPro will deliver a dramatic difference to your game in the first week or two.
Tax free available for all countries except Jordan , Free shipping on all orders above 150jds (tennis and padel balls , slicemoto products not included)Topspin was founded in 2007 by Peter Gotcher (co-creator of Pro Tools) and Shamal Ranasinghe. In 2008, Topspin was named Indie Visionary of the Year by Billboard magazine. Early on, Topspin’s software was available to artists by invitation only. The company gradually engaged new clients, field-testing new features by managing direct-to-consumer campaigns for artists like David Byrne and Brian Eno. In 2010, Topspin made waves by introducing a newly developed ticketing system and helping the Pixies sell out two fan-only shows at The Troxy in London, England. In February 2011, CEO Ian Rogers announced that the company would open up its then-private software to the public. On March 16, 2011, the Topspin platform officially became available to the general public. The company promoted its long-awaited public launch heavily at the South By Southwest music festival, hosting a three-day software demo and awarding a $5,000 “Direct-to-Fan Grant” to the artist presenting the most compelling direct-to-fan marketing plan. Topspin has since maintained a notable presence at industry conferences such as MIDEM and South By Southwest. In October 2011, Topspin was named one of four initial partners of YouTube’s Merch Store integration. In March 2012, it was announced that Topspin’s e-commerce and marketing technology would power MTV Networks’ Artists.MTV venture, scheduled to launch in Summer 2012. Topspin Media is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, and maintains satellite offices in New York, Nashville, and London, England.Topspin Media (or Topspin) is a technology company that provides direct-to-consumer retail and marketing software for musicians, filmmakers, artists, authors, and other content creators. It was founded in 2007 by Peter Gotcher and Shamal Ranasinghe. The Topspin application includes integrated tools for e-commerce, fan relationship management, marketing, and fulfillment of both digital and physical goods. The company was acquired by Beats Music in 2014.Among Topspin’s most notable features is the ability to package multiple products together for sale as unified bundles. For instance, a single package can simultaneously contain a CD, T-shirt, concert ticket, album download, and other products. The bundling of physical and digital products has at times been cited as an effective method for preserving value amidst shrinking music industry revenues. Topspin CEO Ian Rogers has called the strategy of combining digital and physical goods “rebuilding”. Rogers offered some insight into the physical vs. digital debate in February, 2012, reporting that while the number of physical and digital units sold through Topspin are approximately equal, the majority (75%) of revenue generated by Topspin artists can be attributed to sales of physical merchandise. The Topspin is a web-based application organized into six primary sections or tabs: Dashboard, Products, Promote, Fans, Sell, and Fulfill. When Topspin users log in, they arrive at an account Dashboard, which offers an overview of their recent sales and marketing data. The Products section is where users create, bundle, and manage assets in their catalog. The Promote section offers tools for online promotion and fan acquisition. The Fans section allows for managing and organizing a user’s acquired fan base. The Sell section is where Topspin users create e-commerce “offers” in order to sell goods from their Products catalog. Offers can be made publicly available automatically via an artist’s built-in Topspin Store (Spinshop) or can be embedded directly in any website. The Fulfill section is primarily an orders management interface for receiving and processing customer orders. At the time of Topspin’s public launch in March, 2011, the company’s artist roster numbered somewhere between three and four thousand users. By March, 2012, one year after its public launch, Topspin’s roster was approaching 20,000. Among past and present Topspin users, notable artists include:В этой статье мы расскажем на что нужно обратить внимание перед покупкой теннисной пушки на примере теннисной пушки SELFIT. Консультации по выбору теннисных пушек: SELFIT, SIBOASI, SPINFIRE, LOBSTER, TUTOR и других брендов по телефону 8 800 201-23-31.На всякий случай на связи по телефону будет дежурный менеджер: 3–6 января и 8–9. Если возникнут вопросы звоните 8 800 201 23-31, по РФ звонок бесплатный.Актуальные цены и наличие товара можно уточнить через онлайн консультант в нижней правой части сайта. С вопросами по новым заказам оборудования из США и Европы пишите на [email protected]

How big is the top spin pro?
67 × 27 × 10 cm Additional informationWeight3.8 kgDimensions67 × 27 × 10 cmBall TypeTennis, Pickleball Cached
In competitive table tennis, effective command of topspin is indispensable, not only in order to be able to execute an attack shot counter to a backspin ball, but also in order to be able to execute a speed shot when the ball is already lower than the net. In table tennis the best defense for a top spin loop is a block close to the table which involves a firm fixation of the paddle and a slight movement forwards with an angle less than 90 degrees. Another way of defending the topspin is to counterattack with a topspin or slice the ball.The topspin shot (also called a topspinner) is primarily used by tennis players and table tennis players as either a “safe shot” or rally ball, or it can also be used to construct a point. For example, a player may hit three topspin shots crosscourt, and then on the fourth shot hit a flat ball or a slice down the line to set him/herself up to win the point.

Is topspin better than flat?
Topspin allows you to hit higher over the net and still keep the ball in the court, since it causes the ball to drop sooner and at a steeper angle. Flat shots are useful if you want the ball to land quickly and not bounce high, such as in passing shots or down-the-line shots.
Often Bernoulli’s principle is used to explain the topspin effect, as the difference in speed between ball surface and air is greater on the top of the ball. For example, if the air flowing past the bottom of the ball is moving faster than the air flowing past the top then Bernoulli’s principle implies that the pressure on the surfaces of the ball will be lower below than above. In other words, since there is more air friction occurring on the top surface of the ball compared to the bottom, this differential causes a greater pressure to be applied on the top of the ball, resulting in the ball being pushed down.

What does top spin mean in tennis?
Topspin on a shot imparts a downward force that causes the ball to drop, due to its interaction with the air (see Magnus effect). In racquet sports, it can be generated by hitting the ball with an up-and-forward swing, with the racquet facing below the direction it is moving.
The topspin shot is very effective on hard surfaces. The ball spins forward and descends toward the ground quicker, so it can be hit with more force compared to another type of shot.Topspin on a shot imparts a downward force that causes the ball to drop, due to its interaction with the air (see Magnus effect). In racquet sports, it can be generated by hitting the ball with an up-and-forward swing, with the racquet facing below the direction it is moving. A topspin shot is the opposite of the slice; topspin itself is the opposite of backspin.

In delivery, the topspinner is gripped like a normal side spinner. For a legspinner the back of the hand faces the cover region and the palm of the hand faces the mid wicket region at release. For an offspiner, these directions are reversed. The ball is then released either with the seam going straight on to the batsman, or with a scrambled seam. A spinner will frequently bowl deliveries with both top spin and side spin. A ball presenting with roughly equal amounts of both is usually called an “overspinning” leg break or off break.
In snooker, pocket billiards and billiards, players use topspin to keep the cue ball moving, including after it hits other balls. They get top spin by hitting the cue against the top of the ball.

In ball sports, topspin or overspin is a property of a ball that rotates forwards as it is moving. Topspin on a ball propelled through the air imparts a downward force that causes the ball to drop, due to its interaction with the air (see Magnus effect). Topspin is the opposite of backspin.One way of explaining the Magnus effect is that – because of the rotation and the fact that air acts as a viscous or “sticky” substance on the surface of the ball, a stream of air in the wake of the ball is being ejected upwards. As a reaction to this, the ball is pushed downwards. On most court surfaces, topspin also makes the ball bounce higher. As a result, it is often used on clay or “soft” court surfaces which have a naturally higher bounce in order to make the ball harder for the opponent to hit. An opponent with a one-handed backhand is especially vulnerable to a topspin shot because it is difficult to hit a high ball with a one-handed backhand. A topspinning cricket ball behaves similarly to top spin shots in tennis or table tennis. The forward spinning motion impedes air travelling over the ball, but assists air travelling underneath. The difference in air pressure above and underneath the ball (described as the Magnus effect) acts as a downward force, meaning that the ball falls earlier and faster than normal.A topspin shot can be generated by hitting the ball with an up-and-forward swing, with the racquet facing below the direction it is moving. A topspin shot is the opposite of a “slice”.

What makes a top spin?
The Science Behind It You are applying a force called torque to start the spinning, and that converts the top’s potential energy into kinetic energy. A potential energy is the energy that an object has because of its position on a gradient of potential energy called a potential field, or just a potential.
In cricket, a top-spinner is a type of delivery bowled by a cricketer bowling either wrist spin or finger spin. In either case, the bowler imparts the ball with top spin by twisting it with his or her fingers prior to delivery. In both cases, the topspinner is the halfway house between the stock delivery and the wrong’un – in the wrist spinner’s case his googly, and in the finger spinner’s case his doosra.In tennis, because of a net being in the middle of the court, using topspin will increase the player’s consistency. Topspin also allows a player a greater margin of error. Because topspin brings the ball down toward the ground quicker, a player can hit the ball higher over the net, thus increasing the margin of error. This may help in lobbing an opponent who is waiting at the net, or playing directly to a player’s feet. Hitting low to high as the player approaches the contact point will impart lift. Keeping the racquet face (the strings) slightly closed from perpendicular will impart the topspin to the ball that the player wants. However, balls that bounce lower due to greater force or backspin are much more difficult to return using a grip that confers topspin such as the semi-western and western grips, as the racket is angled too far downwards to ‘lift’ the ball back over the net. As such, topspin is more effectively used on slower, higher bouncing surfaces such as clay. Topspin is also far more difficult to impart on backhand strokes due to the physical limitations of an arm stretched across the body.In cricketing terms, this means that the ball drops shorter, falls faster and bounces higher than might otherwise be anticipated by the batsman. These properties are summed up in cricketing terms as a “looping” or “loopy” delivery. Also, the ball travels straight on, as compared to a wrist spin or finger spin stock delivery that breaks to the left or right on impact. A batsman may easily be deceived by the ball, particularly given that the action is quite similar to the stock delivery.

Tactically, a bowler will bowl topspinners to draw a batsman forward before using the dip and extra bounce to deceive them. In particular, batsmen looking to sweep or drive are vulnerable as the bounce can defeat them. In modern-day cricket Anil Kumble is considered the foremost leg spin exponent of the top spinner. Muttiah Muralitharan is an example of an offspinner who frequently uses this delivery.

In baseball, the curveball, a type of pitch which usually has downward movement, is thrown in such a way as to put topspin on the ball. Its close relatives are the slider and the slurve. The “curve” of the ball varies from pitcher to pitcher.The Top Spin was once a common ride at travelling funfairs, particularly in Germany. Over time, many of the travelling versions of the ride have been sold to amusement parks. Huss also makes several models of Top Spin specifically for static locations.Huss has designed the ride so that park and carnival operators may choose one of eight preset ride “programs.” Most last no more than two minutes and consist of several moderate-speed loops, flips, and face-down gondola “hangtime” before unlocking the gondola hydraulics and swinging the riders back and forth. Some Top Spin rides have the added feature of water fountains which are mainly used at the end of the ride sequence soaking the riders as they are slowly lowered face first into the un-escapable water jets. Cycles can be customized to include more intense repetitive flips and also be under manual operator control. Cycles may tend to be longer at carnivals. A world record was set with over 100 gondola flips during a cycle with a theme park model in Germany.

In addition to this, various manufacturers such as Mondial, Moser, Vekoma, Zamperla and KMG make an improved version of the Top Spin where each individual arm is controlled separately; this results in diagonal gondola inversions and makes for a much more interesting ride. Such rides are known by names like “Wind Shear”, “Super Loop on Top”, “Waikiki Wave Super Flip”,”Super Nova” and “Discovery”.
The Top Spin is a thrill ride developed by HUSS Park Attractions and is the generic name for a series of rides from other manufacturers that follow the same principle. The ride consists of a passenger platform suspended between two counterweighted arms. The arms are turned by motors, while the platform generally only has brakes that are engaged and disengaged at various points of the ride cycle. A typical top spin program runs the main arm motors while engaging and disengaging the platform brakes so that it will rotate in exciting ways. The minimum rider height requirement is 54 inches; maximum is 80 inches due to the seat and restraint design. The ride was debuted in 1990 with it proving an instant success with European fairgoers.

This SECRET WEAPON accelerates learning and gives players, parents and coaches an edge over everyone else! Over 90% of the game is now played with topspin because it is the only way to control the ball with pace. Use it indoors or out to develop an exponentially better level of tennis.
Learn topspin in 2 minutes! Topspin Pro is a stationary stroke training aid with a spinning ball that teaches rhythm, focus, and topspin. It improves your game faster than traditional methods by instantly letting players FEEL what topspin IS! Now you can learn Topspin in 2 minutes!Topspinpro – это прекрасный учебно-тренировочный инструмент для отработки правильных ударов в большом теннисе. Положение и высоту можно легко отрегулировать под параметры обучаемого игрока. Это простой и надёжный способ помочь новичкам развить идеальные удары.

Shipping This item has a dimensional weight of 4.0 kg per unit of quantity. Also known as volumetric weight, this is an estimated weight that is calculated from the length, width, height and actual weight of a package. It also takes into consideration oversize/fuel surcharges. It is not representative of the actual weight of a package. We use this estimated weight as the basis to our shipping rate calculations. View more shipping information5. Gather the threads together tie them to each other like you would tie a knot to close up a balloon. Leave enough string after the knot so you can tie the ends of the strings to your toy.We need energy for our homes to power lights, refrigerators, air conditioners, and computers. We use energy when we drive cars or pedal a bike. We power our devices with energy stored in batteries. Even sleeping requires energy!

7. Test out your parachute toy! Throw the parachute high in the air and watch it slowly fall to the ground, or drop it from a high place with adult supervision. You and a friend or sibling can both make one and see whose can stay in the air the longest when dropped from the same height. Have fun!
Below you will find instructions for making four toys: Spinning Top, Kaleidoscope, Parachute, and Ping Pong Ball Launcher. You will also find explanations for the physics of how these toys work.So, what happens if you drop two items that weigh the same but are different in size or shape? You can test this yourself using objects around your house to see that some objects will fall faster than others. Resistance and friction are what cause these changes in acceleration. Air resistance (also called drag) slows down the heavier objects. Drag opposes the direction that the object is moving and slows it down. So, regardless of weight, the more resistance/friction an object has, the slower the fall.

Gravity is the force that exists between any two objects that have mass. Weight is a measure of the force of gravity pulling on an object. So, does that mean heavier objects will fall faster?
In about 1590, as the story goes, Galileo Galilei went to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and simultaneously dropped many pairs of items, such as cannon balls, musket balls, gold, silver and wood. Each time, one object was heavier than the other, yet they otherwise had the same shape and size. They both hit the ground at the same time! Up until then, people figured that heavier objects fell faster than light objects. But Galileo determined that gravity accelerates all objects at the same rate, regardless of their mass or composition.6. Take your toy and use the ends of the strings to tie it to the parachute. Alternatively, you can use scotch tape to secure your toy to the ends of the strings.

While the spinning top may seem very simple, there is actually a lot of advanced physics and mathematics that go into making a top spin. The spinning tops illustrates several physics concepts including angular momentum, inertia, momentum, centripetal force, potential energy, kinetic energy, torque, friction and gravity.
(If you are using cardstock/aluminum foil from home: cut 3 pieces of cardstock 1-5/16” x 4”, cover them in aluminum and tape them into a triangle shape with the shiny side toward the middle.)To slow down a fall of an object, you will want to create more drag. That’s the goal of a parachute! The larger the surface area of the parachute, the more air molecules that will be slowed down through air resistance and slow the fall of the object.

This means, if a perfectly balanced, upright, spinning top achieves angular momentum after a source of torque makes it start spinning, the top will keep spinning until an outside source affects it, such as friction, gravity, or someone touching it.
Experiment with your launcher by trying it out before tying the bead to the end of the string. Notice how far the ball moves. Now tie the bead onto the string and try it again. Does the ball move farther or less far? Why do you think the bead makes such a big difference?Have you ever thought about how your toys work? There is more to a top or kaleidoscope than meets the eye! Follow these instructions to become a toy-maker and a scientist as you learn the physics behind some of your favorite toys.

What happened to topspin Media?
It was founded in 2007 by Peter Gotcher and Shamal Ranasinghe. The Topspin application includes integrated tools for e-commerce, fan relationship management, marketing, and fulfillment of both digital and physical goods. The company was acquired by Beats Music in 2014.
Now our tops are spinning. The way the top spins around the rotation axis gives it angular momentum, and the angular momentum will remain constant until an external source of torque acts on the spinning top. (Think of a figure skater spinning.)

When we pull back the string on our ping pong ball launcher, we are using kinetic energy, or the energy an object has due to motion. That kinetic energy is then released when we let go of the string, and the rubber bands attached to the string pull the bead forward, which smacks against the lid of the water bottle. This allows the transfer of energy to take place between the bead and the ping pong ball resting on top of the rubber bands, sending it flying.
4. If you used a hole punch, thread each of the 4 strings through a corner hole of the napkin and knot them twice so they stay in place. If you do not have a hole punch, you will instead tie each piece of string to a corner of the napkin using a double knot.As friction begins to slow down the spin of the top, it begins to wobble. That tilts the top of the axis to the side, and that allows gravity to exert a force on the top, causing it to begin to spin about another axis, that’s called gravitational torque.

How long does it take to learn top spin?
With the TopspinPro, you can learn topspin in just two minutes a day. Even if you’ve been hitting flat for years, you’ll see a dramatic difference in the first week or two. It takes a little longer to lock in new muscle memory but the TopspinPro makes that faster too.
The light coming in the bottom of the tube travels in a straight line. When the light hits the colorful objects, it changes directions, and the colors are reflected back and forth between the shiny surfaces inside the tube.Kits are available at the FDL drive-up window (while supplies last). There are some materials you will have to supply yourself such as tape, scissors, etc. The materials in the kits may vary. If you didn’t make it to the library to pick up a kit, most of the materials are things that you may be able to find in your home.

Energy transfer takes place when energy moves from one place to another. Energy can move from one object to another, like when the energy from your moving foot is transferred to a soccer ball.
You will need the following supplies. Items with an asterisk (*) next to them will be included in a supply kit you can pick up via the library’s drive-up window.

Does Top Spin Pro help?
Pro the topspin pro is a great teaching tool for all levels of players. If you’re just beginning you can feel the ball on your hand. And it gets you the idea of what top spin is as you progress.
Learn topspin first and you dramatically reduce the time until you’re playing with consistency and power, which makes tennis much more fun. Learning topspin as a beginner saves you the trouble of having to learn a new way of hitting the ball later. Learn once. Learn topspin.

You sweat enough on court – no need to sweat the returns process. If you have not discovered the many benefits of TopspinPro, just return it for a full refund. Federer’s racket angle is typically 79 degrees and Nadal’s is 76 degrees through the impact zone. The TopspinPro temporarily removes swing momentum for the purpose of “locking-in” the very same bio-mechanics into your muscle memory. You’ll automatically add swing momentum back into your shot in training & matches. Yes! As we have demonstrated in many real-time videos, it almost always takes less than 2 minutes of using the TopspinPro for a player to hit their first topspin stroke.Topspin is tough to master. We understand. Get coached and it can take 10 (or more) sessions to get it right. That’s money out of your pocket and time out of your week.

That said, the top and bottom screens on the TopspinPro attach independently, so it’s common practice to take the top panel off once you’ve firmly established the correct technique – allowing you to hit through the ball more.

It takes a little longer to lock in new muscle memory but the TopspinPro makes that faster too. It’s not magic – it’s just a lot easier and more fun getting the reps in – anywhere, anytime.
See the difference the TopspinPro can make in as little as 2 minutes for a player to hit their first topspin stroke! But although the results are fast, repetition is crucial to “locking in” the technique of topspin into your muscle-memory. With TopspinPro, you can hit HUNDREDS of balls every single day from the comfort of your own home or office

You watch the pros. They seem to be able to hit groundstrokes at 80mph+ yet still keep it in! How? It’s topspin. It makes the ball dip back down into the court.
And the momentum you lose between sessions makes locking in the muscle memory tricky – you spend the start of every session trying to remember what you did last week.With the TopspinPro, you can learn topspin in just two minutes a day. Even if you’ve been hitting flat for years, you’ll see a dramatic difference in the first week or two.

To fully integrate the technique into your muscle memory – so that you’re using it instinctively in a match – takes a little longer. But therein lies another key benefit of the TopspinPro: by being able to practice every single day from the comfort of your own home, you shorten the learning curve of mastering topspin tremendously.n.

Of course you should! The point is to make tennis fun. The fastest way to do that is to hit consistent shots so you’re competitive. Spin is what gives you consistency.

Does topspin increase speed?
Furthermore, a ball hit with topspin is likely to reach a higher apex in its trajectory, so it will drop from a greater height, gain more speed, and hit at a steeper angle. Topspin balls will therefore bounce faster in the vertical direction and higher than will balls hit flat or with backspin.
Look, we’re not saying the TopspinPro replaces your coach, but by being able to practice every single day, you’ll learn topspin much faster so in you can focus on other parts of the game in your coaching sessions – like tactics and positioning.

At first, it appears that way but the TopspinPro screen is there to represent the ANGLE OF THE RACKET FACE through the impact zone. It does NOT represent the swing path.

What is Topspin Pro?
Topspin Pro is a stationary stroke training aid with a spinning ball that teaches rhythm, focus, and topspin.
Leave your opponents scratching their heads, wondering what the heck happened to your weak groundstrokes as you dismantle them – ripping one forehand winner after another.You start hitting it long. So you hit it softly. Too softly. You find the net. You hire a coach and spend, spend, spend. You love tennis, but you’re wondering if tennis loves you.

me gusto, definitivamente es un buen producto.. le dedico 15 o 20 minutos diarios en la noche, y mi golpe es mejor y lo principal, con mas confianza los golpes.
Great product for teaching topspin. Not only is it perfect for creating an extra station for 4 or 5 kids but it also provides a novel experience to keep them interested.