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Topshelf Care 207

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Just had my first interaction with Top Shelf Care and it was noteworthy. The contact and communication were quick and easy as was the meetup location. I ordered five Oasis carts as I’ve heard they are a premium extractor but haven’t seen the carts at my usual haunts. Before concluding our business, I asked if the carts would fit my vape. I have used many, many Green Truck, Paul’s, and others with no issue but found the Blossom carts to be thicker around and didn’t fit in my vape and I was hoping the Oasis carts fit. My recently purchased vape, the Pulsar, uses 501 threads but hides it in a narrow tunnel that only the smaller carts will enter. Turns out the Oasis carts didn’t fit. After chatting with the TSC207 driver, it became clear that I had bought a severely limited vape (Despite getting it at a vape shop) and I needed to get a new one to be able to enjoy all size carts. I thanked the driver and proceeded to leave when she insisted on giving me HER vape battety. Yep. She had a similar one as I did but with the threads on the end to accept all carts. She even gave me her charger! I appreciate good service but that is a step above good service. Topshelf Care has earned my future business, as well as my admiration for being wicked good people.
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  • Weekly Lawn Maintenance Made Simple. Residents of Tonawanda, North Tonawanda & East Amherst, NY rely on us to care for their lawns all year long. Top Shelf Care – Southern Maine. Products available at Top Shelf Care – Southern Maine : Jungle Kush Flower. Under a warmer spectrum the anemone will look more white. Watch our Coral Care Series Video. TopShelf Care is a Maine Medical Marijuana Caregiving business that provides top shelf quality products and delivery services, based in York County. ​. After chatting with the TSC207 driver, it became clear that I had bought a severely limited vape (Despite getting it at a vape shop) and I. We wanted to make sure we took care of our medical patients. Mac 1 *x2pts* Grown by TOP SHELF H Type $ 20 Gram $ 55 Eighth $ 100 Quarter $ 165 Half. Top-Shelf(TM) Chafing Dish, 2-3/5 qt., 1 x 8in. x 12-1/2in.,.. Your Price: $61.54 EA Availability: Drop Ship Top Shelf Landscaping is a certified landscaper in Tonawanda, NY. We offer snow removal, landscape maintenance, installation, design & more! The Top Shelf, Retailer, Airway Heights · Spokane county, WA, $275,056. Lovely Buds North, Retailer, Spokane · Spokane county, WA, $197,607, 207△ +118. Phone: (207) 835 0036. CANNAMAX. Augusta, ME. Website: Phone: (207) 213-6710. Top Shelf Care*. (Delivery Service). Top shelf care 207 Home Company Description: Top Shelf Care is located in Atlanta, GA, United States and is part of the Other Support. Kind Guy Patient Care Center is located in Biddeford, ME serving medical cannabis. Lovelight Medicinals Windham, Maine 0 Reviews Write A Review (207). Welcome to Mary & Main Personalized Medical Cannabis Care. Welcome to Mary & Main Personalized. 377 St John Street, Portland Maine (207) 536-1734. Cadillac Rainbow from swell cultivation via top shelf care 207. Search: “low priced about what you came here for. Rainbow Kush, also simply called Rainbow,. I basically smoke nothing but GMO by different cultivators & I’ve had Mentation’s GMO many times and it’s always . This is the best GMO ever.