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Wilson Combat Holster

I got exactly what I expected, a beautiful superbly crafted perfect fitting holster for my Wilson Combat EDC X9S pistol. I got my holster with the thumb strap and again the fit and function was perfect. I’ve got over a dozen holsters, the one you made for me is my absolute favorite. Highly recommend anyone seeking a high quality beautiful holster to look no further. American craftsmanship at its finest.The materials, fit and finish of the holster is excellent. I don’t believe you can find a higher quality holster anywhere. I’m very pleased with my holster that I believe will last a lifetime.Each Wilson Combat holster is made entirely to order and built specifically for each unique firearm. There is no cutting corners when we hand cut our leather. Our Wilson Combat holsters are made with pride and integrity in the USA!

All of our leather has been sustainably sourced and humanely harvested in the wild, through national wildlife programs. Hand wrestling Alligators and utilizing the entire animal is a part of daily lives. Like you, we have a deep connection to wildlife and it’s our duty to ensure it continues to flourish for generations. When you choose Southern Trapper, you will personally direct a portion of our profits to a Wildlife Conservation group of your choice, at checkout.
“Beyond the appearance, comfort, and quality of your holsters, you’ll find pride in workmanship unlike any company I have purchased from before. My hat is off to you” We created several IWB carry variations for each series, available in cowhide, shark, and elephant leather, with specialty linings that preserve your weapon’s signature finish. Located in Columbia, South Carolina, Palmetto Leather Works was founded in 2014 by brothers Eric and Matt Humphries. Each holster that leaves our work shop is handmade here in the US. Quality and craftmanship guaranteed.

Wilson Combat engineers produce several of the most impressive firearms on the market today. They are the prestige handguns in many of our collections and it was a privilege to design the officially-endorsed concealed carry holsters for our favorite firearms.
All of our leather has been sustainably sourced and humanely harvested in the wild, through national wildlife programs. Hand wrestling Alligators and utilizing the entire animal is a part of daily lives. Like you, we have a deep connection to wildlife and it’s our duty to ensure it continues to flourish for generations.

All of our ” + manufacturer + ” ” + model + ” holsters are entirely made by hand for each specific firearm so that each firearm will fit in the holster perfectly. These holsters are so comfortable that you can sleep with them on. Made from the highest grade American cowhide and hand dyed exotic leather, made from the very best materials so that they will be passed down for generations. All of our holsters can be made for firearms with laser or light attachments, red dot sights, threaded barrels, and more. Backed by our unbeatable 100-year warranty, you can rest well knowing that your holster was made by our team of master leathermen. Test drive our holsters for 30 days and send it back if it does not exceed your expectations. Order the #1 selling holsters today!

What holster do Navy Seals use?
In the waistband. Option with this pistol the 2-2-6. This is a t-rex arms. In the waistband. Holster appendix carry i’ve used this in iraq carrying a 2-2-6 full-size pistol and a 20-round mag.
Dual Carry Holsters For Both IWB and OWB. Made Specifically For Each Firearm, These ” + manufacturer + ” ” + model + ” Holsters Are So Comfortable You Can Sleep With It And Are Guaranteed To Fit Perfectly Or Get Your Money Back.

Wilson Combat was founded in 1977 by Bill Wilson, a person infatuated with guns, who had an education and training as a watchmaker. The precision was and is kept with the guns they produce. Wilson Combat is a well-known producer of 1911 semi-autos. On top of that, Wilson also produces tactical long guns and various accessories.This type of holster was designed and patented by Henry Lee “Hank” Sloan, who joined the FBI in 1935. He later became a firearms instructor at Quantico and by 1942 was placed in charge of firearms instruction. He retired in 1971.

The particular leather items pictured here belong to an individual who was the last FBI special agent hired by Director Hoover on May 1, 1972—just hours before Hoover’s death. This special agent, who donated these items to The FBI Experience, served in the FBI for 44 years and has also been a visitor services representative for The FBI Experience.
The Hank Sloan-designed holster was created exclusively for the FBI’s S&W Model 10 M&P .38 revolver. The accompanying 2 + 2 + 2 drop pouch was used to quickly “top off” bullets in the cylinder of the revolver when reloading.

All Vedder Nation apparel also comes with a Lifetime Warranty against any defects. If for any reason your shirt becomes defective from normal wear, just contact us for a return authorization and send it back. We will gladly replace it with the same item. If that item is no longer available, we will replace it with another similar product of the same value.

We are so confident that you will love your new holster that you can wear it for 30 days from the day you receive it and if for whatever reason it is not for you, contact us and return within 30 days of receipt and receive a full refund of the holster price (excluding shipping).All Vedder Holsters’ Hybrid and Kydex holsters come with a Lifetime Warranty. If for whatever reason the holster fails you (excluding obvious neglect), simply return it and we will make it right. If we can’t fix it, we will replace it. *International Purchasers* Please note that international shipping is not included with any warranty or exchanges. Buyer must pay international shipping for all packages being sent to a location outside the USA. This does not include APO addresses as they are treated as being inside the USA. *International Purchasers* Please note that international shipping is not included with any warranty or exchanges. Buyer must pay international shipping for all packages being sent to a location outside the USA. This does not include APO addresses as they are treated as being inside the USA.

The Wilson Combat Sig P320 Carry Quick Draw holster is an outside the waistband (OWB) hybrid holster that’s handmade with premium leather and molded Kydex® to fit perfectly to your gun. The Wilson Combat Sig P320 Carry Quick Draw series is designed to be worn OWB by fastening it with your belt though our precut durable belt loops. Wilson Combat Sig P320 Carry Quick Draw holsters secure your firearm close to your side making it easy to conceal under a jacket or a loose un-tucked shirt. As with our entire hybrid holster line the Wilson Combat Sig P320 Carry Quick Draw hybrid holster is proudly handmade in the U.S.A.!Located in the heart of Central Florida, our Vedder Holsters team crafts your unique holster by hand to ensure a precise fit for your gun model every time. Because our holsters are tailored to your preferences, each one is made to order.This M17 holster kit is the official kit used by the U.S. Army for the M17 pistol. This kit allows the user to have one holster with two different ways to deploy it: It accommodates a belt-mounted option (included) featuring a drop to lower the pistol from interfering with any chest gear. The holster can also quickly be detached from the drop belt-mount to a thigh-mounted attachment (included). Although your Wilson Combat 1911 pistol is relatively heavy, the Cloak Tuck 3.0 will effectively displace the weight of your premium pistol across the entire 1911 holster base. This, combined with a neoprene backing, will provide you with a comfort only achieved by Alien Gear Holsters. Wilson Combat specializes in providing a top-notch option full size concealed carry handguns. This includes the company’s 5” 1911 pistol, which fuses together both style and functionality into one cohesive pistol. To match these qualities, we here at Alien Gear Holsters offer a Wilson Combat 1911 holster like no other: The Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB. As you can see in the photos provided above this text, this Wilson Combat 1911 concealed carry holster boasts a low-profile design. You’ll notice that the Cloak Tuck 3.0 has been made with a combat cut holster base, which flexes to your side for a comfortable all-day concealed carry. To combine comfort with customization, our craftsmen have designed this Wilson Combat 1911 IWB holster to be easily adjusted by the concealed carrier. To customize your cant (angle) or ride height, simply relocate the holster clips. Within moments, you’ll be able to carry your 1911 where you want to.

If you’d prefer to carry your Wilson Combat 1911 with an outside the waistband holster, we offer our leather-based Wilson Combat 1911 OWB holster. Known for its ease of use and solid carry, this Alien Gear Holster will provide you with a reliable outside the waistband option. We are certain you’ll love your Alien Gear Holster, so we back each one with our Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee. This includes a 30-Day Test Drive, free shell trades for life, and a Forever Warranty.Alien Gear Holsters feature interchangeable shells that come with every gun holster. These dense holster shells provide protection against everyday wear, while also adding retention to your 1911 concealed carry pistol.The US PALM Ankle IFAK ships with a TK-4L TQ (tourniquet), CELOX Rapid Hemostatic Gauze Ribbon, 4 in. Trauma Bandage, Combat Medic Tape, and a pair of Nitrile gloves. We added a 5.11 TMT L2 flashlight and a SOG Knives Switch Plier to the mix, because while the small keychain light in the pocket works just fine as a task light, it’s not something you’d want to use in a fight, on the side of the road at a car crash, etc. The TMT L2 is lightweight, pushes 320 lumens, and will do so for a couple hours making it a good choice for a utility/fighting light. It and the Switch Plier (also a valuable tool, and not ridiculously overdone) are carried on the ankle to avoid having a half dozen different clips lining the outside of our pockets — and for that matter so we could still use our pockets.

Other things you’ll find us wearing or carrying in our pockets here are a Zero Tolerance ZT0456, brass paperweight, a Bravo Company Mk15 tritium watch, a double sided “state ring” from In God We Must, some beat-to-hell leather wallet we haven’t replaced yet, Moleskine notebook with flat Moleskine pen, 5.11 TPT EDC flashlight serving as a keychain, MultiCam Black Oakley Holbrooks, and an iPhone with Mophie Juice Pack case . Lastly, there’s an important coin carried for luck.
We’ll begin with that badass coffee cup. It came to us courtesy of Blackie’s Backyard in Eureka Springs, AR. The actual nectar of the gods (Coffea canephora) in this particular cup is called Hera Blend. It came from a little place in Sulphur Springs, TX called Copia Coffee Roasters. We found them using VOB ( feed a blaster you need bullets, and in this case we’re doing so with two magazines and a box of Sig V-Crown Performance Ammunition. The ready magazine is from the Glock factory and has a Pearce Grip magazine extension. The second magazine is from Magpul and rides in the ankle rig (q.v.).

Actually, technically the one you see here is the original Medina from over a year ago. It is different from the Medina X, as we’ll explain below, but remains functionally the same.
The Medina X BWB (Below the Waist Band) holster you see below was designed by Aaron Cohen, a former member of the IDF’s Duvdevan SOF unit. This particular holster is one of the very earliest models. It will not accommodate an RMR, which the new versions apparently do.Moving on; you need a decent belt if you’re going to carry a gun. That gorram flimsy-ass skinny-jean suitable thing the guy with the man-bun picked up at the Wal-Mart in Eavesdown is not going to cut it; today we went with the Flagrant Beard ‘Crazy Horse.’ There’s nothing frail or foolish about it and damn it makes you look good.To address individual medical needs this loadout utilizes the new US PALM Ankle IFAK. Seen in the picture it seems bulky, even cumbersome, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that it isn’t so, at least not in typical day to day activities. Boot cut or baggier jeans conceal it nicely.

What holster does Marsoc use?
7377 7TS™ ALS® Holster (Model without light)
Other items in this possible EDC (Every Day Carry) loadout are implements from: Glock, Bravo Concealment, Zero Tolerance Knives, SOG Knives and Tools, US PALM, Sig Sauer, 5.11 Tactical, Moleskine, Oakley, Magpul, Apple, In God We Must, Flagrant Beard, and several other places.Cohen helped train actor Keanu Reeves for the starring role, which explains the choice of holster. Reeves previously trained with retired LAPD SWAT officer Rick Lopez (who sadly passed away not too long ago) and more recently with Taran Butler. Duvdevan is known for running undercover and pseudo-ops style missions. The Medina X was designed to be a “deep cover holster” intended to make a weapon less obtrusive than from traditional appendix carry. It also features a small scabbard for an equally tiny knife from Ka-Bar. The pistol is a straight-up, stock no-modification-yet Glock. It will look entirely different next time you see it. You’ll note it is not equipped with a Friend-or-Foe Reflective Strip, and Rh’llor willing never will be.Later you can look the holster over, watch the video and make your own decision whether it’s tactical, tacticool or tactarded — as we ask that you actually watch the videos, think it through and discuss intelligently rather than adding to the level of derp already saturating the interwebz.

We told you over the weekend that John Wick still has his dog; that’s good news. To celebrate we’re taking the opportunity to show off a possible EDC load-out centered around Wick’s holster. The former assassin is apparently using a Cherry Covert Ops Apparel Medina X in John Wick Chapter 2.

What holster does the U.S. Army use?
This M17 holster kit is the official kit used by the U.S. Army for the M17 pistol. This kit allows the user to have one holster with two different ways to deploy it: It accommodates a belt-mounted option (included) featuring a drop to lower the pistol from interfering with any chest gear.
Custom leather inside the waist band IWB holster for the Wilson Combat 1911 Full Size 5″ Pistol. Hand crafted from top quality leather to custom fit Any full size 1911 pistol including Colt, S&W, Sig, Kimber, Armscor, Norinco, Springfield, Ruger, Remington and similar models. Comes with belt/waist band clip. Just tuck the holster into your waistband and you are ready to go. The back of the holster covers the top of the pistol slide so it does not dig into you for additional comfort that is not found in many other holsters. Azula Gun Holsters are hand made by master craftsman with over 30 years of holster making experience. Azula Gun Holsters have a lifetime replacement warranty and come with a fully coated steel clip. This is a RIGHT HANDED Black leather holster. Model CL

What holster did John Wick use?
The Medina X was designed to be a “deep cover holster” intended to make weapon less obtrusive than from traditional appendix carry. It also features a small scabbard for an equally tiny knife from Ka-Bar. Cohen helped train actor Keanu Reeves for the starring role, which explains the choice of holster.
To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness.

What holster does LAPD Swat use?
The Dropleg is our proudest invention of craftsmanship, worn by LAPD SWAT, LAPD K9, LAPD Bomb Squad, LA County Sheriff, and numerous other Law Enforcement teams worldwide.
For the best Wilson Combat EDC X9 Holsters on the market, you have come to the right place. Our Wilson Combat EDC X9 Holsters are designed to be comfortable and secure. All of our holsters are proudly made in the U.S.A.

What holster does FBI issue?
The Hank Sloan-designed holster was created exclusively for the FBI’s S&W Model 10 M&P . 38 revolver. The accompanying 2 + 2 + 2 drop pouch was used to quickly “top off” bullets in the cylinder of the revolver when reloading.
The Wilson Combat® custom gunsmithing services for GLOCK® have been well thought out by our team shooters and pistolsmiths to elevate your GLOCK® pistol to the next level. As time allows, select GLOCK® complete custom guns will be available for direct purchase online in the store.When you are ready to send in your gun for cusomtization, please complete the form below. Make a copy for yourself and send a copy enclosed with your firearm when you ship it.DISCLAIMER: “GLOCK” is a federally registered trademark of GLOCK, Inc. and is one of many trademarks owned by GLOCK, Inc. or GLOCK Ges.m.b.H. Neither Wilson Combat, nor this site are affiliated in any manner with, or otherwise endorsed by, GLOCK, Inc. or GLOCK Ges.m.b.H. The use of “GLOCK” on this page is merely to advertise the sale of GLOCK pistols, parts, or components. For genuine GLOCK, Inc. and GLOCK Ges.m.b.H products, please click here.This wide selection of top-quality sights in combination with our precise machining, installation and testfire ensures you get a perfect sight installation on your pistol, tailored to your individual shooting needs.

What holsters fit Wilson Combat EDC X9?
NOTE: Due to the nature of true custom hand crafted finishes, variations in color and pattern are natural and to be expected. Any visual representations are examples, not identical replications of all finished product.

To send your firearm to Wilson Combat for Custom Work, you must first call Customer Service at 800-955-4856 to obtain an RMA # and Return Label. Firearms will not be accepted for Custom Work without the proper RMA and label.
If you looking to buy or custom build a new gun, and not customize an existing one, please visit our Custom Firearm Ordering page to get all the information you need.

We are pleased to partner with select manufacturers to offer several grades of trigger modifications that suit shooters of all levels. Our specially selected modifications are done for more than just aesthetics, each modification was chosen for a defined, performance-enhancing purpose. This custom work is available for all calibers of GLOCK® Gen 3, 4 and 5 handguns.
Combat-Tuff is a two-stage Armor-Tuff™ finishing process that achieves the distressed, cutting-edge look of a well-used tactical firearm. It requires multiple coats of our legendary spray-on coating and a special hand finishing process.We have developed and manufactured a large collection of Wilson Combat custom parts for yor GLOCK handgun that will improve it’s performance. You can find these parts in our store.

Wilson Combat offers many custom pistol enhancements for GLOCK® handguns. Take advantage of our numerous options, including Armor-Tuff® coatings, tactical sights, match-grade barrels, our signature Starburst polymer frame stippling, and more.
As Wilson Combat is a true custom shop, some options may be available that are not listed in our Custom Gunsmithing rates. Please contact us for more information.

Will the Wilson Combat EDC X9 fit in a 1911 holster?
The EDC X9 will fit in most leather or kydex holsters designed for a 4” “compact” or 4.25” “Commander” 1911.
We also offer a custom and personalized laser engraving. Many customers get a unit insignia or company logo. Please consult a member of our customer service team for more details. Personalized engraving requires 100% up front payment at the time of order.

GLOCK® firearms can be finished in a variety of different ways. Ranging from oxidized, to our variety of Armor-Tuff®, Combat-Tuff, and Camouflage slides.
If you experience a failure to feed or chamber, your handgun is probably under-lubricated, lubricated with too thick of oil or fouled. We find that a 9mm 1911 must be kept cleaner than a similar .45 ACP handgun for best reliability. 1911 9mm pistols simply do not like some blunt hollow point loadings and more pointed bullet profiles should be used such as: Hornady Critical Defense, Remington HTP or Winchester PDX.Several manufacturers of 1911 pistols now know how to build reliable 9mm 1911s. With our local shooting group (we shoot a LOT) and classes, I rarely see a firearm-related function problem with 9mm 1911s, and certainly not as many as we do with .45s. My buddy Ken Hackathorn does a LOT of training these days and he tells me he observes the same thing. Quality 1911 9mm pistols just work. I know at Wilson Combat® we have put much effort into quality components for 9mm and figuring out how to improve their function and accuracy.

Clean your 9mm 1911 every 300 rounds for best results. Excessive fouling from cheap powder in most inexpensive 9mm ammunition will cause your pistol to quickly become sluggish and will lose the energy required to strip, feed and chamber a round from the magazine. The key to keeping your 1911 9mm running is keeping it clean and well lubed with a light viscosity lubricant.Previously there have been several legitimate reasons for the lack of popularity of 1911 pistols chambered in 9mm Luger. Primarily, poor functional reliability (mostly due to magazines and lack of proper extractors), poor accuracy and inadequate terminal performance of 9mm ammunition.

Your Wilson Combat pistol is a precision-fitted firearm and deserves high quality ammunition. The 1911 handgun design requires ammunition to fall between a range of parameters for proper function.Quality ammunition is important when shooting a 1911-style pistol. We suggest quality, domestic brass cased factory new ammunition for best results. It is important to use ammunition that closely approximates the profile of 230 FMJ ammunition for best reliability.

Due to vastly improved bullet designs and propellants, the 9mm can now easily hold it’s own with .40 and .45 calibers in terms of downrange terminal effectiveness. The FBI’s recent announcement that they were switching back to 9mm obviously validates the terminal performance of the caliber. For hand-loaders, the latest Vihtivuori reloading guide lists 3N37 loads that will push a 115 gr. to 1305 fps and a 124 gr. to 1236 fps, and a serious self defense load with 3N38 that will push a 147 gr. to 1207 fps. That’s performance previously reserved for the .38 Super.
The EDC X9 has many parts in common with the 1911. The recoil spring, guide rod, spring plug, firing pin, firing pin stop, hammer, sear, disconnector, magazine catch spring, magazine catch lock and plunger spring will interchange with standard Wilson Combat 1911 parts. You can shop for EDC X9 parts here.There are at least three 9mm 1911 magazines on the market now that enhance functional reliability over traditional older designs. Wilson Combat® will be releasing an all new magazine in late August 2015 that will reset the standard for 1911 9mm magazines. As far as capacity goes, with modern self-defense loads, I like 11 rounds of 9mm a lot better than I like 9 rounds of .45!!!

Ideally you want to run the heaviest recoil spring that will function properly with the lightest ammunition you plan to shoot. To check for spring weight/ammunition compatibility, go to the range and load a single round in the chamber using a magazine proven to reliably lock the slide open on the last shot fired. Fire the shot weak hand only, and if you can do this with reliable slide lock operation 10 consecutive times your recoil spring is not too heavy for your ammunition. Ideally you want the heaviest recoil spring that will pass this simple test because, the heavier the spring, the more positive the feeding of cartridges from the magazine to chamber.
Load and unload your new magazines several times and keep them loaded for several days in advance of your first range day to allow the stiff springs to take an initial set. This will make them easier to load and reduce pressure on the bottom of the slide that could cause a malfunction. Full size is the traditional USGI 1911 frame size. Most 1911 pistols are “full size”. Full-size grips have a measurement of 3.0625″ of center-to-center between the grip screws. I began shooting 4″ compact 1911s almost exclusively in the late 90s primarily due to my failing eyesight. It just became easier for me to get a good focus on the sights with them closer together. Hundreds of thousands of rounds and several major IDPA match wins later, I can assure you a properly set-up and fed compact 1911 is every bit as reliable as any full size. As a final testament to my faith in a 4″ compact, I carry one on my hip EVERY day, usually loaded with 160gr or 185gr Barnes TAC XP bullets (.45 ACP).No, failure to extract and eject, especially on the last round, is typically a problem with the pistol’s extractor. A 1911 pistol with a loose extractor will drag the last empty case across the magazine lips on the way out of the pistol, potentially ruining the magazine in the process. This usually results in a failure to eject the last round. Pistols with external extractors, clocking extractors or broken extractors can suffer from this. Make sure your pistol’s extractor holds an empty case firm against the breechface before you blame your magazine. If your pistol has a failure to feed the last round it may indicate you need new springs or a magazine with heavier springs like our HD/+P magazines.

Check your extractor adjustment while you have the pistol disassembled. The extractor and its adjustment is the heart of any 1911 in any caliber with regards to reliable function. It should take approximately 3 lbs. of pressure for you to slide a loaded cartridge up under the extractor hook and it should firmly hold the cartridge against the breach face. In addition, you should be able to drop a cartridge into the chamber with the slide locked open and ease the slide closed until the slide is held open approximately 3/8″ because the front of the extractor hook is resting on the cartridge rim. Once in this position, you should be able to push on the rear of the slide without using an excessive amount of pressure and the extractor should snap over the case rim causing the slide to fully close. This is called push feeding and all semi-auto pistol designs will do this from time to time, therefore your extractor must be adjusted so your pistol will push feed when required to do so.
A pistol in 9mm endures much less battering than the same pistol in .40 S&W or .45 ACP, which results in a substantially longer service life. Instance of parts breakage is also reduced and recoil springs last dramatically longer. While I have no proof of this, I personally believe a 9mm built on a 7075-T6 aluminum frame will last as long as a .45 built on a steel frame. I’m basing this opinion on the lack of wear on my personal aluminum frame 9mm 1911 and Beretta pistols.If you experience a failure to eject, the slide is not coming far enough to the rear and it indicates you may need a lighter recoil spring or your ammunition is underpowered.

What holster does the US Army use?
This M17 holster kit is the official kit used by the U.S. Army for the M17 pistol. This kit allows the user to have one holster with two different ways to deploy it: It accommodates a belt-mounted option (included) featuring a drop to lower the pistol from interfering with any chest gear.
Keeping your 1911 chambered in 9mm functioning flawlessly requires a little more care and knowledge than your average 1911 chambered for the traditional .45 ACP. This is primarily due to the fact that 9mm pistols operate with lighter recoil springs, and that there are several 9mm magazines on the market that simply don’t enhance functional reliability. Here are some tips that will keep your lighter caliber 1911s functioning properly.

Our magazine tubes have a lifetime satisfaction policy. We will replace any tube that spreads, cracks or becomes unusable during normal use. Springs and followers are considered consumable and may require replacing if you experience failures to clock back or failures to feed on the last round. Plastic baseplates will break if you drop a loaded magazine on a hard surface. We recommend metal baseplates for hard use.
The flatwire recoil spring lifespan of the X9 will exceed 10,000 rounds in our testing. The extractor spring has a similar service life. To retain drop safety we suggest changing the firing pin spring every 5000 rounds. The sear spring and magazine catch spring should never require replacement. The use of a SHOK-BUFF recoil buffer is recommended, but optional.

All of our magazines baseplates are sized for a very snug fit on the bottom of the tube and with the retention plate. After installing a 1911 magazine baseplate you may need to rap the baseplate against your workbench to ensure that the baseplate is seated.
The trigger pull and layout is all 1911. The trigger feel and precise action are everything you have been used to with a fine, custom 1911 with various trigger lengths to fit different shooters hand sizes. The EDC X-9 is highly accurate and comparable to other Wilson Combat compact 1911 style handguns. We guarantee 1.5″ groups at 25 yards with match grade ammunition.Since identical pistols often use different front sight heights, you need to be able to determine the height that you need. For example, if you would like to raise your point of impact, use a shorter front sight. Likewise, if you wish to lower your point of impact, use a taller front sight. However, If you are happy with your current point of impact, order a replacement front sight of the same height as your current sight.Make sure your magazines are clean and the springs have taken a set. Our ETM 9mm magazines are the most reliable 1911 9mm magazines on the market, but when new, the springs are very strong to ensure proper round position and last round lock back. It’s a good idea to load your new magazines prior to heading to the range and let the springs take their initial set.

Even though we use the strongest magazine springs in the industry, some pistols have such excessive tolerances in the magazine well–slidestop internal lobe area that some magazines will not reliably lock back on empty even when new. This is a known problem with some Springfield Armory pistols. You may need to have a gunsmith replace, polish or fit your slide stop for proper function. This may also be an indication that your springs need replacing.Some pistol ammunition works well in the 1911 and some doesn’t. Choosing the proper ammunition will go a long way toward reliable function. In general, longer cartridge length (basically as long as will fit in the magazine and seat fully into the chamber) and more pointed bullets will result in smoother feeding and more reliable function. Additionally, how powerful the cartridge is affects function to a great degree. Very light loaded ammunition of under 124,000 power factor (bullet weight x muzzle velocity = Power Factor) may not reliably eject and/or lock the slide to the rear on the last shot in the magazine. Some commonly available 115 gr. FMJ RN ammunition unfortunately fits into this category. Ammunition with a power factor of 125,000+ will be required for IDPA or USPSA competition and will properly function your pistol.

A tight/firm grip on the pistol has a substantial effect on how well your pistol functions. As barrel length decreases, a tight/firm firing grip on the pistol becomes more and more critical for proper reliable function. 1911 9mm pistols with a 4″ or shorter barrel (especially if built on an aluminum frame) require full charge ammunition and a tight/firm grip to function reliably. A weak grip and limp wrist WILL cause malfunctions with an inherently reliable properly maintained pistol, using good magazines and shooting good ammunition!
We have 2 basic sizes of 1911 magazines: Full size and Compact. You can shop all 1911 magazines here, using the filters to narrow down your 1911 size and caliber selection.

Keep the pistol clean. Giving your pistol a quick field strip and clean, especially the breach face and chamber, will go a long way toward reliable function. We recommend a quick clean/lube regiment every 300 rounds for range use and once a month for your carry pistol.A 1911 in 9mm will typically feed and fire most Full Metal Jacket (ball) ammunition and jacketed hollow point ammunition that closely follows the profile of FMJ ammunition. Since the 9mm cartridge has a tapered case and is shorter overall than the 1911 was originally designed for, jacketed hollow point ammunition must be loaded on the long side to prevent nose-down failures to feed, approximately 1.135″ – 1.150″. We suggest our customers shoot 124gr FMJ from reputable mfg such as Fed, Win, Rem, Speer, PMC for the first 500rds.

This brings us to push feed. 1911 pistols are designed for controlled-round feeding, which means the cartridge is supposed to slide under the extractor hook as it feeds into the chamber. However, all 1911s don’t always do this, especially when slide speed is increased. This is really no big deal as long as the pistol is set up to push feed. This is simply the shaping of the front of the extractor hook so it can snap over the case rim without undue resistance. This is easy to check by putting a empty case in the chamber, slowly lowering the slide until the extractor contacts the case rim, then snapping the slide shut. You should be able to do this fairly easy with your thumb. If the slide won’t close or it takes both thumbs to close the pistol, it probably won’t push feed properly and the extractor needs adjusted.
Let’s face it, if you want to be proficient with a handgun you have to shoot a substantial amount of ammo and it is expensive these days. At current street prices you can almost shoot 2 rounds of 9mm for the cost of 1 round of .45. Bottom line is 9mm ammunition is dramatically cheaper to buy or to hand-load than .45. Less cost means more shooting!

For factory ammunition, only our line of custom ammunition is specifically designed for 1911 handguns and it will be the optimum ammunition for your pistol. Click here to shop Wilson Combat handgun ammunition.
The EDC X9 has been extensively tested by a cadre of test shooters across the country. These shooters contributed to the testing and evaluation phase of the EDC X9 and shot thousands and thousands of rounds through prototype guns to thoroughly vet the design. Internal testing proved that the EDC X9 was extremely feed reliable with durability that meets or exceeds most modern service pistols. The 15 round Mec-Gar magazine is extremely reliable and designed for service use. We have had no magazine related failures in our testing.

Is Wilson Combat a Glock?
For the first time, Wilson Combat is now offering custom pistol enhancements for GLOCK® handguns.
In order to calculate this adjustment, you take the sight radius times impact distance, and divide by the target distance in inches, which will then equal your sight height changeMake sure you tailor your recoil spring to the ammunition loads at hand. Our full-size 9mm handguns come standard with an 11# recoil spring installed and a 12.5# for use after break in or with hotter loads. For light loads during break in, you may need to clip up to 2 coils off of the recoil spring to run reliably if you do not have a firm grip. A 9mm 1911 will not require a SHOK-BUFF, but one can be used in 5″ pistols. A compact 9mm pistol usually has a 10# flat-wire recoil spring installed and an 11# flat-wire included for use after break in or for use with hotter loads.Even though a Wilson Combat pistol has been thoroughly tested by a professional test shooter with almost 100 rounds of our custom loaded ammunition, it will still require a thorough break-in to achieve reliable function across a broad spectrum of shooters and ammunition.

Use plenty of lubrication during break in and thereafter. We find that most service issues are caused by under lubricating or too-heavy viscosity lubricant in 9mm pistols.
It’s much easier to slow the slide down by making it harder for it to cock the hammer than it is to just add poundage to the recoil spring. What we’re doing here is increasing the force needed to cock the hammer with a heavier spring and reducing the slides ability to cock the hammer by lowering the leverage point on the hammer, thus slowing slide cycle speed.It is advised to clean your handgun thoroughly as soon as operation becomes sluggish or impaired. We offer a full line of cleaning products for your firearms.