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Wash Lab Denim Skirt

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Denim is a very durable, strong fabric, traditionally woven in a twill weave and made from cotton with indigo dyed warp (vertical/lengthwise) threads and white weft (horizontal/across) threads that gives denim its characteristic look. In the last 20 years or so fashion and technology have had an impact on denim with the addition of other fibres such as elastane and Tencel to give a different feel and finish. Some of these fabrics will not be as hard wearing as traditional denim.

Why are denim not washed?
“The sheer amount of water that they are exposed to in a washing machine can be the culprit for affecting the look and colour of the denim by fading over time. Cotton-based denim jeans with little stretch to them will become more comfortable over time.”
So what often happens with thicker fabrics like denim is the back of your presser foot isn’t level with the front when you sew (or vice-versa at the end of a seam). That’s when you get problems with uneven topstitching because the fabric is not feeding through evenly. It happens when your hemming jeans at the intersection of the seams or anywhere there is a lot of bulk to stitch over, and your stitching looks a bit messy with different length stitches.Take your time! You can literally crank the wheel by hand and go one stitch at a time if necessary, especially over those thick tricky bits. Happy sewing!

There is, of course, the denim purist method of not washing and wearing denim for 6 months to a year and popping in the freezer occasionally to kill off any bacteria. I read that the other day that the freezer idea is under debate, but hey ho!
Denim will shrink, and the indigo dye on the darker denim will run. Wash separately at 30° with plenty of room in the machine and you can pop a cup of white vinegar in the wash with your denim to help fix the colour. I tend pre-wash dark unwashed denim twice to avoid blue fingers while sewing. Denim also frays quite a bit so consider neatening the raw edges before washing or sewing into a loop first. Washing your denim with room in your machine for the denim to move (don’t pack it tightly in!) and ironing whilst still damp will help prevent white lines appearing on the surface.

I prefer not to tumble dry anything, ever, as I think it breaks down the fibres (especially lycra) and that can’t be a good thing. That fluff in the tumble dryer must come from somewhere. I don’t actually have a tumble dryer anymore (but I also don’t have small children and I work from home so can time the washing for a sunny day – I’m in England and laughing as I write that optimistic statement) but if you’re likely to throw your denim in the dryer later it’s probably best to treat it the same way at the pre-wash stage but it’s advisable to check the wash care instructions for your cloth first.Denim is not a very difficult fabric to sew but it can get a bit bulky, so having a few tricks in your sewing arsenal can make sewing it a smidge easier.

What material is denim skirt?
Denim is a very durable, strong fabric, traditionally woven in a twill weave and made from cotton with indigo dyed warp (vertical/lengthwise) threads and white weft (horizontal/across) threads that gives denim its characteristic look.
Reduce bulky seams by trimming and grading seam allowances. For very bulky corners and seam junctions, tap the area with a hammer! Protect your garment with a piece of folded denim below and cover with another scrap and just gently tap until it softens. A very useful tip for the corners of the waistband and if you are hemming jeans.

All you need to do is fold a scrap of fabric and place behind or in front of the thick bit you’re stitching and under the machine foot to keep it level as you sew over thicker areas. You can buy a special gadget or use a piece of card, but I like a bit of fabric so I can fold it to the right depth.
Denim comes in many weights but for The Good Times Skirt, you are looking at using 9-12oz denim, with around 2% elastane (lycra/spandex) for a bit of comfort stretch. Try and be thoughtful and intentional about the fabric you choose, the aim is to produce a garment that can be part of your wardrobe for years to come.My new machine has a levelling presser foot with this screw thing you can push in to keep the foot level. (I’ve got a Juki). It’s sometimes useful, but not always, so lo-tech scrap of fabric is still winning. I like practicality and utilitarian in my design work so denim has always been one of my favourite fabrics. I like the way the fabric ages to tell a visible story of wear and history. There’s nothing like the joy of wearing Premium denim. It inspires you. All day and all night, simply because in it, you feel good. Look fantastic. Confident and comfortable. It’s all about the fit. The cut. The way it feels on your skin, the way it moves with you. Our design philosophy is centered around making denim that has positive impact on your life – work, play, and everything in between. Denim – we live it, and love it. And we’re excited for you to live, and love, in Wash Lab Denim. Wash Lab Denim. Denim to live in.

Before starting the process, you should decide how light you want to go. Try using a product such as Rit Dye’s Laundry Treatment Color Remover. Follow the directions carefully for the best result. This product works in your washing machine, and is typically used before dyeing your denim (or other fabric) with another color. To achieve a uniform look, you may need to repeat the process more than once.
A popular look is the darker wash denim, which, while great for everyday wear, can fade in a way that may be unappealing over time. Or maybe you’ve held on to a perfect pair of jeans that fit just right, but the wash is no longer doing it for you. One way to extend the life of your denim, and also customize it, is to lighten your jeans at your own pace and to the shade you prefer.

After rinsing the measuring cup used in the above step with clean water, add one cup of hydrogen peroxide to one gallon of water in a separate container. Stir until the jeans appear saturated. Check your progress at around two minutes while keeping your denim in or hovering over the pan or bucket being used. This will help to avoid splashing or spilling the bleach unintentionally elsewhere.For added appeal, you can add some light distressing on the knees, pockets, and/or edges with sandpaper. Bernholtz suggests that you buy a few different grades at the hardware store so you can customize the amount of distressing.

How do you fade a denim skirt?
Determine how much the denim will lighten with a swatch test. Mix 2 teaspoons bleach with 1/4 cup of water and apply a small drop inside the hem or waistband. Blot dry after a minute. The resulting lighter spot indicates the color and hue you can expect from bleaching your denim.
If you want to get slight wisping in front, grasp some material and bunch it up like an accordion, just under the front pockets and crotch area. Then lightly sand, doing one side at a time until you’ve achieved the look you want.Although you could wait for your jeans to fade naturally over time or wash them repeatedly to hasten the fade, we decided to get some advice. So we reached out to fashion expert Andréa Bernholtz, and she offered up some of her best tips for lightening your jeans and giving them a second life. Ahead, learn all about how to lighten denim for a worthwhile DIY project you can show off for years to come.

Keep carefully swirling and checking every one to two minutes (up to five minutes total) until your desired wash color is achieved. Then, place your jeans in the hydrogen peroxide to stop the bleaching action. Make sure that they’re saturated—you’ll notice a bubbling activity. Rinse your jeans with cool or cold water when that has subsided, then hang and air dry.
Jeans are not only popular, but they’re also very versatile, making them a must-have item in your closet. While modern denim is available in many styles and colors, its original iteration was created more for functionality than for a fashion statement.Bleach is not only a good option for fading your denim, but it also works faster than some other choices and gives a more lightened look—just make sure to wear gloves when using it. According to Clorox, you should mix one cup of bleach to a gallon of cool water in a bucket or dishpan, then swirl to combine.

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Denims of different weights can be stretch or non-stretch. Check the fibre content and whether it contains a stretchy fibre such as elastane or spandex. It’s likely your pattern will call for a stretch denim if its needed – for example skinny or fitted jeans.This denim is the softest and most pliable type of fabric. It’s comfortable to wear straight from the offset and great for shirts, dresses, skirts and some tops.Or you can use Guterman Denim thread, this is thicker than regular thread but not quite as thick as traditional top stitch thread. You can use this thread with a regular denim needle without the need for a specific top stitch needle.This is the type of denim that can pretty much stand up on its own. It’s really thick and sturdy and very hard wearing. It can feel very stiff when you first work with it and wear it but over time it will soften and fade. It’s best suited to looser styles of garments like baggy boyfriend style jeans. You could use it to make a pinafore or dungaree style dress and its great for bags as well.Sea’s denim maxi skirt starts classic, with an A-line shape and five pockets. Then it throws convention out the window with a side-lace detail that shows a little bit of skin.

How can I fade denim fast?
Bleach is not only a good option for fading your denim, but it also works faster than some other choices and gives a more lightened look—just make sure to wear gloves when using it. According to Clorox, you should mix one cup of bleach to a gallon of cool water in a bucket or dishpan, then swirl to combine.
The most important part? All the best long denim skirts pair magically with a white T-shirt and your go-to shoes, whether they’re boots or cool sneakers. That’s the thing with a not-so-basic basic: It actually makes getting dressed more simple.

This skirt is both an optical illusion and an entry point for street style’s favorite skirt. Instead of actual denim, it’s a twill and viscose blend screenprinted with a trompe l’oeil denim effect. Who doesn’t love a fashion magic trick?Tailored through the waist and flared at the knees, this skirt is really the best of two styles in one. We can see it styled with a coordinated cropped jacket or a tight-fitting bodysuit underneath.

Does denim fade in the wash?
Each time you wash your raw denim, you’ll be losing some of the indigo. So yes, each wash will fade your denim. However, the indigo loss will be uniform. Think of each wash as an all-over fade.
Get in on the look for a little less without sacrificing cool factor. This version has inventive decorative seams near the waistband and a dip-dyed detail along the hem. Plus, it’s made from a recycled cotton blend. While some of us prefer a roomier fit, others may want to accentuate their shape. Enter: This curve-hugging denim midi skirt with a slit in the back and fitted waist. Try this one with a white button-down and a tall leather boot for a fresh take on one of your go-to work outfits. Lighter washes may feel summery, but they’re perfectly suited to black cashmere sweaters and chunky boots. Then when it finally warms up again? You can keep on wearing them with a little white tank and a sandal like The Row’s Ginza.New from Magda Butrym, this skirt removes the usual waistband for a raw-edge hem. It has the effect of a low-rise jean without actually being a low-rise.

Like so many jean pieces from jorts to wide-leg jeans, the best long denim skirt has nearly endless subcategories. All the better to try the look without sacrificing your particular style DNA.
Slouchy, sidewalk-grazing denim skirts were as present outside New York Fashion Week’s shows as Margiela Tabis and street style photographers. They’ve inspired us to try this version, which comes in five washes from deep black to acid-washed blue.A little bit Western, a little bit boho, this skirt is a statement ready to be made. Think of how free you’ll feel sashaying down the sidewalk with that pleated hem rustling about.

We saw this phenomenon firsthand during the opening stretch of fashion month. This February, every day of New York Fashion Week street style included fashion insiders in their best long denim skirts. With each outfit put together for the front row, they proved there really is a denim maxi or midi skirt for everyone. A bit on the boho side? Go all in on a Ganni fit-and-flare take. More minimal? Keep it sleek with raw fitted denim. A bit edgy and looking for something to pair with your new moto jacket? Make it black and lightly distressed. Or take a note from Khaite’s fall runway if you’re drawn to a tailored vibe and style yours belted with an oversized blazer.
This maxi calls to mind ’90s versions. One of the best details you’ll have to click to see: It has a zipper in the back to create an adjustable slit. Try it with cowboy boots and a white tee.We don’t think there’s anything better than a cream cable-knit sweater paired with this skirt and suede boots. Emphasize the asymmetric waistband by tucking in the front of your chosen knit.

Halie LeSavage is the fashion commerce editor at Harper’s BAZAAR. Her style reporting covers everything from reviewing the best designer products to profiling emerging brands and designers. Previously, she was the founding retail writer at Morning Brew and a fashion associate at Glamour.
A black skirt with a hint of stretch is just the right amount of edgy. It would look just as good with a blazer now as with a ribbed tank later. And, this style comes with an extra layer of approval: BAZAAR senior digital director Nikki Ogunnaike wore it in one of her New York Fashion Week outfits.

Kerry Pieri is Harper’s Bazaar’s Digital Fashion/Features Director. Kerry oversees the fashion vertical for, including launching digital covers, styling celebrity features, and managing recurring features including Brand Watch and My Life in Three Looks. In addition, Kerry edits the “best of” each season, from shoes to bags, denim and coats, and is consistently looking for shifts in the fashion realm to lend a voice. Kerry formerly served as the Editorial Director of and as a producer at Full Frontal Fashion. She lives in New York with her husband Steve, and baby girl Lila Sky.
For a chic take on the denim skirt, the Levi’s Long Belted Denim Maxi Skirt is one we want to wear on repeat. We can’t get over its adoring fit, light-wash look and uniquely hemmed details throughout. For less than $100, we recommend it for your next Instagram moment.

Not too daring for a maxi? Consider a midi, like this one from Anthropologie. For less than $150, you’ll adore its effortless look, endless styling ability and premium-denim silhouette that’ll garner plenty of compliments. Plus, it’ll flatter both petite and plus-sized body types alike.We’ve been hunting for the quintessential pink denim skirt, and we found it: the GUANYY Casual Stretch Denim Skirt. Just shy of $25, it comes in a variety of colors, is backed by nearly 1,000 happy customers and is great for just about any occasion.

Hello, asymmetrical cuts. The Abrand A-Line Cutoff Denim Mini Skirt most closely resembles your favorite denim shorts in its mid-blue hue. From its timeless fit to high-rise detailing, its subtle cutoff hem is the icing on the cake.
Love the baggy jean look? While it’s an investment, the Lafayette 148 New York Faded Maxi Denim Skirt is one that’ll take you from 2023 to the next few decades, thanks to its timeless, slouchy charm. Whether you’re running errands or off to an al fresco dinner, this skirt has the it-factor. One word: wow. The Ksubi Double Skirt is one of the most original of all denim skirts. It adds a whole new dimension to your outfit, much ado to its classic and contemporary nod. It truly is an elevated staple and it’s one we all have heart eyes for. Looking for a dark-wash, ‘statement’ denim skirt? The GRLFRND Cameron Low-Rise Column Maxi Skirt is clad with a back slit for extra oomph, pairs well with a designer clutch and is truly divine for a night on the town. It’s also made of 100% cotton and American-made.Envelope skirts, we love you. Thanks to the Vetinee Tulip Hem Bodycon Denim Skirt, you’ll be fashion-forward and ready to go in this shirred-detailed, streamlined ensemble. Not to mention, we adore this sultry dark-wash.

New in from Nordstrom is its Wash Lab Denim Patch Pocket Denim Midi Skirt. Though a bit of a splurge, it’s an edgy, on-trend testament to the return of this fashion statement. Its casual-cool vibe mixed with its handy patch pockets is A+.
To gear up for warmer temps, the Madewell Denim Dolphin-Hem Mini Skirt is a quality option that’s less than $100. Made with 100% denim and a zero-stretch design, you’ll love its sporty, raw-edge look and flattering A-line shape.Ahead, we dug through the online clothing catalogs to find the 20 best denim skirts of 2023 we deem will transcend beyond the decade. From Amazon to Nordstrom, there’s a cut and hem for every style — from mini to maxi.

Meet the best plus-size denim skirt we found (and cue the applause to Cider for making it ultra-affordable). Its Park Stroll Denim Maxi Skirt is perfect for a park stroll, but also fabulous for a night out or a mid-morning brunch. Not to mention, its styling potential is endless.Hello, tried-and-true denim skirt. There’s nothing quite like the Petal & Pup Kenny Skirt. It’s fairly priced, looks great, has a lovely muted denim hue and pairs well with just about any top. Check, check and check.

Add some army green to your denim collection with the New Look A-Line Denim Button-Front Mini Skirt. For less than $50, its high-rise, button-up front detailing makes it perfect for transitional weather. And, it even has functional pockets (a huge bonus!)With nearly 4,000 rave reviews, the luvamia Mid-Waisted Denim Skirt is all the rage, thanks to its fringe-hem detailing. With a classic look that’s similar to some of your favorite shorts, it’s worth the buy, especially because it comes in an array of fun colors aside from classic blue denim.

Say hello to this sought-after, vacation-ready denim skirt. SHEIN has the perfect $20 grab that’s subtly sexy, a cult-classic and adorned with up-and-down button detailing. With a crop top and some sunnies, you’re golden.

How to make a denim skirt?
I saw this cute skirt on Zara which I know have been trending right now so I thought girl. I am definitely going to make my own pair. I know we all have a pair of jeans.
Ah, Free People — how we love you. One of the main reasons we covet the OneTeaspoon Pacifica Maverick Skirt is because of its two-tone design and true A-line fit. It’s romantic, can be sporty if need be and has a sophisticated yet fun approach.This edit would be incomplete without a mention of Levi’s. The denim superstar brand has its budget-friendly Carpenter Skirt, a stylish little number with a stunning light-wash that we all know and love. Plus, it’s 100% cotton fabric ensures it’s comfy for on-the-go travel.

The draped nature of the ebossy Distressed Hippie A-Line Maxi Denim Skirt is not only alluring but truly one-of-a-kind. For less than $35 on Amazon, its nod to grunge yet feminine charm is perfect to take any style up a notch (or two, or three).Modest enough for the office, the Lexi Super Comfy Stretch Denim Skirt is one of our favorite versatile bottoms that we have on our Amazon wishlist. Beloved by more than 7,000 happy denim-stylers, its blend of cotton and spandex ensures it’s ‘super comfy, as its name suggests.

Is denim cotton or polyester?
cotton Denim fabric is traditionally made from cotton and is woven in a way that creates a diagonal ridged texture on the surface. This type of weave is called a twill weave and is what makes denim thick and hardwearing.
If you love a to-the-body fit that isn’t too trend-forward, you can get away with the Reformation Nila Long Denim Skirt. From its near-bodycon style to its aysymmetrical front slit, it’ll turn heads, for sure.

A true testament to the happy-medium of classic and trendy styles alike, denim skirts offer an attractive look to any outfit. Whether you’re looking to wear it with a tee and white sneakers for a dressed-down look or with some comfortable heels and a bodysuit for that sought-after ‘elevated chic’ aesthetic, you simply can’t make a wrong turn with ’em.
If this sounds like something you want to participate in, join the Facebook group, follow the competition’s updates on Instagram and visit break-in period should be a bit of a struggle, but it shouldn’t be torture. If you can’t button your jeans, or if they’re extremely uncomfortable to wear, it is highly unlikely that they’ll stretch enough to become comfortable.

If you’re new to the raw denim scene, the answers below will help you come to battle armed with a proven fading and washing strategy. This is everything you need to know about how to fade and wash your raw denim.
Yes and no. Each time you wash your raw denim, you’ll be losing some of the indigo. So yes, each wash will fade your denim. However, the indigo loss will be uniform.

At the end of the day, it comes down to your fade philosophy. If sharp high-contrast fades are your primary goal (or your only goal), by all means keep your jeans dry. You’ll probably be forced to repair your denim considerably earlier than you would have otherwise, but for some people, this is a fair exchange.Exposing your denim to heat can cause them to shrink, but not enough to turn a loose-fitting pair into a perfect, snug fit. And it depends on the denim.

Think of each wash as an all-over fade. If you want sharper honeycombs and whiskers, frequent washing will be moving you in the wrong direction. If you want vintage fades (that more uniform washed out denim look), washing frequently is how you’ll get there.
With a vigorous lifestyle, you can expect to see fades emerging in three to four months. If your lifestyle is more laid back, you’ll have to wait a little longer than this.

If your raw denim is sanforized (and most of it is), shrinkage will be minimal. This means the jeans you’ve got are the ones you’re stuck with. Use the two-finger method. You should be able to slide two fingers into the waistband at the back of your jeans. If you can fit your whole hand in, it’s unlikely that they’ll ever fit you right.
Looking for a pair of selvedge jeans, a denim jacket, a loopwheeled T-shirt, or anything that is made slowly and purposefully? We earn a small commission when you buy it here:We’ve already covered seven FAQs about buying raw denim jeans, but the questions don’t end when you buy your first pair. In fact, they’re only just beginning. There are thousands of dollars worth of prizes, but this is just the gravy. The meat underneath is a tight-knit community of enthusiasts held together by a mutual love of fades. The world of raw denim spins on an axis of fades. We all want them, and we all want to make sure that we’re doing the right things to bring our denim’s beautiful inner qualities to the surface.If, after reading this, you still have questions, visit the Denim Encyclopedia. If you still can’t find the answers you’re looking for, reach out to us here. We’re always keen to help new members of this constantly growing community.

Are denim skirts still a thing?
— denim skirts are making a comeback. A true testament to the happy-medium of classic and trendy styles alike, denim skirts offer an attractive look to any outfit.
One of the things that draws so many of us to raw denim is its ability to tell a visual story about us. Our lifestyle gets imprinted on what we wear. All else being equal, the faster we live, the faster we fade. Want sick fades? You’re going to have to work for them.

This goes double if you’re wearing heavyweight denim. The heavy stuff produces some of the best looking fades, but the much-coveted whiskers and honeycombs don’t come quickly. Expect to wait at least a year for impressive fades—longer if you live a life of leisure.
If you get complaints about the stench, wash your jeans. If you leave greasy stains or brown streaks on the furniture, wash them. If they look dirty but don’t stink, you can probably let it ride a little longer.Yes, you want your jeans to be snug when you first try them on. Some people, though, take this too far, buying jeans that they can barely fit into in the store. Then, after the first wash, they end up with something that is unwearable.The Indigo Invitational started as a small group of enthusiasts who wanted an excuse to buy a new pair of denim and to see how far they could push themselves and each other.You can go to town on your denim with a scouring pad, sandpaper, or chemical agents. The result might be a pair that looks the part, but you’ve missed the point in a big way.Pay particularly close attention to the manufacturer’s or retailer’s suggestions. These might not be printed on the tag, so if you’re shopping at a brick and mortar store, ask how much shrinkage you should expect.If you’ve got a pair of unsanforized (aka ‘shrink to fit’) jeans, they’ll probably shrink at least a full tag size (4-5% in the waist, after you’ve stretched them out again, and as much as 8-9% in length).

If you’ve ordered a pair online and they’re extremely uncomfortable, don’t wash them in the hopes that they’ll soften and stretch. The store won’t take them back after they’ve been washed.Great selvedge isn’t necessarily expensive. If you’re looking for big value for your money, your safest bets are: TCB 60s Regular Straight (€180), Japan Blue J301 ($185), and Sugar Cane 2009 ($195).

I engaged in a lot of physical activities while I was in college, such as hiking and touring. My jeans are fading well after only a year, and I have five pairs of finished jeans.
Second, beautiful fades are not the inevitable result when we hold off on washing our jeans for months and months. What is the inevitable result of this practice is jeans that break down prematurely.Crotch blowouts and scar-like whiskers and honeycombs mean that you’ll need to repair your denim earlier, and you’re racing headlong towards that day when your denim is no longer wearable.

How do you make an upcycled denim skirt?
A line starting at the waist all the way to the Hem. This will be your Center back stitch line I suggest pinning your skirt along the line you draw. And try your skirt to make sure it fits properly.
But the key reason you should turn your raw denim inside out when you wash it is to prevent those nasty vertical creases (the bane of faders the world over).First of all, it is highly unlikely that your raw denim is truly raw (i.e., completely dry). 99% of denim (yes, including raw denim) comes to you treated in a process that uses either water or steam.If you’re a nine-to-fiver who only gets to wear your denim in the evening and on weekends, you’ve got an uphill climb ahead of you. If you make the absolute most of your available denim-wearing time (and if you’re somewhere in the middle of the denim weight scale), you might see impressive fades starting to develop within eight to twelve months.

Standard practice for years was to wait six months to wash your raw denim jeans. But the dissenting voices have grown louder and more insistent over the past few years.
Once again, it’s about striking the balance between extremely crisp fade patterns and clean jeans. If you care more about keeping your jeans dark and your fades crisp, you’ll have to sacrifice cleanliness and longevity. This helps minimize indigo loss and protects areas of the denim (the fly and the pockets) that might be exposed to unwanted stress in the washing process. When they come out of the wash, straighten them out by hand and hang them to dry. If you want to keep them as dark as possible, hang them to dry indoors. If not, hang them outside in the sun. Since fades take so long to develop, we want to make sure that we aren’t doing anything to undo our hard work. This is why questions about how we wash our denim are so common (and crucial). There’s a very small corner of the raw denim scene where people cut holes in their raws or use caustic chemicals to accelerate the fade process. In this corner (noses to the wall) is where they belong. This is unconscionable.I love reading your blog post Raw Denim FAQs. I’m a big fan of denim and I’m always looking for ways to keep my jeans looking their best. I was wondering if you could tell me how to fade and wash myThis is one of those areas where you need to talk to the clerk before purchasing or, if you’re buying online, read the sizing information extremely carefully.

Use a coloursafe detergent. Woolite Dark is a popular favourite, and there are quite a few denim-specific detergents that will do the trick. If you really want to keep your denim dark, the detergent will make a difference, so choose carefully.

What is upcycled denim?
Upcycling is the process of taking existing fabric and turning it into a new garment, either by changing it completely or just a little bit to give it a design. Denim is one of the most polluting fabrics, it is also one of the most durable fabrics which makes it the perfect fabric to upcycle products.
This is probably the second-most frequently asked question in denim circles (coming in just behind ‘what is the best brand?’). And you’ll find a lot of conflicting advice out there.Remember, most dedicated faders wear the same pair every day without fail for months (or even years) on end. If you want fades and want them now, live loud and live in one pair.