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Transiting Pluto Opposite Venus

To know where Pluto is transiting on your natal chart right now or for any past or future date, click on “Reports”, select the Forecast box, set your date and click on “Calculate”, then click on “Planets positions and aspects” and look at the “Transits – Planets in signs and aspects” section.Relationships may end, but this brings relief rather than gloom. This can also be a time of positive transformation in romance, family and friendships.

What does Venus conjunct Pluto transit mean?
In a natal chart, the Venus Pluto conjunction means you are quite criticizing of your own actions and take a lot of time to be pleased with what you achieve. When the Venus conjunct Pluto transit is in full action, one’s need for affection is dramatically increased, as is the need for emotional depth.
With a healthy sense of self-worth, you will likely exude greater powers of seduction which can intensify your sexual relationships. Others find you irresistible at this time.

You are likely to wield great power to attract others. Be mindful to use this power in uplifting ways, not in ways that are self-serving and manipulative.
Others find you irresistible and their attention may be flattering to you. You may be tempted to use this seductive power to entice others out of insecurity and need for approval rather than genuine romantic connection.

What happens when Pluto transits your Venus?
When transiting Pluto forms a conjunction with your natal Venus, you will feel potent passions and desires erupting from within as you release old relational patterns ready to be shed. You will be drawn toward greater intensity within your relationships. You will desire greater depth and more intimate merging.
Don’t be seduced into reckless investments or hasty decisions fed more by illusion than reality. Not all that glitters is gold and this distinction will be made clear during this transit.Pluto operates as a midwife of significant personal change, rather than the demolition man that he appears to be in other combinations. You are brought into deeper connection with your core values and from this awareness personal transformation is ushered in.

You may feel attracted to people in positions of power, yet find that these relationships are not reciprocal. Time for an honest look at toxic relationship patterns and breaking cycles of abuse of or by others.You may obsess over those you care about, even becoming possessive and jealous. Avoid mind games, guilt trips and other ‘tests’ of your partner’s love.If sexuality is unhealthy, you may be seduced by those who appear edgy, dangerous, or powerful, and may become more submissive in sexual relationships with others. You may also be susceptible to using sexual relationships to boost your self-esteem.

What is Pluto demoted to?
On Aug. 24, 2006, the International Astronomical Union voted to strictly define a planet, which ultimately downgraded Pluto from the ninth planet from the sun to a dwarf planet — causing controversy both scientifically and culturally.
Are you confusing love with obsession or lust? Are you seeking an emotional connection with someone who only wants a platonic or sexual relationship? In what ways are your values and desires at odds with the values and desires of those around you?You may make significant changes in your life by shifting your value system. This is a good time to audit your finances, likely revealing ways to improve your wealth.

This transit intensifies an already positive self-worth. If this is not firmly established, however, you may compulsively pursue relationships with people you perceive as having power.You will likely be susceptible to infatuation. You experience empowering connections to others and influence of others can be life changing at this time. Your career may advance as a result of connections to others.What and who you value changes drastically. A good time to makeover your budget. Be mindful of temptation to splurge on investments meant to give the illusion of power. You may confuse love with lust at this time. You will have a greater sense of power and worthiness but may be susceptible to using this power to manipulate others. Attraction power, creativity and abundance are enhanced thanks in part to relationships with influential or well established people. Others recognize your talents. Your social network can be the key to career advancement and long term abundance at this time.

Discern the meaning behind cues you are feeling in relationships. Your instincts are telling you that something is not balanced and this is likely correct though your initial interpretations may be off. Fear or jealousy, obsession and lust can keep you from seeing what is really off in a relationship. You may think you are expressing love when you are really trying to control another.

Illusions will not survive Pluto’s ability to extract core truths. Manipulation will not solidify relationships that are crumbling. Don’t feed into these impulses toward controlling behavior to ‘save’ a relationship.Relationships may feel unsettled and while you may want to bring intense change- either advancement or endings- in your relationships, something will cause you to hesitate. It is the responsibility of the astrologer to synthesise these apparent contradictions in order to present a cohesive and realistic interpretation of the dilemmas of the chart. One theme in a relationship will be power and control dynamics, as you will become aware of ways in which you subconsciously give your power away to others, as well as claim power over others.The inferno of desire you can feel during this time may incite you to create dramatic changes within your existing relationships and circumstances. Simultaneously, these volatile feelings can also provoke fear over releasing attachments currently bringing you security. Ultimately, you will experience a regeneration of your value system that enhances your capacity to feel empowered in creating a more vital and authentic life..

At times, Venus might feel like Pluto is playing hard to get or simply ignoring them. For some reason, the distance between Venus and Pluto only seems to increase the desire, not weaken it.

Let’s imagine that you and your partner are looking at an image of the heavens at the exact moment each of you were born. Venus conjunct Pluto means your Venus and their Pluto would appear to be in the same spot.According to astrology, understanding the alignment of the planets at the time of our birth can help us better understand ourselves and how the world perceives us. Pluto moves very slowly through the zodiac signs and does not change their mind often. Consistent and steady might be words that describe this person the best. Venus is the planet of love, romance, and beauty. The position of Venus in your synastry report reveals interesting insights into your relationships, emotions, and happiness levels.

Is Pluto a male or female planet?
The male planets are Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn; Mercury and Uranus are neuter; Moon, Venus, Neptune, and Pluto are female (though Pluto is related to Mars despite its Dark Mother feminine archetype).
Pluto is very careful about what they share with others, some might even call them secretive. Only their “inner circle” of friends know what’s going on in their life. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.
For instance, at the beginning of a relationship Venus may be the one who noticed the other person first. Or they had a secret crush on the other person, but never made a move.In my research I discovered something very surprising about the zodiac sign compatibility of people with Venus Pluto synastry. I’m excited to share this with you. Venus conjunct Pluto synastry means that at the exact moment two people were born, Venus and Pluto were aligned in the same zodiac sign. This alignment usually indicates a strong physical attraction between two people. This does not mean that this is a one-way attraction or relationship. It just indicates that one person expresses their desires with more intensity or passion.Venus might express love for their partner in more public ways. They might even feel like telling the whole world. But when Pluto doesn’t return the gesture, Venus may get frustrated or feel defeated.

Pluto is symbolic of transformation and new beginnings. All good things must come to an end and something else must take its place. Pluto is the driving force behind changes happening in your relationship.They are very good at reading others and quickly notice any advances made by Venus. Pluto rarely likes to make the first move because they don’t want to get hurt. One thing to keep in mind about Venus Pluto Synastry is that Venus orbits very close to the Sun. This can make emotions intense and fiery. However, Pluto is very far from the Sun, making it cold and mysterious. All relationships, tastes and ways of valuing things, in general, will undergo a great transformation that, if you are honest and open, can be incredibly positive. Business associations must also be observed carefully, as there may be hidden motivations, sometimes quite dangerous, but it also provides a totally different way of earning a living.Love makes us transcend reality and transform our life, although, sometimes, through impulsive and irrational reactions. Our unconscious sentimental patterns play a very significant role, you may have to struggle with them. You have to be careful because this produces a fascination with some person that may not be very convenient for you.Pluto transiting your natal Venus has a great effect on all intimate relationships, in the use of your resources, and in your sexual life. Relationships become tremendously intense and transform your daily life, as you understand the depths of your feelings and your sexual needs. The latter increase and need an outlet.

OMG. I will need to read this again and again to understand it entirely. The first reading nailed me. I do struggle with romantic and sexual partnerships. All or nothing at all. I am even more a believer and dedicated student of Astrology.
This transit provokes the need and the opportunity to transform your relationships with others. You must examine yourself and your position in all loving relationships. You may discover acute problems in this area that you have to work with at that moment. With this transit, all feelings become stronger, and you must avoid possessive or obsessive relationships.You must communicate sincerely about conflicts and penetrate into the bottom of unconscious motivations. A bad relationship will end and a good one will become better and deeper. Your economic resources must go through a conflicting period to find new and more valid means.

When transit Pluto is sextile your natal Venus, it brings love and physical creativity to all relationships, both professional and romantic. There is a great transformation in life through relationships, whether they are new or old. The process is slow and smooth. The sense of pleasure and enjoyment increases and has a greater emotional intensity that helps you to get in touch with deep aspects of your own psyche, and also helps to penetrate the meaning of any artistic activity.Sexual sensations are also deepened, but care must be taken that you do not try to manipulate each other, either consciously or unconsciously, through love. Tactics are sometimes subversive, and care must be taken with jealousy and possessiveness.

It may also be that, through a relationship, you are able to transform your sexual appetite and to uncover many hidden parts of your subconscious, as well as that hidden motivations rise to the surface to completely transform the relationship. In reality, you see in the other person a repressed aspect of yourself and, whether it is a good or bad relationship, it will have a powerful effect on changing the way you view life.
When transit Pluto is conjunct your natal Venus, it has a great effect on sentimental and sexual life. It may bring an intense relationship, which does not necessarily indicate that it is smooth. It is possible that it provokes the obsession for a person, allowing you to be carried away by its power. This transit does not know the concept of the middle: either one is involved at all or not at all. Pluto transiting opposite your natal Venus affects, above all, sexual relations. It can bring an intimate relationship, but you have to take certain precautions, since the subconscious forces that are operating now can cause negative behaviors. There is likely to be an irresistible and obsessive attraction that prevents you from realizing that the other person is not good for you. In this time, many unconscious patterns are being unearthed in the sentimental area so that you face them. Your economic needs, tastes, pleasures and luxuries may be transformed. You must see what is essential, and thus avoid getting into risks and economic speculations with partners, as this can lead to immense conflicts in the relationship.

What is the opposite of Pluto?
Horoscopes: Mars opposes Pluto as part of intense cosmic configuration.
In any case, you must be careful not to degenerate into sensationalism or sensuality, but to help raise your consciousness. Love and creativity can transform your life now. The depth that is reached in relationships helps to fully regenerate you and transports you towards a metaphysical phenomenon.When transit Pluto is trine your natal Venus, it brings love and physical creativity to all relationships, both professional and romantic. There is a great transformation in life through relationships, whether they are new or old. The process is slow and smooth. The sense of pleasure and enjoyment increases and has a greater emotional intensity that helps you to get in touch with deep aspects of your own psyche, and also helps to penetrate the meaning of any artistic activity. You realize the power of your feelings and the transforming power of love. Everything has a greater emotional depth. Your artistic and creative abilities are intensified. The bodily sensations, as well as the sentimental ones, intensify to such an extent that you must avoid all kinds of obsessions or obsessive persons. When transit Pluto is square your natal Venus, all relationships become a source of challenge and difficulty that forces you to make internal changes. An old relationship will be transformed in some way, or a new one will transform your life and cause you to penetrate your own psyche. You have a great need for love, expressing it in a compulsive way.

You are willing to have a very intense experience either with someone new or in an existing relationship, which, if it cannot satisfy your needs, will not be able to survive. Sexual vigor is very high and you must learn to sublimate it and turn it into a creative outlet, but if it is frustrated it can create serious problems. You must have perspective on the need for pleasure and money because it changes in a draconian way. All tastes and resources will be transformed.
You have to be careful if you are fascinated by another person, since at this moment unconscious forces are acting on both sides and you can not trust the results. You must wait until something more reliable is established and you can see the intentions of the other person. In any case, it is normal for tensions to appear in a new or old relationship because of jealousy, possessiveness or lack of freedom on the part of one of the two.Linda, can you please let me know what happens with your Pluto transit opposing Venus? I have almost the exact transits. Pluto conjunct my AC and now I’m in the process of divorce. I will have Pluto oppose Venus and conjunct second house cusp. I can almost guess what may happen, but I am too afraid of looking forward now. I had two other outer planet transits indicating potential divorce, and I was too blind to see it coming and thought that it’s my kid leaving home going to college.

I hope you’re hanging in there! I’m sure you have plenty happening with the big conjunctions in Capricorn! My Sun and NN are in the late degrees Aries, and Moon and Ascendant in the late Degrees Cancer. So square and opposite these Capricorn Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto conjunctions. I felt for a while that I just couldn’t catch a break. I started leaning in more to what issues were being brought up. I’m doing lots of energy healing and subconscious work to heal old patterns. Pluto transits really are intense! The energy is getting easier the more I face what makes me uncomfortable about myself (which is uncomfortable too, but at least this type of uncomfortable is paying off and I’m seeing and feeling gradual change). Breathe though it!
2023 will bring powerful changes as Saturn will be moving into Pisces in March! On a personal level, the excuse of being overwhelmed and dissociated from others will grow tiresome. You’ll have to take responsibility for all your behaviors. This reading will help guide you in areas of your life and help you overcome obstacles and transform toxic relationships.

Astrological transits are a part of what is usually called predictive astrology, the claim of astrology to predict or forecast future trends and developments. Most astrologers nowadays regard the term ‘prediction’ as something of a misnomer, as modern astrology does not claim to directly predict future events as such. Instead it is claimed that an astrological pattern with regard to the future can correspond with any one of a variety of possibilities. What is in fact foretold is the trend of circumstances and the nature of the individual’s reaction to the situation
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Try to see the entire picture, and don’t allow yourself to narrow your focus to just your desires. When it comes to business and finance, this is especially true. Hasty decisions made now, especially those made out of greed or lust, will later cause giant problems down the road.During this time, it is likely to uncover hidden feelings about yourself. Your self-worth, core values, and romantic ideals will shift, causing you to change as a person. If you use this time correctly, the change will be an improvement for yourself, as well as for your partner, and the relationship that you have together.

In romantic relationships, dominant urges, as well as sadistic and masochistic traits, will come out. One partner will have to act more submissive to keep the peace, or else the couple will battle for power and control in the relationship. Never use sexual energy as a weapon or manipulation tactic. It may be tempting during this time, but it never works out well.
There is more to this universe than what we can see & touch. At YourHigherJourney we want to show you how to see & read the signs in your life to unlock your full potential.This Aspect makes people see others from different perspectives, and seek out desires that had previously been suppressed or otherwise hidden. The pressure of a difficult relationship, combined with these intense wants, often leads to chaos, jealousy, misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and even unhealthy or toxic situations.

What are the rarest transits?
Venus transits Venus transits are the rarest—happening twice every 108 years. The most recent transit of Venus was back in 2012. The next one doesn’t occur until December 2117. Mercury transits are more frequent, happening about 13 times a century.
When planets have a 180-degree opposition (give or take six degrees), they are opposite one another in the chart and opposite in polarity. It may sound tense, but oppositions are still more relaxed than square aspects.

Insecurity can easily lead to broken connections. Power games quickly break trust. Selfishness usually results in hurt feelings or heightened, intense fears of abandonment.
While the chaos and uprooting of old ways can feel uncertain and frightening, what comes next can be beautiful, enlightening, and transformative. Lean into the crazy, and be open-minded to new possibilities and mindsets. Now is a great time to think (a lot) before you speak, react, or jump to conclusions. Change is essential for you to thrive, so embrace it and enjoy the crazy ride.While you sort through your issues, make sure you take time for the incredibly passionate sex that is waiting for you. All of these heightened senses, rampant fantasies, and built-up tension will translate into unforgettably passionate sex that is filled with love, adoration, and powerful energies.

Passion and emotions run high, making it easier for people (especially couples) to become more aggressive with one another. This may show up as belittling or even bullying those with less power in the workplace.
Don’t use these intense moments of confusion, anger, and passion for reacting. Stop everything you are doing, get introspective about why and how you feel the way you do, and use this to fuel a better you. It is so critical that you and your partner are slow to take action and careful when you speak. You do not want to do irreparable damage to each other and to the relationship. While you will most likely make this mistake a few times, do your best to mitigate the damage and properly apologize.While some natives mistakenly consider Pluto to be a weak planet, it is not. Pluto is intense, strong, and relentless. It’s natural for many to desperately cling to their ideas and personal ideals; Pluto grabs these ideas and rips them away. This planet also pushes humans to let go of their egos and see life from a new, more humbled set of eyes.

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Ready to learn all about the mysteries of the Venus Opposite Pluto Transit, what it means for relationships, and how to cope with these uncertainties? Read on, we’ve got it all covered below. This jealousy may stem from areas of success, such as healthy connections outside of the partnership, like strong friendships or healthy connections to other family members. This envy could also come from joy or self-love. It is easy for a partner to hold some resentment for the other, especially if they feel that their partner is doing better, or advancing faster in life than they are. Take a deep breath, look at the big picture, and try to be rational. While it is possible to have a cheating partner, most likely, this is just a test that is being thrown at you from the Venus Opposite Pluto Transit.

This transit is difficult for your romantic relationships, but if you are wise with your thoughts, actions, and words, you will find that the experience was necessary, helpful, and even exciting in a good way.
As such Pluto is responsible for many ego-deaths, and these lessons urge people to become more flexible, empathetic, kind, and fundamentally different. Pluto can encourage people to shift their opinions and values significantly.

What does Pluto conjunct Venus synastry experience?
What Does Venus Conjunct Pluto Synastry Mean? Venus conjunct Pluto synastry means that at the exact moment two people were born, Venus and Pluto were aligned in the same zodiac sign. This alignment usually indicates a strong physical attraction between two people.
The desires of Venus will not necessarily come to fruition. Venus is about the idealization and romanticization of people, relationships, and ideas. She is an exceptionally hedonistic planet that cannot (and also has no desire to) control her urges. Her wants are so constant and grandiose that it’s just not practical to expect all of these wants to become a reality.

The most likely culprit that is causing jealousy is deep-seated possessiveness and insecurities. If there were ever a time for one partner to accuse another of infidelity or another outside person of wrongful flirting, this transit period is it.
Still, Venus is excellent at helping people find and admire the beautiful moments that this life has to offer. Consistent romanization can be helpful, and it will allow people to dream and find peace in new areas of their lives. For the more practical and logical signs, this can be quite the treat.

It’s crucial to remember that Venus is all about fantasy and overindulgence. It is easy to get wrapped up in searching for the perfect partner, so don’t allow these brand new, over-the-top expectations to get the better of you. People should tightly hold onto their core values while being open-minded to the new possibilities that Venus Opposite Pluto is offering.
When it comes to friendships, Venus Opposite Pluto is tough on those too. Don’t take sides, don’t intimidate, and do not pressure others. Be willing to try new ideas, look at things from a new perspective, and dream in new ways. During this time, it is also highly likely that another person will attempt to pressure, manipulate, or intimidate you too. Quietly but firmly stand your ground.As mentioned above, emotions will feel intense for lovers during this time. One of these primary emotions that will likely be one of the most difficult obstacles couples encounter is jealousy.Pluto primarily signifies newness in the form of transformations, regeneration, personal evolution, and regrowth through dissolution and destruction. Often times, the destruction period is chaotic and scary, but it always leads to new ideas, revelations, and meaningful actions.

During this time, relationships get hit hard. Paranoia, overthinking, romanticism, and the overwhelming urge to manipulate or lie come out during the opposition.
Consider why you feel the ways that you do, and work to get to the true root of these issues. Most of the time, you will find that the problem is internal, something you need to work on, and not something that your partner is doing wrong.

A push-pull effect occurs. When this happens, there is considerable frustration and abrasion between the planets, meaning that tension and conflict can more easily arise. This tension is powerful and when properly harnessed, You can use it to create remarkable things.
While these traits are not necessarily good, good can still come from them. Use each of these struggles to readjust the relationship, better understand one another, and find new ways to comfort and love the other.

While there are several polar opposite traits between the two planets in this aspect, there are also a few similarities. Identifying common ground will allow people to see how the opposing planets complement one another. Finding the complementing characteristics is the strength of the opposition, and where beneficial, well-balanced things can happen.
Venus is all about pleasure; this benefic, auspicious planet has everything to do with values and peoples’ idealization of love, beauty, and wealth. Venus influences love, admiration, romantic relationships, aesthetics, and how people handle wealth, such as money, valuables, and status symbols.Lust, greed, and jealousy all become more apparent during transition, even if these are typically uncommon or rare feelings. These newfound desires will subconsciously push people to think about and then act on the usual impulses that (until now) have always been ignored. If you are the one being questioned in the relationship, work against your instinct to blow up. Be quiet, calm, and logical. Show proof of your innocence, and wait for your lover to calm down. The trick is to be able to recognize if the hidden desire is one that we actually need to incorporate into our lives in order to be more whole. We suddenly have the courage to nakedly express these needs under the Venus and Pluto opposition.Bottom line, we are confronted with any taboos we have tried to sweep under the rug. Something in the intimate spaces in our heart has reached critical mass and must see the light of day. Our defenses crumble. Any attempts to hold them at bay are no longer successful.Our closest relationships often feel the pressure of this transit. We can experience intense emotions that seem to come out of nowhere. Power dynamics and control issues can come to light. Dangerous affairs, extreme jealousy, and manipulation plays can be easier to succumb to if there is any of this hidden in our character. Our darkness is revealed to be witnessed and hopefully healed and integrated without harming ourselves or our loved ones.Single people can feel intense attractions to those who may be or feel “dangerous” and extreme care should be taken when dating under the influence of a Venus opposite Pluto transit. We can even become the one who is the dangerous attraction for someone else, obsessed, or become drunk on the power of our own sexual chemistry and use it to manipulate or otherwise harm others. Venus softens us with her love. She brings harmony, beauty, grace, and symmetry to everything she touches. She is yielding but not spineless. We generally really like the influence of Venus in astrology and in synastry she is usually a gift. For couples who are lucky enough to not have these hidden energies simmering in the darkness, there can be a passionate sexual revolution that transforms their relationship for the better. Sexual fantasies can be revealed and fulfilled, and the mantle of power can be embraced and celebrated by those who have been afraid to work with this energy in themselves or in their relationship. It can infuse a person with an enriched charisma that their partner finds irresistible.

The very idea of Venus, the Goddess of Love, and Pluto, the God of Hell, interacting at all can invoke feelings of dread and foreboding. How could this possibly go well with a tense aspect between these two opposites?! Let’s talk about it.
Whether this opposition is transiting your natal chart or if Venus is opposing Pluto in the sky for all of us to feel, it’s truth time, plain and simple.

The dark side is… all the dreadful desires some people have are harder to hold at bay. Cheating partners, sex scandals, and all the scary influences the God of Hell can bring upon the Goddess of Love can fill our news feeds when this transit is influencing the collective.Pluto is powerful. His commanding presence has the purpose of making the unconscious conscious. He forces us to undergo deep transformation via all of life’s psychotherapeutic avenues. He is not gentle. He requires us to look in the dark places where we are harboring monsters. Notice I said he REQUIRES this of us. All the trash can energies of Pluto come from us not being willing or conscious enough to face these psychological demons. We have the best chance of success if we willingly go where he leads with maturity and self-awareness. When it comes to Pluto, a great astrologer is your best friend when it comes to decoding Pluto’s requests. That’s me!

This is a compelling energy and even if we are lucky enough to be aware it is happening, we can still have some unconsciousness play out in the drama of our lives.
“By the time it takes the Earth to complete one orbit of the Sun, Venus has gone around almost one-and-a-half times. That’s why they don’t meet up on exactly the same alignment very often.”But instead of covering the whole Sun as the Moon does during a total eclipse, Venus being so far away and looking so much smaller from our perspective, will appear as a tiny dark dot passing across the golden face of the Sun.”Then there will be another cycle of eight years, so there will be another transit in 2125. After that, Venus will inch ahead again, and won’t catch Earth again for another 121-and-a-half years.”

Why are Venus transits so rare?
The transit of Venus doesn’t happen every year because the orbits of Venus and Earth are slightly out of alignment with each other, says O’Neill. “Compared to Earth’s orbital plane, Venus is about three degrees out.”
“In another eight years time, Venus will arrive at that point before Earth gets there, and we won’t see a transit. Another eight years on, it will be a little more ahead again, and that will continue for another 105-and-a-half years — until it eventually catches Earth again, at the other side of the Sun.”If you miss the transit of Venus in early June you’ll have to wait another 105 years until December 2117 for another chance to witness one of the rarest and most famous events in astronomy.

“When we see Venus, which usually happens in the early morning or late evening, it generally seems to pass a little above or below the Sun because its orbital plane is a little bit out from our perspective.”

“So the entire cycle goes on a 243-year basis. By the time it takes Earth to go around the Sun 243 times, Venus has gone around 395 times and they almost exactly line up again give or take about nine hours or so.”
FINAL EPISODE: Bright spots on the dwarf planet Ceres are giant salt pans. Also; climate change slowing the planet’s rotation, and searching for the universe’s missing matter.

“You can blame that long wait on the geometry and interplay of the orbits of Earth and Venus,” says planetary scientist Dr Craig O’Neill from Sydney’s Macquarie University.Whatever part of our lives and of our psyches that Pluto touches, especially by hard transit, is an area that Pluto compels us to explore more deeply. Superficiality is not acceptable for Pluto. Pluto transits insist that we get in touch with our core purpose and our deep sense of power. New levels of intimacy, not only with others but also with ourselves, are discovered and uncovered.

What is the hardest transit astrology?
8th and 12th House Transits These houses were called bad houses in ancient astrology because humans are (as a rule) social creatures who don’t like to be isolated, and nobody likes it when someone they care about dies. Sometimes, 8th and 12th house transits are just difficult.
*Your vitality and energy level are at a high point. You are in an ambitious and dynamic phase of your life. Your recuperative powers are excellent and your health is robust. Many people are inspired to build up their physical strength during this astrological influence, and this is a good idea; you can develop greater endurance and vitality now, which will rejuvenate your body.

+Career opportunities and choices go dead against what you feel in your gut to be right. Your own sense of honesty and sensitivity squares off with some possible moves that could lead you nowhere or, worse, lead you astray.
What does the Moon rule in your chart? Look to the house(s) of your natal chart with Cancer on the cusp for areas of your life where Pluto is stimulating. Look to planets in Cancer in your chart to see other parts of your personality that Pluto is now infusing with intensity.

Are Pluto transits hard?
Hard aspects by transit Pluto to your personal planets can be pretty brutal, and some of the most notoriously difficult astrology to go through involves Pluto. Pluto is a passionate, intense planet, and doesn’t like to go easy on us! An aspect is when two bodies are at certain distances from one another in the Zodiac.
+A time during which your career (life path) undergoes a certain amount of change and transformation. You find yourself uninterested in sidetracks — what is not essential. You can really home in on how to solve problems and get where you want to go.*You feel claustrophobic now. Your situation seems too limiting and confining and you want to break free from the obstacles and responsibilities that keep you tied to your current lifestyle. You certainly need to spread your wings now, but be wary of taking major risks and gambling on a venture that promises you prosperity, freedom, and adventure. Pluto transits to the Moon directly affect the feelings, the public image, and personal popularity. Other people and things affected by Pluto are the mother, important women in the native’s life, domestic life, and the home. Our early experiences often cause us to build a life “script” that incorporates our expectations from the world, and this process is ruled by the Moon. Pluto challenges this “script”. In some cases, men live this transit through key female figures in their lives. Sometimes, the relationship with the mother or other important female figures come into focus. The following are interpretations of Pluto’s transits to planets and points. Note that alternate meanings are indicated by a * and +, and are offered here for the student of astrology wishing to expand his or her knowledge with different perspectives of each transit. See Also: Pluto transiting the housesThis can also be an especially creative transit. It’s an excellent time during which to refine artistic skills or to work on creative projects with new or renewed focus and commitment.

During this time period, you are thinking about and learning about something that may previously have been taboo, unseen, unspoken about, or in the dark. You mentally or intellectually explore territory that has been hidden. You are interested in discovering the deep truth, what’s beneath the surface. If there are secrets or shadowy dealings of your own that you’ve been unwilling to share, you are likely to begin talking about them now – whether you want to or not. Or, you may become privy to other people’s secrets and hidden lives.
*Your ambition and drive to succeed are incredibly strong now. You will go to any lengths to achieve your goals, and you have the energy to do it now. You are driven by a compulsive need to achieve, and you often find it difficult to stop.**Please note: Some of my recommended products contain affiliate links. If you purchase a product through my links, I may receive a small commission. I only include these because it comes at no cost to the buyer — there are no additional charges and it does not cost a customer anything extra to buy through an affiliate link. I am a participant in the Amazon Services Associates Program–an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and products on that site. I only add links to products that I have personally used and recommended.

You will have to watch out for a tendency to become so wrapped up in your personal goals that you forget your responsibilities to others. Instead of retreating into yourself, try to broaden your understanding of your need for other people and of their need for you. Don’t lose sight of yourself as a social creature with societal obligations.
~Power is the central issue of this transit. On one level, you may try to gain more control over other people, or they may try to gain control over your actions. At work, your boss may either give you more work and responsibilities than you think you can handle or he may insist that you do what you have promised to do in the past, but have up to now successfully avoided. Don’t be contentious, although this may be your initial reaction. First, try to discover how you can realistically handle the new duties; some new method of working may be called for. The transit will test your ambitions: how well you have planned your course of action, how hard you have worked in the past, how efficient you have become. Your energy is high now and needs to be directed into constructive channels rather than expended in reckless rebellion. If you are in a position of authority, don’t expect others to keep up with your fast pace. You may feel like driving yourself past the breaking point, but employees or co-workers will rebel if you push them. On another, deeper level, you can use this time to gain control over your own actions. The challenge here is to understand why you do something in a particular way, not to repress those traits you don’t like. Buried in your subconscious, they may smolder and suddenly burst into flame. Bring hidden facets of your character to the surface, so you can examine and understand them, then make needed changes. An aggressive approach now is not the best; try for an assertive one instead. Treat people in authority (bosses, policemen, IRS people) with velvet gloves; belligerence only brings you more problems. — Sample from the Heaven Knows What report. +A very emotional time during which you can find your basic drive and energy ramming up against questions of security, power, and deep insecurity. You don’t feel like dealing with some of the very hot psychological issues that keep springing up. +A crazy time when you may feel under a lot of mental pressure. You may be unable to put some of your insecurity and sense of change into words, to communicate them. A tendency to probe and analyze may not fit in with your normal way of thinking.These transits bring intensity and passion to the feelings, a tendency to act on impulse, some irrational or compulsive behavior, and likely a stronger awareness of your deeper emotional needs.