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Young Dolph Outfits

My environment, my friends and family. There weren’t really any [influential] artists, it was just the feedback and the love around me that I was getting.

Christopher Fenimore is a writer and photographer living in New York. Working with clients ranging from clothiers to vineyards, he’s also covered street style for a number of outlets. Follow him on Instagram at @c.fenimore.I am a huge rap fan, and this week’s subject is one of my current favorite rappers: Key Glock. Hailing from Memphis, the multi-platinum musician is signed to Paper Route Empire, a record label founded by the late Young Dolph, a Memphis legend in his own right, and mentor to Glock. Key Glock is feature-averse—one of the tracks on his new album Glockoma 2, released today, is called “Fuck a Feature”—and embodies the tenets and sounds of Southern rap without resting on its tropes and godfathers.

It’s the mood I’ve been in lately. I’ve been real aggressive, not like violently, but more motivated than ever, you know what I’m saying? I have big expectations of myself. I’m just ready. I feel like I haven’t even dropped any music yet. It feels like I’m about to shoot to another level.Nah, they always let me do me, let me be me. No matter what it was. Music, or just everything in life. I go by my rules. You know, I don’t mean to disrespect anybody. It’s just how I move. Play by my own rules.

Below, Key Glock discusses how his family pushed and supported him in rapping, finding motivation versus inspiration, Bottega Veneta intrecciato pants, and more.
Success is when you feel like you’re accomplishing things, but you still have this weight on you that you can’t shake. You want to keep surpassing yourself. I knew I was succeeding when I got more hate than ever. When you’re working and grinding, they aren’t going to say too much. Being successful, there’s pros and cons that comes with it.It does, but it doesn’t, because I can dress like a country rapper right now and still kill it. I can dress like a rockstar right now and still be hip-hop. Fashion is fashion. You just can’t compare it to music. I don’t think so.In preparing for this interview, I watched others that Glock has done, and I noticed he doesn’t give much away. He’s confident, but not cocky, like his future is coming to him just as it was intended; just as he’d conceived, even at his lowest moments. The music does the talking for him. His voice often becomes a secondary percussive instrument, rapping decidedly and economically. Toeing the lines between private and braggadocious seems like a fool’s errand, but it’s one in which Glock has excelled.It probably was a piece of clothing. Yeah. Matter of fact, I bought some Bottega pants, two, three days ago when I was in Phoenix. Leather pants, handcrafted, like $9,800.

I got into some trouble. I got incarcerated. And then close to the time for me to come home, my auntie was married to Young Dolph’s uncle. She told him, “You Know, Key doing his thing…” He just reached out to me and it went from there.My grandma told me, “Your appearance is everything.” That stuck with me when I was little and I’m just real big on fashion. I don’t even love a certain brand. Then again, it’s not about the brand. It’s how you put it on. It’s how you coordinate it, how you put it together. It was my senior year of high school. I was more into sports, but I was still in the streets, and that got the most of me. I hate it, but it got the most of me. So, like I said, my environment, friends, family, they just gave me all the feedback. They were more confident in me than I was in myself with the rapping. So, then that’s when I noticed, I was like, “Oh, I could really do this. It’s for real.” KG: I go back on tour starting March 5 in Atlanta, Georgia. We have like 32 cities right now and we’re still adding more. I’m ready. I’m probably more ready than the fans are. We’re ready to see each other.From my first song, I just had so much confidence in myself. I let everybody hear it, before I even put it on the internet. I don’t know if they were gassing me up or not, but to me, I was like, “Oh yeah, this song hard.”

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Adolph Thornton, Jr., better known by his stage name Young Dolph, is an American rapper. In February 2016, Dolph released his debut studio album, King of Memphis, which peaked at number 49 on the Billboard 200 chart. He was featured on O.T.
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