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Whelen Ion Duo

Compact and versatile, Whelen’s ION Series lightheads are designed to be utilized in a multitude of applications with numerous mounting options. ION V-Series™ lightheads are available in three-in-one combination or in single color warning models. All new ION DUO™ and TRIO™ lightheads have been re-engineered with linear optics.One of the main reasons for the popularity of LED Strip Lights is that you can easily set the length of strip you want. You can easily cut the LED Strip to perfectly fit the kitchen countertop or you can connect another strip to this one to cover your entire roof for holiday season.

How do I connect multiple LED lights to one controller?
And hold B on-off button on the remote. Until that flickers. Now I need to create a master receiver. And you can have as many receivers as you need.
None the less, the method is same for both single-color and RGB Led Strips: check for compatibility of the strips, align the copper pads correctly (and properly) and solder them together.

Can I connect multiple LED strips to one driver?
Can I connect multiple LED strips to the same LED power supply? Yes, a single LED power supply can be connected to more than one length of LED tape. As long as the total wattage of your LED strip lights doesn’t exceed that of the LED transformer, you can wire as many separate strips as you wish.
As far as we know, there are three variants of connectors. The first one is a clamp style connector clip. They simply clamp both the LED Strips together and cover them with a flip cover. With this style, the connection between two LED Strips will look seamless as if they were actually a single strip.LED Strips can easily increase the aesthetic values of an object/subject. You can use them in cars, computers, in homes, offices, to decorate art, light up kitchen and many other places. The benefit of LED Strips is that you can easily cut them into desired length and also add extra/additional strips to increase the length. But an important question that you might have while connecting LED Strips is: how to connect LED Lights together? In this guide, we saw couple of simple ways you can connect LED Strips.

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Most LED Strip manufacturers mention the power consumption number on their packaging or on their website. Definitely consider those number and use a proper power supply to avoid any mishaps.For the second type, we have connector clips with pins on both sides and a small cable in the middle. This variant is extremely useful if you want to make angles with the LED Strips or avoid any obstacles.

Can I connect 2 LED drivers together?
The second driver must have an identical circuit. Tie the driver outputs together to get the full LED current. If you need more current or power-handling capability, you can add more drivers in parallel.
After making sure that both the LED Strips you want to connect are compatible with each other and operate at the same voltage, you are now ready to connect them. But the question is: How to Connect LED Lights Together?Some LED Strips come with weather proof coating (some sort of silicon layer on top of the actual LED strip to make it waterproof). You can use these strips outdoors with any concern about the weather. There are LED Strips that are meant only for indoor use.

There are a couple of ways using which you can connect LED Strip Lights together. One is the good old-fashioned soldering and the second is using fancy LED Strip Connectors.Obviously, you cannot connect two dissimilar LED Strips i.e., if one is a single-color LED Strip and the other is an RGB LED Strip. In this case, the LED Strips are completely incompatible with each other and you cannot connect them together.

Now, we will see an easy way to connect LED Strips using connectors. That’s right. You can buy LED Strip Connectors. Depending on the type of LED Strip i.e., single-color LED Strip (with two copper pads) or RGB LED Strip (with four copper pads), browse for appropriate LED Strip Connector.

LED Strips are available as single-color options (White, Red, Blue, etc.) where all the LEDs in the strip are of same color. They are also available as fancy RGB, where you can use a small remote control to set the color of your liking, adjust the brightness and also set different modes such as fading, flashing or running LEDs.
Another scenario is, if you have strips of two different brands, what to do then? If they are compatible with each other i.e., both of them have same layout and also both are rated for same voltage, them you can connect two LED Strips from different brands.

So, you need to make sure that your power supply can deliver this power. Assuming 20% headroom, you need a power supply that can deliver at least 58W of power. So, a safe bet would be a 60W power supply.

If you already cut the LED Strip before and you want to re-connect them back to the same strip, then you don’t have to worry about anything else. All you have to do follow any one of the methods we mentioned below and continue using the extended LED Strip Lights.Before soldering, check the polarity of the copper pads on the LED Strips. In case a simple single LED Strip, you have just two pads: one for positive supply and the other for negative supply. Make sure that you connect the positive of one strip to the positive of the second strip and same with the negative. Connecting two LED Strips through soldering can very easy or very difficult depending on your skill level. If you are familiar with soldering and have the necessary tools/equipment and hands-on experience, then we recommend this method. For example, assume you have an LED Strip (full 5meters) that draws about 24W of power. Now, if you want to add another full-length strip to the first one, then the total power draw would be 48W. So, the size of copper pads becomes slightly small and this makes soldering a tad bit difficult (but not impossible). As usual, you have to align the pads on both the LED Strips. The soldering becomes easy if you use the correct soldering tip. The most popular length for LED Strips is 5m (slightly over 16feet). But you can also get smaller LED Strips (as in Car LED Strips) or bigger spool of LEDs that are over 50feet long.LED Strip Lights are one of the best things happened in the lighting world. You can use them to decorate your art, home, light up kitchen countertop, add as a staircase lighting or roof lighting for festive season. Since they come in long strips, you can cut them into desired lengths and also connect them together to increase the length. We already saw the answer to “Can You Cut LED Strip Lights?” in an earlier guide. In this guide, we will see how to connect LED Lights together.If you have an RGB LED Strip and want to connect to another compatible RGB LED Strip, then you need to be a bit more careful. This is because, any typical RGB LED Strip will have four copper pads, in the same area as the two copper pads, which was the case with single-color strip.Voltage is another important thing to consider before connecting LED lights together. Because some strips operate at 5V DC while some strips operate at the more popular 12V DC. There are strips that operate at higher voltage such as 24V but 12V strips are extremely popular.The third variant has connecting clip only one end of the cable while the other end is just exposed wire. This connector is useful at the starting (or ending) where you want to connect the strip with power supply.Southwest Public Safety is your online source for Police, Fire & EMS Emergency Vehicle Equipment & more! Buy online with confidence when you order discount vehicle warning lights & sirens, police flashlights, supplies, used reconditioned Ford police vehicles & accessories from Your online purchase is processed through our secure Yahoo! Store secure shopping cart. Shop online for closeout items, bargains, discounts, good deals, cheap prices and other great values for sale every day. Same day shipping on most items in stock. No coupons needed. SWPS has everyday low prices, below dealer wholesale cost & the largest inventory in the US ! Save money when you shop SWPS!The Whelen ION Series Universal Super-LED Light is a super-tough, ultra compact Super-LED light that is perfect for mounting anywhere on your vehicle, inside or out. The 6 Ultra-bright Gen 3 Super-LEDs combined with a clear TIR reflector and clear optic lens give this light serious output. The internal flasher for the single color versions has 25 Scan-Lock flash patterns including steady burn. The internal flasher for the split color versions has 69 Scan-Lock flash patterns including steady burn. The Black powder coated aluminum housing and rugged water-resistant design will shrug off moisture, salt, chemicals and road vibration. Compact and versatile enough to mount in any small space on emergency and rescue equipment, off-road vehicles, industrial equipment, motorcycles, utility vehicles, marine applications and many other heavy-duty applications.Custom Deployment Cases – Custom designs for Motorola APX, XPR, CP100d, CP200d, SL300, and TLK 100. Also cases for Kenwood radios, chargers, drones, headsets, and video camera equipment. Contact us and check out our case selection.

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Compact and versatile, Whelen’s ION Series lightheads are designed to be utilized in a multitude of applications with numerous mounting options. ION V-Series lightheads are available in three-in-one combination or in single color warning models. All new ION DUO and TRIO lightheads have been re-engineered with linear optics.This product may be universal or missing important fitment information for your vehicle. For vehicle specific items requiring fitment, please consult with an Action representative before ordering as some items are non refundable.

Every LED transformer from InStyle is built to work seamlessly with our range of LED strip lights, and with other LED products as well – remember to make sure you choose the model that matches your LED tape’s voltage and power.
You can expect all LED drivers of the same model to have roughly similar working lifespans when running in identical conditions, as they all use components of the same quality. But external factors can affect how long your transformer will last – factors such as:Yes, a single LED power supply can be connected to more than one length of LED tape. As long as the total wattage of your LED strip lights doesn’t exceed that of the LED transformer, you can wire as many separate strips as you wish. The differences between high-quality and low-quality LED power supplies are found in the internal components used in their manufacture. Reliable high-grade components cost more to make than poor quality ones, so LED power supplies can look identical to one another even though they’re dramatically different in price and quality. When you’re comparing them, always remember that you get what you pay for Although many people (even electricians!) use the catch-all term ‘LED transformers’, all power supplies (drivers) that are designed for use with LEDs are more than just that. An LED power supply doesn’t simply step down (transform) voltage; it also converts current from mains AC to DC.For more info about how to wire up your LED transformer to multiple LED strips, including helpful wiring diagrams, see our LED connections support page.

So some lighting companies call them ‘transformers’, as they transform high-voltage 240-volt (mains power) down to a lower voltage such as 12v or 24v. Some companies call them ‘LED drivers’, because they drive other lighting products. And they are often called ‘LED power supplies’ simply because they supply power to your LED tape lights.
InStyle stock two different types of LED power supplies. The first comes with a 3-pin plug on the input end – which you can plug into a socket or simply remove. The second type has a hardwired input cable that you can either wire directly to the mains or attach to a plug.

UK mains input is 240v (mains), which is high voltage and would be dangerous to touch, whereas the transformed output from your 12v or 24v power supply will be low voltage.This is a very common question asked by people looking to buy LED drivers. The answer is that – just as there are different grades of LED tape – there are also different levels of quality when it comes to LED power supplies. If you’re paying good money for an LED tape lighting system to last for the next 10 years, then surely you want your LED driver to last as well? Surely you don’t want to be replacing it every year or two because you chose a poor-quality LED power supply?

Other than the output, there’s no difference. The output of a 12v LED power supply is 12 volts only, and the output of a 24v power supply is 24 volts only. Both of these units look identical, and both have the same wattage and the same input voltage (240v). You should choose your transformer’s output depending on the type of LED tape you’re using: all of InStyle’s LED strip lights specify either a 12v or 24v power supply, so all of our transformers provide those outputs.

Can you control 2 LED strips together?
If they are compatible with each other i.e., both of them have same layout and also both are rated for same voltage, them you can connect two LED Strips from different brands. Voltage is another important thing to consider before connecting LED lights together.
Both types of LED driver have 2-core output cables (+ and -) already attached. You can extend the length by adding extra 2-core cable (see How far can I install my LED tape from its LED power supply? above). Use a connector block to join the cables together, or use push-on clips that you can squeeze tight.

By varying its output voltage across an electronic circuit, a constant-current transformer will supply a constant electric current. This contrasts with a constant-voltage transformer, which will always output a fixed voltage (either 12v or 24v).Thinking of a transformer’s life in years can be misleading. You could compare a 12V LED power supply that lasted five years (running 8 hours each day) to one that lasted three years but was running 24 hours a day. Clearly the five-year transformer was installed for a longer period – but in reality, the 3-year transformer actually functioned for many more hours.

How long is the Whelen Ion?
Dimensions: 1” (25mm) H x 1-1/4” (32mm) D x 4” (101mm) L.
The short answer is, your LED power supply should work for years. InStyle have been selling high-quality reliable transformers for a decade – so we know how long they really last. Our power supplies are used in commercial applications every day and last 5 years and more.

A good name-brand company’s quality components and rigorous testing will mean you’ll get an LED strip driver with excellent reliability and a very long life – so you won’t have to go back to projects you’ve already completed to swap their power supplies.
All of our LED drivers are supplied with a 2-year warranty as standard. So you could use your transformer 24/7 for 24 full months – that’s 17,000 hours’ use, all within warranty! That gives you a good idea of the quality you can expect from InStyle’s product range.There is a huge and expanding choice of LED drivers (also known as LED power supplies) on the market – so how do you know which one to buy? Are they really so different from one another? Should you just go for the cheapest one if they all look the same?

How long you run your transformer each day has another significant impact as well. You can help your LED power supply to keep functioning longer by giving it time to cool down. So if your transformer runs for just five hours a day, rather than 24 hours, then it’s likely to keep functioning for many more hours than a unit that’s switched on all the time. (It’s no different to leaving your computer or TV on 24/7.) For optimum life, an LED strip driver should be managed so it is not running constantly.
This depends on the voltage drop over the length of your power cable. In our testing, we’ve found that you can avoid the adverse effects of voltage drop on your light output by following these guidelines:

What is Whelen core?
For more information, visit Core-R is a vehicle control system engineered to enhance first responder and motorist safety with complete configurability, advanced automation, and remote connectivity.
Our LED drivers/transformers come in many shapes and sizes, all available in a choice of 12V or 24V models. Each can be used to power different lengths of LED strip, depending on its specification (output wattage).

At InStyle, our range of LED power supplies includes both LED drivers for interior use and waterproof LED drivers. Waterproof power supplies are IP67 rated, ideal for use in locations where resistance to water is required.
The stated wattage is the maximum value that the LED driver can supply. You will find that every type of LED tape in our product range also has a wattage rating (for example, 4.8w per metre).

Learn more about connecting transformers, as well as LED receivers, dimmers and controllers, on our ‘how to connect LED strip lights’ support page and our notes on wiring (below).
LED tapes generally draw 12V or 24V of power (sometimes 36V, although this is less typical). Because the UK’s mains-electricity grid supplies a voltage in the range 220V-240V, any installation of LED strip lights will need one or more electrical transformers to step its input voltage down to the right power.Even though your IP67 LED transformer is fully sealed for full water resistance, you should not install it in any location that is permanently submerged under water.When we compare lumens per watt, a constant-voltage LED power supply may be slightly less efficient. But you will have much greater flexibility with a constant-voltage LED power supply, as it will ensure a consistent current across multiple LED strips when they are installed in parallel.

Running an LED strip driver at 100% capacity could possibly reduce its life, compared to running at around 90%. Many transformer manufacturers actually recommend running at no more than 80% of the transformer’s capacity. Others recommend a slightly higher level, so the transformer is run efficiently at close to its maximum wattage.

To work out how much LED tape you can run off an LED power supply, simply divide the wattage of your LED strip driver (for example, 100w) by the wattage per metre of your LED tape (e.g. 4.8w p/m).
Whelen’s ION Series is one of the smallest and most versatile Super-LED lightheads in the industry today. The Whelen ION DUO Linear LED Lighthead has been re-engineered with Linear optics and is available with DUO (2 color) technology. Independent control of each color plus 69 Scan-Lock flash patterns gives you unprecedented versatility in setting up your warning profile. This light is compact and versatile enough to mount in any small space on emergency and rescue equipment, off-road vehicles, industrial equipment, motorcycles, utility vehicles, marine applications and many other heavy-duty applications.

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How many whelen lights can be synced together?
Warning segment available in Red, Amber, Blue, or White. 10” 6-wire pigtail with sync wire allows up to eight lightheads to be synchronized together for the warning segment of the lighthead. Cached
Compact and versatile, Whelen’s ION Series light heads are designed to be utilized in a multitude of applications with numerous mounting options. All new ION DUO™ light heads have been re-engineered with linear optics.

Note these do not come in Wide-Angle optics, only single lightheads come in that option. The Duo comes standard with a linear optic which offers a wider spread.
Engineered for optimal durability and versatility, the ultra compact ION Series provides high intensity warning or illumination. Models are available in a variety of sizes, optics, and configurations for every application. Designed to mount in many applications, ION DUO and TRIO lightheads feature two color or three color interleaved LEDs and advancedLinear Super-LED® optics.

How do I change the pattern on my Whelen light?
Scan-LockTM(WHT/VIO) – To advance to the next pattern, apply +VDC to the WHT/VIO wire for less than 1 second. To cycle backwards, apply +VDC for more than 1 second. To reset to the factory default pattern, turn off power to the lighthead. While applying +VDC to the WHT/VIO, turn the lighthead back on.
To minimize the top half of the programming view in Command, click the icon. The top view should be collapsed when using a small computer monitor, or when the entire window needs to be viewed during programming. To expand the top view again, click the icon.To program a flash pattern, select the desired outputs or lightbar lightheads. Selected flash patterns will be highlighted blue. To the right of the lightbar or outputs is the flash pattern selection box. With the outputs selected, select the flash pattern and choose the phase and delay. Once those conditions are set, program the lightbar lightheads and other desired outputs to ‘Off’. Now, when the vehicle door is open and the Slide Switch is active, the lightbar lightheads and other outputs will be turned off. This can also be programmed using the door functions in CANport. Inner Edge products are not listed as model numbers, but as the series they were built. For example, for model ISFW34Z with DUO color lightheads, ‘Inner Edge FST 12 Lamp DUO+ with take-downs, Upper Housing’ would be selected. To program an Inner Edge, use the Design Inner Edge window on the My Hardware page.

To program modules to turn off when the driver or passenger doors are open, the door input can be programmed to turn off the desired outputs or lightheads. An Event could also be created to add conditions so the lightheads would only be turned off when the conditions are met.
Virtual Inputs are software inputs that do not have a physical hardware connection. They are often used for more advanced operations and need to be programmed back to their off state when not in use.