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Wine Tasting Orange County

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Pozzouli Vineyard and Winery used to have a tasting room in Tustin offering a selection of wines crafted from grapes from their Paso Robles location. While the tasting room is now closed, you can still experience Pozzouli Wines at their local restaurants: Centro, a winery, micro brewery, and eatery, that is open daily to the public, and Storico, a spaghetteria and cafe.Heidi Deal is the author of the Newcomers Handbook to Living In Los Angeles & Orange County, and a children’s book author specializing in history and human rights.

Did you know that Orange County is home to many wineries and vineyards? While most people think of the beaches and prime shopping destinations, another great element of Orange County is the available selection of Southern California wines. If you love wine tasting, check out these Orange County Wineries for your next outing.
In the heart of San Juan Capistrano’s historic district, Rancho Capistrano Winery and restaurant serves up to 40 wine selections and delectable dining with a 3000 square foot heated outdoor patio. The patio is dog friendly and features a large, cozy fireplace and live music on select evenings. In addition to the extraordinary wine, guests will enjoy food selections like the ahi poke stack, hand cut ribeye, and seafood risotto. Rancho Capistrano Winery offers a selection of wine club options for enthusiasts who wish to receive regular shipments. Membership includes select wines, tastings, discounts on purchases, and invitations to special events. A second location is now open in San Clemente and a third location in Ladera Ranch.

A Stones Throw Winery at Hamilton Oaks is located in San Juan Capistrano in the historic Swanner House – a home built in 1916 surrounded by citrus trees. When the property was rehabilitated, the proprietors planted four rows of mission vines to pay homage to the areas history. Mission vines were brought to the area from Spain in 1926 by two priests who came to Mission San Juan Capistrano.
The Bellante Family Winery has been making handcrafted wines from Santa Barbara fruit since 2000. The winery specializes in Rhone Reds, Pinot Noir, and Viognier. The tasting room in Mission Viejo offers tasting options and flights on select weekends. Bellante Family Winery offers wine club options. Club members can use their funds to purchase bottles from the tasting room with a 20% discount. Club members will also receive two free tastings or two free glasses per month.The Winery At Main Street, located in the heart of Old Towne Yorba Linda, opened in 2010. They make red, white, and fruit wine in-house with grapes sourced from around the world. Visitors to the tasting room can enjoy a selection of delicious wines, plus appetizers and small plates including meat and cheese platters and hummus. The winery also offers a wine club for enthusiasts that includes access to exclusive releases, discounts, and other membership perks.

Orange Coast Winery is an exciting Orange County wine destination that offers a variety of red and white wines available for tasting. They also serve food and feature special events like live music, craft and wine events, and Sangria Sundays. The Orange Coast Winery is an ideal venue for private and corporate events and they offer a variety of packages to accommodate individual events. For wine enthusiasts who can’t get enough of the Orange Coast Winery varietals, they offer a selection of wine club memberships that include discounts on wine purchases, complementary wine flights, complementary cheese plates, and more.
Laguna Canyon Winery opened in 2003 with grapes shipped direct from the regions of Sonoma and Napa, bringing some of California’s best flavors to Laguna Beach. The winery offers a selection of white, red, and sparkling/dessert wines. The exceptional venue offers wine tastings and tours, WineMaker Dinners, and wine and cheese receptions, and is an ideal location for weddings and corporate events. Laguna Canyon Winery offers a wine club in which members can earn up to 35% off wine purchases based on credits earned.McClain Cellars is a winery from Santa Ynez with three wine tasting rooms in Orange County. Each wine bar has tasting rooms plus varying features at each location including barrel tasting and wine blending at the Irvine location.

Cowboy Canyon Winery is located in Silverado Canyon surrounded by working horse stables. The tasting room offers award winning wines with country charm and country music in the background. Wine enthusiasts can join the Cowboy Canyon Wine Club. The wine club is free to join and subscribers can choose from the Ace-High Membership or the Whole Hog Membership. The Ace-High Membership includes four bottles of wine three times per year plus 15% off additional purchases online and in person. The Whole Hog Membership includes six bottles of wine three times per year, plus 20% off. Wine club members at both levels will receive priority invitations to special winery events including a hosted holiday party and gift.
The rustic and captivating Giracci Vineyard and Farms is located in majestic Silverado Canyon on a historic horse ranch. The award-winning winery officially opened in 2010 and offers seven vintages including Pinot Noir, Cab Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Roussanne. Giracci Vineyards is available for wine tastings, historic ranch tours, lunch in the vineyard, weddings and corporate events. They also feature an equestrian center with boarding and training facilities.

What is the wine tasting rule?
Sip or Spit, Don’t Drink “The number one rule at tasting is: Do not ‘drink’ at tastings, but sip and spit at them,” Struck says. It’s especially important when you’re facing down a long line of wines to try.
Newport Beach Vineyards and Winery is located in the Upper Newport Bay with 1200 vines. The winery specializes in reds and develops the award winning Meritage. Each vintage developed at Newport Beach Vineyards is a blend of up to five traditional Bourdeaux red wine grapes. The Vineyard and Winery does not have a public tasting room but they do offer special 2-hour tours and tasting events by appointment. The Newport Beach venue is also a favorite for weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions.

How much is a tasting in Willamette Valley?
Wine tasting in Oregon’s Willamette Valley costs an average of $25 per person. More premium tastings will cost $35. Home to many small, family-owned wineries, Willamette Valley’s the perfect low-stress wine getaway.
Established in 2008, Frisby Cellars Winery develops award winning wines from distinguished Paso Robles vineyards. The wine is developed in Paso Robles and moved to the Orange County Urban Winery & Tasting Room in Lake Forest where wine enthusiasts can experience the delicious varietals. Frisby Cellars develops both red and white varietals. Tastings are available Saturday and Sunday and reservations are available for large groups. Frisby Cellars also offers a variety of wine club memberships for enthusiasts who wish to receive Frisby Cellars Wines delivered to their door every month. There are two additional Frisby Cellars locations in Dana Point and Rancho Mission Viejo. The Dana Point Harbor location is open every day offering wine tasting, wine by the glass, craft beer, and food such as truffle mac and cheese, flatbreads, and charcuterie boxes. The Rancho Mission Viejo location is also open seven days a week with wine, beer, and food and guests can also enjoy food trucks and live music on select weekends.The Seal Beach Winery offers a distinguished selection of wine made from the best vineyards along the Central Coast like Los Olivos and Santa Barbara. They offer a large selection of wine including red, white, and rose, plus meat and cheese platters and dessert plates. The tasting room in Los Alamitos offers wine by the glass, by the bottle, and by flight and tastings include six pours. Wine enthusiasts can sign up for the wine club and receive shipments of select bottles three times per year, plus discounts on additional purchases and complementary tastings.

Everyone from wine snobs to boxed wine drinkers love a good wine tasting. It’s the only way to try a bunch of different types of vino without going broke in the process. Plus, nothing is as romantic as a long, warm day wandering from vineyard to vineyard in wine country. To learn how to make the most of every wine tasting, we caught up with Courtney Schiessl, a wine writer, sommelier and wine consultant; Paul Yanon, the director of wine education at Colangelo & Partners; and Chris Struck, a sommelier at Union Square Cafe. Here are the unspoken rules of drinking at a wine tasting, according to the pros.
Asking questions is one of the key ways to get the most out of a tasting. You’re more likely to find your new favorite and learn something that’ll make you seem like the expert around your friends. Wineries appreciate people who don’t act like know-it-alls, Yanon says, and if you ask questions and listen “there’s a very good chance you’ll find a good reason to like or love what you’re tasting.” “There’s no reason why you can’t mix it up,” Schiessl says. “If you drink a very heavy, sweet or red wine before going back to a lighter one, just rinse your glass with a swish of the new wine or with a tiny bit of water.” “If you are at a winery or wine tasting with friends as a social activity, nobody will look at you strangely if you don’t spit,” Schiessl says. “But if you know that there are a lot of wines to taste, or especially if you feel yourself getting drunk, it doesn’t hurt to spit from time to time either.” Just so long as you watch where you spit. At a sake tasting, Struck watched as someone spit into a water pitcher that was meant for glass rinsing and drinking, then saw someone a few minutes later use the pitcher for drinking water. Of course, the average person often doesn’t have time to perfect their spit stream. Both Schiessl and Yanon say there’s no shame in bringing your own little cup to spit into that you can dump into the main bucket at the end. Learn all about Visit Napa Valley the organization, our mission, our strategy, partners and much more while promoting our area as the premier destination it isIt’s always a good idea to schedule your appointments well in advance of your visit because some of the more popular wineries and tasting rooms fill up their reservations weeks in advance.Let’s raise a glass, because our legendary Napa Valley wine country has only grown better with time. Offering world-class wine, winemakers, and wineries, Napa Valley is ready to welcome you with a taste of the good life.

Why is Napa so expensive?
Why Do Napa Wines Cost So Much? Wines from the Napa Valley are highly sought after among wine collectors and wine consumers alike. One of the primary reasons is this: the lush valley offers a near-perfect wine-growing environment.
Estate — 100% of the wine from grapes grown on land owned or controlled by the winery, which must be located in a viticultural area. The winery must crush and ferment the grapes and bottle the wine in a continuous process on their premises.It’s best to avoid too much perfume or cologne as it can mask the aroma of the wine, and smell is important to wine tasting. Scents can ruin the tasting experience for everyone within nose-shot.Some wineries will even waive tasting fees when purchasing bottles of wine so feel free to ask the winery or tasting room when you visit what their policy is around tastings and bottle purchases.A more upscale winery might call for darker denim, and be sure to dress in layers as many winery experiences take place outdoors and tours often take guests through wine caves and chilled cellar areas.Tasting fees vary and there is no typical fee for a wine tasting – the average cost of a basic wine tasting is about $40 in Napa Valley. They can be as low as $20 and go as high as $200 or more for an elevated experience that might include a tour, lunch, class, or seminar. Depending on the winery and activity, most wineries package experiences into a flat fee with the tasting.

Give Your Clients the Ultimate Napa Valley Experience – information for lodging, wineries, restaurants, arts, transportation, special offers, events and more
Biodynamic farming — A method of organic farming emphasizes the use of manures and composts and excludes the use of artificial chemicals on soil and plants. This method includes spiritual and mystical perspectives. Napa Valley is better than ever, and we’re excited to invite you to explore all that our legendary valley has to offer. Discover hot air balloons, outdoors, shopping, art walks, personal tours, wine & cooking classes, and more. Corked — Corked wine is a term for a wine that has become contaminated with cork taint. Corked wines smell and taste of damp, soggy, wet or rotten cardboard.

From intimate boutique inns to full-service luxury resorts, and everything in between, Napa Valley properties welcome you with world-class hospitality.
Visit Napa Valley for the perfect conference, incentive trip, social group event, corporate event or team building meeting. Unique meeting spaces create an inspiring atmosphere.

From winery parties and winemaker dinners, to concerts and farmers markets – there are so many ways to experience a taste of the good life in Napa Valley wine country
Yes! Jeans are acceptable year-round – we call it wine country casual (for women — sundresses, blouses and skirts, nice jeans, wedges, sandals, etc.; for men – golf shirts, khaki pants, nice jeans, dressier shorts, stylish sneakers, boat shoes, etc.).The short answer is yes. While tasting rooms charge a fee for the experience, your host will be spending time with you to explain what you’re drinking and be available to answer any questions you might have about the wine and the winery, or even about Napa Valley in general. Even if you bought a bottle of wine, your host will appreciate a tip for the service, especially if you had a great experience. Napa Valley restaurants invite you to delight in a taste of the good life. With farm-fresh cuisine ranging from casual food trucks to Michelin-Star fare, you’ll find unforgettable meals to complement our world-class wines around every corner. We recommend 2 or 3 winery visits, but not more than that as most experiences take a minimum of 90 minutes and there is travel time in between. You can also hire a driver or tour company to drive you to the wineries, and they can even plan your day of tastings.

If you enjoy the wine you tasted and want to show your support, buy some bottles or sign up for a wine club. Some wineries and tasting rooms have a specific policy about waiving the tasting fee when a particular amount of wine is purchased. Many wine clubs offer perks like complimentary tastings, discounts, and exclusive invitations to educational tastings and seminars.The ideal climate, and also diverse terrain, of California, and even Orange County, allow for a wide variety of grape cultivation though. Many farmers over time have also experimented with hybrids of American and European grapes to produce new, stronger, and healthier varieties. Such hybrids are proving to be particularly useful for Orange County vineyards along the coast by providing a greater resistance to mildew.

Producing a modest 1,000 cases a year, the winery focuses mainly on their popular red varietals, with Posse, a red blend made from the Sierra Foothills fruit, being one of their bestsellers.
While Orange County wineries aren’t quite as famous as the beautiful beaches and prime shopping locations, the area is nevertheless home to a well-established Southern Californian wine-making tradition and culture.A popular boutique winery situated in Newport Beach, Orange Coast Winery offers a range of high-quality wines. Their grapes are sourced from the finest varieties and best regions in California, such as Temecula Valley, Paso Robles, and Lodi.

Out in the stunningly beautiful scenic rural area of Silverado, Giracci Vineyards & Farms is another highly popular venue amongst the Orange County wineries.

With a fully-functional winery and bottling facility on-site, the tasting bar area has a quaint and rustic appeal to it. Though lacking in much space or an outdoor area, it is nevertheless considered one of the best Orange County wineries due to its high-quality wines.
Situated on a small hill near the beach, Newport Beach Vineyards & Winery is one of the most popular and successful private Orange County vineyards and wineries in the area. Its boutique provides a stylish outdoor seating area, and a very pleasant and atmospheric interior, decorated in the themes and history of Californian winemaking.With an open and spacious outdoor seating area surrounded by beautiful Oak trees, scenic farmland, as well as a nearby equestrian centre, it is well-known for hosting special events and features, such as weddings, and live music.

Not to be confused with Orange County in Florida, an up-and-coming US wine-making region in its own right, wineries in Orange County CA are well-known for their quality wines, pleasant atmosphere, and great service.
With a beautiful and secluded botanical garden and private vineyard, Newport Beach Vineyards & Winery caters to regular wine tasting, as well as birthday parties, corporate events, fundraisers, and more.Cowboy Canyon Winery is a popular Wild West-themed winery that also has a superb selection of fine wines. It is situated very close to Giracci Vineyards & Farms, and so has the same attractive farmland scenery and large shady Oak trees. Their quaint and rustic tasting room and outdoor patio provide a truly relaxing and enjoyable setting for sampling their quality wines.

This excellent boutique winery is nestled in an industrial park in Los Alamitos. The Seal Beach Winery offers a warm and cosy ambience with a variety of impressive wines, delicious snacks to go with them, and also free tastings for club members.

There are currently 15 Orange County wineries listed in the area. They can be found in and around Los Alamitos, Tustin, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Lake Forest, Silverado, and San Juan Capistrano.With a warm and temperate climate that favours the cultivation of grapes, California currently produces around 90 percent of all American-made wine. Furthermore, it supplies around 60 percent of all wine consumed in the US, as well as steadily gaining traction in the international wine industry. If you are in the area and have a thirst for a good quality glass of wine, or perhaps even on a tour of the USA’s prestigious Wine Country, there are many Orange County wineries that are well worth a visit. Take your pick, although any of the above would be a good place to start. With a range of delicious food and snacks on the menu to go with their wines, the small and cosy establishment provides a relaxing and atmospheric setting for patrons and visitors. This includes an outdoor area with elegant and comfortable seating.Members of their Pardners Wine Club can also receive special discounts on wine and merchandise, as well as event tickets. And, if you enjoy country music and want to partake in some fun good ol’ American cowboy style BBQ, and perhaps even a bit of line-dancing, check out their event schedule.

How much is Napa wine tasting?
Tasting fees vary and there is no typical fee for a wine tasting – the average cost of a basic wine tasting is about $40 in Napa Valley. They can be as low as $20 and go as high as $200 or more for an elevated experience that might include a tour, lunch, class, or seminar.
Though there are various North American types, the most commonly-used grapes in US commercial wine-making are of the European variety, Vitis vinifera. European grapes are generally sweeter and more delicate than North American varieties. They are also well-suited to grow in the warm summer climate of Orange County, and California in general.

Which city has the most wineries?
1. Sonoma, California. It’s no surprise that California has two entries in this list. The state produces 90% of domestic wines.
A particular favourite is their selection of delectable sparkling wines, such as Pomegranate Bubbly, Brut Rosé, and Peach Mango Bubbly, which can go especially well with desserts.A question for the ages…when is the best time to visit Oregon Wine Country? And while every season has its draw, summer in the Willamette Valley is something that everyone should experience at least once. The climate in the Willamette Valley is ideal for growing grapes: mild winters, wet springs, warm summers, and temperate autumns come together for thriving vines. This also translates nicely for our visitors; with severe weather a rare instance, you’re more than likely going to experience a beautiful day during your stay any time of year.

We offer daily wine tastings. We are located just 10 minutes from downtown McMinnville. Come on up the hill to sample our wines and see our fantastic view of the Willamette Valley.
Whenever you decide the best time to visit Oregon Wine Country is, you’ll want to make our luxurious Willamette Valley Bed and Breakfast your home base. From the moment you arrive, you’ll quickly see why we have nearly 500 five-star reviews on TripAdvisor. Take it from one of our recent happy guests: “This is a beautiful place with lovely rooms and a brilliant host team. They also make some gorgeous wines, which helps! This is a bed and breakfast property that feeds you well and sets you up for the day. After that, it’s a great place to strike out from and explore.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves; book your room today!

There’s no single best time to visit Oregon Wine Country to enjoy our Willamette Valley Bed and Breakfast! We’re a four seasons destination. The Mariafeld Suite (pictured above), is a beautifully remodeled corner room on the second floor. It has a king bed, gas fireplace, and a two-person double shower bathroom. From the ample windows, you’ll overlook the stunning valley, Natasha, Aspen, and Bailey Block vineyards, as well as Mt. Jefferson. This is a beautiful example of our suites, though each offers a different layout and unique decorative details.
While some may argue that harvest season in the fall is the best time to visit Oregon Wine County, it’s also the most popular, which can also mean crowds and waiting lists. Summer offers the perfect weather for outdoor tastings, live music, events, and so much more! As with any visit to the Northwest, layers are imperative, as even in the height of summer a light jacket is often a welcome addition in the evenings. For those planning a trip to Oregon Wine Country this summer, our Willamette Valley Bed and Breakfast is the best place to stay!If you’ve never been to the Willamette Valley in the summer, this is your year! It truly is the best time to visit Oregon Wine Country for so many reasons. While the weather is a big one, you’ll also find a long list of events at the local wineries and in downtown McMinnville. Each morning, included with your room rate, we’ll treat you to a lovely breakfast in our dining room. We use local and seasonal ingredients in our creative and flavorful entrees and baked goods whenever possible. Expect dishes like Pinot poached pears, savory salmon hash, or white chocolate muffins. Always paired with a delicious fresh juice and hot coffee or tea. Add our private breakfast package to your reservation for a secluded breakfast with Champagne. While summer is absolutely beautiful in the Willamette Valley, we have to say that harvest season in the Fall is by far the best time to visit Oregon Wine Country if you’re serious about wine. Harvest generally begins in late September and runs through early November. You’ll see the vineyards bustling with crews picking the ripe grapes and filling bins with the deep purple pinot noir grapes. On vineyard and winery tours, this is often the season where you’ll meet the winemakers and even get to participate in crush events around the valley.

Not only is our Inn surrounded by our 50-acre vineyard producing exquisite Youngberg Hill and Bailey Family Wines, but our location on the hilltop gives a unique vantage point of the surrounding valley. This offers our guests one of the most breathtaking views in Oregon (if not the country). Inside, we have nine immaculate guest suites, ideal for romantic getaways or couples trips. You’ll spend your days tasting your way through the valley and your evenings in the lap of luxury. Book your room today!
We had a great experience. Wine was excellent, we were provided with cheese and crackers too. The boat crew – they all were very nice. I would go again and recommended to friends.We had a great time on the cruise. It departed on time, with a nice welcome from the captain describing the event and the timing. The wine tasting was fun, with a good selection of wines and a lovely cheese tray. The crew was very hospitable and interacted with the guests in a positive manner. They answered questions and generally made everyone feel welcome. All and all I’d say this was a good time for all.Our wine tastings are provided by The Organic Cellar, which promotes organically grown and pesticide-free wines, featuring Wine by WYLAND (the wines sold benefit the WYLAND Foundation).Join us for an evening cruise aboard our luxury catamaran. Your special cruise is limited to a select amount of passengers to optimize your experience. In the spring and summer, enjoy an evening of sunshine, cool ocean breezes, and romantic summer views. In the winter, take in the romantic atmosphere of the beautifully lit Dana Point Harbor. Discover why this unique OC wine cruise is considered one of the best outings in Southern California! Take your group on a private cruise for an intimate and unforgettable experience. Sit back, relax and enjoy the sights of beautiful and charming Dana Point Harbor from one of our two vessels. Charter one of our luxury vessels for your special event and enjoy a Dana Point Harbor and coastal cruise! From Yacht Yoga to birthday parties, bridal showers and corporate events, we can cater to any occasion. Our boats are licensed to serve beer, wine, and cocktails. Catering is also available.Having lived in the Bay Area for many years, I seek to have an ambiance when wine tasting as existed in Napa. So, this wine-tasting event looked like that need would be provided. Not only was it a fabulous ambiance on the water, but the wine was also truly excellent! This is a superb event that I would strongly recommend to all wine-tasting individuals who want want ambiance while tasting new, interesting wines!

Join us for an evening cruise aboard our luxury catamaran. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sights of the beautiful and charming Dana Point Harbor on Friday and Sunday nights from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. for $49 per person. This is a 21+ event. Summer trips may leave at 6:30 p.m. Check the listed schedule.This was a fun 90 minute wine cruise. The wine was very good and well presented. The cheese plate was fine although not quite as varied as pictures I saw on line. Fun people and a good vibe all the way around! Thank you!

What is the best time of year to visit Willamette Valley vineyards?
While summer is absolutely beautiful in the Willamette Valley, we have to say that harvest season in the Fall is by far the best time to visit Oregon Wine Country if you’re serious about wine. Harvest generally begins in late September and runs through early November.
Sample and learn about wines from The Organic Cellar while enjoying a cheese platter, crackers, dried fruits, and nuts. Take in the beautiful Dana Point Harbor with a 360-degree view from the spacious deck of our luxury catamaran.Come join us for holiday celebrations! We also feature special seasonal cruises that celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, and other holidays! Find information about the upcoming Boat Parade of Lights and other Dana Point holiday cruises for your upcoming gathering.

What area in California has the most wineries?
Napa Valley Napa Valley, of course, is the wine region that everyone immediately recognizes, since it is one of the most famous wine regions in the entire world. Napa has over 600 wineries, ranging from small boutique wineries to large, corporate wineries.
When you think of THE RANCH, picture sommeliers and not cowboys. The restaurant houses an 11,000+ bottle wine cellar. Their large wine selection features diverse world-class wines from international wine-growing regions, with an emphasis on California wines. At THE RANCH, you capture the rustic style of wine country with farm-to-table flavors.It’s a wonderful date night spot with cozy chairs for chatting over cheese plates. It’s also the perfect place for book club meetups (but if you’re really just there for the wine, that’s okay, too).

How many wineries are in Orange County?
There are currently 15 Orange County wineries listed in the area. They can be found in and around Los Alamitos, Tustin, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Lake Forest, Silverado, and San Juan Capistrano. Cached
All aboard for a wine bar housed in a 1920’s vintage railroad boxcar. BXCR takes guests on a well-traveled wine experience featuring artisanal-produced wines, family-owned wineries, or up-and-coming winemakers.

Wine lovers, rejoice! Anaheim and surrounding Orange County locations are pouring some delicious wines and it’s time you check out some of the best wine bars in Anaheim for a sip of the sweet life.
Located across from the Packing House is Pali Wine Co. ― located inside the MAKE Building. Pali offers some of the best Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays from the Central Coast. A fun twist at Pali is drinking straight from the tap! Their tapped wine stays as fresh as the day it was put in the keg, plus it offers a more sustainable option for those who want to drink “green.” And with their outdoor patio, it’s pet and family-friendly so it’s a lovely place to grab a glass of wine and a small bite to eat.Rejoice, wine lovers! Anaheim and surrounding Orange County locations are pouring it on by showcasing sustainably grown wines from local, family-owned vineyards. Amplifying their artisanal offerings with exquisite pairings, it’s time you check out some of the best wine bars around Anaheim for a sip of the sweet life. Cheers! If your favorite neighbors owned a local wine shop and lounge, it would be the Colony Wine Merchant. Its laid-back atmosphere pays homage Anaheim’s earlier days, featuring portraits of the city’s first-ever winemakers. A Stone’s Throw Winery was brought back to life by the owners of Giracci Vineyards. The historic farmhouse sits on 2.6 acres of property, is a beautiful property for weddings & events, and keeps the history of San Juan Capistrano alive with rows of Mission Vines, originally brought to the area by Father Serra. Stop by for a relaxing afternoon or check their monthly event calendar when you are looking for a little something to do. You will fall in love with this winery!Pali Wine Co, founded in 2005, started with the intention of sharing burgundy-inspired wines. The company has since grown to 3 different brands, each offering their own special blend of wine. Pali sources grapes from highly rated vineyards in Santa Barbara and Sonoma Counties. After carefully crafting their wines, they send them to their tasting rooms located across Southern California. Their Orange County location is in the Anaheim Packing District and makes for a highly enjoyable evening.Another outstanding vineyard located in the hills of Silverado Canyon is Cowboy Canyon Winery. Their tasting room breaks away from the typical Southern California style and is a full country experience. Enjoy your weekends here wine tasting in the cozy indoor-outdoor facility listening to country music and chatting with the owners.

Why are Napa tastings so expensive?
This is due largely to the high quality and high value of Napa Valley wines, which are among the most expensive California produces.
This outstanding winery is tucked away in the Back Bay of Newport Beach and holds over 1,200 vines and an underground wine cave. NBVW doesn’t have a public tasting room but is the perfect setting for any large event or corporate meeting.Have no fear if you can’t make it north to Napa or even spend the day trekking to Temecula, Orange County has all you need for tasting some spectacular award-winning wines! Which will you visit first? Happy Tasting! Since 2008, Frisby Cellars has been producing award winning wines using grapes from distinguished Paso Robles vineyards. All of their wines are barrel aged, blended, and bottled at their Lake Forest location. They have 2 amazing tasting rooms in Orange County, one in Lake Forest and another, open 7 days a week, in Dana Point. Bellante Winery has been making small lot, hand crafted wines from Santa Barbara county vineyards since 2000. Their tasting room is a cozy indoor-outdoor space in Mission Viejo and is a great spot to gather on the weekends. They even waive their tasting fee when you purchase 2 bottles of wine!There’s almost nothing better than spending an afternoon wine tasting, being surrounded by great company, and enjoying beautiful vineyard views. While Orange County, California may not be the first place that pops into your head when thinking about wine country, there are quite a few tasting rooms and wineries that will not disappoint. Starting from North Orange County and working our way South, here are some of our favorite wine stops. Giracci Vineyards is located on a beautiful property in Silverado Canyon. From their winery and event space to their equestrian center, everything Giracci offers is top notch. Their tasting room is by appointment only but they really make it worth your time. They offer a variety of tours and lunch options to make a day at Giracci stand out above the rest. The Pazzuoli Vineyard focuses on creating high quality, small lots of wine. They enjoy being involved in every step of the winemaking process to ensure you get the absolute best from their wines. Their Old Town Tustin tasting room offers an Italian food menu, Pazzuoli wines, and their own craft beer.

For a date night out to hosting a large dinner, Laguna Canyon is an amazing setting for all of your needs. Laguna Canyon Winery sources grapes from Napa and Sonoma Valley vineyards and finishes processing their wine in Laguna Canyon. Spend the afternoon wine tasting or sign up for their incredible monthly dinners, you will not be dissapointed!
Rancho Capistrano Winery has 2 beautiful tasting rooms in South Orange County and has created over 40 different wines from some of the finest grape growing regions in the world. Aside from their incredible wine, they also offer full menus at both of their locations.Small bites are available for purchase, but outside food from its OC Mix neighbors is welcome as well. Happy hour is offered Monday through Friday, with a special First Tuesday pairing of five wines, cheese and olive oils.

This family-run winery located in Newport Beach serves its own award-winning wines using grapes from its vineyards in the Temecula Valley and Northern California. The Orange Coast Winery tasting menu includes flights of six tastings of white or red wines for $20. The tasting room also offers wines by the glass and a menu of flatbreads, sandwiches and small bites to keep you going. The tasting room is open seven days a week, with live music on Wednesday nights beginning at 6:30 p.m.

While the ambiance of Hi-Time Wine Cellars is far more relaxed than you’re likely to find in wine country, you’re sure to be impressed with the staff’s knowledge and friendliness, and the store’s impressive collection.
LCA Wine offers Friday and Saturday wine tastings as well as special events focused on education. Friday night happy hour tastings are focused on four higher-priced and more exclusive wines for $10 per person, while Saturday tastings are $5 per person. Flights are hand-selected by LCA sommeliers and guests are welcome to bring in their own bites so make sure to stop at one of SOCO and The OC Mix’s great dining destinations. We recommend The Cheese Shop or Greenleaf Gourmet Chop House for a snack to go!August marks the start of grape harvesting seasons for the Northern Hemisphere. While Costa Mesa may not be the heart of wine country, Orange County still has plenty of wine tasting experiences to explore. Take a look below for just a few of the best and most unique wine tasting in Orange County and Costa Mesa. Tucked away in the eco-friendly shopping center The CAMP, Wine Lab offers daily tastings. The flight menu changes regularly, so you’ll always have something new to try, but usually includes a white, red and top red flights. Since 1957, Hi-Time Wine Cellars has been a staple for Orange County wine lovers. The shop is family owned and operated, so you’re likely to find multiple generations working on any given day. Among its extensive selection of more than 10,000 wines, you’ll find a wine bar offering tastings four nights per week and occasional classes. Keep walking through the store and you’re likely to discover the Napa Technology tasting machines, which offer tastings of select wines all hours of operation. We Olive may be known for its artisanal California olive oils, but the mom and pop shop has also managed to established itself as a delightfully unexpected wine tasting hot spot. You’ll find the We Olive Wine Bar in the interior of SOCO and The OC Mix, with a perfect view of the unique shopping center’s open area and an outdoor patio. Stop in for a complimentary olive oil tasting with a flight of California wines or craft beer and wine by the glass. “It’s so nice to have such a charming wine tasting room so close to home. It’s a must-visit location for anyone in Orange County who is looking to learn about wine and taste some really great selections.”“Love the wine, atmosphere, and excellent customer service. My husband and I thoroughly enjoy coming here for a glass of wine and free tastings for club members! I love bringing friends & family here to enjoy a nice glass of wine and cheese too! Jose does an amazing job!! Always makes sure we are treated with excellent service! Thank you Seal Beach Winery!”

Why is Napa so expensive now?
Surging inflation, coupled with longer-term issues like a labor shortage, wildfires and supply-chain disruptions, has exploded the cost of doing business in the Napa wine industry, and some wineries are beginning to pass those costs along to their customers.
Orange County has its share of amazing wineries, vineyards and tasting rooms throughout Southern California, and we’re here to present some of our favorite ones with you.

“This magical establishment will make you feel like you’re in Napa. They’re located about 15 to 20 minutes from Irvine, Rancho Santa Margarita, or at Mission Viejo. Their grapes are sourced from Northern California, but All of The wines are bottled and produced on the premises. They have a refrigerator full of cheeses for purchase, but they also allow you to bring your own picnic basket if you wish.”“The wine cave is, of course, the best part. Wine barrels typically line the wall. The dim lighting offers an intimate atmosphere as you are enjoying food and wine with your group. The patio is lined with tall barstool tables and more wine barrels, but this time used as tables. The whole winery is so eco-friendly, and all the decor is very well thought-out. I can’t describe this in any better way than… solid five stars.”

Newport Beach Vineyards & Winery is a small boutique and private winery nestled within Back Bay and is surrounded by lush nature. It almost feels as if you were transformed to another world when you drive up.They offer a great tasting room with many varieties of wines. Their knowledgable staff make you feel right at home and help educate you on all things wine.

Next to the horses, views, and the great environment, this winery is known for bottling some of the finest wines around that you can enjoy with their wine tasting service.Bellante Family Winery has been around since 2000 and they’re known for making “world-class, small lot, hand-crafted, age-worthy Rhone Reds, Pinot Noir, and Viognier from Santa Barbara County.”

Looking for some great wineries and vineyards in Orange County? The Hotel Atrium is conveniently located directly across the street from John Wayne Airport and close to every major winery, vineyard, and tasting room the area has to offer. If you’re looking for even more things to do around Orange County during your stay, check out our attractions page. Book your Orange County stay with Hotel Atrium today!
Giracci Vineyards & Winery, located in Silverado, CA, is nestled within a historic property surrounded by a scenic landscape of lush trees, rolling hills, and barns!

“Cutest winery ever!!! Only serves tastings, but if you buy a bottle then you get a deal on the tastings. Wine is SO good – the paw red blend and rose were my favorites. Patrick was behind the bar and he was so friendly and so informative. Definitely will be going back…often.”
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They also offer corporate and private events, including monthly barrel tasting parties with live music. To get the most of out this place, there’s even a Members Choice Wine Club.

Napa Valley possesses a very rare environmental profile: a near-perfect Mediterranean-style climate. This exceptional climate features warm summers, mild winters, and minimal rain. Beyond being an appealing clime for tourism and recreation, this temperate weather provides wine grapevines with an extensive and ideal growing season.
Among these variations is volcanic soil, which provides wines with a flavor distinct to the Napa Region. Beyond this, volcanic soil is known to be some of the most fertile soil on earth. As a result, Napa harvests are consistently rich and plentiful.Wine lovers from around the world seek out Napa Valley wines, and for good reason. The region yields consistent crops of beautiful wines with unique flavors. If you’re looking for a taste of California, JJ Buckley Fine Wines can help you find the wine you’ve been dreaming of. We even offer an approachable and effective consultancy service to help you find the perfect bottle.

Wines from the Napa Valley are highly sought after among wine collectors and wine consumers alike. One of the primary reasons is this: the lush valley offers a near-perfect wine-growing environment. It was even designated as California’s first American Viticultural Area in 1981 because of its climate, terrain, and vibrant history.
Though Napa Valley is small, accounting for only 46,000 acres of California wine country (roughly 4% of production), its ideal growing conditions help Napa Valley wineries cultivate a broad range of grapes — and consequently, a diversity of delicious wines. The quality of Napa wine can also be attributed to the care which is poured into its production: around 95% of Napa’s wineries are family-owned.

With its sweeping vineyard vistas, premier wines, and world-class restaurants, Napa Valley is synonymous with the best of American winemaking. Napa roughly translates to “land of plenty” in Wappo, a regional Native American language — and the valley is indeed plentiful. Napa Valley is known for yielding some of the most renowned wines in America.
Despite its small dimensions, Napa Valley houses mountain terrain, valley floor, and benchlands, which are flat regions encompassed by steep slopes. This variation of topography, in tandem with the diversity of soils, helps Napa vintners cultivate more than 34 types of wine grapes.Despite its intimate family-run setting and small acreage, Napa has a valuable impact on the US economy and wine industry. This wine lover’s paradise generates $34 billion of economic impact in the US and 190,000 jobs nationwide. This is due largely to the high quality and high value of Napa Valley wines, which are among the most expensive California produces.

In addition to its gorgeous climate and extraordinarily sundry soils, Napa Valley’s topography is extremely varied — ranging in elevation from sea level to 2,600 feet. This fact is made more incredible by the small acreage of the valley. Measuring just 30 miles long and 5 miles wide in some sections, Napa is only one-eighth the size of another premier wine region: Bordeaux, France.Temperatures in the valley change sharply throughout the day, with the evening dipping as much as 30 degrees below the warmest temperature of the day. This shift in temperature nurtures the wine grape during the growing process. The warmest Napa days support the grape’s ripening process — encouraging rich flavor and plentiful sugar. Later in the process, this sugar will ferment into alcohol. The chill of foggy mornings gives the grapes the opportunity to rest and protect the acid within.

This unique nook of California is home to a miscellany of rich soils. The region’s soil patterns are complex — with sections ranging from clay to thin and rocky soils to graveled loam. Astoundingly, Napa Valley houses over half the types of soils that have been recorded on Earth. Research indicates 33 soil series with over 100 unique variations. This diversity of rich soil types nurtures a wide range of premier wines — solidifying Napa Valley’s position as one of the most successful wine-growing regions in the world.
Updating your browser to the current version will help keep you more secure online, and also provide a better browsing experience across all websites including ours.The result is some of the best wine the world produces — and with greatness often comes high prices. Napa Valley wines are no exception. Its premier quality, desirable origins, and relative scarcity drive prices to the upper echelons of the US wine market.

As if the pristine weather was not advantageous enough for this vinter’s haven, Napa Valley possesses several microclimates which vary in temperature. Microclimates in Napa Valley can swing up to 10 degrees from one another from the northernmost region to the southern portions. Such a range of climate helps cultivate a wide array of wine grape varietals.Get up-close and personal with vineyard owners, winemakers, and ever the vineyard pets! The facilitators of this tour are native Californians who will take you to the magical and majestic Temecula. The awesome views of high mountains will add to the feel and nostalgia of the activity. Feel like a VIP for a day while riding a luxury car during the tour and wine-tasting. You will surely find the wine of your life no matter how meticulous you are with your drink. Spanish-language tours are also available. If you are traveling with a child, just notify the organizer beforehand so that they can provide a stroller and an infant seat. The tour will depart at Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas.

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Making and drinking wine has really evolved throughout the years and it has become a more interesting experience. Whether drinking with you partner, friends or family, wine is always a must. So to all of us who enjoy wine and life, let’s take it from the famous author Paulo Coelho, “Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.”Enjoy a whole day of wine-tasting at top-notch wineries. Stop by Wilson Creek Winery where you will also be spending lunch at their Creekside Restaurant, as well as South Coast Winery Resort and Spa, Ponte Winery, and Monte De Oro Winery. For the group tour, guests of 14 people will have an exclusive driver and tour guide and a service for pick-up and drop-off at the hotel. You will have the chance to explore different family-owned vineyards and delicious reds. You’re assured to enjoy the tour even if you’re not a wine enthusiast because of the exceptional views of the vineyards.